Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Don’t Know About That One…


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  1. There is nothing lame about this person. What you write is only a reflection of your educational system. People my decry higher tax rates, but these are selfish people who do not realize that they belong to a society, a community. We are a community, a world community–and as a result we owe it to our fellow man to provide our neighbor with the greatest educational opportunities, accessible health care, and stable employement. Reading this entry just reminds us how backwards our Western thinking has been for the past 200+ years.

  2. Mao.

    Fuck off. You are a douche.

  3. Agree with Cosby.

    And Mao, if you would be so kind as to read the category of the post (TypOhs!, not five-cent philosophy), much hurting could be avoided.

  4. Your hostility is not endearing, nor are your comments as pertinent to the entry at hand, so I do not feel the criticism is valid.

    I will keep this short since I fear numerous words are often the enemy of many a hostile reader here: Think outside the box. Could it be possible that Laing is speaking on a level of intelligence such that the structure of her sentence and use of the world “intellegence” is really something more than just our simple surface comprehension of the post?

  5. No. Now fuck off.

  6. Can we just shoot Chairman Mao already? Who names themself after a serial murderer and then writes paragraphs of philosophical mush? It’s easier to troll in other ways Mao.

  7. Sorry Cosby, Mao hit the nail on the head with this one.

  8. I invented Jell-O.

  9. lmao at Cosby. good stuff

  10. I like how Chairman Mao referred to it as ‘our western way of thinking.’

    Your olympics were awesome. You guys are good at ping pong.

  11. My comment was deleted when i was rude to mao there, so be careful your comment might be next!

    p.s. maybe mao is the most intellegence being on the planet

  12. Is there a self-important dicks category on Lamebook? If not, one should be created just for Mao. That way his thoughts can be read by those who care.

  13. Doug, it seems you are just confirming Chairman Mao’s original post.

    You must ask yourself, is the western world really good at ping pong?

  14. I have to be honest with you, I didn’t read his post. It’s too long. But I do know that China is not in the western world. And I also know that China is good at Ping Pong. And Gymnastics. And having much more boys than girls.

  15. Funny how the comments section on Lamebook is rapidly becoming lamer than the entries themselves.

  16. MAO FTW!

  17. Mao, let me get this right; you and every other communist/socialist believe it’s a good idea to steal money from people who produce wealth, and give it to others who have absolutely no right whatsoever to it? Time and again, socialism and communism have been proven to be broken systems that reduce its citizenry to absolute slavery.

  18. Is disliking mayonnaise part of the western way of thinking? I dislike mayo very much.

  19. All of you are making assumption that don’t fit. You assume the Chairman Mao posting here is the same person that was the 1st Chairman of the Communist Party of China, but that person died in 1976. You also assume that the commenter here is socialist and/or communist (however, socialism and communism are two different philosophies). It’s typical for uneducated people to lump everything they don’t understand into one category.

    “Reading this entry just reminds us how backwards OUR Western thinking has been for the past 200+ years.” – commenter Chairman Mao is clearly a westerner.

    “Time and again, socialism and communism have been proven to be broken systems that reduce its citizenry to absolute slavery.” – dumb ass commenter Adam Smith
    There has never been a truly Socialist or Communist society so how could that have been proven? (that’s correct, no truly socialist or communist societies, only fascist societies with the label of socialist or communist. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party lead Nazi Germany.)

  20. If most of you avoided making contact with the pretentious ones, they’d go away.

    Liam is stoopid.

  21. Jonas is absolutely right.

  22. I am a sweaty, obese 30-year-old virgin who lives in my mother’s basement. I smell bad, I’m balding, and I’m missing a front tooth. I dropped out of high school after 10th grade, but I read a lot of graphic novels, so that makes me smart. You all leave me alone!

  23. Pig Pocketer, I agree what you are saying about there never being a truly communist state, but doesn’t that speak to the failings of communism? In order order to transfer the means of production (namely land and capital in this case) to the citizens, the government needs to take control first. Naturally, being in control of this amount of wealth has a corrupting effect, and we end up with something like the Soviet Union or North Korea with psychotic dictators. Another problem with communism is the lack of positive incentives in the overall economy. If you produce twice what your neighbor produced, you end up with the same reward. Of course, some people work hard for the collective of the society, but most do not, leading to harsh laws and punishments for underproducing, adding to the repressiveness of the government. I don’t happen to think communism would work very well even in its purest form, but I do believe that this pure form is unobtainable.

