Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthcare! Beware! (part 2)

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  1. Its the fucking Beatles

    Sheesh @ #1. No accounting for stupidity I guess.

  2. BringYourOwnSun

    Tom FTW

  3. Its the fucking Beatles

    Oh wait! They were trying to be funny. Forgive me for not pissing my pants at that little gem.

  4. Obama’s a real player

  5. my love affair with made up statistics continues…

  6. inb4 overzealous political debate

    #2 was great.

    #3 was fail, mostly from Kristen.

  7. and cue another riveting healthcare debate.. get over it America.

  8. Christina.Willemina

    Here we go again…

  9. lol

  10. I am totally sick of the healthcare debate (pun intended)

  11. Just like you’re trying and failing to do, right, Beats?

  12. Let’s not even get started, I think we covered most everything in the last debate.

  13. I only wish ignorance was searingly, unbearably painful. And not covered by any insurance, anywhere, by anyone.

  14. Social Health Care is lame, lol

  15. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    *glares at slim*

  16. Oh God not another one!

  17. Most on here will like the healthcare bill. They sit on here all day and dont contribute.

  18. So….usually I would just happily read lame book and have a chuckle but the last 2 days comments re the heath bill for the US is doing the US citizens NO favors, the rest of the world already believe that the majority of Americans are ignorant, loud and abusive idiots at the best of times, but quite clearly the people who have pathetic, racial comments as their status for the one president who has actually tried to make America a better place to live for all it’s citizens obviously wanted to prove the point on what we in the rest of the world believe.
    May I make a suggestion, if you don’t want a system that helps save lives (including your family if they have a serious illness that their insurance can’t pay for)and you don’t want a president that actually tries to make the country a better place move to one of the many struggling, third world countries, where you as an ‘intelligent’ and hard working citizen can just worry about yourself!

  19. Is this one also going to end up in a 300+ post thread? Come on people, I get the idea of wanting to build your own future and working hard for it, American dream and all. But this healthcare bill is not so bad. It just enables that no one will be left on the streets alone to die. What’s so bad about that?

  20. Where’s Soup, mcowles, Word, Hobo and slim?.. Lamebook posts are incomplete without them.

    I need brain-melting, moral-ignoring amusement.. ):

  21. Oh, I see you now, slim….

  22. Dear Lamebook:

    Putting up repeated entries that are destined to turn into flame wars spanning hundreds of posts may temporarily drive up page views, but eventually everyone who’s not an extremist (left or right wing) kook will leave the site as they get sick of all the nonsense. We already covered the health care thing, move on to something less divisive like children covered in feces or shots of people groping each other in the background of other peoples’ photos.

    S. Madness, Esq.

  23. bring on the poop covered kids!

  24. How many dead babies does it take to paint a building?
    Depends how hard you throw them.

  25. ewww

  26. My name is Shea. but I’ll bet the Shea in the last post is a dude.

  27. I somehow forgot about you Sensible….

  28. Yeah… done this debate… I was up until after midnight finishing homework thanks to that distraction… wont be sucked in again… just going to get lazy and enjoy my government cheese… Ahhh, i feel so europeon… now I just need to switch from swimming trunks to a nut hammock and my social transformation will be complete

  29. I know what Lamebook’s trying to do. It’s trying to force us into another long-winded pointless debate, tiring us out so that it can just deliver us more shitty typo posts without fear of complaints, as we’ll have pissed out our last remnants of anger by yelling the shit at each other over some increasingly strained tangent of the healthcare debate like ‘yeah, well Americans are just ignorant British people’.

    Saying that, this post made me laugh, and I still don’t have a fucking clue about the healthcare debate. Which is alright, cos then my fiancee and me can’t get into an absurd squabble like the peoples of Lamebook.

  30. XS- ewwwwww… now i have that mental picture stuck in my head. i’m going to have nightmares about this, i just know it.

    sensible madness- yes! bring on the groping people. those are usually awesome.

  31. britishhobo- i absolutely loved your comment yesterday when you said the only thing you know about american politics is that our president is black and has a dog. that had me hysterical. i didn’t want to say anything yesterday for fear of being attacked by everyone else about how much i suck for liking that comment.

  32. @# 28 europeON? seriously?

    thanks #18 and # 19, you just statet everything there is to this :)

  33. and they *stated obviously. It’s late over here for us EuropeOns.

  34. @virgo79: Thanks :) Aw, you should’ve commented. We needed more people to post normal stuff, to break up the epic saga that was Lamebook’s health debate :p

  35. it was pretty epic. i gave up trying to read the posts after awhile.

  36. You Got Doddified

    @swamp hen

    Brilliantly timed!

