Friday, April 9, 2010

Here’s Your W

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  1. Sandy vagina FTW!

  2. Ben.

  3. Fail. Oh well…still stand by it. :)

  4. The first one is Ben.

    I’m probably going to hell for laughing at Bridget’s comment. :p

  5. I’m addicted to heroin, so I feel Em’s pain. In the metaphorical sense.

    I’m a horrible person.

  6. Love the backpack comment. Hilario.

  7. I hereby offer myself to Chad for his overwhelming amounts of awesome. It’s love!

  8. I’m English, and I don’t know of this Ke£ha, nor how to pronounce it

  9. Pretty sure the second one is a repeat.

  10. @leonardmustdie – You’re lucky that you don’t know of ke$ha, shes a pop “singer”.It’s just pronounced kesh-a but since she thinks she’s super cool, she put a dollar sign instead of an “s”.

  11. Miss Shegas, back off girlfriend, Chad is mine.

    Oh wait a minute!, we can do him together, like we did that fella last week.
    But can you yell his name out during our thing, cos I can’t call out “Oh Chad”, and feel sexy at the same time.

  12. WOW, I was not expecting that from Chad… clever then WHAM! right in his face haha. gotta love the sandy vag comment

  13. one day dan
    had a plan
    to post a poem on facebook
    hoped girls would look
    instead it was a bunch of guys
    who gave him quite a surprise
    they tore him up
    a brand new butt
    looks like he was caught
    sent him home with a sandy twat

  14. @keepin:

    You mean…my pronunciation of “keh-dollarsign-ha” is incorrect?

    Well, crap.

    (And yes, I stole that from WhatTheBuck, but I found it humorous, so I use it anyway.)

  15. @keepin
    wut? So do I become supercool if I put a dollar sign in my name?

  16. Nice slim, very nice.

    Both you and Soup are showing some artistic flair today.
    You’re giving me more reasons to want to do you both six ways from Sunday.


  17. Ehhhh, what?

  18. Hey wordpervert, no worries, you know I’m a sharing kind of lady.
    You make a good point with the, “Oh, Chad!” problem, though. Too fratboy.

    Let’s just inform Chat that from now on, for sexing purposes only, he’ll be known as…. Aidan. I could hop on an Aidan and give him a girl twirl.

    Damn, I love a man with a big sexy brain!

  19. my brain is only outsized by my giant balls… they’re like church bells… and you ladies should be making plans to share me… then you wont have to worry about a name to yell out… i wont leave you with enough breath

  20. I love big sexy brains too Miss, followed closely by big packages of course.

    I love getting the double.

  21. Can we make this a Chad (Aidan) foursome? He makes me want to lick his brain, you know in a sexy…non-brain eating serial killer sort of way.
    I think it’s love.

  22. @slimjayz: do they ring like church bells? that must be awkward!

  23. slim makes it sound like we’re gonna see God if we do him Miss.

    We better strap ourselves in for the ride.

  24. leonardmu-dollarsign-tdie

    Am I cool yet?

  25. Chad? Really? But he’s just googled ‘poetry words’ and used ‘em at random!

    At least he didn’t send this in himself, then it would be even lamer.

  26. you’re so cool.

  27. lol.

  28. leonard- nope. not yet. the dollar sign is so…. 25 comments ago. you need a euro sign in there instead.

  29. What the buck.

  30. leonardmu-dollarsign-tdie

    But the Euro sucks. The French use it

  31. pounds? deutche marks? yen? rupees?

  32. ruble, zloty?

  33. the french use none of those.

  34. @ slimjayz you made my day I was laughing my ass off at your poem – or whatever you want to call it

  35. I don’t understand the backpack comment. What’s Zellers? A backpack brand?

  36. I can’t help but wonder if Dan is trying to be a rapper.

  37. @slippyslapp, apparently Zellers is “Canada’s second-largest chain of mass merchandise department stores.” Often “compared to that of Target Corporation in the United States.”

    Wikipedia contains so much information I never knew I didn’t give a shit about.

  38. slimjayz, iffn’ you and yer big ‘ol church bell balls make the right kind of music in the sheets, wordy and I just might give you a go. It’s the poem that put you in the running really, despite the considerable testicular deformity you claim.

    PlasmaNinja, join the fray. If slimjayz sucks, you CAN eat his brain. Or his balls. I won’t judge.

  39. I love it when you call me wordy Miss.

    And slim, I’ll give those church balls of yours a good ringing, don’t you worry about that boyfriend.

  40. prolefeedprocessor

    I know this’ll make me sound like a tard, but I don’t get the title. “Here’s your W”? What “W”?

  41. @37, ohhh thanks. It’s all coming clear now.

  42. I can’t decide what’s worse: Dan’s attempt at a rhyme scheme, or the rhythmic awkwardness of the entire thing.

    As I was writing that, I realized that he would probably try to rhyme “scheme” and “thing”.

  43. @prolefeedprocessor: I think the “W” might stand for win, but that’s a total guess. Dunno what else it could be, though.

  44. please do word… a ring a ding ding ding dong baby

  45. If I had a horse with a leg that badly ‘sprung’, I’d have to kill it and then burn its poor corpse for fear that the local dogs might gnaw on it and die. (NOTW)

    Chad rocked it pretty hard.

    The last two were okay, at best. I was looking for a good old fashioned black joke on the last one though. :(

    April 9th, 2010 at 3:50 pm
    pounds? deutche marks? yen? rupees?

    April 9th, 2010 at 3:50 pm
    pounds? deutche marks? yen? rupees?

    hahaha. Rupees are the currency in Zelda. I love it.

  46. wow. Rupees are what they use in india

  47. I guess no one realizes that Dan’s “poem” is actually just the lyrics from a Ludacris song called “Can’t Live”. He’s a Grammy winning rapper, so… Criticize him. Dan was just a quotin’.

  48. BrodySF, nice try. That actually makes is lamer.

  49. *it

  50. luda is lame as well

  51. I tried to predict the funny comment for the last one, but still did a spit take at Bridget! So wrong, but so damned funny.

  52. BeautifullyDizzy

    Loved the Zellers one.
    Heh, maybe I’ll be lucky and they’ll have that backpack in stock at the Zellers over here. :P

  53. @BritishHobo – It’s been a number of years since I’ve set foot in a Zellers so it’s possible they’ve upgraded their image, but from what I remember, Kmart would be a more accurate comparison. Target carries value priced designer merchandise, does it not? Zellers is more like off-brand junk.

  54. lol

  55. Madonna strikes again…

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