Monday, March 15, 2010

Ink That Stinks

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  1. Chubby Chasin haha euw

  2. what… in… the …fuck?

  3. I think it’s the little stomach folds that impress me most. Nice attention to detail.

  4. @Kiera… is that a woman’s arm??

  5. The guido tattoo…Is that on a womans arm??

  6. Is that two dudes in the last one? Do they Chubby Chase together? Alone? Each others? I’m confused.

  7. I wish I knew what was mad for him…

    And so the girl tattooed her boyfriends nickname on her arm so that she would stop breaking up with him??

    worst idea ever.

  8. WOw. that chubby chasin one is beyond stupid.

  9. I know we’ve seen this many times, incorrect spelling and grammar on the tatts, and just some downright bad ones, but really, look at the one on that tool Harold and more so, that stupid look on his face.
    He looks so pleased with himself laying there, would love to have been there when somebody burst his little bubble.
    That is, if he has any mates who can spell well enough to point out the mistake.

  10. Guido? Seems to me, they’re made for each other, retards.

  11. Kiera is a woman????? AND she hot her boyfriends nick name permanently branded on her body in spite of wanting to leave him???
    How we’ve managed to survive as a species for so long never ceases to amaze me….

  12. eenerbl: I’m pretty sure the one on the right is a woman. She has that distinctive curvature.

    And I actually think that their tattoos are kinda sweet. It’s like saying “I don’t care that you’re fat, in fact I like that you are”.

  13. 1st pic: That’s not something worth tattooing, really. But still not a massive fail as the others.

    2nd pic: I’m just glad we don’t see the face of the tattoo-owner there.

    3rd pic: exclamation mark flood!!!

    4th pic: doesn’t look like two dudes, but if it’s meant to be a joke, it’s not funny.

  14. Chubby chaser is such a misnomer. I mean really, how hard is it to catch a fatty? They’re out of breath after 5 steps. It’s like playing hide and seek with a quadriplegic.

  15. @ #4 & #13 — I thought the same thing. It took me a few seconds to process that!

  16. @liketotallycool:

    I agree that that is not something worth tattooing. However, it is a massive fail. Go look at it again.

  17. Is it just me or is that Guido chick’s arm covered in bruises?

  18. @liketotallycool, I am referring to the first one…

  19. ThinkingInPictures


    You mean except for the fact that the tat in the first pic is spelled wrong? Personally, I rank permanently mispelling conspicuously placed dumb crap on yourself pretty high on the fail scale… Not that that makes it funny, just lame.

  20. liketotally, oh yeah it’s so not a massive fail to have a giant black incorrectly spelled word across your chest.
    His name is Harold, he’s already up for a lot of fail in this life.

  21. Vision_Girl I think it’s just ink where the tattoo’s been wiped.

  22. You just woke me up Soup.

  23. Tattoos are over

  24. Now that we’ve established Harold’s tattoo is spelled incorrectly, lets talk about the centering issue. I would have gotten ‘Established’ across whole chest with ’1989′ underneath.

    I mean, assuming I was fuckwit enough to get something as shit as that tattooed on my chest in the first place.

    Also, “Ink that Stinks” is lame.

  25. OK, wow! I WAS really confused.

    BTW, but if you look at it sideways, and cut off the boobs, it looks entirely like something else. Might have been what caused my confusion.

  26. My mad for you?
    Also! punctuation is pish! He’s been proper owned there.

    No further comments required on the first one…

  27. lol!

  28. As lame as it sounds, I have a tattoo somewhat like Harold’s. I have “Est. 1976″ on my lower back with the skyline of Philadelphia around it. However, before getting any of my tattoos I made sure the words were spelled right.

  29. can someone please tell me what the hell Hayley’s tattoo says? I’ve stared at it, turned my laptop upside down, etc trying to figure out what it says. And I have a hard time believing the “Guido” tattoo is a chick. Those are either bruises or possibly varicose veins.

  30. er_nurse – “Rumor has it! your(*) mad for me”

    shit tattoo, regardless of the typo.

