Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. Ben!

  2. Haha, I’m guessing the first one is a funny sign in a shop to discourage parents letting their kids run around… tho it’s funnier to think it’s serious.

    The last one.. the guy turned his car around to get a picture of that? I’m guessing he doesn’t really get out much.


  3. the first one rocks!

  4. I’ve seen that first one in stores before. This won’t be liked, but Mexican women are the worst at letting their children run around stores. I use them as examples to my son on how not to act in a store.

  5. San Isidro <3
    I like the one that says, "All unattended children will be given espresso and a puppy."

  6. GRADuation


    Not a fail of spelling, but a very bad pun….

  7. @alioop: the espresso/puppy idea is a good one. scarier than slavery! :-)

    @blue-eyes: are you sure they are all Mexican?

  8. I’m surprised no one noticed the “Families and Friends Ass Inc.” on the third one. But I guess that isn’t as funny as the stupid Congradulations pun.

  9. Oh Jason…

    When you fail at pointing out fails, it’s probably time to bail.

  10. These are a ball of unfunny.

  11. Thankfully we don’t have many Mexicans up here blue-eyes…..
    Actually, I wish there were some more Mexicans here, as we don’t have any really good Taco places (only Taco Bell…)
    But man those blacks let their kids do that ALL the time!

    I heard it was because of the way they were bred during slave times, that the gene that made them watch after their kids was inadvertently lost when they were trying to breed bigger, stronger, more obedient slaves….

    Is it true that the blacks aren’t good at hockey because they have an extra bone in their foot that won’t fit good into hockey skates? But makes them really fast at running?

    Well, sorry for the hijack, but I just REALLY wish that all these damn immigrants were better at caring for their kids like us white people!
    But who am I kidding, there will never be civilized like us

  12. * or Jacob… I should probably set sail…

  13. @dcrearview- Yup. And i’m not one to typecast all Hispanics as ‘Mexicans’ either.

  14. OMG, FREAKSHOW! ^^^

  15. 1st one is funny!

  16. LMFAO! I think my mom works in that “B_alls”!!!

    Lmao, @iddjit – FTW

  17. We are all non-child-mindin’ savages compared to Chinamen.

  18. I mean Asian-Americans.

  19. dcrearview: So I take you like tacos but not black people? And really, aren’t all of us uppity whiteys immigrants also? What kind of schools are they running where you live?

  20. @blue-eyes, depends where you are in the world who the immigrants are.

    In my country, the white population is 95.5% so I don’t see a lot of ethnic minorities, just a lot of scummy white people letting their kids run around crazy! =/


  21. These really aren’t very funny. The word “balls” by itself isn’t funny. The wording on the sign is awkward and clumsy and detracts from the humour…… Blech.

  22. i love malteaser too

    @blue-eyes: Along with blue eyes (of which you seem to be mighty proud), do you also have blonde hair, a non-Jew nose, a non-Jew gait and do you not jump when you hear the clinking of change?

  23. @i love malteaser too: Jews have blue eyes also. Are you saying that Jews jump when they hear change jingling? Be careful, you wouldn’t want to be considered a bigot.

  24. Racism is so funny….not

  25. 21: Walter Sobchak.

    That is all.

  26. I LOLd at iddjit. I am moving to a more racially integrated neighborhood soon, maybe as an ice-breaker I should ask my new neighbors about the extra bone thing. I’m sure they’d appreciate my interest in their heritage.

  27. Why the hell would you throw in that comment about Mexican women, @blue-eyes? What possible purpose could that serve other than trolling? I’ve seen plenty of unruly children in stores of all races. Further, I’ve seen plenty of Hispanics that were attentive parents who didn’t let their kids so much as make a peep in public places. Perhaps its your latent racism that causes you to notice the Hispanic ones more than the others because you have a preconceived notion that all “Mexican” women let their kids run wild.

    If you look at the behavior of one person, or even a group of people, and attribute their behavior to their entire race, then you are being racist. That’s essentially the definition of the word.

    On a completely unrelated note, the school’s sign being from the “Family and Friends Ass Inc” is funnier than the misspelling on it.

