Tuesday, October 20, 2009

is Regretting his Status.



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  1. THIRST!

  2. whoever posted this here is all of the above.

  3. who else liked “a gay fish” the most?

  4. Ah, yes, just love that queerness is the worst insult we can think of. *eye roll*

  5. “gay fish” was pretty hilarious but I enjoyed “a rancid flower” the most.

    So elegant.

  6. Theese people wasted nearly an hour, to do this..

  7. Alot of repressed homosexuality right there.

  8. It was amusing for a bit, but then it’s just sad after a few comments. We get the gist after the first half dozen replies thanks gay boys.

    And ‘gay fish’ isn’t that a South Park quote? Anyone using that immediately sounds like an eight year hurling out crappy insults from a playground; alternatively, like a complete tit.

  9. “The next pedophile to get caught on Dateline NBC.”

    Lies! To Catch a Predator got the ax a long time ago!

  10. @Spanky

    Wanna talk about it?

  11. I really hope that dude is gay, then it wouldn’t be quite as mean. lol

  12. these guys fall in the 12 to 15 year old age bracket surely? guys.. its no longer not cool to be gay.. no one gives a shit.. truly!

  13. I think skylar wins. His were more original and he didn’t have to resort to “double faggot” near the end, due to running out of names.

    Also, he knows the term “docking”, which gives him a bonus point and an easy victory. Well done Skylar, well done.

  14. @CinnamonRed:

    I give one. I want to know if a friend of mine is gay so that I will definitely know what NOT to do on the occasion that I’m around him…

    …I will now avoid voicing my opinions about gays due to the fear of severe internet bashing…

  15. docking?
    and really? the insults here…how old are we?
    12-15….why do these KIDS even have facebook???????????

  16. Ummm…docking??? There’s a football team called the ‘Dockers’ in my state…geez, who knew?? (Not them, obviously).

    Based on the context, I’m employing my stellar powers of deduction to conclude that ‘docking’ is something to do with gay sex, but could someone please elaborate?

  17. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Matthew is……………. In need of less homophobic friends?
    (just a thought)

  18. Poofter? lol Gay Fish was good!

  19. Matthew has the best friends ever!
    “a San Francisco resident” was he being factual or is that a gay cuss?

  20. AHEM —-

    Docking – The sexual act involving two gay men, one of which is uncircumsized (can you see where this is going?). The naked two men stand facing one another, with erect penises (of course, how could they not be?). The circumsized man inserts his penis into the foreskin of the uncircumsized man. Now they are “docked” together. It’s a mutual masturbation thing.

    Can you picture it? I think you can!

  21. @mcowles


    (Thanks, though, ’cause I did ask. But I feel a bit sick now).

  22. as an uncircumcised gay with a circumcised boyfriend, although i haven’t tried it, i am certain that ‘docking’ is an entirely fictional activity and not possible. unless you have a foreskin bigger than a sleeping bag.

  23. @Dave – the foreskin isn’t supposed to go all the way down to the base of the other penis. It’s just like having a slippery tube. Do a google image search (safe search off, of course) to see what it’s supposed to look like. Very real.

  24. Sorry I’m a chick and for some reason docking just sounds sexy to me.

  25. Let’s never talk about “docking” again.

  26. Docking…hmmm, its also a sky-diving terminology.
    Making a link with hands, feet or combinations thereof…
    But if chick above wants to explore other ways of “Docking” Perhaps I could help….lol

  27. I was told it was called “docking” because it’s tight enough that it “holds” them together… I assumed it went over the entire head, but maybe just part way, enough to be fun (I’m assuming, haha).


    I have known chicks that like gay sexual activities. It has always made me very intrigued.


    Sorry, I won’t speak of it again.

    oh, and @Spoder

    You did ask for it, I bet you’ll think twice about that in the future, haha.

