Friday, February 4, 2011

In the Book for Life

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  1. Yay for meaningful tattoos. What do I do now? First? steeeevverrrrr?

  2. Bieber!!

  3. I hate people who write lolol, lollllll or any variation thereof.

    @ sprucay : It’s STEEEEEEVEEERRRRR. Note : One V only and all caps. I’m not sure what the rule is on the number of Es

  4. Oh seriously? Ffs! And you need to go have a wax. Lololol

  5. What does it stand for…Front Bum?

    If so I’ve seen a couple I wouldn’t mind putting my thumb up.

  6. I KNOW I need a wax, but it’s the dead of winter. Hairy legs keep me warm.
    I hate you curly

  7. Don’t lie wandr, I know you love me. You want my front bum too don’t you?

  8. Is that hair coming out of that birthmark? Lolmao

  9. Cheers for the advice Wandr, I’ll remember that.

  10. I was like “What’s the big deal?” until I read Jonathan’s revelation.

  11. Seems like asmyjunk is a good rehab place, mofo, you seem so…so clean?

  12. saffer Appearances can be deceiving as you well know, it’s just that Front Bum was the only FB acronym I could think of for a ladies meat gutter….

    Oooh…Ooooh….. Fish Box!

  13. All I know is that “should of” is a huge pet peeve of mine.

  14. Seconding that, Douchetastic. I always hate it when people say “I could care less”. It’s COULDN’T, people, COULDN’T. Just think about what you’re actually saying.

  15. curly – You got me there. I go to bed dreaming of it, babe. But I like it complicated, so I do both

    sprucay – Anything I can do…

    Also, Festering Bunnyhole

    And I should of think about what I’m saying, but I could care less (well, I could)

  16. I’ve killed people for saying ‘I could care less’. Actually, ‘kill’ is kinda a strong term for that- ‘euthenised’ might be the right word…

  17. Hey sweet, mofo is back. Sorry about your banishment to the enth circle of hell.

    Also, I’m with helpimalive. That bugs the hell out of me.

    Jared better be being payed shit-tons by the Fuckerberg for that.

    That’s not a shitty pun by the way. Well, it is. But my first-letter-of-that-asshole’s-name key doesn’t work, and I’m to lasy (fuck) to go copy it from somewhere else.


  19. tenth.

  20. My pet peeve word is utilize, just say use ffs.

  21. to join in on the discussion – my pet peeve is when people misspell “definitely”. i see it all. the. time! it’s not defintely, it’s not definitly, it’s not defenately, and it’s definitely not definately. DEFINITELY. learn it. memorise it. spell it properly. thanks.

  22. memorize

  23. theirony, maybe in la-la land, but where the normal folk come from, it’s memorise.

  24. mem·o·rize
       /ˈmɛməˌraɪz/ Show Spelled [mem-uh-rahyz] Show IPA verb, -rized, -riz·ing.
    –verb (used with object)
    to commit to memory; learn by heart: to memorize a poem.
    –verb (used without object)
    to learn by heart: I’ve always been able to memorize easily.

  25. Your point being? Sorry, but I use the Queen’s English.

  26. Ooooh the irony of theirony not realizing that not everyone in the world uses Americanized spellings of words.

  27. *Americanised

  28. Americanized*

    I love saying lololol.

  29. Americanized = Bastardised

  30. How can one love saying “lololol”? Laughing out loud out loud out loud? That makes less sense than bastardised English.

  31. god, how I’ve just enjoyed witnessing that irony. Classic.

    Seeing as we’re all coming out, my pet peeve word is “meh.” It gets my blood boiling, I want to kill it’s inventor.

  32. meh, this was definataly a decent post. rene’s comment was really lollolol for sure, I could care less about mallori’s comment though. Also, word you mispelled memorized up there, try to write in good, proper american please.

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well done my good man.

  34. My pet peeve phrase is “just sayin’.” I think that one random person per day who ends a facebook wall post with “Just sayin’!” should be dragged outside and beaten to death.

  35. Jonjones, you COULD care less? So I guess you care some, right?
    Or could you possibly mean that you couldn’t care less?

  36. maddmatt are you a bit dense?

  37. maddmatt you moron!

  38. @35
    I’m just sayin’ I could care less is all.

  39. maddmatt just made that all the more funny by so completely missing it all. Well done, Jonjones. Well done.

  40. lollllllll @ maddmatt. You brought this on yourself (and since Jonjones already used just sayin’, I can’t use it now)

    Btw. Nice one Jonjones, had me loling (1 l? 2ls?)… lolling?
    And most of the time, I COULD care less.
    I’m a bitch with a heart

  41. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well done maddmatt. Excellent display of a reverse-Wallace. An Anti-Wallace if you will.

  42. For the record, my pet peeve is the emoticon, and, the people who use them with complete abandon in every single thing they write (Jesus, especially dudes). I want to reach through the computer or phone with a fork and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. You don’t have to convey the tone of everything you write. I’m not a cretin, bitch.

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    :D I wouldn’t mind watching you do that Word :) :D ;)

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Also “I’m not a cretin, bitch.” is officially being added to my vocabulary.

  45. Well open up and say ahh, Dukes.

  46. I’m an old lamebook comment’s reader but new commenter and I just want to say I’m you’r secter admirer wordpervert & Imamofo <3

  47. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Would you mind throwing in a reach-around to sweeten the deal?

  48. Oh come on…everyone knows that the letter Z totally is worth much more in scrabble

  49. 22-25 that’s bloody funny, thanks guys.

    I have a crazy indecent internets crush on this guy and he uses “just sayin” when he posts things. I’m seriously thinking of calling it off ?

  50. sotfl, welcome to the Lamebook mosh pit.

    And for you, Buns, anything.

    curly, you won’t.

  51. Fuck, I miss all the best ones :( (just for you wordy, to convey my unhappiness just in case you didn’t get it)

  52. Looks like drawn on w/ a bic.

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