  24. language is the downfall of humanity

  25. Obviously lamebook has turned into a forum for criticizing another’s way of thinking instead of the entry that is posted. Lovely. Honestly, a fifth grader would know that “intelligence” is a noun and not an adjective. Education may be lame, but this person definitely deserves some credit for being lame enough to be on lamebook.

  26. Aww, c’mon, CC, they’re not all bad! :) You just have to skip over the big paragraphs of lameness, like Doug and I do. Then I giggle at Doug’s comments.

  27. Correcting spelling errors is not cool unless someone’s correcting someone else, or he’s boasting about being clever (like this post). Then it’s hilarious.

  28. It seems that I have triggered a highly volatile response from one or a number of persons in our discussion forum. I do not mind any form of criticism, no matter how base or empty of value it may be. However, it seems that one unoriginal person has decided to use my name in a very poor imitation in order to further denigrate my brand. While most of these false posts by this individual are obviously identifiable (I often refrain from vulgar language as it betrays yourself as a simple mind), I still find the effort to be poor and lacking in any sort of wit or humor. Whether you agree with me or not, this is a crass and silly means of trying to accomplish your goal.

    I am glad to spark any form of societal discussion and applaud Pig Pocketer on his deductive skills.

  29. Keep it up, you’re the fucking man. People on here just love getting trolled apparently.

  30. Candy Blackmail

    You know..the worst form of death for the attention-whoring trolls is obscurity. Don’t feed it and it’ll no longer come sniffing at the message board door.

  31. What attention-whoring trolls?

  32. Pretty soon there’s going to be a
    Also I’d like to add ROFL-MAO.


  34. there’s also the chance that this guy is just joking
    you know?

  35. Even if he’s joking, it’s still lame. Showing of your “quirky” sense of humour in your facebook status makes you a douche.

  36. *off

    I am intellegence.

  37. chairman mao is hilarious

    i can’t believe you inbred capitalist freaks don’t get the joke

  38. FAIL. The disturbing thing is that this guy is American; this only goes so indicate how deep the doo-doo is in the USA and Obama stands no chance against this kind of intellect.

    Stephen Hawking must be crapping himself…..

  39. This dude. I know this “Laing”.

    …I’m not suprised…

  40. monkey doo doo

  41. Regarding Chairman Mao’s comment…

    “…People my decry higher tax rates…”

    Bahahahahaha…learn some grammar and spelling you fuck-knuckle….or at least check your post for spelling before spouting off at the mouth.

    My certainly decry higher tax rates…perhaps other people my decry higher tax rates too? What does my think about this?

    I think Chairman Mao has just shown us that he is obviously not the most intelligence person on the planet and that he and Laing would probably get on quite well!

    Maybe they could get some employement together?

    Chairman Mao, your post was not philosophical mush, just an utter load of misspelt ignorant crap.

  42. fuck, another one.
    people should be handed dictionaries when born and forced to read them daily. laing you’re a fucking genius.

  43. Fail! :D

  44. Yes Lying I mean Laing you’re the most intellegence person on this planet. Now go take you ass somewhere.

  45. Yes Lying I mean Laing you’re the most intellegence person on this planet. Now go take your ass somewhere.

  46. Well done America.

    You produce such smart pond scum.

  47. Thank you, thank you *takes a bow on behalf of the rest of America* we’re well aware that much of our population is retarded.

  48. You are very welcome Jason. Thanks for the laughs.

  49. Mao, there is something very lame/funny about this post:

    It’s ironic and moronic at the same time.

  50. I don’t think she’s an iron

  51. Woah, I know Laing! Unfortunately, he’s an Aussie. Contrary to popular (read: Chairman Mao’s) belief, he went to a pretty good school. A private, expensive, snobby school. I used to proof read his essays, always worth it just for the laughs. Sigh. At least he’s a nice guy.

    Now go attack Mao some more.

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