Friday, March 11, 2011

I Saw the Sign

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  1. If the yanks are complaining about fuel prices, the whole world has gone to shit.

  2. Sprucay, love, it does say Hazelton, British Columbia. Nothing new about Canucks bitching about gas prices, trust me

  3. The McDonald’s sign is next to Strange Brew Coffeehouse in Mississippi! Hilarious.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Nothing new about Americans complaining about gas prices either.

  5. Nothing new about Euros complaining about Americans either.

  6. I’m pretty sure we have never stopped complaining about gas prices…

  7. nothing new about Americans complaining about Europeans complaining about Americans complaining either.

    I think

  8. The first one is fake. Blatantly fake.

  9. Nothing new about …. oh fuck it.

    Let’s just put it this way. When I first got my car it cost $13 to fill the tank. Now it costs $30.

  10. Sorry, my geography isn’t too good. What I meant was that from my limited view of world economics, Americans have cheap fuel hence the V8′s that don’t go round corners. Therefore, if they’re complaining that their fuel is expensive, it must be very expensive!

  11. The first one is a photoshop of the same damn picture we’ve been seeing for the past several weeks. We also saw it around the end of 2008, which was basically a retread of the one we saw in September 2005 following Katrina that said “ARM” “LEG” “FIRSTBORN” or whatever. Seriously… slow day in the ‘news room’ again?

  12. It’s the exact opposite of a slow news day. Instead of complaining, go read the news.

  13. lulz, I would slap my mom around to fill my tank for only $30.

  14. Seriously, I haven’t been able to fill my gas tank for $30 since… I can’t even remember ever being able to do that in my adult life. And I’m well into my adulthood.

    And yeah, tofu, I’m assuming you haven’t seen any news programs today? Charlie Sheen’s not even the top story.

  15. I could fill my tank for 30 bucks, too, Lulz, up until recently. I’m shocked by how much it’s gone up. I don’t know how this compares with the American price of petrol, but we’re currently paying almost a $1.50/litre. It hurts.

  16. To me it doesn’t look like “gayfest” … it looks like “gayfeet”.

    I didn’t even notice the gas “prices” on that sign until reading the comments. I only saw the home refinancing part.

  17. Last time I filled my tank it was over $70 and our gas is still under $4. I have a big tank in my van :|

  18. Avegage gas prices in the US are ~$3.50/gallon (~$.924/liter).

    $30 would maybe fill up a motorized bike or a ’97 Corolla.

  19. The bigger the tank, the more it will hurt.

  20. The bigger the bank, the less it will hurt?

  21. fivensky, I was thinking lulz must drive a lawn mower, but you’re probably closer to the truth.

  22. lulz, word what cars do you drive?? I’ve never been able to fill on $30, I’ll dance if that day ever comes!

  23. Maybe, like me, she just drives a small car.

  24. saff, I drive a Nissan. A new one. New cars generally have better fuel consumption, but it only has a small tank, too.

  25. Or at least a car with a small tank. I have a small car with a 14 gallon tank, but at least on that 14 gallons I can go almost 500 miles, so I’m not too bad off in that respect. It’s worse if you have an SUV or large truck where 14 gallons might get you 300 miles.

    saffer, when I was in Jo’burg I suspected gas was expensive, but I could never tell for sure because I was too lazy to do the gallon/liter conversion. :)

  26. But I think long story short everywhere people are paying significantly more for gas these days than they were a year or so ago, whether it’s $30 or $70. And it blows.

  27. Unless I’m calculating something wrong, in order to completely fill up for $30 (with gas costing ~$3.50 as it does now) you would have to have less than a 9 gallon tank. What car has that small a tank?


  28. But then, there’re wars on. Nice to have gas at all.

  29. You guys. I drive a 94 Honda Civic. It only has a 9 gallon gas tank. Derp.

  30. Good to know my math was right! =D

  31. Hondas are the best, Lulzy. They go forever.

  32. Now that the sun is shinning I’m using my scooter. Filled it up with 1.80 today

  33. “The bigger the tank, the more it will hurt.”

    That was profound.

  34. Avegage gas prices in the US are ~$3.50/gallon (~$.924/liter).
    Really!?! And you are whining about that!? I pay €1,65 per liter thats about $9dollars per gallon….