  37. Fuck that healthcare bill. They won’t even cover abortions! The bitches I bang are waaaay too stupid to figure out birth control, and I think we all know I’m too self-centered to wrap up my magnificence. Eventually the Payday Loan Store is going to start questioning why I need so many vacuums and blenders.

  38. oh god here we go again…

  39. The country formerly known as “Land of the Free”,
    Samijay has a good idea, move to Canada, they have free health care but not even close to half the population as the U.S so it’s possible for this to work there, but not here with this amount of people. Hospitals are filled with crack heads abusing insurance for free drugs or either homeless people who want a bed, THEY CAUSED THIS. And if your a nurse say goodbye to what you worked so hard to earn, Obama jut swiped your jobs out from underneath you….. Or if you own a tanning salon, own any smaller business, or even wanna start a business.
    - Love, America

  40. Totally called it. Someone give up 20 bucks.

  41. JesusOnADinosaur

    Bring on the 350 comments again…

  42. @37

    Soup, thats a pretty half arsed committment by Obama there. But think of it this way, at least RU486 might get subsidised. You could buy in bulk and save!

    Bring on the baby bonus!

  43. “land of the free” heck yeah I am going to make myself sick so that I can get free healthcare and just live in the hospital for free. Call me ignorant but I think it will be a great way to live.

  44. What sound does a baby in a blender make?
    I don’t know I was too busy masturbating.

  45. @xs that is a truly sick comment. Do you actually feel that way?

  46. I feel like doing anything necessary to distract everyone from falling into another healthcare debate.

  47. hahaha well it’s working!

  48. Dizzy_Ballerina

    I have no idea what this LB post started out to be but I find myself smiling and feeling warm all over at the thought of Soup and Slimjayz wearing nut hammocks for us all.

    *rocks back and forth* nut hammocks with nothing else mmmmm yes!!!


    I swear to god, lamebook just posted this to see if we would take the bait again.

  50. We will not argue about healthcare!! Instead let us argue about the lameness of Lamebook and how truly lame we are for posting our lame comments. Ok enough with the lame bit.

  51. Dizzy_Ballerina

    Please Soup can I have a picture of you in nut hammock to hang on my bedroom ceiling :P

  52. & mmm.. nut hammocks.
    That is a mental image that won’t be forgotten soon xD

  53. Yesterday I was told that I was the 1millionth visitor to LB. Today it says I am the 100thousandth visitor.

  54. Dizzy_Ballerina

    *whispers to Lemon* if I get the picture of Soup in the nut hammock we can load it up on cafe press and print tee shirts and posters to sell …… I think we might be rich if you’re game xD

  55. @eman

    I think about a million people got drawn into that damn debate tbh.

    @ Dizzy

    I am very game for that.
    We should patent the idea, make t-shirts and once people are hooked on the nut hammock gimmick we can start to manufacture them. This could be the start of something beautiful.
    And hammocky.

  56. C’mon Lamebook , I come to this site to laugh a bit. I don’t wanna see political debates everytime I open the page, I see enough of this on FB.

  57. @ lemon No kidding, what a waste of our time:)

  58. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ Lemon

    We should make different sizes..
    SOUPer sized
    Slim J sized
    Ben sized for those who cum first

  59. @RollTideRoll – For your last comment “And if your a nurse say goodbye to what you worked so hard to earn, Obama jut swiped your jobs out from underneath you….. Or if you own a tanning salon, own any smaller business, or even wanna start a business.” I’m pretty sure you’re unaware of the ratio of small businesses in America compared to the amount of big businesses. There’s no likely way “Obama will just swipe their jobs out from underneath them.” Also, I see you think health care = loss of jobs for small businesses. 1. The two aren’t related (for the most part) 2. If anything it will help them if they can’t afford health insurance for their employees. I hate going into political debates, since I know nothing about American politics. But entrepreneurship is my turf. Stop being ignorant and spurting anything you think might sound clever for an online forum if you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. Buggering Republican.

  60. @ Dizzy

    Damn girl you so clever! That made me lol xD


    Yes, let’s hope others learn from our mistakes.

  61. @Brit come forget about the debate, we don’t want the mood ruined. By mood, I mean the visual images of some of our dear friends in nut hammocks.

  62. yes let’s talk about something something else now. Hmmm what’s in the news today?…Oh shit nevermind

  63. Dizzy_Ballerina

    oh no it doesn’t end here if BritishHoboette is game she can get a shot of BritishHobo in a nut hammock for us and we can use that to make the HOBO style nut hammock.

    so here is my idea – when we make his to sell it will have holes/tears maybe even a patch that says LB … point being it will be more worn then the others… dirt can be an optional addition which will cost $

  64. BritishHobette, you should help us with the nut hammock business, you seem to know your stuff.

    I badly want to see Soups nut hammock. I wonder if it’s homemade out of a stringed bag of oranges.

