Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello Marina, Goodbye Mike


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  1. Oh lol.
    Though, sucks if you are really actually just trying to make friends.

  2. Marina ftw!… Making friends on facebook isn’t really making friends… It’s pretending to make friends. Unless of course the people actually meet. But yes, Marina gave the perfect response for that situation :)

  3. it’s fun when they crash and burn like that, i wish he’d left a sputtering response

  4. but? but?.. awww :’(

  5. Lulz.

  6. Marina FTW! Wow that was a quick washout right there. I wonder if Mike shed any tears over it? Especially trying to break the ice with a superhero reference…

  7. it’s tough on him but to be honest I would be getting to know someone via a friends status update responses before I even considered dropping someone a message to say I thought they were cool but only after status update banter has been obvious…..and most people have enough friends and they arent on here looking for more. I know I cringe upon receipt of an unwelcomed message out of the blue. I guess I just ignore them.

  8. creepy men… why do they even try?

  9. boring
    seen on CH

  10. I’m not sure if I want to ask what CH is, since it’ll probably lead to another hour’s wasted time on the internet. But I will.. what is CH?

    Also, this only garnered a ‘heh’ out of me.

  11. @ Alan:
    Sometimes I enjoy the random friend invites, as they can bring up different topics than what I’m used to with my ‘regular’ friends.
    I guess after 3 months on strict bed rest, I’m getting desperate. ._.

  12. CH=College Humor

  13. What a bitch… Sounds like a desperate nerd hitting on a chic… Just tell him you’re not interested and move on… No need to get mean like that

  14. Agreed. She’s a bitch.

  15. how does that make her a bitch? you’re assuming that mike is some kind of sweet nerd, when he might be a sexual lurking predator.

  16. @jb591333 I’m with you on that one. Smart girls don’t talk to strange men online, especially when they ask about evil villains. Who asks a question like that, nice icebreaker buddy, now let’s be friends forever!

  17. Mike, you gotta come up with a better opening line than that!

  18. I’m a bitch too because I would respond the same way. Because we’re constantly getting bombarded by “nice guys” who just wanna chat and make new friends….we’ve found that “chat and make new friends” translates to “hey sexy, wanna talk dirty to me while I spank my monkey?”

  19. maybe you’re just a bitch

  20. maybe you’re just a predator

  21. els9874 seems to have struck a nerve. Getting a little defensive there huh whatgoodman45? Are you the monkey spanker she’s referring to?

  22. @17
    hell yes sister.
    I had one add me just yesterday.
    he was like 20 years older than me too. :/

  23. Meh. As a general rule, people that submit their own internet wins automatically receive a fail.

  24. @els9874: So, how about you and me get together and discuss our favorite villains over dinner. I’ll bring my robe and wizard hat.

  25. It does make me LOL, well at least it’s not as creepy as the time a guy tried to friend me and I asked if I knew him and he eagerly replied “YES! We were in English together freshman year 3rd period!” Feeling terrible I had no memory of the gent I accepted and we chatted a little me trying my hardest to rack my memory of him when he came out and admitted he never went to school with me just used it as a ploy to get me to talk to him. And I immediately deleted him ha ha ha ha. Gentleman if you are trying to talk to a lady maybe the best first impression is NOT lying .. at least not right from the start :-P

  26. I like turtles.

  27. @els9874 Well maybe if you’d finally give me a chance I could show you that it’s not ALL about spanking the monkey…

  28. .. than agian I wouldn’t have talked to him if he had been honest in the start either.. hmmmm.

  29. then again*

  30. WIN.

  31. I guess there are a bunch of bitch in here… I understand rejecting him… I mean there are tons of reasons for that… But to call him an internet pred when he has done nothing wrong up to that point… Cuz to my knowledge (Which can be suspect) an internet pred would be someone targetting those underage, not just trying to listen to a legal girl talk about her cat while vigorously rubbing one out

  32. I <3 you Sensible Madness.

  33. Agreed, slimjayz.

  34. Maria FTW I say.

  35. @ Bucky Fellini

    My thoughts exactly.

  36. els9874 FTW

  37. He’s not a predator, he’s a pre-dater.

  38. Gee Chuck, the internet chat was going swimmingly, until I creeped her out by letting her know that we were strangers.

