Thursday, August 6, 2009

Im Not That Racist


Dnt Get Me Wrong

It looks like Jersey Shore Community College has taught you well. They should be proud to have produced such an intelligent student. All along, I thought this economical slump was some complex dilemma requiring the skills and intellect of several brilliant minds…

Then you come along and remind us that the solution is not so difficult. You’re right, Stafford, there is an obvious link between The United States Recession and way too many chinks opening up Dollar Trees. As Americans, we must resist the urge to go buy 49 cent toothpaste so that our country can once thrive again.


It’s that simple.

Bless you Stafford.

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  1. How you know an extremely racist comment is coming : ” I’m not that racist but…”

  2. Southerners…

  3. She was well into her racist rant before uttering that phrase. A little late with the warning, honey!

  4. Ugh…
    The key word is “that”. Stafford acknowledges being racist. Just not against Eskimos. Not THAT racist.
    Please leave the gene pool now.

  5. How very KKK of you Stafford. If you’re not a member already, I’m sure they’ll be proud to have you.

  6. He’s not that racist but everyone who doesn’t look like him should be rounded up and shot. Come on people, do the maths. How else is he going to get laid.

    Oh, but he also mentions that girls should have self respect. So he’s got no chance.

    What a cunt.

  7. “theres not enuf jobs as it is…”

    So you hate people who open stores, creating not just their own jobs, but presumably jobs for others as well? I see you’ve given this some serious thought!

  8. I also love how he’s basically telling girls to have some self respect and have a kid unmarried with a white guy. Yeah, have some self respect and raise a kid on your own, just make sure he’s white.

  9. This dude is dumber than any black, mexican, or asian person I’ve ever met. Maybe he’s the one who is a dame imergrant.

  10. Not all southerner’s are racist.

    But whomever this is answers phones for the KKK.

  11. Someone needs to go back to school. Stafford complains about there not being enough jobs yet he can’t even spell, intelligence is something employers look for.

  12. what exactly does he mean by the white? does that classify all the “imergrant”‘s from russia or ukraine or australia who come to said country? what a dummy. The irony is his grammar.

  13. Matt, racism isn’t the trademark of southerners. This guy’s just a huge douche.

  14. Yeah, this person is a crazy racist. However, he’s talking about Trenton. There’s lots of Trentons: NJ, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois (thanks, Google!). Not exactly Southern towns. Unless I’m missing something – lets blame this on racists, not the South.

  15. There’s also Trenton, ON. Yes, Canadians can be racist too.
    I think the awesome part about this is Stafford, like other “I’m not racist but…” watered-down hatemongers is that he fears that “soon the white man will be the minority!” It’s just like my racist extended family members who say they hate going to Toronto because they’re the minority there. Because apparently, being a minority is a bad thing. It’s like, you’re not racist, but we need our numbers!

  16. i’m not that rasict either

  17. I don’t think this guy is from the south because he’s pointing out Chinese people. If he was from the south don’t you think he’d talk about how much he hates Mexicans or black people?

  18. This guy is from Trenton, Ontario, Canada… renowned for it’s shallow gene pool.

  19. Dear Stan… it’s because of losers like you white women are having mix babies…
    because white stupid asses like yours, your white ppl is gone buy bye!

  20. WOW, COMMENTS ! Racism is bad. Thank you again, Captain Obvious.

  21. hahaha yaay america’s future president yaay

  22. *plucks banjo*

  23. Candy Blackmail

    I’d love to see the short bus make a detour to Compton and drop his ass off there for about year.

  24. Hey, education is for them folks what AREN’T white. Dame imergrant chinks!

  25. Racism is a joke.

    Does anyone take it seriously anymore?
    I don’t. These people are just so ignorant it’s only laughable.

    Oh, and hey, maybe if white people become the minority they’ll get minority scholarships too. Wee!

  26. Why does he talk so ghetto? Who the fuck says “white baby daddy?”

  27. God, some men are so classy.

  28. OMG, I lolled so hard at how dumb some people can be.

  29. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    “do tha math ppl”

    Because I can’t.

  30. “Racism is a joke.

    Does anyone take it seriously anymore?”

    yes only people who have experienced it. its very difficult to describe racism to someone who has not experienced it first hand, the lingering effects of it and all(yes i have experienced it, no i dont let it change my world view)

  31. I’m extremely racist, but I think people of all ethnic backgrounds should be treated equally.

  32. White Baby Daddy

    Stop picking on Stafford, u dame imergrants!