  65. No, I think that Soup fashioned their hammock out of Ramen Noodles.

  66. “dangly balls no more – with new nut hammock!”

  67. Dizzy_Ballerina

    omg edible nut hammocks genius eman genius!!!!!

  68. Dizzy_Ballerina

    omg the LB ads just changed for me…. its showing hammocks lmao all I can think is ours are WAY BETTER!!!

  69. “tastiest nuts ever”!!

  70. Lol it is showing hammocks!

  71. Dizzy, I appreciate your enthusiasm (as I expressed in a previous post), but I’m kind of hairy so it just kind of looks like I’ve got a tarantula trapped down there. And really, if I wanted a group of girls to stand around and laugh at my package, well, I still have my high school memories.

  72. I’ll definitely sew some hobo-style, LB nut hammocks up and sell them in my shop.

  73. “all the freshness of being commando, without the swing!”
    I can see a market for the elderly too.
    You could make them out of dental floss.

    & edible nut hammocks is a brilliant idea. Perhaps TMI Tim and his wife would like to test them out.

  74. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ Soup

    Please we luv ya here … so you ask for attention to detail and a close weave……. it will be fine just lay back and let us have our way with you.

  75. I am writing a marketing plan for school, I should totally be using nut hammocks for my product. I could use all the ideas and quotes that LB users have generated. I see myself getting an A+:)

  76. @xs: how do you make a dead baby float?

    2 scoops ice cream, 1 scoop dead babies, coke and serve.

  77. Dizzy_Ballerina

    eman write it up send it to Lemon and I …… we are running with this :P

    note to Lemon we need to give Slimjayz his royalties on the idea

  78. @eman – I best hope we don’t go to the same Uni, because that’s what I was going to use for my Business plan.

  79. haha nope I’m not British.

  80. We definately should take this as far as we can. I can see a market for the nut hammock.

    Awh, do we have to give slim royalties? xD
    Damn that clever bastard. We would have to negotiate a reasonable price with him.

  81. @sosr alternate answer: Take your foot off it.

  82. Bribe LB to remove his posts about the nut hammocks and you won’t have to worry about paying him. I want the job of business advisor though.

  83. what’s worse than 10 dead babies in 1 trash can? 1 dead baby in 10 trash cans

    god those jokes make me feel sick but I couldn’t help but contribute one

  84. oh yeah, since bribery will land you in jail, you will need to get someone from a third world country to do it for you.

  85. Dizzy_Ballerina

    eman that won’t work I just did a class this summer in cyber law. We will need to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Make him the cover model? Give him credit on every a hammock “Slimjayz thought of this on you” … I’m just giving suggestions :P

  86. or just name one of the hammocks “the slimjay” and give him a 10 percent profit from it.

  87. Just so I’m clear: Your A+ business plan is almost naked internet dudes? Now, despite my self-defecation, I am actually quite the physical specimen (really, I’m stunning), but I have to believe that I’m the exception and not the rule.

    I can only assume this will all end in an explosion of pie, tears, and masturbation.

  88. “the Slimmock” sorry about all the posts, but ideas are flowing freely from my brain right now.

  89. Dizzy_Ballerina

    already did that eman it’s in our plan see post #58 … mind you we have add the HOBO so we now have 4 models

  90. Oh Soup, don’t be silly. Everyone who spends excessive time on the internet is unbelievably attractive.

  91. Dizzy_Ballerina

    better yet – oh LB, don’t be silly. Everyone who are regulars here will not be your pawns.

  92. FlamingMoeLamingFoe

    Oh we’re almost there people. Almost passing 100 posts on this one. Keep it going guys, yeah, right on!

    Or whatever.

    Oh, and I só like the nut hammock idea. I think people would really hook on to this

  93. We need to beat the post count of the first healthcare debate thing.

  94. Dizzy_Ballerina


  95. @Soup- in my head i can picture the hammock dedicated to you, with lots of black threads sticking out around the scrote to resemble pubes.

    oh, and lamebook? ben on you. we’re so over healthcare.

  96. Most of us have probably screwed more people than Tiger Woods.
    What a stupid, completely obvious statement for a group title.

  97. danetta, I long for the days when I had a luxurious mane of black hair on my sack. I have since lost the melanin that gave my pubes their raven colored luster. But it’s not all bad, surprisingly the ladies don’t seem to mind. I’m not known as the Silver Fox for nothing.

  98. back off danetta ………. Soup is the end all to be all and I dare you to prove me wrong

    @ Soup

    swear I’m not a stalker it’s all in post response :P but can I get that picture *wink*

  99. Dizzy, danetta, and the like,

    Back off the lot of you bitches, he’s all mine.

