Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy Matrimony!

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  1. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  2. I dont get what is funny about the first one… Its a ring. Well done.

  3. Ben!

  4. @crashball, it’s funny because there is a listing for the maternity ward sitting on the table, and that is more in focus than the ring.

  5. Gina: man that would suck if you commented on that like some bitter ex-wife.
    oh, wait, you already did.

  6. that ring looks like some satanic goats head, with horns curling either side.

  7. I was kind of hoping Dominique was a guy so I could say something witty in the vein of Greg seeking out some male Dom-ination after becoming tired of the ‘Gina.

  8. lol

  9. i love malteaser too

    ^^^ grrr

  10. @ Ben : are you the real Ben?

  11. Gina = bitch. I feel bad for Dominque because Gina will probably try to make her life hell for all eternity just because she is a jealous bitch.

  12. @ Ben : Oh I just noticed you Benned at n°3, so I guess not. Man, I’d love to see the real one back on Lamebook.

  13. Well spotted Miss Shegas!

    And P.c. is just a sex starved perv who’d like to spoil the marriage.

    And welcome back Ben……..even if u missed 1st place.

  14. lame

  15. Fuck’s sake. It continues, who ever it is get a fucking life.

  16. i really do love number one … its just so coincidental!! dont you think :)

  17. lol

    And omg I have a fan <3

  18. And, forgive my ignorance, but is that a rosary next to the maternity ward #?

  19. omg malteaser… that’s the most i’ve ever seen you write. i like it!
    gina is the reason people shouldn’t have bitter ex-fiancee’s/wives on their facebook. just hit the delete button for christ’s sake.

  20. malteaser, you have many fans.

  21. oh yeah, the ring picture. why why why??? did she not look at the picture before she posted it? i suppose the people that know her would know if they have a kid together so to her the maternity thing isn’t a big deal but if you’re going to try and show off your hideous engagement ring on fb, then at least take a good fucking picture.

  22. crashball, it is funny cuz pc is asking if the commenter wants a threesome

  23. i love malteaser too

    @mal: mwah

  24. I don’t even know what a maternity ward is. It sounds creepy.

    @Bucky: WIN!

  25. Man, Lamebook, are ya’ll just uploading any screenshot people send to you now, without thinking about whether it’s funny?

  26. @nope what are you talking about?

    I thought these were fucking hilarious.

  27. oh wait, you don’t get the jokes. Ok nvm.

  28. Maternity ward is where you go when expecting or having a baby.
    And @Malteaser…Holy shit, you just wrote more there then in all your history of posting. If I’d known I would’ve admitted how awesome I think you are a long time ago.
    Come on Ben, get on the ball.

  29. I thought those were anal beads in the background…we all know what’s on my mind ; ) ; ) ; )

  30. way to go Ben!

  31. Malteaser, you do have many fans!

  32. rosary beads, anal beads; why quibble?

  33. Clearly the Maternity listing is the actual “engagement ring”. The fact that there also happens to be a blurry ring in the picture is just a coincidence.

  34. Christina.Willemina

    Plus, that ring is fake as Hell. I’d be disappointed.

  35. BEN!
    ahh fuck…

    the first photo was clearly photo shopped.

  36. Marriage.
    Am I right?

    Shit, I’m losing my touch! :O

  37. :o

  38. There we go.

  39. I am extremely relieved to find I’m not the only one that thought those were anal beads for a couple seconds.

  40. Thank-you Miss Shegas although I also thought the ring looked Satanic.

  41. I gotta say all of these were pretty funny. I think the first one is especially pathetic, with ring, rosary and pregnancy ward all thrown into one.

    Gina could be a jealous bitch, but I know a guy or two who sucks enough balls to try and re-use shit like that. No class.

  42. You are classy Gina, very classy

  43. hahah gina, you class act. poor greg, i bet dominique is ripshit.

  44. That ring looks like a blurry dog.

  45. I know this is a bit late, but the ring in picture one isn’t actually a wedding ring; it’s an Irish thing, two hands holding a heart, and it is effectively an engagement engagement ring; as in a promise to one day get engaged.


  46. It’s a Claddagh ring. And it’s not just a promise to get engaged, here in Ireland they’re often used as engagement and/or wedding rings. But it’s all about how you wear it. For instance, if you point the heart towards yourself, you’re single, whereas if you point it out, someone else has your heart. If the heart is underneath your finger and not showing, it generally means married.

  47. Dunno which Ireland you live in, but I’ve never seen one without a crown, and that picture doesn’t appear to have one. (looks more like this:

    Also, you’ve got the orientation backwards:
    “The way that a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer’s romantic availability, or lack thereof. The ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward to show that the wearer is not romantically linked but is looking for love. When turned inwards, it is shown that the wearer is in a relationship, or their heart has been “captured”; the heart is points down the hand and into the veins which lead to the wearer’s heart. The ring worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward shows the wearer is engaged; turned inward indicates the wearer is married.”

    Wearing the ring with the heart under your finger (not visible) could be seen as rescinding the offer of friendship, loyalty, and love that a claddagh is supposed to represent.

  48. @Rynner – Crosberg is right, definitely not a claddagh ring and THAT’S the correct way to wear it.

  49. It’s a very matter-of-fact way to present an engagement ring…

    maybe her intention was to actually announce pregnancy

  50. hahahaha the last one. Oh wow. made my day.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  51. .

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