Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Matrimony!

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  1. “Obama let all these faggots join our military, let’s kill him” this picture would rule if it was an interracial couple.

  2. Everybody’s all, “let’s accept gay people and grant them equal rights,” but what about the rights of those who don’t want gay people to marry?! Why aren’t those people’s rights being honored?

    This reminds me of how I’m sick and tired of women being allowed to vote. By giving women suffrage, my right to not have women vote is being trampled upon! It’s so unfair!

  3. I love this picture! You Can just see how much they have missed eachother:)

    Which Rights are you takling about with the against gay mariage thing??

  4. The people in the background are just minding their own business. They’re focused on the fact that their soldier is home and not giving the gay guys behind them a second thought. But I guess because they’re not applauding the men for their homosexuality that makes them homophobes, right?

  5. ^ No. Nothing in the post, besides the use of the words “fags” indicated to me that the OP thought the people were homophobes; muchless bsaing that assertion on them “not applauding” these two men. The post was commentary on how fucking stupid the ‘sanctity of marriage’ argument against same sex marriage.

  6. ^ Yes but nobody in the picture is questioning the sanctity of marriage. It’s just two gay men who haven’t seen each other in awhile and obviously missed each other. There’s no reason to act like the family in the background is judging them.

  7. “I can tell by the pixels…”

    ramennoodles1 read this and still didn’t realize the post was not meant to be taken seriously.

    ramennoodles1 is a moron.

  8. All of you so far are wrong. Get past the gay part and read it. The husband says he was gone for 18 months, the wife tries to skirt the fact that the baby is not his. Overall it’s just a bad and very unfunny joke.

  9. Codename Dutchess

    ramennoodles– Yes, they are. Did you see the part at the end where the supposed wife says “They’ll destroy the sanctity of marriage I tell you?” The implication is that gays hurt her marriage more than her cheating; not that she is homophobic or that the OP feels the couple isn’t paying enough attention to them.

  10. Dawn of the Dan, I got the joke. I just think it’s reaching and not funny.

  11. I really think you’re all missing the point here, this isn’t about homosexuals at all, it’s about military wives being ho’s. Clearly.

    Big time Ho’s.

  12. Oh, FAGS! I thought she said FLAGS! There are a lot of flags in the background. Bad news, flags… and I’ve got wood… flags make me hard.

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh, is that two blokes? I just thought it was a butch army sheila…

    Who cares? – quite a wry observation on the marriage thing though…

  14. The only thing that bothers me is the PDA in uniform. That’s unacceptable!

  15. Codename Dutchess

    ^ Assuming you arent being sarcastic, do you feel the same way when a man comes homes and kisses his wife/girlfriend? Or just when it’s pole on pole or clam on clam?

  16. ^ pole… flags… flag pole… oh god, I need to go … to the bathroom and … brush my teeth.. yes… that’s it

  17. As the wife of a Marine, I’m more annoyed at them implying the wife cheated. Marines deploy 6-9 months on average.. Not 18. The longest I’ve heard was 12, and that was a station not a deployment.

  18. @Dutchess, the answer is yes. The uniform should come off before they get frisky.

  19. @alexis12305: I know 2 marine wives that cheated on their men while they were away. Congrats to you for staying true (assuming you’re not lying) but the standard is lower than you believe it is. How do I know they cheated? Because it was me they cheated on their dudes with. At the same time.

  20. We all know you cheated, Alexis Texas. Telling us otherwise won’t change my opinion of you.

  21. ^ elaborate please. In detail.

  22. Randy, you know the rule. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  23. Codename Dutchess

    beatus– So you feel no one should be able to “get frisky” (kiss their loved one) while they’re in uniform? Or just the gays shouldn’t be able to?

  24. I’m not saying wives don’t cheat, I’ve heard my fair share of stories. I never have, my good friends never have. About half of the couples my husband and I have been friends with are divorced now, and those were all husbands cheating. You can believe me or not, I don’t really care. Three deployments, and 7 years married.. The military lifestyle isn’t an easy one, some people(Men and women) just can’t cope. It’s a lot of alone time, a lot of stress, a lot of worry. I wouldn’t put myself through this if I weren’t in for the long haul. I’m also not from Texas.
    As far as PDA, around base it’s not ok, but homecomings and when you have to say goodbye, it’s totally acceptable and expected.

  25. @Dutchess, everyone should take the uniform off before getting frisky. I’m not singling anyone out. I’m just saying that uniforms look best in a crumpled heap next to the bed.

  26. Codename Dutchess

    beatus– On that we differ. I dont consider kissing your loved one after been deployed for X ammount of months to be “getting frisky” and I dont begrudge them for doing so. Assuming they aren’t fucking right in front of me, have at it.

  27. vaginalroundhouse

    Haha I love it when chicks marry a military guy thinking it’s going to be cool to have an “ass kicking husband” only to have him come home in a coffin.

  28. Dutchess, I believe the real difference is that it seems you were serious, whereas I was not. I truly don’t care what people do as long as they don’t A) hurt me or someone else physically, B) take away someone’s possessions, C) shove their activities in my face.

  29. Codename Dutchess

    beatus– Forgive me, considering all the stupid shit you write in the comments section it was difficult for me to determine if you were A) a hypocrite B) someone whose sensitivities are offended easily C) trolling. It appears to be option C; or you considering people kissing each other as “getting frisky/shoving their activities in your face,” whichever. Glad we’re at an understanding.

