Thursday, July 29, 2010

In It to Win It

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  1. ben/steve/frodo

  2. Ben on the last one FTW…!

  3. two in a row!

  4. meh

  5. It amazes me the people who are allowed to call themselves “journalists” these days. Steve’s writing couldn’t have been worse if it had been written by a stoned monkey.

  6. Steve may want to proofread his letter if he wants to be taken seriously at all. I mean, I’m “hald” Jew, but my panties don’t get in a bunch when people come to Tampa, FL and play “spot the Jew”.

  7. Fuck Scott.
    Steve made some spelling errors, that sucks, and a journalist should probably know better, but his head seems to be in a fairly good place. Again, fuck Scott

  8. We used to play a game like that where we would drive through a town close by and count the jamaican apple pickers hanging out on the street at the end of the day. One day I set a high score of 23!


  10. Scott takes it up the ass

  11. Cleeba Jobes!

  12. Ben with the premature ejaculation joke for an epic win!

  13. The Tanner/Scott exchange makes no sense. What would a decimated workforce have to do with the roads being under construction? Bad logic there. And being from Arizona, road construction is done by city workers, which are not the jobs that undocumented workers were filling anyway. What’s more, SB1070 didn’t even go into effect until yesterday, and most of it was blocked anyway by the judge’s ruling. (Thank God.)

    I know I’m getting too serious about a pretty dumb lamebook post, but it was annoying.

  14. The last one was the only one that counted as a “win” in my opinion.

  15. Thank God? I don’t understand what’s unconstitutional about asking someone if they’re breaking the law. Breaking the law is in itself unconstitutional, therefore being here illegally is… wait for it…. illegal. and unconstitutional.

    Come legally and you won’t be subjected to getting your feelings hurt.

    I know I’m getting serious about a pretty dumb lamebook comment, but it was annoying.

  16. Seventeen!

    What can I say, it was a good day.

  17. Annnnd a fail for hangover vision in the morning…

  18. Does anyone else find the models in the American Apparel ads that are always on this site kind of yucky?

  19. MsBuzzkillington

    Scott is stupid. Scott is rude.

    Also I agree with 13. Scott’s response made no sense. If all the workers were down by 50%, wouldn’t there be less construction? If no one is there to do it… nothing is going to get done.

    And I agree with 13 on (thank god) it was blocked.

  20. Wednesday, some times those models are lamer than the actual posts here. Like all of these except for Ben’s.
    Lamebook… how it has fallen…

  21. I wish my girlfriend would give me new blowjobs. It’s so unsatisfying getting old blowjobs. Nobody wants a blowjob that’s already been used.

  22. #15 There’s nothing unconstitutional about asking someone if they’re breaking the law.

    There is something distinctly amoral about assuming someone is breaking the law because they are a minority. Period. There is no way to tell by simply looking at another human being if they are here legally or illegally. That’s the problem with SB1070.

  23. tinylittlerobot

    If y’all looked at what you were just saying it does make sense… nothing is going to get done so there is construction/ blocked roads everywhere…

  24. wtf Chance’s language settings

  25. #22 – There is no way to tell by simply looking at another human being if they are here legally or illegally. Exactly. Thus the need to ask for appropriate documentation to determine such criminality.

    Implement this law in a Northern state that borders Canada so that white people can be asked if they’re criminals too. Would that make you feel better?

  26. @campbellconey – The vast majority of illegals in this country are Hispanic. With limited financial resources it makes perfect sense to use profiling to catch illegals. Same way airport security would be more suspicious in a Muslim looking man than they would be a little old white Christian woman.

    If they’re here legally, why would they care if they were being asked a few questions? The only people who would be “offended” would be people who sympathize with illegals. Any moral American citizen would realize that illegals are the scourge of this country. They bring drugs and guns into this country, start gangs, rape women, take all of our jobs and lead to billions of dollars of tax payer money being spent catching and deporting them (as well as prosecuting them for their illicit activities). Anyone who supports keeping illegals in this country is adding the the destruction of American values and the safety of our country.

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @bumpit You know you are really a fuckaroon when Dan_Fargis is agreeing with your opinion.

  28. Touche.

  29. @ dan_fargis: you’re here under what i’m assuming is a legal citizenship, and if you were asked to show your papers for just being you, you wouldn’t get upset? i’m sure from your limited point-of-view, you’d be outraged and consider your state a police state!

    Any “moral American citizen”? The scourge of this country? I’m sorry, are you Native American? Otherwise, asshole, you’re also an immigrant.

    They bring drugs into this country, just like WHITE bikers do (who run most of the meth to most of North America). Or, the dealers and importers from Baltimore who make their heroin in your precious Moral America. Drugs have been in this country long before those horrible, deviant immigrants brought them.

    I’ll bet it’s not much more money (the purported tax dollars are wasted deporting and catching those horrible immigrants) than is being spent on American citizens who shit out babies like it’s an Olympic sport, for fuck’s sake.

    Mexicans start gangs! So do inner-cities, hard-up cities, and those “horrible” blacks! Also, MC clubs are also gangs … there are very few minorities in those biker gangs. I mean, you probably don’t realize, since you’re so open-minded and obviously well-educated.

