Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is It April Yet?

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  1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

    “he smell like shit but i love him.” Almost spit out my drink.

  2. How peculiar, I’m a Prostatntent too. No, that does not mean I have problems with my prostate.

    Why do all wannabe gangster chicks think that people will “fuck with them”, so that they have to threaten make their friends “fuck their shit up” and “whoop their ass”?

  3. Wow she’s really intimidating. She’ll make me pay $4 even though the receipt says $3.75.

  4. Blockbustard video… that’s awesome.

  5. Stephen is unaware that she exit, she should enter…one of her thousands of hundreds of friends could show her. I always wanted a friend who could hook me up with butter popcorn, that shit is expensive!!!!!!

  6. The scariest part of this – and there are a lot of scary parts – is that she is loose on the roads in a car!

  7. This makes me want to cry for humanity.

  8. These “gansta” chicks with their “Ima fuk u up n mi frends will 2″ posturing makes me think of velociraptors when the hood goes up so they look bigger and tougher than they are.

    But dumb velociraptors with stupid sunglasses, hair extensions, and fake tans.

  9. hellababe, tru dat.

  10. LMAO Miss Shegas. And now I picture a Jersey Shore-ish Jurassic Park.

  11. Personally, I’m anti-statntent, but to each his/her own.

  12. Do kids really talk like this???? I’m sorry you live in suburbia, life must be hard. It’s the parents that I want to upper cunt, why in the hell did you procreate?

  13. Blockbustard was my favourite too.

  14. Blockbustard represent!!

  15. i dream of jeannie

    Farretts are my favourite animal. I think April and I would get on well, we seem to have a lot in common.

  16. Jeannie, you could become one of her thousands of hundreds of friends

  17. i dream of jeannie

    Comments, that would be “like, so totally awsumz lol”. Free movies for life.

  18. i bet she is a freak in bed… just do not cum anywhere near this chics v-j… you will be in a living hell if you knocked this lunatic up

  19. Beep beep mothr fuckas!!!

  20. Damn, Stephen doesn’t know what he’s got coming to him. Run and hide NOW.

  21. i bet she’s one of those girls that you invite to a movie and she’ll have some sort of popcorn throwing party and be all obnoxious, and then make you clean up the mess so she doesn’t ruin her 20 inch fake nails hahaha. yay for Jersey Shore! good job, people, for bringing this one into the world!

  22. @jennie but only if you invite her…FOR LIFE.

  23. Did you know if you keep a caged ferret in your barn it will keep rats at bay?

    No, eh.

    I’m no farmer but find this fascinating.

  24. I’d prefer the rats. At least they don’t stink up the barn.

    But I guess the rats eat all my grain sacks. Ok, you win…. this time.

  25. Yes I am a farmer, city boy. I am a farmer with a barn, and grain sacks, and rats. Don’t worry city boy, them breads and cereals and bagels you eat is a bit less than 1 part rat shit per 100 parts.

  26. Prostatntant!

  27. I could also be one of April’s hundred thousand friends because I also have 2 cats and a ferret! Oh joy! I can’t wait to be called on to whoop someone’s ass!

  28. I bet 50 dollars (or pounds sterling, whomever takes me up) that she was not thinking of a train when she named her ferret “caboose.”

    Does anyone know how to contact her so we can test this theory?

  29. That’s almost 1%, Walter .. not bad, when you think about it. Maggots in milk is WAY higher than that.

  30. If she’s a Prostatntent, I’m damn sure glad I grew up Kafolickt.

  31. What makes me sad is that fact that, while what Miss Shega said was funny, no one has yet to correct her.

    If I’m wrong, my bad. but as far as I’m aware velociraptors did not have hoods. At best, a few of the species had feathers…not very intimidating [like they'd need it, right?]. I’m going to assume she meant a dilophosaurus.

    ^ Dilophosaurus


  32. I didn’t realize that “american” was a political view.

  33. @mrsnamormckenzie you are right who can forget the fat man in Jurassic park getting eaten by them

  34. Could someone tell me where I can sign up for the Church of the Prostatntents?

  35. I was just thinking velociraptor was giving them too much street cred.

    It’s more like this guy:

  36. Mass, you’re gross.

  37. It’s mass. Jesus.

  38. I call my hundreds of friends to fight my battles too. Ya know, cuz I’m hard and stuff.

  39. If my iPhone uses caps I can’t change it.

  40. This literally made me sick to my stomach and now I’m even more worried than I already am about the future of our country. When people like her grow up and go out into the working world, we’re all doomed!

  41. Don’t worry, she will never work a day in her life. However, you will be signing her welfare check monthly…until she eats her own young. Then you just have to support her public defender and her low income housing.

  42. i want to know one little thing: when someone makes a joke, just for the fuck of it, why does some asshole feel the need to ruin by being a smartass about it and list various “facts” and how the original joke is just OH SO WRONG? it was funny, don’t correct it- who gives a flying fuck!! Jeez people! thanks for the fucking lesson, but i don’t really know who the fuck cares.

    i apologize for my random, angry rants- my baby’s is supposed to pop out of my uterus within the next 2 weeks- so i’m a tad hormonal haha

  43. @mass & Walter Thanks guys, might give that vegan thing a go again.

  44. @42

    Pedantry is entertaining, because ignorance is lame. Seeing someone on a jokesite seriously cite why another’s description of a velociraptor is wrong is kind of funny. Jeez!

  45. That’s enough! I’m drawing the line in the sand. Velociraptors give me nightmares. Haven’t any of you fuckers read The Lost World or seen the movie??? Now no more mentioning them.

  46. Her favourite quote is “the best advice is the heart”??? Does that even make any sense?! I’d understand if it was “follow your heart” or “listen to your heart” but, not gonna lie, i don’t see how “the heart” can be good advice…

    Damn stupid people…

  47. April be warned, if they ever decide that I’m allowed back into America I’m going to come fucking looking for you!

    I like the name though it reminds me of my own children. June, May and little baby Whorehousefloor.

  48. @pep, i’m a hormonal, bipolar mess right now- let me be hahaha. curse you all who like to pick on a bored, pregnant girl who can’t go out anymore cuz she’s gotten TOO pregnant to have a safe time outside of her home!! lol not really, but seriously, stop that! :) :)

  49. Only the wrong grow angry at being corrected

  50. Sasha…what are you talking about?

    Also, like Trilly I can’t believe no one else has noticed her political view is “American” hahahhhahahahahahah what a dumbass.

  51. @Walter:

    Velociraptor, velociraptor, velociraptor.

    Have a nice weekend.

  52. I like the way she misspelled ferret twice but differently.

  53. beep beep mutha fuckas

  54. “He smells like shit but I love him.” luls.
    Also, for some reason, when she said “beep beep mutha fuckas” I imagined the part from The Hangover with that Chinese guy when he rolls up his back window and says, “mother fuckaaaaaaaaaaarrr”. hehehe.

  55. the more i look this over, the more i feel … you know maybe abortions aren`t the worst thing in the world…

  56. “Beep beep motherfuckas!” ROTFL.

  57. Our tax dollars at work. Jeez. Hoo ray for puh lick skoolz.

  58. wtf is a farett

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