  28. Retards using the @ sign in this thread too. Lamebook is infested with retards.

  29. Or should that be “retarts”?

  30. Disregard that i suck cocks.

    I see now that it is just a handy way to direct a comment towards someone, and i will find better things to do in my life than go through the lamebook comments section, bitching about the freaking @ sign.

  31. Disregard that, I suck cocks **

  32. @: @@@@@@@@@

    Have you noticed that you are the only one who cares?

  33. @spoder


  34. So Mr. @, how should we direct that we’re replying to someone’s comment? This site isn’t set up like other sites, where you can actually click a “reply” button and have it indent your reply to their post.

    So how do we do it? Just a different letter/symbol? How about #tittle or ->mcowles? It doesn’t matter, it will all just be the same. You need to move on, if it bothers you that much. I hear failblog is looking for some more amazingly intelligent commenters.

  35. What a creative bunch of bigots Matthew has as friends.

  36. I love how the “@” guy came on here honestly thinking that everyone had thought the entire internet had turned to Twitter and we had NO IDEA that doing @ didn’t link to something. He honestly couldn’t think of any other reason for using “@” and decided to reveal what fools we all were on every single post.

    Except, everyone knows that @ doesn’t do anything specific like it does on Twitter. Rather, everybody knows it’s a way to refer to a previous commenter. You know, seeing as @ stands for “at”, it makes PERFECT SENSE.

    Mr. @, you lost. You thought you were smarter than everyone else for knowing something we already knew. Instead, you are the moron because you didn’t understand that there might be another purpose for “@” outside of Twitter (email addresses are SO DUMB, they must think the entire internet turned to Twitter!). Go away now. It’s already been made clear nobody thinks the entire internet is Twitter. You have no point to prove, you were wrong, and you’re making yourself look stupider by the minute. Find something else to rag on people about, something that actually makes sense.

  37. I am a complete idiot. Sorry guys, I’ll stop being a cunt now.

  38. Thank God you realised, you docker.

  39. @ @@@@@@@@@: They use @ on Twitter?

    I’ve used @ for years, long before Twitter was ever born. I’ve never used Twitter though.

  40. i thank you for the knowledge of homophobic slurs I can now incorporate into my everyday language. especially “docking” now that is something i didnt know.

  41. @ Stefan: I’ve never used twitter either.

  42. Sounds like Smidgen likes fish sticks.


    Please let this have been middle-schoolers.

  44. El oh el ?

  45. #41

    Thanks for the super exciting anecdote, fuckface.

  46. God help me and my tiny balls

  47. I’m gay, this isn’t funny

  48. ^^^^^


  49. ^^^^^

    is worried he is homosexual and so attacks first

  50. thats my post and at the time i was totally pissed at them. Now that i look back i left it wide open for them im kinda pissed that one of them posted this on this site like this. fuck guys i have no problem if you want to take a stab at me we all do it but posting it on the internet is not cool. But thats just what i think im the bigger guy and wont post any shit on the internet.

    BTW im not gay they just like to hope i am so they can come after me

  51. Matt you really shouldn’t worry about it. All your homophobic friends have done is make themselves look like complete morons (with way too much time on their hands) and you did the right thing by not retaliating.


  53. Impersonating other people on here is SO clever.

  54. Well, it seems everyone else is sooooo much better and far more intellectually advanced and is so not-homophobic, but I will admit, I had a little chuckle about this. Some of the listed descriptions were rather good. And yes, I’d have had an even greater chuckle about it had my own friends hijacked my status update like that.

    Now that everybody’s clutched their pearls in indignation, the politically correct wimpification of the world continues.

  55. Imposters … mankind’s finest hour ..

  56. Whatever, this is totally hilarious. Had they not gone on for so long it would possibly have been offensive, but as it is, it’s pretty much brilliant.

  57. Hahaha, offensive or not, this is pure WIN.

  58. a jock sniffer

  59. Jeez..Matthew’s friends need to get laid.

    @20 mcowles
    Thanks for the education ;) I’ll never think of fishermen in the same way again…

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