  30. Oh God, you guys are getting so LITERAL around here. How come all jokes and sarcastic comments are now considered to be “trolling”?

  31. Dutchess, you are forgiven. Just don’t do that again.

  32. Codename Dutchess

    Bacchante– Sarcastic comments are one thing, continuing on with an pseduo-argument that isn’t intended to be serious and then going “easy buddy, I was kidding” when the other person asks for clarification is trolling.

    In any case, it’s all good in the hood. Someone needs to call that Army wife a slut again to draw the ire of alexis12305.

  33. Lol, I know it’s just bait, but I’ll bite. Those are Marines, not Soldiers. ;)

  34. Damn. The soldiers came home.
    I always like it better when they get blown to fucking shreds.
    The only good thing to come out of Afghanistan/Iraq is dead troops.

  35. Some of you people are fucking disgusting.

  36. Aw, that’s sweet, Lexi. I think you even made MsAnne blush.

  37. @Dutchess Howzabout you calm the fuck down? You would think this offends you in some way.

  38. All spouses of those in the armed forces are total whores, especially the Marines. Well except for the National Guard- let’s face it those pussies do not get any ass, and definitely don’t marry.

    Damn, even the comments are fucking lame. Arguing over semantics and shit. Are people really trying to stick up for anyone’s rights on fucking Lamebook?

  39. No doubt you were joking, eyeballs, but you made me laugh. Easy mistake to make, though. I’ve met some dykes who look just like that.

    Cold, Ms. Cold.

  40. cold hard dose of reality.
    if the bullying cunts didn’t pick up a gun to go to foreign lands and kill the locals – for profit of halliburton et al – then I wouldn’t have 3gig of splattered soldier in a very special folder.
    Talk about mixed emotions.

  41. Masturbating material for you, no doubt, Ms.

  42. Nah. Soldiers are still stupid, even when dead. And stupidity is a huge turn-off.

  43. Jesus Christ there’s a lot of humourless assholes have commented on this post…

    Personally, I think we should all do what Jesus Christ would have almost certainly done. Which is to drink 8 cups of coffee, take the laptop out onto the street and force people to look at it.

    Like in Galatians chapter 8 verse 8…

  44. Does chapter 8 exist in Galatians?

  45. I would really like some big guys in uniform to come over and sodomize me, I love soldiers, they´re evil in the most amazing ways. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Soldiers come be mean to me, i need to be punished, I´ve been a bad girl.

  46. ^ make sure you use the emergency safeword before they burn your body in a ditch…

  47. mmyeah… That is a bit much… I’m not that bad.

  48. Each and every one of you is missing the point. What we should all be doing is protesting until we get to see giant soldier/wife/husband/family pet orgies when the troops return. Duh.

  49. Like the Aristocrat joke?

  50. MsAnne is clearly either a stupid teenager (he/she has a Tumblr) and/or a social retard. I’m not one to be on the “dick” of all military saying they are all heroes, BUT saying (to paraphrase) the only good soldier is a dead soldier is vile and disgusting. My parents both served (Air Force geeks) and they are pretty decent people. Soldiers aren’t saints, but they are willing to sacrifice their lives so that others may live in a society in relative safety. That goes for most nations, not just the US. You don’t need to worship soldiers to respect them.

  51. ^you don’t need to worship soldiers to respect them, but a full-frontal lobotomy helps.
    The illegal wars that the US keeps on waging…Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irag, bullying Cuba… and soon Iran.. have FUCK ALL to do with the ‘safety of society’(don’t piss in my pocket and call it lemonade you apologist asshole) and EVERYTHING to do with profiteering. You’re a brainwashed fool if you believe the bullshit spun by the people who have a vested interest in waging this shit.

  52. ^ you mad bro?

    Also, when did you join the Westboro Baptist Church?

  53. ^^ oops I forgot to ask, where is Irag? I don’t think we have been to war with them.

  54. @duchess, i think everybody knew beatus was joking but you. More importantly, @squarerobot, you are either a fool or extremely gullible (and thus a fool :) ) I have some respect for soldiers who fight for the freedom/safety of their people (for example, the rebels in libya). As missanne said a lot more eloquently than i can, all USA soldiers fight for is oil and money.

  55. remember back in the day, when people fought, but not for laws. but to over take countries and capture humans for slaves ? how was America won, you idiot (msanne), if it wasn’t for war, or shameless killing, you probably wouldn’t be living this life of your countless hours on the internet preaching your opinions. keep that in mind, next time someone honours the men fighting, and protecting America that could be over taken by the Chinese at any point in time.

  56. Oh God, are you seriously that ignorant, Flames? You’re applauding invasion and think that MsAnne should as well? Aren’t you a ridiculous cracker!?!

    Do the world a favour and die in a fire.

  57. Not really following how this life I’m living has much to do with the invasion of America. But I constantly keep in mind the devolution of the US – in fact we’ve been watching that empire collapse in real time for the last 5 years.
    When capitol hill finally washes away on a tide of blood-stained hubris, the better off the whole world will be.

  58. lynchmasterflash

    Aids is gods way of killing fags.

  59. Hey Lynchmaster – you’re a pathetic fuck – don’t worry about us fags we don’t need your support or opinion. By the way, you have gay relatives or friends whether you realize it or not and I’m sure they’d take death over being related to you. Bet you have a tiny dick.

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