Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Troll Day

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  1. i’ve always wanted to get a post of mine on here. :)

  2. oh, and FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSTED!!!! <— my first "first"

  3. Is it just me or is the best part of this is Vinnie’s comment on Vanessa’s photo. Oh, and nice fail at the name blurring there.

  4. Lamebook certainly lived up to it’s name on this one.

  5. I think this one is actually kinda funny

  6. This wouldn’t be remotely funny even during Opposite Day.

  7. @yodawg Hahaha, your commment made me laugh so hard!

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    All black people are on welfare.

  9. The better prank is to engage a couple. Did that once while a friend was on vacation in Hawaii. Got a handful of friends in on it, and everyone posted “congratulations” on his wall. He and his girlfriend weren’t too happy about that one…

    Another good one is to kill them off. Just start posting “RIP. I’ll miss you buddy” and the like. Once it catches on, funny to see what those not in on it post.

  10. btw… Vanessa is hot and I know all you stalkers out there know it already…

  11. Nope, babydaddy. It’s just you, creepy guy.

  12. 2nd SUCKKKKA’s ;)

  13. wow. this post even stupider than those pathetic individuals who do the whole ‘first post’ bullshit.
    Thanks for keepin’ it real and helping to cram the world full of yet more pointless crap, lamebook.

  14. @MsAnneThrope
    Is there any possible way that you could stop complaining about how you find these posts unfunny? I mean, seriously, if you don’t like them, then don’t come on this site. All I see everytime I come to have a look is your pathetic comments about how bad the posts are.
    These people haven’t posted on Facebook with the intention of being reposted on Lamebook, so it would be great (and I mean GREAT) if you could tear your voicebox from your throat and slam it into a wall. I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

    Also, the phrase is “more stupid”. “Stupider” is not a word.

  15. Codename Dutchess

    ^^ complaining about people’s complaints.

  16. I honestly never really do that, it’s just everytime I come on here I see that name saying how bad a post is and I just really think it’s got to stop. I don’t care about complaining in general but some people overuse it.

  17. annnnd…what do you suppose that tragic rant is gonna do to alleviate the situation, bitch?

    All I see everytime I come to have a look is your pathetic comments about how bad the posts are…”

    So what? You thought you’d churn my uterus at me? Instead of fucking off to boring cunt town where all your boring cunt friends are waiting for you?

  18. …but no, I’m not done yet, edgeof17.
    because you’re more of a stupider cunt than a stupidly stupid cunt doing stupidityness. And I think it’s really just got to stop.

    maybe ‘off’ is the general direction in which you should fuck?

  19. I think I must have struck a nerve. Your hipster rants are not what I come here for, and I’m not a constant poster like you are, so clearly I have less time on my hands than you do. I don’t come on this site very often but when I do I see a comment by you just below the post and it annoys me. You’re boring and everything you are going to say back to me is so obvious. So suggestive as well, so clearly (although you won’t admit it ever) I have hurt you in some way that you’ve had to think your hardest to come up with a “witty” response to which I really, really don’t give a shit.

  20. Btw, thanks for the quote, it simply justified my point.

  21. sorry? you had a point?

  22. Oh god, I’m so glad I don’t know you in real life. You seem so lonely and sad.

  23. I had to re-read what you wrote and the only point I took away from that is that you are a terminally fucking boring, petulant cunt. I suspect that five minutes in your beige world would have anyone with a shred of humour or imagination weeping.

    so, yes, I guess you fucking off would entirely justify your point.

  24. MsAnneThrope:

    Edgeof17 has a point. Yeah the posts suck but deal with it or GTFO. You’re seriously such a cunt. All you do is bitch and moan, moan and bitch. Hopefully your real life sucks and this is the only way you can vent. Maybe then I’d feel something for you other than 100% concentrated annoyance.

    I know you don’t care about anything I have to say, but hey I guess if you get to be so mind numbingly douche-tastic on a day to day basis I’m allowed to have one rant. I’m hoping I can train myself to read over any shit you have to say from now on.

    Deuces. <3

  25. is that you in your picture? you’re very ugly. and are you masturbating?

  26. was that your one rant?
    please, please tell me that was your one rant.
    then fuck off back to clenching your sphincter quietly.

    SERIOUSLY? if you fuckers wanna whinge like bitchcunts – and clearly you do…can you try and be entertaining? Holy crap!
    You’re not even giving me anything to work with here. =/

  27. Thank you Deesigned!

    Just so you know MsAnneThrope, I have a life and it is entirely not boring. I’m also not a “cunt” so thanks for that. Maybe if you learned how to chill out a little, you’d have more friends and therefore, less time for complaining on light-hearted, joke internet posts.
    I really want to know if in real life you complain at real people for telling jokes you don’t find funny, because you seem like that kind of person.

  28. Oh yeah, I’m masturbating and thanks for the insult. I’ll just away and kill myself now because your opinion means SO MUCH to me. I’m holding a glass of wine dumbass. You’re purely embarrassing yourself now, I think it’s best you quit while you’re ahead.