  28. @Sensible Madness: It’s an observation, like it or not. Why not comment on other’s ‘observations’ of one culture’s feet or their fondness for money? Because you have a mob mentality. It’s always easier to jump on the proverbial bandwagon when someone’s point of view may not be politcally correct or the popular point of view, and then stick your nose in. Unlike you, who comments on every single post on this website multiple times, every single day, I have things to do.

  29. @blue-eyes: the other comments were clearly made to satirize you, and not as a serious observation.

    To attribute a particular behavior to an entire ethnic group is racist. I’m not being politically correct by stating that, it’s the definition of the word. If you don’t like that, then stop making racist comments. The fact is you have a preconceived notion of how certain types of people act, and that preconceived notion colors the way you see things. That’s bigoted, and I’m sorry if it offends you to be called out on it.

    And you’re wrong that what you said is an observation. An observation would be that you saw a particular woman who happened to be of Hispanic heritage and she didn’t seem to be concerned with her kids’ unruly behavior. You slip into racism when you say that woman’s behavior was BECAUSE she was “Mexican” (you have no way of knowing she was Mexican and not, say, Guatemalan, by the way).

    Your last sentence is a total non sequitur that has nothing to do with whatever point you were trying to make, so I assume it’s just there as some sort of personal dig. It also happens to be inaccurate, since I only comment on maybe one or two posts in any given day, and usually only once per post, but you seem to have a knack for spouting nonsense so I’ll just let it slide.

    I know your mind is already set and you don’t think any of what you’ve said is racist. I know that it’s pointless to engage you, but for whatever reason I felt compelled. Clearly that was a mistake.

  30. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm.. nothing good will come out of trading insults with random people on the interweb. But, I need to say this.

    @blue eyes These “Mexican” people you refer to, do they have “I am Mexican” tattooed anywhere? I, for one, cannot tell the difference between a Mexican, Ecuadorian, Honduran, Guatemalan, etc person. If you could, kudos to you. However, making a generalisation simply because they LOOK a certain way is a pretty rotten thing to do.

  31. I made an account just because im sitting in my DSW class in college…in a room full of girls….so that one is highlarious to me

  32. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    well said Sensible! Should’ve just refreshed before I said anything.

  33. @Sensible Madness: thanks, i didn’t have the energy to get into this with blue eyes!

  34. Well said Sensible Madness.

  35. Sensible Madness sounds like a right old laugh!

  36. I just created an account to say: Sensible Madness is right and Blue eyes is wrong, very wrong.

    that’s all :)

  37. AccraGreatOlympic

    The only great picture is the second one. The sign is meant to say something but says balls. ha ha.

    I could be funnier, though. Just imagine if it said penis. Ha ha.

    Then again, P(e)enis is an improbable name for anything.

    (seriously, it is always funny when something says balls, penis, dick, cock.

    I know no Mexican people but iddjits comment made me smile. I can confirm that Ghanaians don’t have that extra bone so it is probably true that it came through intensive breeding programmes.

  38. @Sensible Madness – /bravo

    Also, the last picture … Not that good. I agree … He turned his car around for that? He must live in a boring town like mine.

    The rest are pretty good.

    @blue eyes: Shame on you for hijacking and making racial comments.

  39. welshjrc1984 – Yeah nice try, but I don’t think so. I have seen it spelled “congradulations” too many times to think that was on purpose.

  40. I think the “Family and Friends Ass Inc” is the funniest thing in there.

  41. @alioop we used to have the puppy and espresso one at a toy store I worked in. It was awesome!

    @Sensible Madness Bravo!

  42. @blue-eyes You sir, are a jackass. No explanations needed.

  43. i love children running around in stores and creating havoc ,they create a distraction and serve as the best hostages if i get caught with my hand in the cash register

  44. Blue eyes , way to troll , cant imagine you were serious not with that arien nick name and all that

  45. monkeyC wrote “@blue eyes These “Mexican” people you refer to, do they have “I am Mexican” tattooed anywhere? I, for one, cannot tell the difference between a Mexican, Ecuadorian, Honduran, Guatemalan, etc person.”

    i had a girl in one of my classes in high school who was from el salvador and she would get so pissed when anyone called her mexican. it’s quite offensive. i can’t tell the difference either.

