Friday, April 16, 2010

Have a FANtastic Weekend!

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  1. furst

  2. Regarding “OUR language”:

  3. Its not first but i almost had you

  4. I dont get most of these.. The second post made me lol

  5. The Salmon Mousse


  6. The first post had me giggling and nodding.

  7. bunch of cocks

  8. The last one is the only good one out of these.

  9. WhyNotTheWhales

    To the first one, they forgot “, and kill spiders.”.

  10. To answer Andrew’s question: Yes, it would matter. Because then we’d have one less emo bastard complaining on facebook. Thus, the world would be slightly a better place. So hurry the fuck up.

    I also refuse to mow a law. Unless there’s some trimmed hedges. :P

  11. liketotallycool

    All of these are boring :|

  12. Curse my dysfunctional keyboard. *lawn. Mowing a law might be interesting, however.

  13. WhyNotTheWhales

    Andrew’s seems a bit too planned for me to find it funny.

  14. Snips link is the best part of this

  15. ‘Hey, welcome to our group. We’re pretty much all hypocritical, ignorant fucktards who think we’re better than everyone else, and are making a point about people abusing our language while we lack the ability to type for shit. Now… what’s your favourite season? :D

  16. Poor Brittany :(

  17. I think they don’t understand math well either.
    Going from 330 000 to 430 is not 100 000 people… its 329 570.

  18. I think I’ve seen too many of #4s. Not as funny anymore

  19. See kids if you don’t want to end up like #4 then you won’t think about sniffing that sharpie.

  20. Not real funny…kina angers me. I shall now go fuck my anger out….toodleoo.

  21. MomLovesElectro

    I had to join that last one!

    and the first one is awesome.

    @WhyNotTheWhales: my man doesn’t kill spiders…I do every time.

  22. Love the last one! I wanna be a fan too!

  23. Ugh, again with the stupid men vs women groups. Shut-up already and find something either funnier or more important to focus on.

    Also, I really hate those girls like Brittany who attack other women because they’re so paranoid they think they might be coming onto their boyfriend. First of all, not everyone who talks to him is coming onto him. Second of all, if a girl is chatting a guy up she may not even know that he has a girlfriend and hey, shouldn’t your boyfriend be the one you get mad at rather than some girl you’ve never even spoken to?


  24. Some of these groups are about as original as the dislike button groups, 1,000,000 people groups and the “We will not pay for FB” groups. Nothing more than fleeting attention for an attention whore. What is just as pathetic is that people still join them.

  25. number one is stupid. I’ve seen a vibrator mow a lawn it’s didos that make crappy lawn tools.

    number two I wish there was a time reference between being a bitch and becoming a single bitch.

    number three I don’t understand, the names tumblr and springform cause me to picture two mattresses for some reason.

    number four seems like a joke

    and poor Andrew, we all die someday buddy. real freedom is choosing your own time ;-)

    hi everyone I’m freakyfox, I’m new but I won’t ask about ben.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ #16 that screen name is crazy. What kind of geek names himself Cyclic AMP online? oh wait, I got my name from Johnny Test so …. never mind.

  27. @freakyfox: We love you already then :D

  28. Ugh, those ‘men are useless’ groups are as lame as the ‘what the hell are women doin’ out of the kitchen?’ ones.

    I’m with freakyfox on #3, what the hell are tumblr and springform?

  29. Oh, and hi freakyfox!

  30. funny.. the united states actually dont have an official language but people are too ignorant to know that -assuming the group is american- and of course i get annoyed by non-english speakers because i dont understand what they are saying.

  31. Just up from my nap only to be put back to sleep by this post. ((Yawn))

    Snip – I love xkcd, my favorite comic and I think I may be falling for you already freakyfox, just for not asking you win a free tumblr on my springform, anyone care to join and make it a welcome party? :)

  32. Snip – I love xkcd, my favorite comic and I think I may be falling for you already freakyfox, just for not asking about ben you win a free tumbl’r on my spring-form, anyone care to join and make it a welcome party? :)

  33. Maybe he can google on your facebook…
    Sorry, old joke but couldn’t help myself

  34. *dislike*

  35. Thanks for the awesome welcome everybody! Two posts in and already I have been invited to a sexy sex romp…I think I’m going to like it here.

  36. I googled tumblr and formspring… they are both social networking things I think.
    Along the same lines as followers on Twitter

  37. Elvishswimmer.. how the fuck do you get to that number.. Are you serious

  38. always behind the 8 ball, and it’s not just because of the timezone – i thought tumblr and formspring were references to Jesus not being a gymnast.

    I don’t even follow Jesus on twitter – I presume he’s on there?
    Must go check

  39. @Basementcat…. are YOU serious?

  40. Wow it’s been so long since I commented on LB, So many new people! Hope some of my ol’ friends are still here though…..

    I don’t see anything funny/lame about the fourth post…. maybe I just need to put my happy pants on

  41. Angelfoxer,

    You mean jesus ISNT a gymnast!?!? All these years wasted believing he was…

  42. Why do people use ‘text language’ on the internet? Lazy… Get an education

  43. Hey KAOSS, a few, Father Sha, Sensible madness, a few. I have not seen Natalia the Russian sex godess for a long long time.