    Anyone who voted for George Bush also contributed to the destruction of this country. Pull your head out of your uppity, quasi-racist ass and maybe realize that most of the Southern United States actually belonged to Mexico. History isn’t just what they teach in White America. Take a look at a real map, one made before we stole hispanic land.

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ohamber so to summarize all that text, what you are trying to say is “Hi I am ohamber and I am new to Lamebook”

  31. i love playing how many indians on the bridge, most i’ve ever seen was 8 though

  32. I didn’t read any of this argument, but I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone who wrote long comments is wrong, even if they were disagreeing.

  33. BritishHobo: your observation is probably spot-on.

  34. @dukey: Also, yes, hi, I’m new!

    @d_f: * i shouldn’t have said we stole it, we actually purchased it.

  35. @ohamber – Perhaps you should re-read my post. I said that illegals are the scourge of this country. I’m here legally. Defending people who are breaking the law by being here illegally is asinine at best. Would you defend a murderer for breaking the law? How about the thief? What about the rapist? You break the law, you should be punished. The best way to punish illegals is to round them up and ship them out.

    I’m sorry that asking people to abide by the laws is so intolerable to you. There is an immigration process in this country which we all must follow. My ancestors came over, through Ellis Island and did it the LEGAL way (far after the conquering of the Indians so don’t try the whole “your relative stole this land” thing). I have no sympathy for those who break the law. Whether it’s the drunk driver who loses his license for DUI, it’s the thief who gets caught stealing from the bank or the construction worker who is here illegally.

    The liberals try to paint anti-illegal immigration folks as “racists” when the reality is conservatives are law abiding citizens who believe that American jobs should go to ACTUAL law-abiding, tax-paying Americans. There’s nothing “racist” about wanting immigrants to follow the legal process of gaining citizenship. If they are too impatient or too lazy to go through that process, they shouldn’t be here. They’re parasitic and anathema to a healthy and safe society.

    The rest of your screed reminds me a poorly constructed essay written by a college freshman at a liberal college (i.e. almost all of them nowadays).

    As for your dig at George W. Bush, I suggest you look around and realize that it was the liberals in Congress in 2006 and President Obama right now who have destroyed this country by undermining the Christian values upon which this country was founded.

  36. @ dan_fargis: I understand your frustration, but shouldn’t all human beings have the same rights? You and I were lucky enough to be born in safe western countries, but what about all those people who have to deal with violence and poverty on a daily basis? Who are we, or any government for that matter, to say who gets to live somewhere and who doesn’t? I don’t think you can compare a criminal to someone who steals out of hunger or someone who tries to immigrate (illegally) to another country to get a better future for their kids.

    All I’m saying is that it’s easy not to break ‘the law’ when you’re not starving to death if you catch my drift. It’s called empathy, and this world would be a better place if everyone had it.

  37. alis, what a lovely person you are. :)

  38. I’m willing to bet JC would have supported this idiotic, racist immigration bill!

  39. I think Dan Fargis needs to get a life. Just shut up and go fly and kite and whack off (all at once). No one cares to hear your retarded rambling and stupid point of view. Maybe try going outside at least once a day, and work your self up to eventually talking to a real live human female. Good luck!

  40. Alis – you are a very lovely person, and I agree with you. You can’t fault anyone for trying to provide a better life for their family.

    For me personally – I encourage people to escape from poverty and violence and welcome them to our beautiful and great country – and our country welcomes them! There is a process for it, there are work visas, there are steps to follow to become a citizen, there are procedures in place to allow that all to happen legally.

    The problem here is that when people come here illegally, they are a drain on society fiscally and the people who foot the bill are the those who pay their taxes and abide by the laws. The federal deficit could probably be nearly wiped out if EVERYONE who makes wages were to pay their taxes. Everyone loses.

    So yes, while they’re doing their best to provide a better life for their family, they’re approaching it in the wrong manner, doing it illegally and essentially stealing from the country that would welcome them if they did it properly and STILL provide that better life.

    /soap box

  41. I think Dan_Fargis does a sterling job; while we stomp over the illiterate denizens of Facebook, he shines our boots with hot air and seething hatred.

    Good job Dan, you’re obviously in the right job…

  42. I defend people being here illegally because our immigration law is fu*ked up and makes it far too difficult to get here legally. Many illegal immigrants want to become citizens, but there is no legal way for them to do so. Also because the government ought not to have the ability to dictate who gets into the country unless they are criminals in their own country. Being here illegally is not unethical; murdering people is.
    Furthermore, the constitituional problem with the AZ law is that stopping people to ask them questions without proper evidence is a violation of the right to be free from searches without probable cause. I am white and a born citizen, and I would consider it a major violation of my rights to be stopped and ‘asked a few questions’ by a pig.

  43. Callan, that’s not surprising that she wanted more; girls usually do prefer it to be hard.

  44. I find it interesting that nobody complained when their right to freedom of speech was taken away (slurs considered hate crimes)… or when probable cause went right out the window with the Patriot Act (wire-tapping)… But forbid your delicate sensibilities are offended with a question of abiding the law. Nobody is being searched, they’re being “asked a few questions” by a law enforcement officer. A talking animal would just be silly.

