Monday, March 22, 2010

Have Some PhoDOHs!

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  1. last one = gross.

  2. does Shane ever use the vacuum cleaner? I wouldn’t want to walk on that floor, much less let a kid sleep on it.

  3. Who lets a kid sleep in a hamper on a dirty floor? Also, Carl’s mom FTW.

  4. So Ashton gets in trouble and his punishment is to be tied up in a mesh laundry hamper thing? Wow, great parenting there.

    And the last one? Wow, he sure had a lot of fluids inside him.

  5. x-x-vallium-x-x

    i agree with lissieissocool
    Carl’s mom FTW all the way

  6. Hahaha only people in NZ and Australia will get the second one.. Watch this

  7. I agree with x-x-vallium-x-x, because I dig Valium, and myself.

  8. So did shane put his kid in that bag and on that nasty floor for getting in trouble? hope cps follows lamebook cuz that looks worrisome

  9. oh and I <3 Linda C… I laughed

    @jackanddiane… great commercial… and helps explain tampax dude… very funny

  10. wow, shane’s photo looks like straight up abuse.

  11. Wow, that commercial was hysterical.

  12. Pic 2.

    In a pinch, I’ve used the sticky side of pads as waxing strips.

    Pic 3 & 4

    I’ve said it before, and this is me being dead serious, I fucking hate depictions of debasement and mistreatment of another.
    It is not funny, and has no place on here or anywhere else.

  13. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Sound asleep or un conches? And how about mixing in a vacuum?

  14. Word

    As much as I completely agree about number 3… dude peeing himself is his own fault for getting wasted and having douchebag friends… so its funny

  15. Ew. The floor of the Shane picture is nasty. I bet the cleanest place is inside that bag.

  16. rockyourworld1967

    Guess Ashton didn’t get to eat his pancake, in the bottom of the pic, ON THE FLOOR! WTH? Was that part of the punishment? You can see the food, but you can’t eat it!

  17. Im not buying the last one…the fluid is evenly spread….but gravity would have ensured that would not be the case…
    I reckon it’s a set up shot..

  18. “Un conches” wow. Thank you for that.

  19. slim, I just don’t see the humour, if you do honey, that’s fine.
    We have a different opinion.
    I told you before, I like it when we disagree, cos that means make up sex later.

  20. On another note, I’ve just heard on the news that Michael Bolton is coming to tour here in Australia, and those dorks in pic 1 look exactly like the type that would be lining up to go.

  21. I’m with wordpervert on this. Although slim doesn’t have to have the make up sex with me if he doesn’t want to.

  22. Libra Pad Man has brightened my morning :) I love that ad. Also, Carl’s mum is just not funny at all.

  23. Carl’s mom should know that if they have kids Carl is going to deny they are his and flee

  24. the last one looks set up. the second one looks like child abuse. that kid couldn’t have tightened the top while inside. someone else did that. and that floor… ewwwwwww gross!

  25. I’m willing to bet Ashton “got into trouble” and the bag was his punishment. Which yes, is child abuse. But judging by the fact that floor looks like they haven’t cleaned it in months and the poor thing doesn’t even have a shirt on – The parents don’t care.

    Photos like this shouldn’t be posted here – They should be reported to Child Welfare.

  26. it seems to me that majority of lamebook peple are superlame and don’t see a joke. yes, a child was put into a bag as punishment, some people are just chld obsessed idiots

  27. of course the floor of the room is messy. its the kids freakin room!
    also, that is not child abuse.

  28. Ew. Look at the filth in the room that Ashton kid is in.

  29. Christ on a cracker

    Actually, Ashton’s parents always put him in the bag and hang him in the closet so that they can go out with their high school’s classmates.

  30. @WaggagePatch, the conches thing is probably from the lamebook post just below this one where someone asked if dreams told you something about your sub conches, unless they are that person and really think that’s how to spell it!

  31. brilliant work pad man at the cricket…I salute you

    And with a name like Ashton you can tell there must be fantastic parenting skills happening there

  32. lol

  33. hahahaha I love maxi pad man.. what’s going on with that? He lose a bet? It’s not like he’s so drunk and his friends decided to stick pads all over him.. they are pretty neatly placed. It’s more like a fashion statement. o.O

  34. ooh ooh ooh! I wonder if he just has a fear of blood getting onto his skin!

  35. @ Shampoo

    ching ching ching

  36. THE LIBRA PAD MAN! i tried spraying him with water when i saw him the other day at the rugby sevens! he got really annoyed! lol

  37. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    timmyjay17, of course he was pissed off, you were squirting the wrong kind of liquid at him, next time try some endometrium juice ;-)

  38. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    p.s. pad man looks like Gary Sweet.

  39. it disturbs me to think about how long that kid was folded up in that bag before he fell asleep; i’m the kind of person who can laugh at almost anything, but i’m with wordpervert on this one.

    …i did laugh at the last one though. whether it’s real or fake, i needed a hearty chuckle after the child-in-bag pic.

  40. @IVB

    Irina, it’s obvious that’s you, no other corn-toothed mongoloid uses that phrase but you.

  41. Tying a child up in a bag is not an appropriate punishment. That floor is disgusting. I honestly hope they are reported to child services. That is just disturbing.

  42. I have a friend who took a few years to figure out that the sticky side of the pad goes downwards into undies.
    She never had to get a wax job until she figured it out.
    We are real original and call her ‘Sticky’.

    Have seen wetting pattern like last pic in real life. I think it’s to do with whatever way the guy’s wanger is pointing.

  43. Even if the kid wasnt in a bag, I say the nastiness of that floor is child abuse.

  44. @deenis: “corn-toothed mongoloid”

    LMFAO (I really did laugh out loud… here at my lame office job… which turned heads… and made me close my browser)

    Most excellent.

  45. HAHAHA the commercial is better than this whole post!
    Big ups @jackanddiane! thanks

  46. The sanitary towel bloke needs to adjust the left one – I can still see his moob.

    And I do hope whoever submitted #3 has also notified social services. The thought that they might have considered it lame but not plain wrong makes me sad. And angry.

  47. hahhha..the pampers guy………u r crazy ….

  48. The guy covered in sanitary towels looks like Sting…

  49. Ashton should go live with Linda…

  50. #2 is the first proud owner of the new English-made iPad.

  51. I really love the first picture!

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