  35. MsBuzzkillington

    I can complain all I want about the gas being high here. It’s all relative.

    Oh, it’s worse some where else? Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck here too. 3.50$ a gallon is pretty expensive compared to how much the average person makes from income.

  36. Egypt and Lybia brought gas prices up, but the events in Japan should temporarily bring them down…

  37. Ok come on here people. We’re talking about petrol (yes petrol not gas) prices on a Friday night.

    For the record our average is £1.35 per litre (yes litre not liter).

    Thanks for listening.

  38. curly, that is expensive, but your booze prices aren’t too bad, though, are they? The UK has its priorities right.

  39. Oh are they not? I’d love to hear what other people pay. My cousin was over from Oz recently and thought the whiskey was cheap so bought a couple to bring home. I only buy wine or cider so don’t really know!

  40. curly, did your cousin get it duty-free? I don’t buy it either, but a bottle of Johnny Walker at a liquor store here costs around $40, and that’s not the good Johnny. But everyone’s definition of expensive is different, I guess.

  41. Not duty free, and I don’t know what kind of whiskey he bought, but I think it was about £15-£20. He was like “what shop are we in?, can we come back here again before I leave?” lol

  42. Man, the first one is old. I haven’t seen that Team Canada glass ad near a gas station in a couple years.

  43. Since I have a tiny penis, I was forced to buy one of those expensive sports cars. Gas might be pricey, but at least that’s a hole I can fill.

  44. I see “sexay feet”

  45. curlybap, for the record, it was called gasoline (and “gas” for short) first. Petrol was a brand name that eventually became the general name (like Xerox and Kleenex, for instance). That’s just FYI.

  46. #25, when I left Jo’burg gas prices had increased, I’m not sure how it is there now, I’m still in The States, and it seems slightly higher here; it went from $2.09 per gallon when I first came to $3.75ish now.

  47. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lametothemin, I guess you didn’t catch on, but Curly wasn’t correcting anything. She was simply insisting on using the proper UK terms not the American ones.

  48. Hm .. so gas was expensive Before Christ, as well … and they had cameras and pick-up trucks …crazy shit.

  49. saffer, don’t talk about the $2.09 days. It makes me weep to remember the good times.

    Dukey, that’s one way to read it.

    mass, you’re right. In my version of the Bible (the New King Arthur version), Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into gasoline. Why do you think people worship him?

  50. lametothemin .. yes, right He drives a ’71 Dodge Scamp in that one. Remember how the wipers didn’t work and the clutch slipped all the time. Good read.

  51. Dawn of the Dan

    “Avegage gas prices in the US are ~$3.50/gallon (~$.924/liter).
    $30 would maybe fill up a motorized bike or a ’97 Corolla.”

    I just bought myself a 2010 Honda Fit (or Honda JAZZ in Europe.)
    9.6 gallon tank. Filled it up recently for $30.38.

  52. Amen to small cars, Danny Boy.

  53. The first tank of gas I bought was 19.9 cents a gallon for a grand total of $2.00. I bought a pack of Marlboros for 35¢ also.

  54. I drive a 4wd (Toyota Prado) and it only costs about $22 (AUD) to fill up. Just fill up after you’ve used a quarter tank instead of waiting until you’re on empty, tardos!!

  55. Wow, that must have been a long time ago. How much did hookers cost back then, loggedin?

  56. Nah, Walt. I like running on empty to see how far it takes me. I’m a thrill-seeker.

  57. Whining about gas? Talking about gas this entire thread? Pretty %%^&ing important sheeite, isn’t it? I should have been an oil exec

  58. fcukyoulamebook


  59. Yeah, I have gas too… Mighty uncomfortable right now…

  60. buy a horse.

  61. Good point, hp .. parking meters make excellent hitching posts. But the best thing about a horse is it can shit and run at the same time .. awesome. I can’t .. I know that for a fact.

  62. “How much did hookers cost back then, loggedin?”

    $2,$5 and $10

  63. hahahahaha oh mass, that’s gross… and hilarious.

  64. I personally don’t drive, but I can definitely confirm that the cost of cremating the ‘evidence’ has skyrocketed.

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