    Looks photo shopped. At least I hope..

  31. @er_nurse, it says “rumour has it your mad for me”. LOTS of typos.

  32. Thanks. All I could see was “rum” and “our” Maybe it’s just my subconscious telling me I need a drink.

  33. I will give $50 to the first person here who gets “lamebook” tattooed on their body. I’ll toss in an extra $50 if it’s misspelled.

  34. Ok Soup, I’ll go and get “lameboob” tattooed on my left breast.
    The problem with that would be it just isn’t so.
    I got good ones.

  35. Perfect. Contradiction of known facts + misspelling? That’ll get you $125.

  36. I’d get Lampbook

  37. For the Chubby Chasin one, WTF is the picture of? At 1st glance I thought it was a penis then I think I see boobs on top.. The tattoo is so lame it’s hurting my brain.

  38. Rumour is not spelled wrong, it is the british spelling for rumor. The spelling plus the use of “mad” clearly indicates that this person is British. The only misspelled word in the tat is Your –> You’re. There is an over usuage of exclaimation points, however.

    I think there is one male and one female chubby chaser. Male on left, female on right.

  39. Thanks Soup, I’ll give that to my mother to pay for my Hooters party.

  40. Why in the name of our beautiful green planet would someone tattoo their birthyear on their chest? I don’t get that and then plus the fact that it says ‘estalished’ that makes it even more ridiculous.

    The chubby chasin’ one I like very much though. And that is no because I’m chubby.

  41. It takes a special person to get misspelled words tattooed on their body.

  42. @wordpervert

    Nobody realized it was spelled wrong until a girl commented asking where the b was.

  43. Err Baker, I don’t think I was the only one who pointed it out to girl, numbnuts.
    And I’m pretty sure there were plenty of people who saw the mispell.
    You probably weren’t one of them.
    Good day to you sir.

  44. @smrissland

    There’s only one typo. ‘Rumour’ is correct everywhere but America, which decided to prepare for future ‘U’ shortages by stocking up on them from words like that. Also, favour, harbour, neighbour etc. When we Canadians run out of ‘U’s, we’ll be sorry!

    On another note, I like the sentiment of the chubby chaser tattoo (especially if it’s a couple tattoo) but the execution? Guh.

  45. @wordpervert

    No need to be a dick, jackass. Unfortunately I have the pleasure of knowing the moron who got the tattoo.

    What I meant was that nobody noticed the misspell until a girl commented the picture and asked where the b was. So he didn’t realize his tattoo was spelled wrong until a good 4 days later, moron.

  46. I wonder if tattoo parlors make people sign something that very clearly states what it is they are going to tattoo.

    If you go in and say you want “Estalished 1989: tattooed across your chest do they make you write it out exactly and sign that you want that written on you?

    Even understanding that a lot of tattoo artists might not be able to spell, these misspellings happen so often you would think that a tattoo place would invest in a copy of Word.

  47. @Continental Op usually people go in with a rough outline of what they want and if there is any litrature they repeat back the spelling to see if it is correct.

    Either way, when the stencil is applied, you usually get a chance to look at it before the tattooing begins, so Harold should have seen it was spelt wrong anyway.

  48. @Soup- I would get ‘lambbook,’ makes me look like I’m eagerly awaiting the rapture.

    And I find it ironic that both of the chubby chasers seem rather slim.

  49. Like I said in my very first comment Baker..
    I was wondering if he had friends who would know how to spell, and if they would point it out to him.
    Well it only took him and the sorry lot 4 days.
    Turns out I was right on the money, and you’re calling me the moron?

  50. @wordpervert

    I was responding to your first comment, which is why I directed my first comment to you. He found out via FB.

    And once again you misunderstood. I was calling him the moron, not you.

  51. Shouldn’t she be a little more fake-tanned and pumped up to have “Guido” tattoed on her?

  52. And how many 20 year old guys are called Harold these days??!

  53. tattoos that are gramatically incorrect piss me off so much

  54. Dizzy_Ballerina

    To be honest in that chubby chaser one the person on the right could just as well be a younger male 18ish. Either male or female its creepy! Maybe its dad and son lol.

