Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy WINSday! (part 2)

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  1. 178th

  2. 179th

  3. 180th
    Even if you don’t support Obama, Jessica’s is really funny

  4. …what the fuck? Cardigan and a dream? Unicorn castle?

    I haven’t slept in about forty-eight hours, is this Lamebook post happening in my sleep-deprived brain?

  5. Lauren, Charis, Kelly, Anna, and Abby all deserve to be raped by gorillas!

  6. 182nd.

  7. Damn you, shitty internet.

  8. Yes, I’m lame, but I enjoyed the Miley Cyrus one. Mock me all you like


  9. whaaaat the eff is going on with Laurens? makes zero sense.

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    @ Elle
    It’s ok – we all have guilty pleasure songs ::coughcough Final Countdown coughcough::

    I also find it ironic that justbeingmiley wasn’t more excited about that post.

  11. Should I know this Justin Bieber? because I don’t get the joke.

  12. It’s funny when morons try to bash the President.

  13. Love the way Courtney thinks!

  14. lol

  15. no malteaser imitators here please.

  16. @Desolation Row: Justin Bieber is an 8 year old girl who sometimes sings.
    From what I’ve heard.

    There’s something odd yet funny about how desperate Brandon’s question is, so long after Obama was elected, as if he only just found out who the new president is. Or he’s a Republican time-traveller from 2007, who somehow ended up in 2010 and can’t use Google or fucking spell.

  17. I’m have absolutely no idea what the fuck Lauren’s one is all about.

  18. @Rhosauce, it is a Miley Cyrus song.

  19. About dreams, cardigans, stillettos, girl friends and fitting in? Seriously?

  20. And memos.


  22. Ohhh, now Lauren’s makes sense. I’m disappointed I didn’t catch that, being the die-hard Miley Cyrus fan I am.

  23. Can someone please tell me what the “win” part of the Miley Cyrus one is?

  24. @jukaswo,

    Apparently you didn’t get the memo, but don’t forget your stilettos

  25. I liked Katie’s, I LOLed.
    Austen is spot on too!

  26. At lvl 11, John turns into Joanne when he is castrated.

  27. If that’s the case Courtney, Katie doesn’t give very good head. Unless she was screaming cause she burnt it on some hot Soup.

  28. burnt her mouth*

  29. Burnt?…WTF!? burned*

  30. Burnt is British English, burned is American English. Therefore, burnt is correct.

  31. Burned= past tense
    Burnt= past participle

  32. Go Jessica, I love perfectionists.

    Fuck Mafia wars, another one of those shitty apps I’ve had to block from defacing my facebook wall.
    But I do have an affinity with unicorns for some unexplained reason, possibly because they’re rare and cute like me.

    Finally, where is my girl ee? I’m having ee withdrawals. I just know something’s up with her, and I so wish I could assist her in some way. Hope you’re hearing me girl. Miss you.

  33. Obam is the preisdent? dang! i would have sworn Obama is the president..then again…bwahahahahahaha!nm

  34. And Hobo honey, I’ll sing you a lullaby.
    I’m good at knocking men out cold.

  35. i call nexties on wordpervert

  36. @Word

    I have to apologize. I tore eenerbl up. She’s been in and out of vaginal specialists all week. I told her I was too big, but she just insisted on me stuffing the whole thing in right away.

    I offered lube, but she said she liked it dry, and since my foreplay skills are nonexistent, it worked out for me.

  37. Man, I don’t think the Miley Cyrus one is a win per se. I thought the funniest part was when Abby interjected, repeated an already stated part of the song, and had a typo. That’s funny, RIGHT? TYPOS?

  38. Not a problem sexluther, I’m into multiple pacification.

    Soup, I’d do you dry, but somehow I don’t think we’d have a problem with dryness, although I must insist on at least a little foreplay, just a quick slap and tickle would suffice.
    So brush up.

  39. Slap: No problem. I’m prone to violence.
    Tickle: Forced urination is a fetish of mine.

    If the blood or piss isn’t enough lube at that point, I always have spit. But who are we kidding? The spilling of all those bodily fluids would have already caused me to come twice.

  40. And hopefully, where it counts.

  41. Baby, I fear that if I blew my wad on any part of your body, the strength of our genes would mandate a conception. Our child would soon own this world.

    So when we eventually get together, we’ll need to take advantage of my latest invention: Quartz condoms. It’s stone for my bone. It’s rock for my cock.

  42. Quartz is good, stone is good, rock is good.

    I look forward to the day I can share with you my geological knowledge.

  43. As do I. You can explore my deeper well. Stroke my mantle. And make my core gush its hot magma.

  44. Vlam, I know you’re out there somewhere.

    Read it and weep.

  45. This is getting pretty hot.

  46. cancel my sub to, lamebook comments is giving it away!

    i used to come to read the lame posts, now i come to read the comments.

  47. I had to Google “dream and cardigan” to figure out what song Lauren and her friends are quoting >_<

  48. Brandon = doucebag

  49. This Justin Bieber fellow plays ARENAS!?!?!?!?!
    *Shoots self*

  50. Damn it, I finally get to sleep and you guys get all hot again xD
    It’s like you wait for me to leave… I can be cleaner :(

  51. @Hobo

    Let’s start it back up with some man-on-man love.

    Ready? BH, I hope you have a tattoo of a target on your chest, cuz that’s where I’m aiming…… or something.

  52. The wordpervert and Soup exchange was hot, but if mcowles and BritishHobo are gettin’ it on, bring me some popcorn! I’m buying a ticket to that show!

  53. Who needs lube when I can get all greased up with a handful of popcorn? That way BH won’t have to be worried about me “finding more popcorn kernels” during our copulation.

    Where are you my homeless british boytoy????

    toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.

    Miss Shegas, can you spot me? I have this move that requires that none of my body touches the ground for about 30 seconds.

  54. I’m going to lose all my non-existent lamebook cred when I point out that the Unicorn Castle thing was an April Fool’s joke.

  55. mcowles, I normally have strict non-participation rules for popcorn sex shows, but I’ll make an exception in this case because of my fondness for you.

    I just “happen” to have a full coverage latex suit for “protection”, and Japanese silk bondage ropes we can use to hoist you into levitation position. Of course the lack of eye holes in my latex mask will make it challenging, but I’ll give it the old college try.

  56. Miss Shegas

    I would think that the lack of eye holes in your latex mask wouldn’t cause nearly as much of a challenge as the lack of air holes… especially since I’ll be passing out blindfolds and pepper spray at the door.

  57. mcowles, may I call you cowley?

    Cowley, I think Miss Manners says pepper spray and blindfolds are standard guest favors at a popcorn sex show, so I’d expect nothing less.

    Frankly, it would be bad manners not to pass them out, and worse manners for your guests not to employ them. I mean really; what, are we just animals, these days? Etiquette must be followed or it’s all just chaos.

  58. prolefeedprocessor

    Jessica, you just win.

  59. lol

  60. I have this sudden urge to kill Lauren and her friends.

  61. PPD-Feminine Flatulence

  62. the last one made my lie.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  63. It made your… what?! Stfu elixabeth.

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