  29. oooh, atre you drinking wine online? how exotic. I’m so pleased for you. What are you wearing?

  30. have you ever been raped by a wheel of cheese?

  31. What is your problem? I got a photo taken of me and I made it my display picture. Fantastic.

  32. you have many cats?

  33. I love how you can’t think of something “witty” to say all at once and as soon as you think of it, you make another comment.

  34. Are you suggesting that I’m lonely because I’ve spent an hour of my life tonight trying to tell you to stop complaining and being a total bitch??

  35. when you walk, your knees touch because your arse-sphincter is clenched so tight that you make squeaking noises when you sit down.

  36. This is brilliant.

  37. Isn’t it about time for you to be let loose on the streets to turn tricks MsAnnThrope? That Internet connection isn’t going to pay itself, and all those dicks surely aren’t going to suck themselves.

    More than sorta sad that this is how you get your jollies :/ Most people just turn to BD/SM.

    And you leave the cheese out of this, cunt!

  38. you didn’t answer my cheesewheelrape question.
    So not only are you boring, you’re also a very rude person. I’m horrified at this. I only expect to find the very best in the gutters of the internet.

  39. You are so much better than this that I am, Deesigned.

  40. #37. You said you weren’t going to talk again. Clearly you’re a liar, so Imma just ignore you. ‘k?

  41. God, I detest hipsters..

  42. lol ‘designed’ “ALL YOU DO IS BITCH AND MOAN, moan and bitch!” lolol you guys are entertaining but she does have a solid point… if lamebook is so boring to you, why would you waste your time commenting or even downloading the app? lol

  43. I hope you suck dick better than you read. I said I would have one rant, and I did. Deuces means “peace” (or V for victory if you’re British). You have the internet at your fingertips, you should try less trolling and more learning.

    edgeof17: Nah, just tired of coming across such asinine comments. She/he said she/hr wanted entertaining, yet when she/he gets it she/he goes “K Imma ignore you”. So sad.

  44. fucking hell edge, don’t be so pathetically grateful. I’ve cleared stuff out of my drain that is better at this than you.
    besides, given that this is the internet you tragic fucking n00bs, try and realise that, to me, you’re prolly just the same person as that Deefreakingloser. Because of your sentence structure and insanely-up-your-own-butt self-righteousness it is pretty obvious that you ARE the same person.
    And you’re a really fucking lame person, at that. Not. A. Shred. of. Personality.

    (here’s the bit where you fall all over yourself to try to prove to me – online – how you’re an amazing individual. I’m going to make coffee.)

  45. you know.. I really have no room to talk here and am interrupting ya’ll’s very intense conversation ,but I’d just like to say that I think you guys are hilarious and should be submitted to lamebook.

  46. coffee, coffee, she’s gonna make some coffeeeeee

  47. You know it’s not something I do right? I’m not normally like this, you are just particularly fucking irritating and I’m sick of you. I was enjoying Deesigned’s comebacks because they are so much better than your “cheesewheelrape” comments.

    Ohhh, harsh!! And none of us think that you have no personality! God forbid!
    We know EXACTLY what kind of person you are because you fail to hide any of it on here. It’s embarrassing.

    I think MsAnneThrope should be submitted to a fucking hospital.

  48. and imma lace it with cocaaaaaineeee.

  49. btw before I get yelled at for ‘being a troll’ I’d just like to admit it while I’m here that I am indeed a temporary troll tonight because I have NOTHING to do… I’ve had monster and can’t hold still…. so what better to do then conversate with people I know nothing about! ha!

  50. edge- you have a really funny sense of humor… like legit you should be a comedian! 

  51. I’m with MsAnne here, this ‘fake birthday’ bullshit was about as unfunny as it gets. And now it gets to sit here in the glory of first place for the entire weekend, mocking us with how absolutely stupid and unfunny it is, until we set it afire and put it into a Viet Cong rape camp…

  52. I don’t mind if you’re a troll, the only reason I ever commented was to tell her to shut up and stop whining tbh. Nothing against anyone else or any trolls, as long as they’re entertaining…

  53. This is entertaining…continue, please.

  54. It’s really not about the post mad2physicist, it’s about the constant moaning.

  55. so hurtful. oh my.
    look, imma try and take this moar seriously, ‘k?
    shit’s gettin’ real and goin’ down. cunts are moaning and I think I bought back the pain from that embarrassing cheese wheel incident that edgie is clearly trying to forget.
    I feel so callous for not being moar in tune with her painful fallopian nightmare. I’m a terrible person. Online, too. Does my evilness know NO BOUNDS? (no).

  56. *Grabs popcorn*


    By “coffee”, I’m assuming “crack” because we all know rehab didn’t work for you, baby doll. And waaaah we’re so booooring! Why do they let n00bz like us on the Internet?!11?! Yet you’re still fucking here and you will be tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after…
    “Deefreakingloser” ahaha! Well suck my tits and call me Shirley, aren’t you such a clever girl! Hey didn’t you say I was a liar and you were going to ignore me..? Hmm. You’re so consistent for a pro at this Internet stuff.