  33. There are plenty of racist morons to go around.

    I wonder if he has a problem with knight immigrants.

  34. i wonder if “Jersey Shore Community College” is actually on this person’s profile.

    not only would that narrow down the search for this person, it would also add to the irony of his/her entire rant.

  35. requiring*

  36. There you go.

  37. We’re busy guys. Thanks for the heads up.

  38. As soon as I submitted that, it was already fixed. You’re still golden.

  39. You know how pianoists love pianos and artists love art? I guess racists love all races so that would make sense for shutupffaord not being a racist!!!
    Get back on the boat…Such an idiot!!!!

  40. well, he is from SOUTH jersey… :P

  41. HAHAHAHAHA… “pianoists”…

  42. Matt um…Trenton is in New Jersey.

    Nice try, though!

  43. It’s Ontario, guys. So ‘southern’ in the sense of Southern Ontario, I would say.

  44. Candy Blackmail

    @ #26: I think Kevin Federline did when he filed his taxes. ;)

  45. This guy is clearly a decimal point away from being certifiably retarded.

  46. blacks are more racist than any other race on the planet

  47. Another example of why there should be a new lamebook featuring the comments.

  48. Sunny, you’ve got a point.

    Lamements, maybe. The sister to Lamebook.

  49. I hate racists.. theres only one thing i hate more than racism, and thats Jews.

  50. Jews suck!

  51. What makes you think its a southerner? Also, why do you hate racists? Because their beliefs happen to be different from yours?

    Those 2 things are very prejudice and borderline racist as well. Morons.

  52. @Darwin: racists are not a race, so it’s not racist to hate them.

  53. what the hell is a “pianoist”?

  54. these people need to have their genitalia removed so that they never, ever, ever, ever reproduce. for real.

  55. prettyyy telling that its about who the womens are having babies with, just posing that angle – mind blowing. so excruciatingly, well, low level reactive racist. and as said, the chinks open up stores and steal the job opportunities by creating jobs by stealing the hypothetical store that his kin didnt open up. ok.

    I just want to say that im not that elitist… HEH, but I can almost nod to the get out of the gene pool comments on this one. Allthough these things are just as much social as they are about grey matter, lets not forget that.

  56. who names their kid stafford…..

  57. 1) Community College…enough said.
    2) @White Baby Daddy: Learn to spell-check, Redneck.

  58. Kind of wondering why everyone thinks he’s from the South? This is either Trenton, NJ or Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

    Unless he JUST moved up there, I don’t think he’s from the South. I’d also like to note that some of the most racist ppl I’ve met come from the New England states. They didn’t think they were racist when they were up there b/c the non-white population there is low, but then they moved to Georgia…

  59. barack odrama said racism was over.. didnt he?

  60. To jordan S: No he didn’t dumbo

    And this Stafford guy is the smartest racist I’ve seen yet.

  61. Clayton Bigsby is that you?

  62. A Person Who Is Commenting

    I hate him. I wish for his death

  63. fuck! i’m still laughing!

  64. I don’t know what’s more retarded, Staffie’s rant or the fact the faceless FB pic was blurred.

  65. Stafford Cassibo (Kingston,ON). Learn to google, people.

  66. stafford is not aware of what a black man looks like naked :p
    besides , who will take him a a white daddy? He s not that rasict(!) but a little is too much anyway

  67. Im pretty sure if it is JSCC then it is not in the south so he prob. is not a southerner. Not many southern people go to New Jersey to go to a community college

  68. Looking out of the US context (since it’s not my place to say – as I do not thoroughly understand the situation), I thought most immigrants take up jobs that the locals don’t want to do anyway?

    Here for example (I am 4th-gen Malaysian-born Chinese), there are torrents of immigrants from around the region pouring into Malaysia: Burmese, Thais, Indonesians, Filipinos, etc.

    They are mostly here to be labourers, construction workers, housekeepers, cleaners, busboys, waiters/waitresses, etc.
    These are jobs that most locals wouldn’t want to do, unless desperate.

    Then, we have local Malaysians (eg. one of my uncles) who goes to either UK, Australia, or Canada (these are the top three countries Malaysians like to emigrate to) to open up restaurants, eateries, convenience stores, etc. and have their business flourish because these are not jobs that the locals want.

