Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy WINSday!

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  1. Mario and Dreddy

    Mario and Dreddy takes pole position!

  2. Big mistake Mario….

  3. Kimi is a boy’s name.

  4. lol @ comments 1 and 2. Jared self submited

  5. The Chris one is far from original but still i lol’d, as did i with the craig remark

    And finally Ryan’s update sequence gets my two thumbs up (even with the obvious before planning)

    But i am easily amused so don’t jugde me too harshly

  6. lol

  7. zap zap! Memorial Lazer Tag bitches!!

  8. Snip, i know two chicks but no men named Kimi

  9. @ saravye – I think it can apply to either gender. The famous example of a male Kimi is Kimi Raikkonen, the Formula 1 racing driver.

  10. Does Kimi Raikkonen race in the same league as my heros, mario and dreddy?

  11. I have to admit, not understanding the Mario and Dreddy joke, I cracked and googled it. Now I can join in with the fun. Unless I’m too late… =/

    Also, more ignorance, what is the picture actually of? I was very tickled by Jared’s comment.

    And, my third time not understanding – what is the first comment about? Really feeling like the dumb blonde today. :(


  12. Mario and Dreddy

    I think the bigger question is what kind of man has the name Kimi?

  13. Its the fucking Beatles

    Slim. No. Cos he’s shit.

  14. Elle Bee, You’re not alone; I just now got the whole “Mario and Dreddy v. Mario Andretti” thing while pouring myself some coffee!

    Miss Shegas <—– hooked on phonics fail.
    I blame my parents really.

  15. Ugh, just realised I made a smilie by accident. Apologies.


  16. Ryan’s was humorous but I’m easily amused.

  17. what is that last picture?
    miss shegas and elle bee- my fiance didn’t get it either until i explained it to him. i think he was trying to figure it out in terms of mario brothers and was like “dreddy??”

  18. A well thought out but casually flippant comment that displays sufficient wit and charm to firmly solidify my place in the Lamebook community.

  19. The picture is of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

  20. The last image looks like the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

  21. irenaschott beat me to it

  22. Oh, thanks guys. Makes sense.

    @Emma I’m not sure if you’re imitating Ryan and his witty friends or being serious? I’m sorry, like I said, very blonde today.

    @Virgo – I was exactly the same lol, Mario Brothers was all I could think about!

    Now can anyone explain the first one for me…?


  23. @Elle Bee:
    Nubes loike to post “first” if they are the first post. It’s kind of a Frodo thing to do.

  24. @Elle I am assuming the 1st post is stating that the Chinese restaurant would serve the cat as a meal

  25. or were you referring to the 1st comment?

  26. Its the fucking Beatles

    OK. Can someone explain to me what the fuck BEN is supposed to mean? I’ve been reading most of the comments on this website and most have made me chuckle, but I seemed to have missed the meaning of that particular “gem”.

  27. ok the one makes sense now. thanks guys!

  28. Is that thing that looks like a giant pillow with an eye in the background on the last pic god? Cause that would be awesome. I found that more amusing then the comments.

  29. @ 26

    Ahh, the memory of Ben… I think you’ll have to go back to January to read about the infamous Ben.

    Ryan and his friends get a Bangarang from me.

  30. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one to catch what looks like a mask or a face or something in that last one. Wtf is that?

  31. mario you just found the only acceptable way to say first….props to you. now you’ve used it. it would be unoriginal and totally not cool if used again.

  32. I dunno lexluther, I would rather have taken a poll position instead. Props to #2

  33. @ExitGhost yeah i have no idea. i thought it was supposed to be the bat signal or something. didn’t really get it. that’s why i always read your guys’ comments.

  34. Mario and Dreddy

    lexluther, I realize this and will never refer to posting first as a race again.

  35. @nuff that’s true haha i didn’t notice the name. ok props to 2 also.

  36. MomLovesElectro

    thats funny Bang-a-rang is actually the stage name for a friend of mine who is a “Lyricist and MC”

    I’m pretty sure he got it from Rufio in the movie Hook

    it’s actually kinda lame the way Craig used it…it should be used like “Comingtoyaaaahaaaa!”

  37. Wait, wow, I just noticed that #2′s name is blue shell. That is hilarious, and I think I got his meaning misinterpreted initially. Not a racing fan, so is the terminology actually pole or poll? Lol

  38. ‘OK. Can someone explain to me what the fuck BEN is supposed to mean? I’ve been reading most of the comments on this website and most have made me chuckle, but I seemed to have missed the meaning of that particular “gem”.’

    This whole Ben thing annoys me so bad too, please will somebody just explain it?

  39. the last one is the memorial to the murdered jews of europe in the heart of berlin.

  40. Ben is someone who ragged on people for saying first, then did the first thing when he had a chance, then told everyone that someone hacked his acct to do it. Umm, yeah, right. So, instead of saying first, which is lame, they say Ben (which is also lame with its over use).

  41. I think it may be strictly a dog meat bit, but the Chinese are often made out to cook all little kitties and puppies that run across their path.

    I wish my friends were as cool as Ryan’s.

  42. they DO eat puppies! but not cats…cats are dirty…at least this is what the little old chinese lady I work with tells me whenever she brings something gross in to eat for lunch. like fermented baby chicken eggs. gag…

  43. they don’t cook puppies and kittens. there isn’t enough meat on them to justify it. only grown ups cats and dogs. otherwise it would be like catching a 3″ fish and frying it up.

  44. what? my comment is awaiting moderation? what bull is this? i only said they eat-ay adult-ay cat-ays and dog-ays. cause little ones don’t have enough mass to be worth the effort.

  45. Odd.. Since dog consumption isn’t really a chinese “thing”. Koreans and chinese of korean descent (primarily in the north eastern territories), however…

    (They did at one point due to the great famine, but it is common belief that dog makes the body overheat, so it is not as widespread as we westerners are led to believe)

  46. @ #1— i crack up everytime i see “mario and dreddy”

    its just so damn funny!

  47. Ditto, #45!
    When I read that yesterday, I was hoping, hoping, hoping she was joking.

  48. I’m pretty sure Ryans status update was inspired by this…

  49. I have to disagree chicky. In my opinion, that is one running gag that will never get old.

    Chris made me pee a little.Zach didn’t help matters much either.

  50. I’m happy to see that someone took the “Mario and Dreddy” username, and put it to good use. Will we see “Michael and Dreddy” soon?

  51. @ emma roids FTW

    I only wish I could be so witty to be able to copy what the lameposters did so that I too could be accepted…

    aww we all just wanna be loved and accepted, it’s the human condition

  52. Its the fucking Beatles

    Thanks for the explaination about Ben. Glad I didn’t trawl through an entire website just to find that shit.

  53. You guys have no idea how flapping HAPPY I am to finally know what Ben means. Seriously.

    I love how much epic win is condensed in the last one. I want this exact same thing to happen on my FB page. I wonder if I’ll be able to choreograph it.

  54. homosexual handshakes

  55. Ryan and his friends = Epic Win!

  56. lol i loved the hilarious status update.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  57. .

  58. In the future, I won’t enjoy Lamebook any more. After Ryan and friends, everything else will seem so much lamer.

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