Thursday, May 13, 2010

In It to Win It

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  1. For a good time, call BEN-ALEN (236-2536).

  2. These sucked, by the way.

    Unless that’s Our Ben…

  3. The Aqua-Man puns were water-logged from the get-go.

  4. Yawn, Cory. Nobody cares but her.

    But hey, I bet they get along… swimmingly!!!!

  5. Troy, Marsha et al deserve a smack in the face for those stupid puns.

  6. Is ‘Marsh’a a water pun, also?

  7. Wait, my comment that for once genuinely contains no offence or swearwords, is being moderated?

    Is Cory a Lamebook moderator?
    Wait, that last bit makes no sense because nobody can see my prrevious comment…

  8. You know, the bit about the writing tip really isn’t lame, it’s brilliant. Anonymous PR tutor, consider your wisdom officially ripped off!! Time to go look clever among my writer friends…

  9. Okay I’m officially hopeless. I love stupid puns. Number two made me giggle.

  10. Was Troy in that awful 80′s/90′s boyband Bros.?

  11. Puns are funny, when they’re not beaten into the ground. One or two comments, tops. After that, it stops being funny and feels more contrived.

    Anyway, I guess that’s why the previous “pun posts” have made it on here. They’re lame enough to not know when enough is enough.

    I’m alone on this island. Only Aqua Man can save me…

  12. Nice

  13. mrtee is my arch nemesis.

  14. Mollywhopped=new favorite word

  15. Dancinganimal256

    Why is the third one on lamebook again? Also, anyone else think Ben has a thing for Cory in the way he commented on the last post?

  16. yep Ben wants Cory but really Cory wants to explore Jana and her hard working feet

  17. Of course Ben wants Cory. Ben=Frodo. Duh!

  18. Why was Becs’ on here? That’s a pretty common quote. Well, I guess my teacher used bikini, not nighty.

  19. Trainreq – I don’t believe I am a fan of mollywhopped. It doesn’t work well with me. ;)


  21. Yeah.. I like the first one. The others were alright.

    I wonder where Word has been? He’s my favorite.

  22. I don’t know how Troy’s last name didn’t get blurred, but I’m glad it didn’t. This guy has some serious issues.

  23. @Scream – word is a she. And I’m sorry, but she’s mine and ee’s ;)

  24. What! I’ve gone months thinking Word was a dude. Lol.
    That kind of bums me out. :\

  25. @Amanda – Nice, I didn’t notice that!

  26. You guys do know that you can find almost any of these posts by typing the sentence into the facebook search bar.. right? Only if he/she doesn’t have their profile private though.

  27. Wait, mrtee is an ACTUAL person? Oh thank god, finally a spammer who’ll understand this: FUCK OFF.

  28. @Scream – haven’t tried to search for these people. For the most part, I kind of want to pretend they aren’t real because that makes what was initially funny into something that’s kind of depressing.

    @Hobo – I second your motion.

  29. I’m starting to think that you all secretly started the ‘Ben’ thing and made a flight club pact not to explain it.

  30. Fight*

  31. Ben is… some guy who flipped out on people who commented ‘First!’, before doing the same thing himself on the next post…

    That happened quite a few months ago, and occasionally people laughed about it, but it was largely forgotten about. Then a month or two ago, it just sprung the hell back, and every post was filled with comments about Ben. Which then led to every post being filled with three or four new people asking ‘who is Ben?’ even though the answer was on every single comments page for like, an entire month :p So we pretty much haven’t mentioned him since then, except the occasional ‘Ben!’ instead of ‘First!’

  32. @hobo – Ben is called out on almost every post by benisglory.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. (:

  33. Right you are Katy!

  34. ScreamQueen, the whole ‘Ben’ incident took place in January, you can go back and check the postings, they are quite humorous.

  35. I’ve done no such thing!

  36. I find it very amusing that Benisglory in comment #10 implies that he knows when a joke has been beaten into the ground. Hmmm…

  37. The real Ben left here ages ago, either that or he assumed a new identity since his was reprimanded for been a total douche. My favorite of all his replies (which was genuine) was simply “fuck me” after having read all the Ben haters in one particular post.

    Sorry Ben, but you’re now a real phenomenon, not just a whining tool.

  38. And on the pun note, the scales of lameness that the aquaman post breamed is impressive, haddock known they were this shit i would not have bothered reading them and drifted onto the next post. fish sea gay

  39. It would be funny if the real Ben was posting under a new name, and he was well liked by the other commenters.:p
    Maybe I am Ben..

  40. #3 reminds me of “statistics are like bikini’s, they hide more than they reveal”

  41. @Ben-Who-Is-Not-Ben-But-Is-Called-Ben: Until now, I thought you were real Ben, commenting normally, and I figured ‘huh, Ben isn’t that bad after all’. But I guess he still is.

  42. @ScreamQueen: No problem :) Been a while since I last had to type it :P

  43. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  44. Oh my god, I think my head may explode. Just why? WHY? I gotta say I feel a swift end coming on here. I am so sick of people who friend people that don’t like them, males that make comments that are too fluffy for most females even and people that text talk for frigging everything! I hope they all die… soon. And yah that may be a little extreme but they are destroying my faith in humans!

  45. Okay the rage has ebbed, I think I’m better now…

  46. Grammar Police


  47. @Hurting The only thing funny to me about the “Ben” jokes is how pissy people get about them.

  48. I liked Ben, I miss Ben (but I have a sneeking suspicion “Benisglory” is Ben..same humor). I also miss Penny lane and Mr Haiku….ahh the memories.

  49. Educational learning, huh? I think Becs is studying to get into the Department of Redundancy Department.

  50. [This comment has Ben moderated to remove all references to "Ben."]

    My name is ___, but I am not THE ___ who changed the way “First” was claimed. “___” was never funny, as far as I’m concerned. The only reason I’ve ever mentioned “___” was to mock anyone that actually thought it was ever funny.

    I’ve gone farther than making references to “___,” but apparently the few I’ve made have negated all else. Fair enough. I will now only talk about my kinky sex life, or lack thereof and make everyone aware of my desire to sleep with anyone else who will respond to my…comments.

    Oh, Lamebook, your name precedes itself.

  51. …and that’s okay.

  52. hmm _isglory, Ben was a funny chap whos supper dry wit I found to be quite humorous. You on the other hand have just pissed me off!

  53. Spanka wants to have sex with my penis.

  54. Sure do _isglory, I’ve just got to find it first…could you pick up your fat gut so I can get a look at your fury little mushroom.

  55. *furry

  56. You had it right the first time. My penis is full of fury.

  57. Watchout ladies _isglory and his mushroom of fury is coming to get you!

  58. Oh, Spanka, you amuse me.

  59. lol

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