  39. Marina is quick. Well done.

  40. @ slimjayz- He’s a weirdo for messaging a complete stranger basically saying “Hey I don’t know you, but let’s get to know each other! Who’s your favorite villain?” Internet predators don’t always target underage girls, it could be a 65 year old man sitting behind that computer screen pretending to be someone he’s not. If on the off chance it IS an attractive 20 something year old looking to make friends, wouldn’t he able to find a girl outside of the internet world?

    Besides, Marina could be underage. I don’t think it makes her a bitch for rejecting a complete stranger.

  41. tee hee…..

    I like the guy who confirmed what I already said…yeah, I know I’m a bitch, and thats ok. And you yank yer wanker…and thats ok. Its all ok. All I’m saying is, be up front about it. See.

  42. Marina submitted this herself. Tsk-tsk.

  43. MARINA FTW!!!

  44. i just don’t feel he really stepped over a line by asking a silly question, it’s not like he said anything perverted or sexual in the slightest way.. plus he said he’s doing a project to see the popular opinion and it’s not as if the question or answer is going to be personal information in any way. maybe marina just isn’t into the whole hero/villian genre so she didn’t have a response. plus who the hell adds people that they don’t know unless they want to talk to strangers?!?

  45. So seriously, try that in real life. Meeting women is a bitch. You talk to them at a bar they make a cringe face because they don’t already know you. You talk to them at the store they turn the other way. Talk to them on the street they dial 9-1 just in case. These days you can really only meet people online without scaring the shit out of them.

    All I’m saying is… lighten up ladies, this is real life not Lifetime. It’s not like I asked you to outright blow me. I (man) just asked your name, or made a joke, or even said hi. As for poor Mike up there he got shot down in front of thousands.

  46. 1/4 women are sexually assaulted by the time they leave college. realness.

    on a lighter and more even toned note–facebook is not okcupid, craigslist, or it is facebook. a place for friends. not lonely people. marina ftw.

  47. If you look at a woman or say anything to one who is not interested, you are a predator, possibly a rapist.
    ilim, it’s more like 100% of women who have ever seen a man has been sexually assaulted.
    I say all this with my tongue in my cheek. Get a life, ladies.

  48. Guys – why do you think you deserve anything from a woman you start talking to on the bus/street/facebook? We are going about our business and we don’t want to talk to you. We are bombarded with douche baggery all. day. long. If we don’t know you, we automatically assume you are a douche bag. Women don’t expect you to understand this, but it’s pretty much a given, and you should at the very least take that into consideration.

    Read more about this here (or don’t, whatever):

  49. @christopherlovet

    And maybe some guys should get a life instead of being a creeper and trying to hold conversations with us while we’re on public transport, one of the last places I want to be talking to someone I don’t know.

  50. he’s an idiot who can’t spell “there’s” and deserves whatever he gets from her

  51. actually, i talk to plenty of strange men in line, or at bars, or on the subway. it’s one thing to strike up friendly conversation. it’s another when you know a guy is only talking to you because you have a vadge. it’s even another thing when guys [young, old, infant] try to get at your vadge all day. in line, on the subway, at work, at bars, from across the street, from inside their cars.

    and also on facebook.

  52. ilim: they are assaulted by people they know not by strangers. Live in fear ladies, just live your lives in fear. But don’t fear the strange guy who smiled at you, fear the uncle you never thought would do that, fear the date with that boy you’ve been staring at all year, fear the football star at the party.

    On a lighter note, someone commented on it earlier that if you don’t want to talk to strangers DON’T APPROVE THEIR FRIEND REQUESTS.

    Rendezvous: ladies don’t owe men anything. Didn’t read your link, but from what I’ve gathered from websites that offer advice meeting women they want a guy that makes a good joke, smiles, is a little cocky, etc. I’ve read it all. Yet women continue to throw around terms like “predator, creep, rapist, molester, freak, douche bag”

    Saying things like “We are bombarded with douche baggery all. day. long.” Brings up another topic: if a woman sleeps around is she a slut? Because she can choose any guy on the bus/subway/facebook, mean while no matter how good looking a guy is he still gets turned down as often as he is successful, so if he’s successful a lot wouldn’t he be a stud for breaking the stigma?

  53. you can message a person through facebook WITHOUT friend requesting them.