    If someone is holding up a bank, do we expect the police to look the other way? Or should they “ask a few questions”? That’s essentially what is happening. Our taxpayer dollars are getting stolen. I’m also white and a born citizen, but that doesn’t mean I have license to break the law – so if I was asked if I’m a citizen, I would consider it a privilege to provide proof that I am. I am providing a good life for my family legally and I pay the dues and taxes of that life.

    Is it the same crime as murder? Of course not. But neither is stealing, which is what this is.

  45. @bumpit #44 – I really do appreciate your argument. I get the sense that you are a reasonable person, and you make good points.

    I grew up in Arizona, from PA originally. I grew up in Phoenix’s Westside, which is predominantly Hispanic. And that included growing up with kids whose parents were undocumented. (the preferred term for people who have come here illegally). I will admit that my attitude toward this law has been shaped by the personal experience I have had with these families. They worked hard. They took care of their families and they were a part of our community. They came here without options, and they are able to do so because our federal government prefers to look the other way instead of creating legislation that will make it easier to come into this country for those who truly need to be here; the reasons for which are entrenched in politics and certain unspoken understandings with the Mexican government. I went to school with these kids, and I went to parties at their houses, and I knew their grandparents, and I have a personal interest in people who are anything but a scourge to our communities.

    I am willing to admit, like I said, that I feel strongly against this law because I know the personal face of it. There is really no argument that I can wage or can be waged against me that can divorce me from those sentiments. It is truly a different story living here, living with these people, knowing their struggles firsthand. It is hard not to see the faces of people you have known and cared about for many years colored by fear and terror of deportation, the fear of being returned to live under a deeply corrupted government where the primary power is in the hands of drug cartels, and the basic necessities of life, health care, employment, are at best scarce.

    I would also feel differently if I didn’t know firsthand working in the public sector that Brewer and Arpaio are fear-mongers at best, who seek to establish a policy of discrimination and xenophobia dressed in the sheep’s clothing of border security. If I didn’t know better, I might trust them. But I do know better, and so I never can.

  46. Holy dogshit, these comments are long and reek of political bias. Back to sleep…

  47. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    @24 i was totally wondering the same thing. somebody help us out people!

  48. Everyone in every country has the same right to change the country they live in and make it better. France did it, Ireland did it, the US did it, Russia did it, even Mexico has done it, a couple of times.
    What they do not have a right to do is go to other countries and violate their laws.

  49. …oh, twenny-four…crap, only twenny-three.

  50. Oh,that language on that Facebook account is called Leet Speek.

  51. speak*

  52. @45… I can appreciate your experience and understand your opinion and you too offer very valid points. We’re both pretty opinionated on the subject. :) I like to think I’m a reasonable person, as you appear to be as well – so hats off to us for a civil exchange on a rather hot topic!

    At this point, I think we’ve pretty much beat the horse, so let’s shake hands and say “well done”. :)

  53. Hmm, i think this much Fargis attention may give him enough food to keep him trolling for at least the next two weeks. Ah well, he is actually becoming one of the most entertaining posters on this site!

  54. I don’t mean to feed the trolls but I think those who defend the opposition to SB1070 should try taking a stroll into Iran. I think they welcome illegal immigrants quite well. Enjoy

  55. Oh dear. The dummy seems to be taking over from the ventriloquist. You should never have invented him, Dan!

  56. Who submits the second one? That’s one damn annoying setting on his/her fb.

  57. I also live on Vancouver Island and have played ‘Indians on the Bridge’ for many years… thing that I’ve noticed…that the number of natives on said bridge is directly proportionate to how bust the nearest liquor store and chicken shack (Lees) is….

  58. I almost hit a couple drunk indians coming back from Nanaimo one very early morning, right underneath the bridge. Guess they were too drunk to realize there was a bridge there…then the fuckers give me the finger on the way by for swerving to avoid them. Retards.

  59. Attn: Steve

    If you want to escape from underneath the stereotype, tell the rest of your band to stop living up to it. Tell the same thing to the Asian drivers in Vancouver too.

  60. Ben went to too much effort, writing out big words like premature ejaculation. C&P original, then insert semi-colon where the comma should have been.

    It wasn’t hard; leaving her wanting more.

  61. @dan_fargis
    Where to start? Could you be any more racist? Could you do any more stereotyping? That’s just ridiculous. You’re just ridiculous. And thank you @ohamber, you seem to get it.
    As the kind and caring, uber-righteous ‘Christian’ you so freely profess that you are, shouldn’t you be all about kindness and giving? Helping people who are in a worse off position than you?
    Exodus 22:21, “You shall not wrong or oppress the alien”,
    Leviticus 19:34 “The alien who resides among you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself”
    Hebrews “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers”
    Exodus 23:9, Deuteronomy 10:19, I could go on.
    You make me ashamed of my species.

  62. bahaahaha- Fargis, u make me laugh so hard. My fave bit was when you refered to USA as a ”healthy and safe country.”

    Bush is a crack pot. There is no nuttier person alive. lol Seriously- how did that guy even graduate high school?

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