    I don’t know how far this is true, but he told me that the average English joe wouldn’t fancy jobs like these anyway, and that the reason why his business flourished is because his food is good whereas the corner fish & chips store sucks because the owner doesn’t care two hoots – they only do it when there are no other options available (although there are many other variables eg. jobs like bartending is okay, students moonlighting as busboys and waitresses are okay, etc.)

  69. I hate White-Trash, Rednecks like this guy, who cares if someone of another race comes to the country you live in if he’s not there to make trouble? Dickheads, all of them…

  70. I guess I’m a Dame Imergrant.

  71. they took our jobs!!

    derka derb!!!

  72. all racists defend their arguements with “i’m not racist.”

  73. you know how i know you’re racist? because you defend you’re ignorant rants by saying “i’m not racist or anything.”

  74. your*

  75. There’s not enough jobs for people like Stafford here, who have little to no ability in any field whatsoever. Imagine how the US economy is suffering!

  76. lol rednecks

  77. Oh, no. You’re not racist.

  78. the only thing white people are great at is….COMPLAINING!!!!!

    go do something u lazy asshole!

  79. Nuh uh, white people are also good at, well…everything

  80. @ #2 Matt The editors mention he went to Jersey Shore Community College which I would assume is in NJ. Not all southerners are racist and not all racist are from the south. So don’t leap in to stereotypes

  81. Yeah! Shame on those immigrants, coming to Stafford’s country and living the American dream of owning their own business and supporting their families here and abroad. Go back to your countries and live in squaller. Save those cool convenience store jobs for Stafford. He’s seen Clerks and knows how fun that’d be!

    WTF kind of name is Stafford? I bet people in college are always hitting him up for loans.

  82. hahaha i would be clicking “Report.”

  83. Wanting to stop a massive influx of immigrants during a job shortage = Good.

    Being a racist tool = Bad.

  84. just to let you all know i am the stafford who wrote that, so fuck you all im in trenton ontario canada you dumb shits. but thanx i never laughed so hard when i saw this, lol it was great thanx

  85. Oh ok, so everyone ELSE is dumb, but Stafford can write things like “dame imergrant” and “rasict” and he’s not dumb, because he’s Stafford. Typical case of an extreme dolt from some freakin hick town thinking everyone is dumb because he himself is incapable of wrapping his miniscule intellect around anything more ‘complex’ than pussy and sports scores. Riiiiight. Smoke another one, buddy!

    P.S. Make no mistake, people; there’s white trash in Canada too.

  86. [...] Another example of racism. Oops, sorry, no, he says clearly once or twice that he is not a racist, so obviously he isn't one. If you close your eyes, believe it really hard and say out loud "I'm not a racist" three times in a row, the racism will magically disappear. Also note the fear of being in the minority. Perhaps it's because he sees how white people treat minorities and is afraid of being the target of such treatment in the future? I'd say "race preservation" is full of shit, but that would diverge from the topic of this post and it would be an insult to poop. [...]

  87. I have a feeling the Editors may be right. Trenton is the capitol of New Jersey. And I’m really hoping I’m wrong here but I’m not sure this is just one person. Stafford is the name of a town in Ocean County New Jersey. I know several people have FB pages dedicated to the stupidity of Stafford Township and surrounding areas, and yes, people there do tend to be this racists and stupid.

    P.S. If there happens to be anyone here that wants to jump all over me for “dissing the 609″ or some crap, I’m from there.

  88. I apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors in this or my last post. I have a killer headache today. Grammar nazis feel free to correct.

  89. Wow. Here’s yet another reason you should have a license to breed.
    Also: what’s wrong with being a minority?

  90. [...] Another example of racism. Oops, sorry, no, he says clearly once or twice that he is not a racist, so obviously he isn't one. If you close your eyes, believe it really hard and say out loud "I'm not a racist" three times in a row, the racism will magically disappear. Also note the fear of being in the minority. Perhaps it's because he sees how white people treat minorities and is afraid of being the target of such treatment in the future? I'd say "race preservation" is full of shit, but that would diverge from the topic of this post and it would be an insult to poop. [...]

  91. #84 – your post did not contain enough grammatical and spelling errors to convince anyone you are the Stafford that made the original post

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