Tuesday, April 17, 2012

House Rules Apply

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  1. Ugh, this makes me hate life so much.

  2. Holy shit, that kid is going to have a hard shitty white-trash childhood. :(

  3. ^ And as a result, he’ll be able to walk on water, eat bullets, and shit ice cream!

  4. I’ll just be killing myself, then…

  5. As I was saying… one would have thought this would be included in a new realm of idiocracy, but I still have no problem believing that there are people out there that think this is funny to do to their kids.
    Look at that little baby. Seriously. In the old days we brought out naked baby pictures to embarrass our kids. Pictures of smiling, happy little babies all natural and adorable.
    Won’t this be a sweet thing for a child to have, that someone did this to an innocent.
    I seriously want to kick someone.

  6. I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do.


  8. And all of a sudden this page is full of holy people…

  9. Expect more of these now that they have discovered cameras in Kentucky.

  10. All I have to say is, Wow! This is beyond acceptable. I have a 7 year old daughter, and we’ve played prank on her, but never in a million years would I have ever thought of doing this.
    This just shows what a sad state our world is. No one has accountablility anymore.

  11. Holy people? Believing in a God has nothing to do with this.

  12. Seriously.
    What kind of person draws a dick on a baby’s face?

  13. christopherlovet

    Wow, lots of white knights here who apparently never had dicks on their faces when they were young. Guess your uncles didn’t love you! Seriously though, let the butthurt flow through you.

  14. I wouldn’t do this to my kid, but I also don’t think it’s bad.

    What I object to is them putting it up on the internet. That’s the bad thing here.

  15. That’s just not right. Especially as they haven’t even bothered to get their child something comfier than the floor to sleep on.

  16. @11 In my book I don’t relate holy people with those that believe in a god or God. My bad for not specifying that meant “holier than thou” people.

    But now that we are on this, I do know too many people to claim they believe in God, and that automatically makes them the holier than thou kind. And they behave exactly like that.

  17. that I meant*
    many people who claim*

    I guess lamebook is somewhat contagious…

  18. I actually see the humor. I actually chuckled. Lighten up people, really.

  19. @18 My point exactly… That’s why I believe in geezus.

  20. In my 20 years of living I’ve never once had a penis drawn on any part of me. I would have shot the gay guy if someone did, since I don’t associate myself with whores that are into that sort of thing.

  21. hootie the blowfish

    This would be equally stupid if the person with the dick drawn on their face weren’t an infant. I’ll never understand why people think doing this is funny. If a friend of mine ever did this – be it to me or to anyone else – it would be all the hint I needed that the person in question wasn’t worth having as a friend.

  22. This is clearly fake.

  23. Any bets on whether ‘KASEY’ is the mom or the dad? so hard to tell anymore. what happened to the days when you could tell people’s gender by their names? good strong names like beatusmongous and space toast.

  24. @MarioDragon, I think you’ve confused ‘gays’ with ‘drunken frat boys’ there.

    Anyway I agree that this is awful….it looks nothing like a penis!

  25. I reckon it’s pretty funny. Slightly inappropriate to put it on Facebook, but it is still funny. It doesn’t hurt the baby, it doesn’t embarrass the little ball of shit and spew, and it sure as hell doesn’t warrant any disciplinary action.

  26. no.

  27. Somebody is a cock lover hardcore

  28. MonkeyPooFlinger

    It’s not just guys who draw dicks on people. My ex-roommate who was a girl used to do this to her boyfriend because he’d get way too drunk all the time and she’d get pissed at him.

  29. I had a boyfriend who used to get too drunk all the time, but i didn’t resort to childish squiggles.
    I broke his ribs one by one.

  30. No more offensive than the pictures of babies with money, guns, booze or duct tape.

  31. I have had the pleasure of having a cock drawn on me. By my mother and sister … What a lovely family I come from, people to look up to.

  32. @31 having a cock drawn on you makes it sound like an old western.

  33. I’m not usually a fan of westerns. However …..

  34. I can’t decide what I find more funny; an infant with a willy drawn on its face or people’s reactions to it. Maybe I will consent to babysitting my friends’ annoying offspring after all. The worse that can happen is that I don’t get asked to babysit any more, God forbid.

  35. ^your hilarious and sophisticated sense of humour must make you the most popular dude in your forever-aloner, sad, fat wankers support group.

  36. You’d think, but sadly no :¬(

  37. Never mind, maybe if I post more comments, I will be.

  38. it’s doubtful, but may be worth a try

  39. if she didn’t capatalise g0d, i’d be slightly more enthusiastic at the prospect.
    wtf was that shit all about, hoiky?

  40. I can’t believe people actually find this funny… How can you draw a PENIS on a perfectly innocent BABY and then post it to FB, and expect people to think it’s funny…?

  41. simple, sydni -
    1. Have baby
    2. Draw penis on baby
    3. Take picture
    4. Post pic on FB for the ‘lolz’
    5. Congratulate yourself for being funny

    in their defence, it’s not that bad. but it’s certainly not good, either. poor kid.

  42. Isn’t it standard practice to capitalise ‘God’ in that context? And Sydni, babies are just babies. They’re not special little miracles, they’re just a younger, duller (sometimes) version of the dickhead they’ll turn into when they’re all growed up.

  43. ^hoik, are you a teacher?

  44. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It’s not funny, but no harm done. It’s not like the kid has to go to work the next day.

  45. Nope, I’m not a teacher; half the month I proof-read, and the other half I prepare statistics reports in an office. Incredibly dull, but blissfully child-free.

  46. dull. yes.

  47. It’s just poor parenting… like something Annie Thropp would do.

  48. ^cough.

  49. Yes, I’m talking about you, sweet heart. Very good.

  50. it’s just that i miss the you know…humour…in the tripe you keep coming up with.
    really ‘poor parenting’? christ, next i’ll be kicking puppies.
    what else dear? shall we go through the cardinal sins one-by-boring-fucking-one?
    maybe you regale me with a fascinating anecdote about how once you put a button on your cardigan in the wrong hole.

  51. Wouldn’t be surprised it you kicked the puppy. Of course, it would have had to steal away your liquor first. Which is after all, your meaning in life. To be a drunk.

  52. was that you trying to be…what, exactly? witty? ooohh..were you trying your limp white hand at being nasty?

    dear lord. you’re completely shit at this.

  53. LovingLifeAlways

    I think the picture is funny. It’s harmless. Not like they are hurting the child in anyway. Let’s be completely honest, when that baby is an adult, or a teenager morelikely, i’m sure they will find this picture hilarious. I think people just like having something to complain about.

  54. ^hmm. maybe.
    maybe the kid will grow up to find this shit hilarious, after all – the kid is being raised by a mouth-breathing tool-snuffler, so maybe the kid will be similarly stunted.


    the kid will grow up seething at fury at the mindless, colorless dopes around him and one day the silicon chip inside his head will switch to overload?

  55. I hate it when Dad traces his dick on my face while I’m sleeping.

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