Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Can See the Resemblance

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  1. Yeah, he looks like Justin Bieber. Not the singer guy, but that dude named Justin Bieber who lives two towns away from us West Methbasket, Arkansas.

  2. My god… If that isn’t a troll, then this is the first post in a long, LONG while that actually captures the essence of this site. I’m weeping a little.

  3. Too bad its fake.

  4. They look like brother and sister.

  5. T1000, shut up. Why is everything fake. Go blow our dad

  6. Poor girl. So what if she isn’t ‘skinny’? I hope he is nice to her.

  7. T1000, you’re fucking worse than the spam cretins that blight this site. You add nothing of worth to any comment thread and you’re more prolific in your inane, shit-laden posts than every cousin’s dog’s step-aunt that’s ever earned $408672. I hope in years to come you’ll be embarrassed by your contributions. Or that you’ll be hit by a bus.

  8. It’s not fake, just very very old. You can tell by the FB layout. It’s from like 2 years ago.

  9. “My boyfriend looks like Justin Bieber, and I look like Mama Cass”.

  10. Cornboy, fuckingadude, you are both fake.

  11. T1000, is the cock your deep throat every night fake?

  12. Cornboy, incorrect. I do not feel pity, or remorse. I will not stop until you are fake.

  13. …You’re all ridiculous.

    Maybe you can find something else to do other than find people to be jerks to over the internet? I understand you don’t have lives, but the rest of us don’t wanna see it. Lamebook is supposed to make people smile, not roll their eyes at this 12 year old bickering, and comebacks that I made in the 5th grade. Go to 4chan for that childish crap.

  14. Correct. You are not fake sydnilouise93.

  15. Thanks, but I wasn’t exactly striving for your approval. My comment was to you as well.

  16. sydnilouise93, the comments from all these people make most of us smile as well… don’t take yourself so seriously, and you’ll have the same effect, seriously. Oh, wait…

  17. Dawn of the Dan

    I gotta agree actually. Sydnilouise is pretty obviously photoshopped.

  18. Dawn of the Dan


  19. Incorrect sydnilouise. You are fake and was striving for my approval.

  20. Personal insults, now? Nice. I don’t care if a complete stranger thinks I’m photoshopped. I don’t have to impress you.

  21. Incorrect sydnilouise. You are fake and must impress us.

  22. ^^ Nailed it.

  23. Alright. Take care, guys. Have fun.

  24. Correct. We will have fun without you.

  25. It’s no fun when all you have is the fail troll and no troll bait.

  26. T1000. I love you.
    Ps corn boy!!

  27. Wow…Syndilouise. Talk about being a hypocrite, you’ve nailed the definition right there. The fact that you’ve registered and made a comment, hell, your no different. “Find something else to do other than be jerks to over the internet”, you say? Then what the hell do you think your doing?

    Fact is, most of the people here probably have lives. I have a great life, won’t delve into detail for you. Fact is, also, that it takes no more effort to comment here than it does to comment on a site like facebook, nor does it take very much time.

    You might want to check that condescending attitude you have. I’m guessing from the 93 you have tagged onto the end of your username that you are 19 years old. You won’t get far with that attitude, with your career or personal life, I can guarantee that.

  28. Thank you cornboy. Unfortunately i am unable to convey emotions. Sorry.

    Correct, Goodgodno. She is fake.

  29. _
    _ [**]
    ]**[ ♡ ♡ --|i|--
    /{ ¥ }\ ♡ | | I |
    / ( ) \ //____\\
    / \ *\ O /* | || |
    / ____ \ ] [ | | | |
    _||_ •• _| | | |_

  30. Incorrect. You are fake.

  31. even though henry’s eyes have been blurred – i can see the look of a soul screaming for the sweet release of death.

  32. I’m betting she’s already pregnant

  33. These two blokes drink in my pub.

  34. This is an example of fiction

  35. ^ Not you too, T1000 has that angle covered.

  36. ^who?

  37. Are we pretending it doesn’t exist in the hopes it will fade away and die?

  38. NO! ^

  39. it’s working for me, frankenstein.

  40. I’ll jump on that bus.

  41. Corn!

  42. I do admire T1000′s persistence, and perpetual references to the Terminator movies. But he is a little one-dimensional.

  43. well done guys.
    this has been some top-shelf ignoring.

  44. syndilouise, unlike EVERYONE ELSE on this site, who are a decided bunch of cunts, i’m actually a very nice chap and have a great deal of compassion, sympathy, and in general, love for humanity.
    i think you’re totally right that it’s irresponsible of all of these people leave comments that don’t amuse you and remind you of 5 year olds bickering. how dare they?! don’t they understand that it’s all about you and your amusement? i can really understand how you got so offended.
    so on behalf of everybody here at lamebook, i’d like to offer you a heart-felt, sincere apology, and assure you that from now on, all of our comments will be aimed solely towards making you laugh (right guys, you’re with me, right? i want the healing to start now!). i’d also like to thank you for clarifying the role that this web site should be playing in our lives, we’d definitely lost our way a bit.
    you are a sparkling gem of humanity, syndilouise, i’m so glad you joined up, and i look forward to our future chats immensely.

  45. ^ I’d just like to point out that I am an undecided cunt.

