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  1. that is sensational. harsh but oh so funny.

    that is all.

  3. Epic. Lulz.

  4. Fortunately, Whitney’s very gay support system is in place to deflect Ken’s most excellent use of “dreaded” for maximum sarcastic effect.

  5. I lol’d, but Ken’s a total jackass.

  6. Man, no-one’s worth praying for that many times.

  7. Less than 3456, ‘fterklang, so anywhere from 1 prayer to 3455 is sufficient.

  8. Ken ftw!

  9. Ken’s a jerk and is the only lame thing about this post. Way to go, smartass. There’s a thin line between being funny and being an ass.

  10. Ken, will you marry me?

  11. Yeah not funny at all. It was a mistake of adding an extra m. So what?

  12. It’s not that hard to clear your status and go back and do it with correct spelling. As for Ken, laughter is the best medicine, and can help people cope with tough situations.

  13. I’m pretty obnoxiously pedantic myself, but Ken’s comment is just unnecessary in this situation. He’s being a dick.

  14. I don’t have feelings, this is epic.

  15. Not funny, Ken. Even I normally laugh at spelling errors, but when it’s something that serious, I back off.

  16. Whitney, are you sure he’s not just having colon problems?

  17. @ A.

    When it’s that serious, I kick into high gear.

    Also, why is there less than 3,456? What does that mean?

  18. Ken just said that 2 minutes ago so I’m sure he’s the one that wrote that just to take the picture and submit it to lamebook. Ken, you’re a douche.

  19. oh my god get the fuck over it, ooh no its insensative, no one gives a fuck, this was just fuckin hilarious.

  20. Ken sucks. Insensitivity aside, this just isn’t funny.

  21. No, insensitivity is hilarious. I guess I most be one of the lucky few that has no soul enough to get offended over the internet. I mean really, it’s mean but it’s not going to have an adverse affect on the rest of Whitney’s life, so let’s move along.

    The world is better when you just don’t care.

    Oh, and it’s always funnier when it’s not you.

  22. Learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar, “really”, or Ken will come after you next.

  23. Ken is lame. Most people would ignore a typo in a situation like that. Not Ken though, he’s got something to prove!

  24. that was the most i’ve laughed on this site so far… OMFG i love it!

  25. That was f’ing funny. Ken’s the man. You who think this isn’t funny are wrong. Now go away.

  26. Ken = dickish dood. The only lame thing about this entry is the belabored “Inkensitive” hed. Sorry @admin, you screwed the pooch on this one.

  27. Strangely enough, I thought the focus was on ((((HUGS)))) ¦/

  28. am i the only one who doesn’t get it? is he talking about the 456? the broad obviously did it because when you make a heart on facebook it involves the greater than sign and thenumber 3 so she said hells i’m going to add 456 since that follows. it’s not a punctuation mark. it’s numbers. so wtf is he talking about? did this really deserve a space on lamebook?

  29. Krystyna -
    Whitney: my uncle is in a comma
    Ken: “those dreaded punctuation marks!”

    comma = ,
    coma = comatose state

  30. OH MY GAWRSH thank you tenki this makes me laugh now hahaha

  31. For all those people who are offended by Ken’s comment, there’s a great website that explains those sort of interactions on the internet.

  32. That is epic. I fell off my chair laughing when I read Kens comment. Insensitive, yes, but at the same time people only put updates like that for attention and sympathy. Which is ridiculous. If you ask me, she had it coming.

  33. Ken didn’t like the punctuation marks in ((((HUGS)))). He could have said “those dreaded parentheses”, but he wanted to gently poke Whitney as well.

    Still don’t understand the <3456 though.

    Less than a Caterpillar 3456 generator is required?

  34. If I were in Ken’s position I would’ve said the same thing.

    Was it in poor taste? Yes, it’s terrible that the uncle is in a coma, but at least he now doesn’t have a TUMOR ON HIS BRAIN.


  36. @ 33 – you don’t get it at all, do you??

  37. I’m with Ken. The punctuation is dreadful, on both scores.

    Andrew seems decent, but has missed out the only necessary punctuation on this comment trail, so loses points there.

  38. This was quite brilliant.


  39. I’m with Justin. Go Ken. Fix their sadness by making sarcastic comments about her spelling (no sarcasm intended although i love sarcasm and that’s probably what does it for me on this one)

  40. So, I’m praying for the ,-dude! BITE ME!

  41. Awwwww. That’s (((((GAY)))))

  42. <3456!!!!

  43. (.)(.)

  44. Phil, I think I love you.

  45. This is my favorite today! Ken’s a total jerk, but he made me laugh hysterically. What’s even funnier is all the people commenting who think Ken was talking about ((((HUGS)))) or <3456. Hilarious..wiping away the tears!

  46. I HATE people who post their tragic crap on facebook. There was a kid from my school who died earlier on this year, and people went nuts on facebook, posting updates on their “grief”. If they were really that heartbroken or upset they wouldn’t be on facebook accumulating attention from other retards. OH, it’s so lame, and ken may be an arsehole, but Whitney is a dick. even her name suggests so. completely deserved.

