Thursday, October 22, 2009

I did.


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  1. Everybody knew Anna, everybody knew.

  2. Maybe she just has wicked farts?

  3. *raises hand* I did.

  4. Tim "the tool man" Taylor

    I didn’t

  5. I’m going to take a guess and say the entire world. Does that mean my computer has gas in it, since it’s powered by electricity?

  6. Shame it weren’t gas as she could do a lot of good by stuffing her head in the fucking oven.

  7. I thought the word ‘electric stove’ was quite self explanatory.. guess not.

  8. It is confusing though, because before they discovered electricity, electricity was the word for gas.

  9. Are you fucking serious.

  10. woah.

  11. one word… Americans

  12. I’m guessing that would be before her time though ;) .

  13. Maybe she subscribes to the smoke theory of electronics?

  14. You fucking waste of space and air, Anna.

  15. Lock her up, now.

  16. STFU and go chop some wood for the microwave, Anna.

  17. well not paying a gas bill may have been a sign??

  18. What made her think she had a gas leak? I really want to hear the recorded conversation from the call to the fire department.

  19. Good lord, I would not want this woman anywhere near my house, much less my stove.

  20. You know, I used to wonder why when you call computer tech support, they tell you to first make sure your computer is plugged in and turned on. I guess this is why. At least they don’t say, “now first, let’s make sure you’re staring at a computer monitor instead of a TV screen…”

  21. Reply #16 LMAO

  22. So, where is the gas coming from?

  23. Why did she think there was a gas leak?

  24. well there was definitely hot air SOMEWHERE…

    for those of u that didnt get it (and there are probably a few) i meant in her head…

  25. @17 I was thinking the same thing. Maybe her utilities are included in her rent?

  26. damnit Blim I wanted to come up with a witty hot air in head comment.

    I guess I’ll stick with

    “there are no smarts in Anna, who knew?”

  27. Anna’s dog farted beside the oven as a witty setup.

    Everytime I do something embarrassing, I publish my folly as a facebook status.

    ryanoceros: didn’t know that you could get genital warts from anal sex! LOLOLOL OOPS!


  28. Lol. She’s not American…She’s British.

  29. @ Vincent

    So she says “mum” instead of mom?

  30. @Boz

    Yes that is exactly it.
    They spell it “mum” in England. Whereas in the US we spell it “mom.”
    So the fact that she spells it , “mum” easily tells us she is more likely than not, British.

  31. Where does she say mum?

  32. the person who posted it

    She is from the US

  33. @mmhmmm where in the post does she write ‘mom’ or ‘mum’?
    and cos you seem a bit slow, it’s ‘mum’ in most British-settled countries. so she could be aussie, kiwi, etc etc.

  34. @Vincent I don’t think ‘Anna’s Mum’ is ACTUALLY Anna’s mom. Jackass.

  35. So now you’re casting aspersions on Anna’s maternity?? I’ll get that little bitch in here to answer for herself, just as soon as she finishes shovelling the coal for the X-Box.

  36. @ Slim I’m pretty sure I never thought she was and am wondering how that would get me insulted. I was merely denouncing her as an American and the next English speaking country that comes to mind just happens to be England. You’d do well not to assume things of people.

  37. @Anna’s mum:

    You actually said it right…! You actually realize that it’s ASpersions, not DISpersions! If there’s a MISTER-Anna’s-Mum, he’d better look out. I’m out to woo you. Oh yes. I’ll start with a romantic horsedrawn carriage ride through the park.

    Now how do I work this gas pump, again? I need to fill up the horse…

  38. ^ I have a feeling Anna’s mum is really a man. Don’t get your hopes up.
    ^^ I’m sorry in advance if you’re not a dude.

  39. *^^^
    Should check before posting.

  40. If anyone’s confused.

    ^^^^ I’m sorry in advance if you’re not a dude.(last time I use the arrows again.)

  41. …i did

  42. You don’t get the fire department in Britain, you have the brigade :) hence american

  43. @ Grammar Nazi and Vincent,

    I am most certainly not a dude, I love horsedrawn carriages and there is no Mr Anna’s Mum. He was blown sky-high when Anna lit the lawnmower while he was using it.

  44. The good news is, I have successfully filled the horse with gasoline.

    The bad news is I suffered several rather brutal kicks to the head in the process and I’ve been having random blackouts ever since.

    Also, the horse has died.

    Also, I’ve been having blackouts.

    And to top it all off, I’ve been having blackouts.

    This has been a really shitty day.


  45. …..Still not sure it’s a lady.

  46. Vincent, go to your room. NOW.

  47. The use of the term ‘fire department’ is an indicator that Anna is an American. The reason American’s are so stupid is because they are descended from all the fuckwit imbeciles Europe had no use for.

  48. yep siree wes here mercians are alls dumbz, i wish we was smarter like em british folk and ther yummeh teef!

  49. notthemessaiah,

    I can agree, most Americans are idiots. In fact, I’m not very proud to be part of this country. We have a horrible history. I’m more likely to take the side of anyone who criticizes our government, our spelling, our education system, and even the barbaric ways that we tortured the poor Native Americans.

    But generalizing all Americans as being a waste of space, descended from useless… or… as you so intelligently articulated… “fuckwit imbecile” Europeans?

    That kind of prejudice makes you fit right in here with the southern states! I guess you’ll be moving here soon, right? One of us. One of us.

    Criticize American culture all you want. Just don’t be a fucking hypocrite.

    However, it’s nice to know that America isn’t the only one with its fair share of uneducated, ignorant low-lifes.

  50. I like your style, Jen. Want to go on a date?

  51. Gooble gobble gooble gobble. We accept her! We accept her! Gooble gobble gooble gobble!

  52. #51- I think I’m the only person here that gets that reference. Awesome. :)

  53. Steve- you’re not.

  54. Grammar Nazi FTW! @ #44

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