Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Instructions, FTW

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  1. I totally just turned gay for Mark.

  2. Dizzy_Ballerina


  3. Hmmm, Mark’s is good, but with a little tweaking, he could definitely get Sara thinking you have to mail in your status update/post.

    Btw, Hey Dizzy, how are the nipples? Still slippery?

  4. mcowles, not as slippery as yours will be after i pee on them. ZING

  5. mark was what made it lame… what a long and draw out waste of time that wasnt even funny

  6. I thought Marks’ comment was win.

  7. Mark seems like the kinda guy you hate until he’s inside you

  8. I want to marry Mark

  9. oh yeah… because it prob took him 10-20 minutes to write it, he probably self submitted here and she figured out he was lying in probably under 10 seconds… soooo, thats a major fail… if a joke takes that long for maybe confusing someone for a few seconds then thats lame

  10. I’m not love mark. I mean i see what he was going for but he tried wayyy too hard, and it never really got funny. Too obvious, but clearly i am in the minority here.

  11. ‘and nobody wants an outdated post’

    It was great untill this line. Then, it turned into a master piece

  12. Dizzy_Ballerina

    *bites her lip and smiles at mcowles* um well actually I found your suggestion worth the try so I’ve been giving each nipple a 3 finger slap of vodka every day … it’s lead me to a “screaming orgasm” care to join me?

    oh dear Lulz seems to again be marking her territory… you really should train her better mcowles …there ARE classes you can take her to so she knows her place and knows not to pee without your approval.

  13. maybe sara asks questions constantly and he got tired of it? otherwise it was kinda lame.

  14. Mark needs to get a job.

  15. The biggest problem with Mark’s is it doesn’t even answer the question. She asked how to tag someone in a wall post, not how to make a wall post. Since she presumably already knows how to make a wall post, just not how to tag someone in it, she’ll know immediately that he’s having her on and probably not even read his entire comment.

    He should have started out with plausible-sounding instructions and then slowly added more and more ridiculous stuff to it until it was obvious he was fucking with her. Ideally, she would get a little twinge in the back of her mind that maybe something wasn’t right relatively early on, but wouldn’t actually know for sure that she’s being had until the very last sentence.

    Also, Mark is a douchebag for self-submitting.

  16. Do you think his name is really Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and lamebook missed a blur?

  17. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook….

  18. gah! FTW has ALWAYS been Fuck The World. ‘For The Win’? so f/cking lame.
    that is all.

  19. How do you know when someone submits a post of themselves?

  20. @LooSeal: I’m pretty sure FTW has been “For The Win” for at least 4 years now. Which might as well be forever in interwebs time.

  21. CommentsAtLarge

    Mark, Mark – everyone knows that’s how you get your Facebook decoder ring.

  22. Im no American, but does anyone else think that is Marks real address???? Who wants to join me in bombarding the dick with tag requests???

  23. he does live in cali in the palo alto area

  24. @meh
    thats the address of Facebook headquarters
    Mark Zuckerburg is the creator of the FB (see post 17)

  25. cant wait for this one ” i’m the real mark and i totally didn’t self-submit! I didn’t even know about this stupid site until my friends told me i was on here. I’m going to fly there and punch you all. Screw you guys”

  26. Actually either Christina or Louise submitted, hence the opportunity to remove tag, Mark would never self-submit.

  27. But wouldn’t Mark also be able to remove the tag, since it was his status? Just sayin’…

  28. @22 http://www.crunchbase.com/company/facebook enjoy.

  29. @25 That made me smile :)

  30. Yeah but mark would also be able to delete the post and all the comments which isn’t shown as an option

  31. Just checked. you can’t remove tags on posts you make.
    Therefore must only have been one of the 2 girls who submitted this

  32. Mark is pretty pawsome.

  33. Maybe one of the girls was over at Marks for some post-sushi coitus, and they checked their facebook page and forgot to log-out, and then he jumped on the computer while she was taking a dump, and spotted a great chance for a foolproof self-submission that could never be traced back to him. Just sayin’

  34. It says Remove Tag, so it’s either Mark, Christina or… the other girl that submitted this.

    Whoever it was, it was still fucking lame. Sarcasm can be damn hilarious, when it’s used against someone who’s said or asked something fucking stupid. But when someone asks a legitimate question, and you waste shit-loads of your time writing some shitty sarcastic rant, for no reason, it just makes you look like a pathetic douche.

  35. Hahaha <3 @33 that is very true

  36. @ Howdy

    Why thankyou, I stand corrected.

    Just out of interest, does anyone know how to recall 50 letters mailed to FB headquarters???

  37. @Mark Tl;Dr

  38. @thegreekmind
    i know, i know. its just always been f/ck the world in my circles. maybe im just showing my age…


  39. mark is lame and if you think he’s funny you’re the worst kind of person

  40. TOTALLY agree with you, 39! I read that with a “Wha?” look on my face. Stupid.

  41. Everyone is forgetting Patrick’s post…put one in the Win column for Patrick!

  42. Yes Mark, if you’re gonna go to that much effort…


  43. I thought it was quite amusing!! Fair play Mark!

  44. Patrick just revealed my Facebook password… Win!

  45. Its the fucking Beatles

    If some twat posted that on my wall in response to a perfectly acceptable question, I’d pay him a visit with my fist and a camera. I’d then hack into his account and change his profile picture to one him missing teeth and two black eyes. Knob head.

  46. lol!

  47. Elizabeth Bathory

    The world just divided into two kinds of people – those who find Mark’s response amusing and those who find it lame. While the first ones enjoyed 10 seconds of laugh, the second kind wasted the same 10 seconds for nothing. I think I know who’s the winning team here :D

  48. mark may have a job… who says he’s not doing this at work!

  49. I want the few seconds of my life back that it took to read Mark’s comment. I usually avoid long posts but I decided to give this one a try, but immediately regretted it. I hoped that it would turn funny at some point, but I only end up disappointed =(

  50. Mark is a douche.

  51. @Elizabeth Bathory: Whichever team it is, Mark isn’t on it.

  52. Now I know who stole my original nickname idea.
    Elizabeth, high five.

  53. Mark = fucking awesome!!!!!

  54. Absolutely Brilliant.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  55. bril·liant   /ˈbrɪlyənt/ Show Spelled[bril-yuhnt] Show IPA
    1.shining brightly; sparkling; glittering; lustrous: the brilliant lights of the city.
    2.distinguished; illustrious: a brilliant performance by a young pianist.
    3.having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality, etc.: a brilliant technician.
    4.strong and clear in tone; vivid; bright: brilliant blues and greens; the brilliant sound of the trumpets.
    5.splendid or magnificent: a brilliant social event.
    6.Jewelry. a gem, esp. a diamond, having any of several varieties of the brilliant cut.
    7.Printing. a size of type about 31/2-point.


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