  47. This might be funny if it wasn’t painfully obvious Ken submitted it. Using someone else’s tragedy as a way to show off how witty and LOLSOCLEVER you are has to be the height of arrogant douchebaggery.

  48. @sarcasticmeow

    I was there, I was there when war was declared on lamebook. It started off innocently enough, with a mild challenge to an admin. Soon things escalated, lines were drawn, pistols at dawn.

    Because, after all, that which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will.

    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!

  49. Half the replies on here are worthy of the kind of crap that gets sent to this site. It fucks me right off when people say something is out of bounds or too insensitive. Prudish people are the fucking worst. You should expect this kind of submission if you’re on this site so son’t go getting all self-righteous and offended when your stupid little offended bulb lights up, you’re just not open minded. Now fuck off and start a “I hate Lamebook” Facebook page you morons.
    As for this post, it’s hilarious. There is no need for people to blab on about their grief and angling for sympathy. They bloody well deserve it. Talk to real people, don’t post it for the thousands of half-friends you have on the internet.

  50. @ Raab:

    “so son’t go getting all self-righteous and offended when your stupid little offended bulb lights up, you’re just not open minded.” So.. open-mindedness = douchebaggery?

    My IQ dropped a few points reading that.

    As for the post itself: Yes, Whitney is no sage. Yes, Ken is a bit of a jerk. But, hey, he’s probably just angry about being named after a plastic, penis-less Beach Boy. The damage is done, and typing in ALL CAPS about it isn’t going to solve anything. So let’s all just get along, okay?

  51. @ Rebecca

    I would argue that open-minded people aren’t so easily offended. The “douchebaggery” is for the lamesters, gimps and morons who are the subject of the articles. If I said (instead of open-minded) that people were being unneccesaryly uptight and too concerned about how others view them as people are too concerned about coming across as uncaring, would you take your IQ points back? There is nothing wrong with not giving a fuck.

  52. Rebecca, I said go away. By the way, you spell your name wrong.

  53. Didn’t ratcoon used to be funny? Who pissed in your cornflakes, sweetcheeks?

  54. Also: the lamest thing about this post is the admin who saved the screen shot as “InkensEtive.” Come on, guys. If you’re going to poke fun at spelling errors other people make, at least keep a dictionary handy.

  55. @ ratcoon

    You mean she spells her name *incorrectly*.

    Also, the old joke about “lamebook needs its own lamebook – a ‘lamelamebook’ if you will” joke is wearing very, very thin.

  56. I said joke twice. Sorry.

  57. @Erin Im retty sure there are two ratcoons. Like a normal ratcoon and a blue ratcoon. I think the one you are refering to as “used to be funny” is normal ratcoon, not blue ratcoon.

  58. @Boz saying ‘if you will’ is awesome. You’re awesome.

  59. Arf The Crime Dog


  60. erin. (54)

    in “ken” sitive –pretty sure the spelling is on purpose.

  61. that’s just funny.

  62. @31: THANK YOU for bringing ED into this. :)

    ken win!

  63. @vjmw – That part I got. But let your cursor hover over the image. They spell it “sEtive” rather than “sItive.” Not a biggie, just kind of silly given that the lameness of the post started with a spelling error.

  64. These comments are squarely divided into two people:

    1) Hypocrites who usually laugh at other fails but when it hits too close to home, get butthurt.
    2) Assholes who genuinely enjoy a good quip at the expense of a mourning friend.

  65. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    raab and levi are the only non cunts in this comment section

  66. I laughed out loud and have been giggling every few minutes since i read this…Smashingly funny…F*%k’em if they can’t take a joke! Thanks Ken!

  67. I so would do the same thing. I always correct my friends therefore I can’t get mad at Ken for doing what I would have done.

  68. ahahahaha

    I love Ken.

  69. Ken is my hero.

  70. pmsl. ken is awesome

  71. people, do not click on Yup’s link. that’s an example of a piece of shit person who should be shot repeatedly in places that will hurt but sustain life until everyone has had a chance to piss in his/her eyes.

  72. Time and a place Ken, time and a place.

  73. Agreeing with Sarah here. If she’d been talking about having seen the movie Coma or, having come back from Thanksgiving dinner, talked about being in a food coma, or was posting about her uncle being OUT of a coma, and had spelled it “comma” each time, then Ken’s joke would’ve been funny. Ha ha hee hee happy times for everyone. But, as Sarah said, there is a “time and a place” for that sort of thing, and that time and place is clearly not at that moment.

  74. What a shame it was a brain tumour and not bowel cancer… ‘coz if they removed part of his bowel, he’d have a semi-colon

  75. Holy shit, hahaha, #74 that is brilliance.

  76. I’m with James goddamn Uncle Jerky that is utterly brilliant
    #74 you should be working on the space programme or some shit…you are a genius…..although Im not entirely sure there is call for a comic genius on the space programme but you get the idea..

  77. What a shame it was their Auntie, they could’ve had a comma, semi-colon and period all at once!

  78. What a shame it wasn’t their Auntie, they could’ve had a comma, semi-colon and period all at once!

  79. But I bet she’s ‘typo negative’….

  80. ^ Win.

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