    Kisses and hugs,
    word RN

  100. @ wordpervert

    great so you can get us the nut hammock shots we need for the magazine layout and website marketing.

    Be sure and get shots from left ball and right ball then straight on. Make sure to note which angle so Tim’s girlfriend can pick up on the visual.

  101. oh, hey now…i’m just offering free advice for this banana hammock line you’re starting up. ‘nut hammocks of lamebook’ or whatever you’re calling it; i’d envisioned a calendar.

  102. gotcha danetta – this is all about LB not calling a feeding frenzy between us…… you did good :)

  103. Ok Dizzy, cos that’s what the RN stands for after my name…
    I’m not known as the Ravishing Nutjobber for nothing.

  104. So…all I am to you people is just a piece of meat? I’m, I’m so proud. *sniff*

  105. And 2 veg (I hope).

  106. whoo hoo after my name I’m gonna add Z107.3 the kid !!! so glad I now have a sign off thanks to wordpervert mind ya I don’t know the kid but I hear him every morning so that’s like an authority thing…… maybe he will mention me on his morning show and our nut hammock product

    @ Kid

    Give me credit :P for the nut hammock product!

  107. @Word
    I am anatomically correct. My mom showed me on a Ken doll. Just a smooth fleshy mound that doesn’t hurt when you punch it.

    You’re already selling out to the Man. For shame.

  108. *falls to her knees*

    forgive me Soup for I did not know the bad I did….. but while I’m down here *wink wink smirk*

    Mind if I take a few photos :P

  109. I’m glad Soup, cos that whole solo gonad thing while easy in some ways, played havoc with others.
    The imbalance always threw my back out.

  110. Dizzy
    I believe there was a promise of boobs. Not to be all kindergarten, but your pictures are first in the queue.

    You work too hard. Sometimes you need to lay back and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

  111. The last time I tried that Soup a guy fucked up his recently surgically corrected knee.
    I can’t win.

  112. *gasps* Soup preface was you committed the crime so subpoena me for a deposition add me to discovery and I’ll gladly submit.

    I so like to submit

  113. Word
    You need to stop hooking up with patients. The hospital is not a dating service.

    Paperwork? Lawyers? I’ve worked hard to get at some titties before, but every time I end up as the defendant, I realize they weren’t worth it.

  114. Soup, you’re not friends with the Director of Nursing at my current work establishment I hope, as you could do me some real damage by revealing my dirty little secrets.

  115. Dizzy_Ballerina

    Soup *strokes Soup’s forehead* Criminal or Civil the burden of proof is different….. you just need to close your eyes and realize you’re now in a position to get a good feel :P

    And while your eyes are closed mind if I take a few photos and place on you the SOUPer Hammock *winks*

  116. Word, I know all sorts of people, in all walks of life, on 6 of the 7 continents. But I would never betray your trust by ratting you out. Unless said Director offered to tickle my bunghole. I’m only human after all.

  117. I understand completely Soup, cos if the Director did that to me, I’d rat myself out.

  118. Dizzy, you mentioned a crime so I obviously assumed it would be criminal, and had immediate flashbacks to my multiple indecent exposure cases.

    Not that I ever actually did anything wrong or exposed myself in public, it’s just that when some women finally see “it”, they feel threatened by the inherent power on display. Just by being in “its” presence they feel violated. It is my curse.

  119. Dizzy_Ballerina

    I understand Soup *nods and smiles* now about those pics…

    mind if we start with you on your right side … we can fully expose you later on your back :P

  120. You really are a lawyer, aren’t you? Just will not be deterred. But once again, I refer you to the case of I Asked You First vs. Grundle Sling, and as Justice Scalia himself said, “Boobs come first.”

  121. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ Soup

    I’ll give you that …… let’s hope this LB sad excuse for a topic drama dies so we can move forward in our relationship (stalker music plays in the background)

  122. Tom ftw

  123. america: founded by rich, white, slave-owning men who didn’t want anyone else to vote demanding freedom. this country was founded on hypocrisy.

  124. lol

  125. 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  126. oops, I had written the tags and around that comment. I thought it wouldn’t accept bad html and would just display the tags as I typed them.

  127. ffs!!!! [lame joke] and [/lame joke]

  128. So anyone in a country other than Aus hear about the Rudd vs Abbott healthcare debate? No? Then why should we hear about this all the time?

    Turns out American Healthcare > bad storm > lara bingle

  129. Anyone other than Australia and India notice you have signed up to an American social networking website? No? If you are tired of hearing about the American Health care debate, perhaps you should start up your own wesite…www.dingobook.co.au?

  130. or http://www.butterchicken.com

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