Friday, October 2, 2009

Have a Blowout Weekend


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  1. Well by the fuck! Thanks for that info Kristen. At least we don’t know what she looks like so the opportunity for a visual on this one is less likely.

  2. Donald Trump's Comb-Over


  3. goddammit, I didnt change my name from Jade back to foolishwolf. FAIL.

  4. AH. were you looking forward to swimming in your own poo too?

  5. Wow wow wow

  6. foolishwolf, you’ve been caught red handed! You just tried to imitate Jade in the other post! For shame!

  7. That’s just…wow.

  8. The lamebooks were good today. They were more funny than lame.

  9. @foolishwolf: You’ve got something in your hair.

  10. LOL @ humperdinck

  11. At least her Vjay Vjay will have that “new car” feel afterwards.

  12. You guys all suck, that was actually really funny. She has a good sense of humour!!!

  13. I lol’d

  14. I thought it was hilarious!

  15. Big Wiggly Style

    humperdick FTW!

  16. So she preferred the “ruin your vagina” method?

  17. meh, is actually kind of funny. Shows she has a sense of humor.
    Less lame then i expected.

  18. i mean. uh….humperdinck

  19. Fantastic, if I had to shoot a bowling ball out my asshole I’d be thrilled to have that good a sense of humor about it (and about how the bowling ball got in there). I hope to see BOV on hospital forms soon as the natural alternative to C-Section.

  20. She should have no trouble telling her child where babies come from.

  21. “At least her Vjay Vjay will have that “new car” feel afterwards.”

    Vjay Vjay

  22. She’s just another lame dull person who leaps on any chance to tell the world she’s pregnant.

  23. ^ this.

  24. New look…. it’s awesome! Thumbs up!

  25. Noooooo… Bring back the old layout! This one sucks! D;

  26. Wow who cares what the site looks like as long as it’s not completely horrific. All I care about is that they keep up what they’re doing!

  27. I understand they don’t want it to look like facebook too much incase they get sued

  28. Sued for what? These are screen shots of a webpage. That is like saying we cant take a picture of a corvette and post it without Chevy suing us.

  29. I prefer the C-section method. That way there is that nice scar there that you can use as a guideline to form a line of coke on.


  30. Whoa. The CSS is gone all crazy! It’s making me dizzy!

  31. shit, just when I think Lamebook can’t get any better. This is awesome.

  32. #33 Retards like you should not be allowed to post here. Why don’t you just fuck off?

  33. By the fuck!!

  34. WHY? that shit hurts. and it’s pushing, not blowing..

  35. BWAHAHAHAHA!! Save the beaver, have a caesar …

  36. people like this really shouldnt be allowed to reproduce. wow.

  37. I don’t see this as being lame. It is funny though. I bet she got a dozen “likes”. I would’ve “liked” it.

  38. i am a complete cock, and not the chicken kind, hahahaha i am soooooooooo funny i make myself laugh, when noone else likes me

  39. now read it again but replace ‘c-section’ with abortion and the part about blowing out the vagina is infinitly funnier.

  40. yeah john, absolutley hilarious. you d*%$head

  41. to be honest this status update was funny… not lame…
    the person who put it on here is lame, with NO sense of humor… I “LIKE” THIS,,,

  42. Read the FAQ
    Montana and you will see
    we like fun ones too

  43. In other words, she would like a bucket fanny rather than a scar.

    I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t?

  44. Is it just me, or is pussy much less attractive when its called vagina?

  45. Vagina is much less attractive when it’s called pussy.

  46. LMAO, i think i just peed a little reading that, Blow it out my Vagina method…………….lol

  47. Shitty. I hope the gal goes into labour on her own before she has to be cut open.

  48. what is wrong with this

    why arent we applauding a woman who wants to natural birth? too many woman choose c-section because they want everything planned and schedualed, whats wrong with her being disappointed that she can’t birth naturally, so many woman say they missed out on a lot of bonding because of having c-sections grow up dip sh!ts and just because she tells people doesnt mean she wants attention because she’s pregnant and whats wrong with wanting people to know you’re pregnant anyway, for most people it is the happiest time in their life, whats wrong with wanting to share that, she is entitled to deliver her news however she see’s fit, be realistic oh and goldenfry, you are going to die lonely and miserable no body would stick around for you to spend your life judging and belittling, what in your mind thinks that what you said is an ok thing to say? you idiot

  49. We’re not applauding her because she used the phrase “blow out your vagina.”

  50. I am applauding her solely because she used the phrase “blow out your vagina”

    Has anyone else had the mental image of someone’s vagina exploding super quick and a baby flying across the room???

    I applaude her for saying “blow out your vagina”

  52. The uterus is not an airlock.

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