  46. To be honest, I live in a rather “ghetto” neighborhood considered a ‘barrio’. (Spanish ghetto) 90% of the time I go to the grocery store, it’s the Caucasian children that are unruly. Spanish people will NOT let their children embarrass themselves. They WILL kick your ass. The Caucasians in my area and the surrounding area, let their children get away with it because they want to be the “cool parents”. I was just in a grocery store last week when some little punk kid was rolling through the aisles on those heelies. He knocked an elderly woman over and pushed me. He saw what he had done and said “You shouldn’t have been in my way.”, yes, such a classy generalization, blue-eyes, considering that disrespectful kid was WHITE.

  47. “Congradulations” is actually acceptable when referring to a graduation. It’s a play on the word congratulations and graduation. It is not acceptable any other time.

  48. unruly kids ..regardless of nationality ..should be illegal.

  49. Why don’t we any lovely signs like these in Sweden? I’m so sick of polar bears.. An exchange, someone?

  50. missfang , you have signs saying slutstation in public transport , that is funny in my book

    I love Sweden btw

  51. also bath foam is ‘badskum’.

    shopping-aisle eye-opener.

  52. @sensible madness attributing particular behaviors to entire ethnic groups is stereotyping
    just saying

  53. Jacob is more of a fail than the sign for not noticing the crappy pun….

  54. MsBuzzkillington

    Ok, it is NOT a pun. It is NOT a pun. Good god. Are you all saying it was a pun because you are being sarcastic?

    No people ACTUALLY think that “congradulations” is the proper way to spell it.

  55. I punch Mexicans in the face! Or do I mean Hispanic-Americans? Oh, wait. I’m racist, so I definitely meant the former. Those dang Mexcanies… You know why there’s no Mexicans in Star Wars? Because the don’t work in the future, either!

    Fuck you, blue-eyes.
    That is all.

  56. @ Father Sha

    I hate Sweden btw

  57. And let me tell you why.
    Yesterday it was first snow, then a bloody hailstorm and later on it was snowing. It´s april 22nd for godness sake!
    Conclusion: Never ever go to Sweden.

  58. I blame Iceland

  59. .. Which is, incidentally, a country full of blue-eyed blondes.. Coincidence? I think NOT!

  60. CommentsAtLarge

    Disneyland has a good take-off of the first one that they use: abandoned or unattended children will be confiscated and used in “Its a Small World”

  61. Spick 4 life! (And only we can say that :)

  62. Miss , i go to sweden this summer actually , and looking forward to it

  63. my private-stick-shoved-up-its-a$$ high school spelt “senior” wrong on our school certificates, all 150 of them… we were senors for the day. we laughed almost continuously, with occasional lulls before starting up again, for the rest of the ceremony. Our principal got so flustered :D lovely

  64. and before anyone says i must live a sad life for finding that so funny… it was just the irony of our stuck up private school spelling a simple word wrong on the certificates- not the actually f*ck up itself. <3

  65. Señor Emac, I will have the enchilada plate and a pitcher of margaritas.

  66. haha the first one is awesome, i like the signs that say the children left unattained will be sold to the circus

  67. I <3 Soup. too bad you're taken!

  68. Sensible Madness, you’re posts are gold. Pure gold.

  69. @Voodoo

    Taken? Who has claimed ownership of me? I’m free to do whatever and whomever I want. Unless my mommy says otherwise. She’s protective.

    Well, I have to go, it’s dinner time and my mom’s boobs aren’t going to empty themselves.

  70. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  71. So sensible fails and this is why the word racism is thrown around everywhere. He or she essentially described stereotyping. If I see an individual or a group of individuals who have a defining characteristic engaging in a similar behavior, after awhile this behavior becomes a stereotype of the entire group. If I notice everywhere I go, the loudest individuals have dark skin color, and therefore believe all individuals with dark skin color talk loudly, it may be stereotypical and I may be a bigot, but it is not racist. It is no different than the stereotype that blond women are dumb, kids who wear glasses are nerds, or emos cut themselves, or ethnic stereotypes such as Jews have large noses, Asian women drive poorly, and Mexicans can be found looking for jobs at the Home Depot. These are observations that have become stereotypes. Stereotypes are often founded in some truth. Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Which means if I thought because an individual has dark skin they are less intelligent than I am and therefore I have more rights than they do, that is racism.

