Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In It to Win It

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  1. jesus’s dick was probably pierced.And his toungue, to better pleasure the ladies.

  2. And since I’ve never ever ever been first at something in my life..
    Ah fuck it, nevermind I’ll enjoy this in silence :D

  3. I have absolutely nothing to say about this post.

  4. Except enjoy it while it lasts, marissa.


  6. Joel is quite funny. The rest – bag o shite.

  7. As a long haired, bearded man, I often get idiots saying I look like Jesus. If he existed, he wouldn’t have been white, he probably wouldn’t have had long hair, and he would probably have been quite small. Damn da Vinci and the like for painting him to a romantic ideal.

  8. I laughed at a Jesus joke :( Hello Hell!

  9. would you rather people tell you that you look like a homeless person? Thats what I think when I see long haired bearded men.

  10. sidneybunny – Nope, I’d rather people just stopped being judgmental buffoons.

  11. The bird one made me laugh. The others are just stupid, or maybe I’ve heard them a million times too many.

    Personally, I think unkempt longhaired guys with beards all look like Kate Hudson’s ugly ex-husband.

  12. My son once saw a homeless guy in a red sweatshirt carrying a sack and yelled, “SANTA!”

  13. wait… so are you saying that long haired, bearded men are a romantic ideal? I find long hair/beards to be neither romantic nor ideal.

  14. go shave, you bum

  15. bumpit – They were in in 15th century Italy.

  16. I think romantic ideal, I’m thinking more like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine body with no head.

  17. falky – it’s currently the 21st. Bell-bottoms and porkchop sideburns were ideal a few decades ago, but we’ve moved on from that too.

  18. I like his jacket…

  19. bumpit – You’re completely missing the point. People who see long hair and beards and say “you look like Jesus” are basing their assumptions off the famous paintings depicting Jesus, examples of which come from 15th century Italy and similar, where that hair combination was regarded as ideal.

  20. britishbobo you claim you have nothin to say but clearly want attention because u posted fuckin twice. on a post that apparently you have nothing to say about. fuckin attention seekin dick

  21. Falky – I got your point. You’re completely missing the humor.

  22. and irony.

  23. Call me persnickety, but it annoys me when people spell it ‘sparkley’.

  24. @ junebug it annoys me when people use “awsome” so don’t feel bad.

  25. Me too. Glad I’m not the only one.

  26. That is one greasy fucking Jesus… Seriously.

    Hey, look, anon has moved onto hobes. Alord, it looks like your admirer has found someone else to beat off to. I realise the two of you had a thing going for a few weeks, but you will get over it I’m sure. It’s a shame really.

  27. Awsomely sparley o.o

  28. That last pic…. phew, what a tool. And by “tool,” I mean the instrument in which they should use to crucify him.

  29. Sweet. Now it’s my turn to be totally indifferent to anon while he tries to get a rise out of me.

    Sorry to steal your little gimp pet, alord.

  30. That dude does not look like Jeebus. Jeebus was of Arab decent and probably have been able to grow a full beard, unlike this thing on my screen.

  31. @junebug, i’m there with you too! I also can’t stand it when people drop vowels out of words like judgemental (see @10 falky). Is it just laziness or is it simple stupidity?

  32. he looks more like the una-bomber to me…. or a bum

  33. @purebs, nope, it’s called spelling. “Judgmental” is perfectly acceptable and is, in fact, the elder of the two spellings.

  34. @purebs I think it’s a combination.

  35. falky’s right though.

  36. I loved the Edward Cullen one. that made my day.

  37. dirtylittlepretty

    who the hell is BritishBobo?

  38. Some guys wear the long-haired/facial hair look very well, and it’s great if it’s done right. That guy ^ isn’t doing it well, but THIS guy, bless his little cotton socks, does it better than any other…

    I’ll love him forever.

  39. I agree wholeheartedly, wordpervert. I’d like to bless his socks off meself.

  40. For a second there when I started reading your post Wordyperv, I thought you were going to say he was rocking that look well. Had that been the case, I would have had to make a trek to Aussie land to check on you – it would have been evident you had suffered some sort of head trauma.

  41. @36
    yeah, anything except get hard. Why do you think he only stares at sleeping girls? Because he’s imagining what it would be like to actually have sex for once in his life.

  42. Comments, I’ve had no head trauma, but still feel free to visit.

    I’ve no time today for LB antics, Comments. It’s a shame as I’ve not seen you much of late, but you have a good one.

  43. Wow, seriously, people aren’t sick of that Edward Cullen joke yet? Come ON. There are other sparkly things in the world. I hate Twilight as much as the next person but let’s get some more original material here…

  44. Wordyperv,

    My own antics have been limited due to work and heading out of town for a couple days. Hopefully you’ll have enough time to pop in long enough to see I’ve wished you a good one as well :)

  45. As much as falky lacks a sense of humor, he is correct on the “judgmental” spelling point.

  46. poop

  47. I have a sense of humour, just more along the lines of Laurel and Hardy <_<

  48. I was thinking reading these how strange it is that these “wins” are so weak, given that I see funnier status updates and comebacks on a daily basis on my news feed. I guess people who are actually funny don’t go “Ha! That was fucking gold! I’m submitting that to lamebook!” after they “crack a funny”.

  49. My first thought when I saw the greaseball in the last pic was “child molester”, especially since the balloons in the background suggest he is creeping around some kid’s birthday party. Not exactly “Jesus”…

  50. I think the guy in the last photo is hot. Hmm…

  51. FlipYouth?

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