  46. Speaking of healing…My nipples are getting pretty chafed up, do you have anything for that?

  47. Toof

  48. Capn – try warm arterial spray.

  49. “Methbasket, Arkansas” Hahaha shut the fuck up! “Mama Cass gave me a laugh too. In other news, personally, and for the love of human kind, I need to believe that the majority of the posts featured here are fake. I am not sure what the big deal is if they are fake, the majority of them make me want to punch a baby in anger of the time I wasted reading them.

  50. If you are unsure of why It’s a ‘big deal of posts being fake’ then why make up an issue towards it ? I mean, if its not a big deal , but you make this issue you have towards it, seem like you are making a nonissue (in your mind) an issue. Think about it. Moron. Contradictions.

  51. I’m just impressed that someone said goodbye and actually left without coming back at every comment. That doesn’t happen around here often enough.

  52. Did you know that ‘pulling a fakey’ is a wrestling move?

  53. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  54. curlybap, I was hugely disappointed. Nothing better than a double flounce.

  55. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Too bad this shit is fake.

  56. Holy Moly!! Justin Bieber has a twin… Hold on, I must put my glasses on to see this with more clarity… What the holy mother of Jeebus!!!! She needs to be rushed to the nearest Optometrist IMMEDIATELY!!

    And the trolling has become quite a turn off for me on this site… :/

  57. Get a grip, fatty.

  58. Wtf.. At least dnt inslt tht litle singr….

  59. @58 Do you realize had you left the ‘i’ out of ‘litle’ you would have had all 5 vowels missing–one from each word–5 words in a row. You were so close, dude. When people ask me if I love all the vowels, I reply; Sometimes, why?

  60. #56.cptnobvious.
    i’m glad the trolling has become a turn-off for you.
    it seems only fair because your over-enthusiastic use of punctuation is a massive turn-off for me.
    not only because it makes you look like one the most obnoxious of nature’s creatures – the teenage girl (shudder), but also because the bullshit you write isn’t worth punctuating.

  61. MsAnne,

    Do you not know what a capital letter is? Shall I teach you? I doubt that you’ve ever been a turn on to anyone. It must be such a sad and lonely life that you live. You have my sympathy dear.

  62. i get all the fresh air and sunshine i need.
    i don’t see why your lame attempt at, what was that?…some sort of ‘ironic condescension’? really warrants such a high smear of self-important smugness.
    and yet you think that having to put up with droll self-important twats such as yourself would be somehow be better than ‘lonely’?

  63. hehe look at the difference between 56 and 61. one is a teenage girl with twitchy punctuation finger and the other is a letter to the grammar teacher. see msanne you think it’s healthy sport but these kids are dramatically altering their lives based solely on your opinions of them. cptn even used the word ‘shall’ in 61 which also means “my IQ is a really big number” I think im beginning to understand why you don’t like the trolling cptn.

  64. MsAnne makes me hard cptn, even more than your stupid fucking name that you’ve apparently copied from CapnJaques. Embarassing.

  65. Crusty,

    I was around long before CapnJaques. Words can make you hard all day, I highly doubt that her appearance would have the same effect.

    Also, my comment in #56 was merely an impersonation of a dumb twit that wants to bump uglies with lip syncing 12 year old girls, such as Justin Bieber.


    I can see why you are a Ms. and not a Mrs. That is all.

  66. ^ Buuuuurn at the single, bitter, ugly bitch!

  67. that’s a burn? are you 12?

    are you upset?

  68. oh my.
    not in kansas anymore, dorothy?

  69. Yes, that’s a burn. Say it with me. B-U-R-N.
    That AA meeting must have given your drunk mind back a few brain cells! I’m so proud that you can comprehend what other say now <3

  70. it really wasn’t a very good burn though.

  71. Not every burn has to be vulgar and calling someone names, like your pathetic humor. Now, Annabelle, jokes don’t ALWAYS need cuss words. I know in your drunk world they do… but in the real world, no, not so much. Do you understand? Should I wait until you sober up to tell you again?

  72. Sydni,

    I must say, I like you. End of story.


    Did I hurt your feelings? You normally have so much more to say. Why so serious?

  73. you wish.
    you’re not clever enough to hurt my feelings.

    oh, and syndi? do you not like terrible, rude (gasp!)cuss words?

    that’s awful, you gaping, shit-filled, whore cunt.
    awful. i feel bad for your tedious self.

  74. How is it possible that you have neither Shift key nor the Caps Lock key on your keyboard?

  75. she was so desperate for a smoke one night that she smoked the hash key on her keyboard. then all the symbols followed, eventually even the capslock and the shift key. now all that’s left are a few letters, and little mounds of burnt plastic all over her desk.
    i’m hugely mindful of what an enormous hypocrite i’m being right now. it’s quite fun though!

  76. gee. thankfully slug came along to inject his brand of soul-sucking humorlessness into this shitty thread.

    i reckon that should totally fucking kill it.

  77. oh wow msanne. you got so focussed on me you forgot all about capn and sydni!! i reckon that makes me pretty fucking special.
    i can make msanne forget about everyone else, and just focus on me.
    i think she has a crush on me. aww.
    i’ll tell you the same thing i told evilcow msanne – i won’t even consider it unless you make me a really good mix-tape.

  78. Run before she sucks you into her hairy, drunk, smoke filled vagina. I’m sure you’d fit in there.

  79. you are obsessed with sex, syndilou.
    are you still crawling in men, dear?
    maybe that’s your problem.

  80. Why do you want me crawling in men so much?

  81. because it’s who you are, dear.
    you know, because your winning personality has them crawling all over you, right?
    it’s how you know that you have value. even as a mere woman.

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