Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I’m Lovin’ It

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  1. Ben.

    Fuck, McDonalds is disgusting.

  2. Lol. Anus burger.

  3. Don’t get the first one. Just woke up from a nap, maybe my brain is still sleeping.

    None made me smile. =/


  4. What was that Anus burger even supposed to be?

  5. Probably just “hysterical” pranksters? Can’t work out what else it coulda been…


  6. @Snip: Angus, I think.

    @Elle Bee: I’m thinking maybe they know somebody who they’ve nicknamed Ronald McDonald and they mock that person for looking like him, or something.

  7. Yes, definitely Angus.

  8. Anus is supposed to be Angus.
    I never understand why people who can’t spell are trusted to make signs outside of businesses.

  9. Oops, guess we were all 3 typing our responses (“angus”) at the same time.

  10. lol

  11. Do you know anyone at McDonald’s who can spell?

  12. they were probably just out of “Gs”

    or they are advertising their regular burgers…..

  13. Ah the Anus burger.
    Gives new meaning to the “doneness” of your burger:
    Rare is a little bloody…
    Medium is pink on the inside…
    And well done…well that needs no explanation.

  14. I always thought the burgers there were anus burgers. That’s what they taste like.

  15. over 1 billion served.

  16. The “anus burger” sign may be recent, but the concept has been around ever since the angus burger was introduced a few years back. It isn’t a matter of McDonalds or BK employees ‘not knowing how to spell’; it’s the fact that those places make it too easy for middle and high school punks to take the G off and push the rest of the letters together.

  17. Why do people think angus beef is any better in the first place? It really isn’t.

  18. actually angus beef IS better, its graded higher and costs more to raise and buy. we raised angus beef – they were delicious little bastards.

  19. the smell of macdonalds alone is enough to make me want to vomit.

  20. meat is murder.

    tasty, tasty murder!

  21. I personally prefer to eat anus.

  22. shushnow: I personally prefer to eat anus.

    Personally, I’d much rather eat beef than sweaty, stinky asshole.

  23. well if you got a gal with great hygeine then sweaty and stinky dont have to go with asshole and there is fun to be had

    as for mcdonlads bbq bacon burger… it is delicious

    id eat both

  24. You can’t seriously step back from that sign when you’re finished and NOT see that there is no “G.” I think it was on purpose.

  25. Its the fucking Beatles

    Why eat fucking cheap shitty burgers when you can have a good quality prime steak dripping in bloody goodness for a little more but with decent chunky steak chips instead of shitty “frog” fries. Fuck that.

  26. I agree with WOG and Hobo. I can’t remember the last time I went to McDonald’s. Food smells and tastes disgusting from what I remember.

  27. @TweakThaNurples
    Don’t buy into the whole “angus is better” crap. I raise angus (brangus really) too and the only major difference in the meat quality is marketing…it may be better than say a dairy cow’s beef but overall you’re just paying for what corps like McDonalds tell you is better (that’s why it costs more too)

  28. Obviously the McDonald’s haters here are in the minority, since they sell millions of hamburgers every … idk, week or so? It’s a lot.

    Granted, it’s not the best food in the world, but it’s cheap and fast and the “frog fries” are great.

    I’m not a big fan of the burgers, but their Diet Coke is the best of any restaurant this side of the Mason Dixon line!

  29. My comment is awaiting moderation… was it because I used “ha.ters” and “mino.rity” in the same sentence?

    hmmm, I also put “Ma.son Dix.on” line in there. WTH????

  30. The angus burger at Maccas (as it’s affectionately known here), looks too big to get my mouth around. I like large pieces of meat covered in sauce as a general rule, but that thing looks like a struggle.

  31. oh word… i got some bad news for you then…

  32. The meat in the angus burgers that burger king and mcdonald’s sell tastes almost exactly like the meat they used to put in the hamburgers at my old middle school, and that stuff was Grade Z government surplus shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were primarily made from the anuses of angus cows.

  33. slim, there are always exceptions, and it depends on how hungry I am. I’d make sure I hadn’t eaten in a while if I were to “dine” with you.

  34. anus burger: looks like truth in advertising finally caught up with mcdonalds.

  35. Sensible, you know you’re not far off. My brother works in a slaughter house (poor bastard, in the country it’s hard to get a decent job) that supplies the big M. I can tell you, the stories he’s told me would turn anyone into a vegan.

    Nothing in or on the beast is discarded, everything is used, including the asses. There’s a guy that has a dedicated job to cut it out. If the beast has gallstones, they are shipped to China, they are prized over there, and we get big money for them.

    The beef mince they use is essentially off cuts. Nothing that prime about it. Well that’s how it’s done here, and that info comes direct from my brother.

    Enjoy your lunch everyone.

  36. ok word… that works… i will ensure i have a monsterous appetite as well :)

  37. Actually having a salad for lunch today… didnt make it too the cafeteria before it closed the hot food… but it has ham… mmmm, pigs ass

  38. That’s totally not a spelling mistake. I got fired from McDonalds for doing that exact same thing a long time ago. Obviously it is done in jest and is not done in literary ignorance. Spelling mistakes are made phoentically. The “G” sound plays a pretty big part in the word in Angus, no one would ever misspell it that way.

  39. @ the third entry, McDonald’s does deliver in Buenos Aires (pretty much every business does). They drive around on little scooters and their uniforms say McEntrega. Blew my mind the first time I saw it.

  40. Chewbacca shagger

    I wanted to call my son Angus but the ex didnt want the kids at school calling him anus, so i had a daughter instead.

  41. hahaha no boy toys!! LOL

  42. Does anyone else think Ronald looks a little like Michael Jackson doing the heal the world thing? The complexion is about right.

  43. Angus beef from Carl’s Jr is bomb. The grilled cheese bacon six dollar burger is god.

    @CC I think if you can spell and you apply for a job at McDonalds they give you a job working management.

  44. @Elle Bee – the first one is my post. I had no idea what she meant by that post, so I simply responded the way any rational person would: as if she was being sexually harassed by a fictional clown.

  45. McDonald’s in Asia deliver. So awesome…

  46. @word

    I had one of the Grand Angus burgers before I found out about my wheat allergy. I wouldn’t bother with it if I were you. It’s nothing special and it’s pretty expensive for a burger. If you do try it though, I hope you like copious amounts of raw onion.

  47. I refuse to eat McDonald’s, it’s disgusting. The anus burger would definitely describe McDonald’s food, and the last pic is disappointing. When I used to go to McDonald’s there is never anybody working that looks like they have half a brain and half the time they are drooling on themselves. Kinda like when I go to Walmart and I see the employees working there. Why do places like this take no pride in the people they hire?

  48. I work at McDonalds (or as word said, “maccas” here) and I’m not a complete idiot. However, some of the customers certainly are, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some stupid kid stole the G. You’d be surprised how disrespectful some kids (and their parents) are.

  49. @rileyj2010 I work at McDonalds and I resent the implication that as a result of this, I am automatically a drooling idiot with ‘half a brain’.

  50. @indigostarfish Oh behalf of us all, we apologise for suggesting that you drool.

  51. sick! lol these are awesome.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  52. Some of the best beef I had was a homegrown inbred mutt cow from my uncle’s farm, and I’m pretty sure none of it was Angus. It’s partly what the animals are fed and how they’re treated – you have to try grain-fed beef instead of corn-fed, there really is no comparison between the two. Just sayin’.

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