Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Got This

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  1. Steeever is fake.

  2. I AM NOT!!

  3. I’m a bit frightened. I read this as if the writer was a male, but then I did the “double take” of the name. Either this man’s parents were told that they were having a girl and refused to think of any other names when they were disappointed with the truth, or this is one scary female!!

  4. ^ I have a feeling she’s hot and has a good sense of humor.

  5. and likes anal?

  6. And enjoys a good D.P.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    and swallows.

  8. Her mother obv. failed as a parent, why is it the bitch is living off canned goods? Can she not cook? This is a prime example of how video games ruin lives! And who let her out of the fucking kitchen long enough to play them? That’s right, poor old dad, too pussy to keep his bitches in line…

  9. Not to malign the fairer sex’s ability to kick some zombie ass or play a mean video game, but I think it’s fairly obvious that Joy just stole this status from a guy.

  10. ^aw, let the boys have their fantasy, Bacchante.

    I will be rocking the zombie apocalypse ‘Shaun of the Dead’ style – at the pub.

  11. “i am so ready for the zombie apocalypse, bring it zombies” says the middle-class white girl who never exercises, owns no weapons, and lives in a heavily populated area…

    [/shameless copypasta]

  12. She’s dead, I am too but it’ll be a lot longer for me, I live in the woods, I know how to cook, I know how to adapt, I hunt every hunting season and have good accuracy, and my house is full of weapons and ammo, I’m only dead because I literally wouldn’t be able to run to save my life

  13. CyanideKisses828

    Wow, bunch of cranky broads we’ve got on this website huh? Thanks guys, I am pretty hot and funny, and if you’re lucky ill swallow. I can cook, I was just making a joke. A joke that by the way, I made up, even though I have a vagina! Impossible. Also, recent studies have shown that surgeons who play video games have a 15% higher positive outcome rate based on their advanced hand-eye coordination. I am middle class, I am white, I DO exercise, feel free to google my roller derby name and number (Hint: It’s my login), I’ve been playing for 6 years now and probably in better shape than your fat ass will ever be. And as for the weapons, I’m a single mom with a 7 year old, if you think for 3 seconds I live in a house without any protection (remember, im skinny so a man twice my size breaking in would have no problem kicking my ass)you’re absolutely crazy. So anyway, it’s clear to me you ladies need to gain a sense of humor and lose the jealousy, you look pathetic. Oh and learn to spell, no one knows what the fuck a “copypasta” is. xo!

  14. ^Ha! Crazy rant lady is accusing *us* of not having a sense of humour?

  15. You’ll swallow if I god damn tell you to wench! The only joke here is you claiming you have a vagina. The only cunt around here is the Ms. and since were on the topic of zombies, her rotting vagina will fucking eat you ALIVE! I’ll continue my bullshit when I’m convinced you’re a real person, because right now I just think you’re fucking fake.

  16. Roller Derby? HA HA… fucking lesbian. “It’s National ‘Spit on a Lesbian Day’ at Roller Derby!”

    ‘But I have a son! And a gun!’

    I have ordained you as lesbian and as lesbian you shall remain, lesbo.

  17. You clearly have never read the comments section of any of this sites posts

  18. “Oh and learn to spell, no one knows what the fuck a “copypasta” is. xo!”

    Aww, you were doing so well and then you said that. Welcome to the internet fuckass, anyone who’s spent more than five minutes here in the last five years knows what copypasta is, and it’s correctly spelled.

  19. CyanideKisses828

    HAHA! You guys are cute, you get riled up so easy. This is great keep going, I thought tonight was going to be boring!

  20. CyanideKisses828

    Oh man the best is the guy who “ordained” me a lesbian! That seems a little hypocritical, no? You kids are precious!

  21. Hey, were not the ones passing out personal info in the comments section here. We fucking know better.

  22. I’m even more confused now… This one is a single mom, but skinny?!?! Is that even possible?!

  23. For the love of god, if that really is you, make your FB profile private before someone really starts “talking derby to you”

  24. CyanideKisses828

    You really looked me up? Oh boy. Anyway I’m done with this now, you guys were fun though, I hope we can do this again sometime. I better go take my phone number and social off that other post I commented on though….shit!