  55. I would say,”Wow, you people have nothing better to fucking do than hang out at and make retarded comments?” But here I am. So that must make me a retard as well.
    You guys are idiots.

  56. Seriously, srsly?
    Job well done.

  57. @word pervert/baker – /yawn

  58. liketotallycool

    @ shutitdc & ThinkingInPictures: I didn’t notice the spelling in the first one cause I was browsing through Lamebook quickly. Now it does seem like a massive, huge fail!

    I did however notice the spelling and exclamation mark fails in the 3rd one, but the exclamation mark overuse was more interesting and funny. Which by the way sounds like a sentence a girl would make up…

  59. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    The Germans call it schadenfreude, but in this case I call it hot. There’s nothing in the world that screams “Fuck I Fail at Life!” quite like a big fat indelible typo all over your chest. I’m not even gay but I’d bust a mad nut all over Harold’s new ink, give him a pearl necklace in lieu of tattoo aftercare cream: “…just rub it in there Harold, yea *muffles laughter* it looks totally thug…”

    Crystal balls don’t come cheap so here’s a head’s up, invest all your money in tattoo removal studios…

  60. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Baker, I assume that means you submitted it.
    But the question is, are you seriously telling me it took 4 days for that chumP to notice?

  61. Nova is right about the spelling of rumour, British and Australian English tend to add a u to some words, for example color is spelt colour.

  62. Kahlan, are you stupid?! What do you mean… British people add u to words. I appreciate that American/Australian english is different… but come on, both of these variations have obviously removed the u, rather than the British adding it. Learn your history.

  63. @Seasider, I was just trying to explain the difference.

  64. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Americans, it seems; just hate “u”. “Mom”/”Mum” is a prime example..

    “U” is not the only vowel to get the cold shoulder..
    Look at the pronunciation of “Aluminium”.
    Also, I always get a kick out of how Americans pronounce “Oregano”..

  65. Alright then Baker, to finish up on this now tedious subject, I will say this.
    Ok, I may have misunderstood you… your first comment to me sounded like you were having a crack at what I said to liketotally. You didn’t make it really clear as to who you were referring to.
    And I’m sorry mate, but the way you worded your second response sounded like you were calling me a moron.
    So in summary, my mistake yes, but yours too.
    Truce ok.

  66. Hey ee, I saw what you saw, but couldn’t figure out wtf was going on with what turns out to be tits. Dirty minds think alike?

  67. Sorry Seasider but Australia follows the British English, not the American English. We also think they must have a thing against the letter u. And yes, these tattoos are so sad, my best friend’s boyfriend has tattoo guns and he’s a dumbshit so I’m just waiting for one of his dumbshit friends to rock up with a tattoo in this category.

  68. I don’t think Harolds’ is a mistake. If the moron could go 4 days without noticing it was misspelled, he probably did ask for it to be spelled without the b.

  69. @seasider – we Aussies keep the ‘u’ also, it is just the Americans that lose it.. Well I don’t know what canadians do.. What do they do? And regardless of the abundance of ‘u’s in our language it is still a bastard to get rid of them in scrabble.

  70. I can answer that as a Canadian. We also keep the u’s.

  71. I can answer to it as a South African too. We also keep the u’s.

    As far as I know the only spelling without the u’s is the American spelling… which it seems only Americans use. The rest of us use the British spelling (also commonly known as the “less-lazy spelling”) :P no offense :) but it has been said many a time for years…

    @Seasider: Whether the u’s were removed by the Americans or added by the British is irrelevant. The point is that there are different spellings… both are correct but for different countries.

  72. @DivineMonkeyTrigger, yeah seriously. Lmao


    Yeah both times I realized I didn’t exactly word everything perfectly so I saw where you were coming from. Sorry about that. Truce!

  73. Lord, Jersey Shore has taken to tattoos now.

  74. @69 Try playing Scrabble in America…

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