    @christopherlovet- there are a lot of creepy guys out there who are only looking for one thing, and unfortunately many women are sexually abused & can’t or don’t do anything about it. It’s people like you who make women feel afraid to come forward about their sexual assault experience.

  54. Also, 1/4 women being sexually assaulted in their lifetimes does not equal 1/4 men being a sexual assaulter. Something to chew on.

  55. There’s also this little thing called PTSD that has risen over the years due to assaults and rapes. So perhaps they’re…scared?? Something else to chew on.

  56. yeah i definitely never said 1/4 men was an assaulter, but it puts this entry into context.

    i run a ptsd support group, i’m well aware that most sexual assaults are by familiar people.

    however, not sure how being a ‘slut’ has anything to do with being chased after all day when you’re just trying to go to work. or chilling on facebook.

    i don’t know when facebook became a place where people you didn’t know randomly started talking to you. it was a nice safe place before it started trying to compete with myspace.

    mmm i guess it would be hard trying to explain the automatic aversion girls have to guys contacting them out of the blue. i might stop trying. i don’t think marina is ‘living in fear’. i think she was living in annoyance for that moment. she probably didn’t call facebook to delete his account. she was being an asshole towards someone she was annoyed with. to comedic effect.

    so… i still think marina wins.

  57. especially since this guy smells of creeper. like sneaking into innocuous best friend role back rubbing smelling like citronella candle creeper.

  58. I think they are both weird. See? We are all winners.

  59. This is my friend Marina who works for college humor, and she definitely did not accept a friend request from him. Also, shes usually this sassy (mean?) to everyone she encounters.. not just to facebook creepers.

  60. Isn’t ”Most evil person in history” a Hotmail secret security question to get a new password?

  61. Sorry, but as a girl (who isn’t fat or unattractive) living in a city, creepy guys are a problem. I understand that some girls DO exaggerate things or want attention, but I don’t see why girls should have to put up with guys being rude or weird. Rape is a serious problem, and in a city it is often not just the guy you know, but random criminals around you. I could go on.

    Also: if you need to approach girls on public transportation or in the streets, maybe you don’t know how to meet girls. Go to a bar, club, or party. Don’t try to approach girls who aren’t interested. It’s very possible that if you have no luck with girls, you’re just unattractive or unappealing, and that’s life. Lower your standards and stop talking to girls who aren’t interested.

  62. @idontwantaname Haha, honey. Get over yourself. Rape’s a problem, yeah. Of course it is! But striking up a conversation in public? You have to be some kind of stuck-up woman to think that people shouldn’t try to meet someone in regular settings. Not everyone’s a club rat.

  63. idontwantaname = “Sorry, but as a girl (who isn’t fat or unattractive) living in a city, creepy guys are a problem.” Right. Because only pretty, thin girls are targetted by creepy guys. You’re coming off as a pretty major bitch here. Just FYI.

    (You’re also implying that only thin and pretty girls are raped or sexually assaulted – this makes you not only ignorant as all hell, but stupid and shallow to boot; you better watch out, though; if you’re as breath-takingly gorgeous as you seem to want us to believe, you’ve got to be #1 on every predator’s list…I’d buy some mace if I were you. Maybe a taser, just as a precaution.)

    “Lower your standards and stop talking to girls who aren’t interested.” So guys shouldn’t talk to the girls they think are pretty, they should just talk to the ones they “think they have a chance with”? Yep, now you’re coming off as an even bigger bitch.

    “Also: if you need to approach girls on public transportation or in the streets, maybe you don’t know how to meet girls. Go to a bar, club, or party. Don’t try to approach girls who aren’t interested.” So all those articles about meeting women at the store, the laundromat, the library, the bookclub, doing volunteer work – those are all obviously way off base, and the *CORRECT* place for men to meet women with whom they have a chance of forming a lasting bond is a bar, club, or party. Also, men are now coming installed with Girl Insterest-Seeker V. 6.4, so they can tell which girls are interested merely by looking at them long enough for the program imbedded in their cerebral coretex to evaluate their level of interest (V. 7.0 comes with an option that calculates your chances with the woman, as well).

    Yep, you are now officially one of the biggest bitches I’ve “met” on these boards.

  64. @idontwantaname –

    “It’s very possible that if you have no luck with girls, you’re just unattractive or unappealing, and that’s life.”

    Or they’ve only met self-centered bitches like yourself…

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