  25. Oh come on, you practically invited me to…you ‘tink internetz is a fucking game love? :P

  26. Cyanide, you are fake.

  27. Run of the Mill Internet Melt-Down

    Step 1: Find out something you said is on the interwebz and hyperventilate – OR-
    Alternate Step 1: Self-submit and f5 the shit out of the page until your moment of posted glory arrives
    Step 2: Create a login to “defend yourself”. Hit f5 like crazy.
    Step 4: Accuse everyone of being fat, jealous losers.
    Step 5: Declare that you’re so over this conversation. BUT IT WAS FUN GUYZ LAWL LOSERS. Never stop f5-ing.

    A wise man once said, “Bitches be crazy.”

  28. Listen Joy, this is serious, you need to privatize them there albums before I feel the need to fap, lord knows how many basements dwellers already popped one off!

  29. Well, fine, I’m bored with you now, 214 looks like way more fun!

  30. Well this has been interesting

  31. Well this was disappointing. I had hoped there would be zombie talk in the comments, but theres just some bitch. Anyways, have any of you seen the pic of the guys face that got gnawed off? Here, but its pretty graphic. Fair warning… http:// nyc.3432.vo AuBvnUxCIAEN5k_.jpg take out the space, it wouldnt let me post since so many fucktards ruined links with spam

  32. Btw, nvm on 214 her face looks like a fucking dog, I like your angry face better, if I *do* fap, it’s gonna be that one….lol….#31 seen it, not quite as fap worthy :D ….I’ll just….uhhh….be over here…in the…corner….

  33. motherFUCK.
    how did i even miss this?!

    fuck you, joy. flounce the fuck back here, rollercunt, and tell us some more FACTS.

  34. I had sex with Joy. She’s significantly overweight.

  35. ^fuck off, you did not.
    joyless just went to great lengths to impress upon us how physically intimidating and…stuff that she is.

    I’m going to make friend with her, so that when the zombipocalypse hits, she’ll be able to apply her amazing versatile skill-set learned from years of roller-derbyering to fucking save us all.

    Hi joy! (waves) wanna share a double-ended dildo with me?

  36. ^that’s how making friends is done, right?

  37. I’m quite impressed Ms., It’s good to see your finally trying to play nice and find new playmates, your doing well……now we just need Ms. Shul….I mean, Joy to come back and stop being such a prude.

  38. Have fun with that dildo, just don’t let her convince you those red bumps around her cooter are “just razor burn”

  39. ^did you get her phone number?

  40. CyanideKisses @

    Re: the double-ended dildo, you gotta youtube that shit.

  41. ^are you fucking kidding? that shits for private.
    it’s not for any old fucking creeper to whack away at hisself over.

  42. I have given my Internet Usage for Dummies lessons thrice now.
    I dislike being repetitive, so the new lessons are a little more… invasive.

  43. but he isn’t supposed to like it so much.
    he didn’t even put up so much as a half-assed struggle.

  44. Finally, some good entertainment!

  45. There are still people out there who don’t know that Lamebook is definitely NOT the place to go giving out personals?? I’m shocked.

  46. I bet Joy would be good against an undead horde of corpse’s… She looks like she knows how to handle the business end of a stiffy. The roller skating, bean munching pramface.

  47. Huh. What can I say? I called it.

    Sure, I’d like a cookie.

  48. Speaking of private Ms., how dare you post make public a photo of us spending some quality time together, I’m hurt….I only let you take that one because you cried, begged, and pleaded with me to do it.

  49. yeah, capn. and you fucking fell for it.
    should know by now that I don’t cry.

  50. Bullshit Anne, what do you think I fucking used for lubrication?! My penis doesn’t look quite right though, looks way too…fleshy, I bet you shopped it in that way for your own sick schlicking needs, I kinda suspected you had something against my wood, I just figured you for a bitch that sorta got off on the painful splintering effect., It turns out you were all talk and too much of a pussy to enjoy it proper…Seems you’re better at dishing out pain, you just can’t take it. This *might* sound like a compliment and I know how you can’t handle that either, but, have you ever considered employment as a Dominatrix/Dungeon Master in one a them brothel like establishments ? It suits you well.

  51. ^you should blog about that shit.

  52. I just might entertain that idea when I’m mulling over new ideas for my new non-drug induced rants about “the benefits of using tears for lubrication” I think you might be onto something here..

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