Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog! It’s the Weekend!

Hot Diggity Dog

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  1. first

  2. No comment.

  3. That picture is all over the internet. It’s old.

  4. Yeah, I’ve seen this a few times before. I don’t think it’s lame, though. It’s adorable!

  5. lame? come on.

  6. Just too cute.

  7. Adorable. Not lame, except that it’s been done to death – but puppies are always win.

  8. This is an EXTREMELY old photo.

  9. Oh come on. For fuck’s sake, where have the admins been for the last five years? This has been around for fucking ages.


  10. This photo needs fried onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup.

    NOW you’re ready for the weekend.

    Also, things I have learned from being in American #342: You can’t order a Wienerschnitzel in Wienerschnitzel.

  11. it’s so cute!

  12. This photo needs fried onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup.

    NOW you’re ready for the weekend.

    Also, things I have learned from being in American #342: You can’t order a Wienerschnitzel in Wienerschnitzel.

  13. not lame, fail post

  14. It could be that the admins are just wishing us a good weekend and showing us something awesome.

  15. Ben is a homo

  16. The title says “the lamest AND funniest of Facebook”
    This is kinda funny.

  17. yeah it’s an old photo, still cute though

    ps: Ben sucks balls

  18. @17

    How would you know, homo?

  19. Probably because you sucked his balls

  20. This is old? I thought I was up to date in the internet world. Oh well … who gives a shit! It’s friday!

  21. adorable, not lame. so that makes this post lame. Surely there are more things on facebook that are lame. Don’t be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

  22. Check the category. And the FAQ. They do funny things, as well as lame things.



  24. I bet the creators of this site are kicking themselves for calling it ‘Lamebook’ as it left the door closed to properly post entries like this.

    ‘LAME? COME ON.’

    Just try to treat Lamebook as a site for anything funny/lame/incredible from the world of Facebook.

  25. precious! :)

  26. to pauly ^ nobody was writing in capitals u dumbass

    and that is a cute puppy :)

  27. What a waste of a perfectly good bun.

  28. @brandi

    what on earth makes you think hes gonna waste it. i think hes totally serious about that meal.

  29. Interestingly ‘facetious’ is one of only two words in the English language that contains all of the vows in alphabetic order.

  30. I’m clearly behind the times as I’ve never seen this before. frickin adorable

  31. @Mr Facetious

    What’s the other one?

    And thank you for going to so much trouble, but I’ve already eaten.

  32. @ Mr Facetious.

    They are vowels, not vows. Vows are something you say on your wedding day. (Sorry if you think I’m being Mr Super-Facetious)

  33. @ Admins

    How come you didn’t blur out the dog’s face ?

  34. If it makes people more at ease.. Try imagining someone from an animal rights group commented along the lines of.. ‘i can’t believe you can promote the eating of dogs to the whole Internet! Your aunt betty refuses to let you vist her and mr snuggled now I told her of this! I think you need to visit your church more often and stop taking drugs!’

  35. ohh its a cutee picc but not at all lame btw wat does lame mean

  36. This isn’t lame. Ben sucks cocks. Anyone who doesn’t find this incredibly cute and funny is a dick.

    I couldn’t think of anything good to write, so just thought I’d go with the flow. I should have also pretended to be Boz. What larks!

  37. Stp with the ‘it’s not lame’ comments!!! Lamebook is for the funniest and lamest of facebook.

    ……and it made me laugh.

  38. I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS PICTURE. Why isn’t there any mustard on that dog?

  39. … And the dog is hot!

  40. The picture at the top is a thumbs-up. If you look on the side, you’ll see that indicates FTW. But yeah, this picture is old. But I’m gonna go ahead and believe that the admins know that and have a reason for posting this.

  41. I’m not very familiar with the rating system, so I hope that my rating of 1 means “not lame”

  42. Ahhhh! Great pic.

  43. How many people are going to comment on how old this picture is?

    Does it make you feel better to let everyone else know you’ve seen it before?

    I must be way behind the times too because this is the first time I have ever seen this picture. But I can look at it 1000 times and still like it.

  44. all the people who comment “this pic is old” considering the vast expanse of images on the internet I think you should realise that doesn’t mean everyone in the world has seen it I certainly can’t remember having done so. If you’ve seen it before don’t waste space on the internet putting that point across unless your reminicing about it, let those who are just stumbling across it for the first time have they’re moment.

  45. Reminiscing, their.

  46. seen it ages ago…………… fuck reminiscing.

  47. Number 31
    The other word you seek is

  48. Oops.

    Number 31
    The other word that you seek
    is abstemious.

  49. all of the below appear in the OED


  50. ^ Geek

  51. Yeah!! Nerds with their glasses and words! Not like me, commenting on lamebook.

  52. Oh wow, I’ve been haiku’d!

  53. The photo may be old to some, but it’s new to me. And funny.

  54. Can’t believe no-one ‘Nom’ed yet :D

    Nom nom nom

  55. Bradley Charles Morrison

    That’s not lame! That looks so cute and delicious!

  56. that rooks dericious!

  57. OMG that’s so funny!

  58. Pfffftttttt….that is sooooo 2008!

    I had a bogan bitch fight to post but couldn’t figure out how to do a screen dump of all 250 comments

  59. @ Ish

    Just take seperate overlapping screen dumps and send them all in. The admins stick them together.

  60. I’d like to put my sausage in that dog. If you know what I mean.

  61. @boz- so you want to fuck the dog?? i think you meant to say…id like to put my sausage in that BUN

  62. @awesome

    What the fuck is wrong with you? I want to fuck the dog. Why would I fuck a bun?

  63. uhh ok then. whatever floats your boat haha.

  64. “Here you go, Mr Vick. Just as you requested…”

  65. Ruh Roh!

  66. @Keyser Soze (32)

    It was a deliberate ‘mistake’ in reference to our good friends Saysha and Husband.

  67. @62 ha ha HAAAAAAAAA!

  68. wow, that reli is a sausage dog!! tasty :P

  69. In no way is this lame, this is pure genius!

  70. This is not lame. Its cute!

  71. Oh my god that is the cutest dog I have ever seen! I don’t even care that the joke is crap, I want that puppy!!!

  72. omg ive seen this befor that is the cutest thing i have ever seen lol

  73. poor little bitch

  74. This site is based around the phrase “why the hell would someone post this?!?!?”

    I am fairly confident in saying, “Why the hell wouldn’t someone post this!?!?!” XD lol

  75. OMG this is the cutest thing ever!!! does anybody know what kind of dog that is???

  76. it´s a hotdog

  77. id rather build a tiny railway network with tiny trains to take tiny dogs away to tiny camps that give off a tiny amount of CO2 emissions

  78. I love it :D

    Not lame though?

  79. *shrug*

    I think it’s adorable, the dog is really cute.
    But then again, I’m a girl, little dogs and babies (when they’re not pooping, throwing up, crying or screaming) always make me go Aaaaaaw.

  80. funny really!!

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