  72. Erniesduck you are absolutely right. And to add to that, simply stating “well I’ve seen an asian woman driving well” (for example) doesn’t defeat the stereotype. If every single asian woman was for some reason a horrible driver then it would be a social fact, not a stereotype.

    When I was at orientation for college, we had this ‘defeat stereotypes’ session where people would state common stereotypes and then someone would say ‘i know a ‘insert race here’ who isn’t ‘insert stereotype here’” and this was supposed to ‘defeat it’. And I thought the exact same thing.

    Sensible, I don’t think you fail, in fact I agree with you that blue eyes was being a douche and was wrong, but I agree with Erniesduck about stereotyping

  73. Erniesduck is right about his correction of Sensible in that what Sensible was talking about was really stereotyping; however, people use stereotyping to back up their racist views. “Those people” aren’t like “us”, so are therefore inferior. I see it every day in the casual racism of the “south” of the United States. “Those people” are “lazy, loud, worthless,” etc., just to justify the beliefs that the other groups of people aren’t deserving of the same rights or resources as “us”. I applauded Sensible’s post, even if his terminology was off, because his sentiment wasn’t. Yes, the word racism is thrown away waaaayy too much. Yes, what most people mean is stereotyping. But it rarely just stops there. Especially when you’re not just talking about dumb blondes.

  74. cunninglinguist

    @Nublet – Well said. Erniesduck is absolutely right in the distinction between racism and stereotyping. And I agree that people often use stereotyping to back up racist views, although I don’t believe that’s the SOLE use of stereotypes.

    I must take a bit of umbrage at your singling out the South (or, as you call it, “the ‘south’”). I live in Alabama. Of course there’s racism here. But I’ve seen racism everywhere in this country, and all over the world. The Southern United States doesn’t hold a monopoly on racism, and I get very tired of people always using the South to signify racism. I mean, isn’t that in itself a stereotype, that Southerners are racist?

  75. @cunninglinguist – You’re offended at something that wasn’t even directed the way you think it was? Go ahead, then. I wrote a huge response explaining myself, and then realized it’s too tiring to get into, especially since my position was not that the south is the only racist place in the world nor that my position was the sole use of stereotypes.

  76. And is there anything else you’d like with that, Soup?

    and why I occasionally like to be a waitress… I very much prefer flight attendant or french maid… way sexier outfit :P

  77. Well cunning, i have been to The South (as a european) and i must say that i have felt a lot more welcome in other areas of the States , what i have seen and the people i met were very much like the stereotype Southern folk …

    I was quite surprised because i reckoned that the southern hillbilly thing was a running gag in stead of being pretty realistic

  78. lol

  79. Thanks for the comments here. I’m surprised by the logical and clear expression of ideas. You guys rock the keyboard!!!

  80. @ Shadowpolish
    And now what’s wrong with blue-eyed blondes?

  81. Hog’s Breath (is this just an Australian place?) has a different one of those signs in each store – there’s the puppy one, the slavery one, one that says “all unattended children will be told about the birds and the bees” and other stuff like that

  82. @missfang

    Nobody knows for sure…

  83. @shadow

    All I know is that without the blondes lamebook probably wouldn’t exist. At least it wouldn’t be the same…

  84. Neither would Iceland.

    … I smell a conspiracy

  85. Am I the only one who got the second one? The reason it sucks is because it is backwards, it should rightfully be Curve B_alls, but the town did not plan for the possibility of the E failing when they assigned leases. :(

  86. @Nonnieyrissa actually I’m 99.5% sure that it has nothing to do with ‘curve balls’ but that, in fact, it is a sign on the department store ‘Bealls’ in which the e has burned out making it say ‘Balls’ instead…and there’s just a Curves gym next door that doesn’t really factor into the amusement of the ‘Balls’ sign.

  87. I saw the first sign somewhere when I was a child, and it TERRIFIED me. I was an early reader so young enough to know what it said but not old enough to understand it was a joke…and the wmoan in the shop gave me a scary look…damn that creeped me out! It didn’t help that my mother then pointed it out to me, giving me even more reason to believe in it! I’ll always remember how scary that was haha. Probably would have been 4-6 years old?

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