  44. @angelfoxer Jesus is on twitter, I follow him. He is midly amusing :)

  45. I remember KAOSS!

  46. @Leslie: Fuck your anger out…to funny. :| ]

  47. That was supposed to be the robot smiley. Lame.

  48. me have no lawn

  49. and why did God create women? because he thought “gee he’s going to get pretty hungry mowing the lawn, he’ll need someone to make him a sandwich”

  50. Formspring is a site where you anonymously ask questions to your friends, such as “do u wnna g3t marryed LOL??” and they answer, usually suggestively, and crushes are born.

    Ew, who are these 100000 people joining this group. Snip said it best.

  51. Oh and yes, I am a longtime stalker, first day comment-er. Hay there.

  52. @SeeBea: Thanks…I try. Buahahahaha!

  53. It can not be a coincidence that these people place a relationship fan post two minutes before they go single.

  54. I like the irony of the first one. A lot of people might say most men would be reasonably happy as long as they had food and sex, and you could make a joke about needing other things like beer or sports.

    But according to this joke most womens’ basic needs are sexual gratification (yeah right) and having a mowed lawn? Ahahahahah.

  55. ^ Wow, I feel sorry for your gf (assuming you have one), dude.

  56. Don’t underestimate lawn maintenance

  57. MagnificentBastard

    -Brittany hasn’t yet found a group for “NOW he’s single, go for it” ?

    -Vibrators can so mow lawns; you just have to find the “lightsaber” setting and let it roll around awhile.

    -”We’re TOTALLY xenophobic, but here’s a topic to make us seem like something else besides a group of retards that hates all the coloureds.”

    -Poor Andy. SO messed up after his Hot Topic customized iPod kept shuffling between My Chemical Romance and Slayer.

  58. Why did god create women? Because you’re hand is too busy rubbing your dick, can’t reproduce, and can’t make sammiches.


    I’m pretty convinced that one of my friends joined that fan page “Reading someone’s status and thinking ‘oh shut the hell up’” because of me, because right before it I posted something about being held back next year.

  59. Don’t need a man…I enjoy mowing other peoples lawn.
    But i would never do that to Brittany.

  60. zellie, you can feel sorry for my pregnant wife, thank you very much. but trust me, she’s a lot more worried about not peeing in her pants at work while she’s throwing up than being sexually gratified.

  61. Good lord.

  62. Not a fan of either of these posts.
    Well I just came to say (I’m new, and I know who Ben is!) and mostly I come here to read you comments especially Soup, eenerbl, wordpervert, BritishHobo, slimjayz, lexluther etc. just want to say THANK YOU for always making me laugh! :D you’re all awesome.

  63. lol

  64. i love malteaser too

    @heyhooo: I recommend watching out for a certain Mr(s?)malteaser too.

  65. oh, how could I forget the two malteasers? I love you to! :D

  66. malteaser rules. On a side note my windows are so dirty I can barely identify birds on the phone lines.

  67. hey heyhooo :) glad you like it here. and that you’re not requestion an explanation of Ben :P

  68. I’m new to the forum too…and I’ve figured out what Ben is

    I so thought something COMPLETELY different when I read about mowing lawns =/ Am I the only one who did not think of grass??

    Also, you people amuse me far more then the actual posts

  69. I have been a lurker on the forums for the longest time..You guys never fail to make me LMAO. *clears throat*..Hi everyone I am dot and I am a Lamebook forum addict. And Yes I know what Ben is :)

  70. These are lame, and not in the intended way.
    So when is the lamebook equivilent of lamebook being invented?

  71. Sophie, it’s true that it’s basically impossible to find a vibrator to mow your lawn (I’m still looking though), but I have found alternative uses for the ones I do have.

    My favourite doubles as a milk frother when I make cappuccinos.

  72. That’s nice wordpervert, thanks.

  73. @IceyAngel/Dotcomrade: Hey! Loving the flood of awesome new people who AREN’T needing Ben explained.

    Not that people who do need Ben explained are horrible people. I’m just sick of explaining xD

  74. Ohh but yes they are

  75. @ Word: You just opened a whole new world of ideas for me word. I wonder how good of massage those things give. Or I could make a nice doorbell too! I’m not so sure everybody would make it inside right away though.

  76. If you’ve ever seen Sex & the City you’d know that vibrators can be used on your babys bouncing chair when the batteries run out!

  77. Run out of the chair that is, ahha.

  78. I have a problem with Sarah Jessica Parker. I just can’t bring myself to watch anything with her in it. Except for that episode of South Park. SP for the win!

  79. There’s a problem with the status of the “Speak-a my language” group.

    They spelled more words correctly than they spelled incorrectly.

    I smell a fake.

    (Don’t judge me for using Men At Work lyrics. Please?)

  80. quinevere, I love you more for using Men at Work lyrics.

  81. hahahahahaha oh man. The last one made my day.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  82. You’d think Elixabeth would at least give an original comment do the “follow Jesus” entry above. And no, it wasn’t the last one.

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