  58. Did you really just call yourself evil? Ha! Oh, you aren’t evil, you’re on the internet behind a screen. There is nothing evil about that.
    Everything you just said in that comment convinced me that you’re no longer an old, miserable lady but a 12 year old who finally got to stay up later than midnight.

  59. lolololol OH MY GOSH, you guys seriously should enter a comedy thing… you all are so funny 

  60. ya’lls sarcasm is amazing. greatly mastered.

  61. It’s taken me years, well worth it.

  62. Well done Skywalker, well done

  63. btw I thought this lamebook post was funny? I did this to my friend except I told everyone to say “Wow! congrats on the baby!” lol

  64. how’s the weather over there auntie Maud? Did you manage to clear up your cat’s ringworm? how about all that other boring shit I also failed to pay attention to? did you resolve that, too? fanfuckingtastic.

  65. I thought the idea was really good, although it’s not as funny reading it but still!

  66. Well you’re still talking so I assume this must be giving you some sort of kicks. I really don’t understand why you assume I have cats. I don’t like cats. They’re smug.

  67. yeeeeah well I guess not every single one is expected to be funny.. but that’s okkkkk. 

  68. Exactly. Some jokes aren’t funny, like MsAnneThrope’s but I’m sure somebody still laughs at them (eg, herself).

  69. hey ive been wondering for a long time… how do you pronounce ‘Thrope’? is it Th-rop? or th-rope?

  70. you wouldn’t know funny if it held you down and sodomised you with a wheel of gouda.

  71. if it makes you feel better msannethrope… I find your sarcasm/not sarcasm… funny…

  72. maybe y’all should do one of those ‘yo momma’ smack downs.. lol

  73. fuck me. I’m still commenting? and after edgie told me to go, too. that’s how the internet works, isn’t it? some boring forever-alone tells a horrible troll what to do and then the horrible troll just goes ‘yes.’ and leaves?
    but I HAVEN’T?!
    how evil is that? (pretty damned evil) (smugs)

  74. wait. why did you guys start arguing to begin with?

  75. thnx mr.mcgruffy, but really, in the big scheme of things – I’m just here to amuse ME.
    if you got a happy, then that’s just a bonus, really.

  76. Are you serious? You find my comments to be so truthful and so much so pulling you down a peg that you’ve had me be moderated. Fantastic.

  77. I agree to disagree. *HOOF BUMP* bros before mares.

  78. Oh yeah, and calling yourself evil is something kids stop doing around the age of 14.

  79. Oh trolliest of trolls, you had Edge moderated? That’s cute. You have such high regard for yourself! Evil? Not in the slightest. Pathetic? Very much so.

  80. MUAHAHAHAHAHA 

  81. I’ve got to lay off the booze.

    why is the rum always gkne?

  82. Lay into the vodka next..

  83. YOU KNOW IT!

  84. yawn.

  85. If you’re tired, go to bed.

  86. Really? Happy birthday posts aren’t funny, let alone fake ones. The only thing that make me giggle was the fact someone (despite what they have to say about it) is defending it. What a load of shit.

    @edgeof17 Shitting on about complainers is not doing you much good. You are in fact doing exactly what you’re whining about. In response to, ‘I mean, seriously, if you don’t like them (the posts), then don’t come on this site.’
    If you don’t like what people are commenting, don’t comment! As for being a cunt, Pretty sure almost everyone here is in fact a ‘cunt’, myself included.

  87. I yhinkyour all fanyastic .

  88. Wow, and I was beginning to enjoy this.
    As I said before, I’m not complaining about every single complaint anyone ever has, I actually complained about MsAnneThrope’s CONSTANT complaints. I’ll be the first to admit that I was complaining about her complaining.
    Also, it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the actual post itself. Although I actually don’t mind it, it was the complaining I was commenting on.

    Ps, I’m most definitely NOT a cunt.

  89. Soz edgie,I gotta scoot. I got some irl shit to do.
    I’m sure someone else will be along to continue to kick you in your boring cunt and validate your existence – which is cool, because your ability to stand up to a sturdy cunt-kicking is seriously the only remotely interesting thing about you.

    (^comment NOT MODERATED as it wasn’t written by poorly-trained simian ‘tard).

  90. happytrol dsy!

  91. You’ve got to go to do some more computer shit? Seriously, you sound like you never get off that machine.
    I’m sure as soon as you’re gone, I’ll continue my happy life with my friends and my boyfriend and my family and all the people who love me knowing that you’re not bitching about some generally pointless post somewhere.


  92. Trolls win this one…

  93. So some of you uneducated people can understand what MisAnneThrope is all about, I’ve copied and pasted some text from Wikipedia below. It pretty much sums her character up, and I think she plays the role rather well:

    Misanthropy is generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt or hatred of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope, or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings.

  94. Oh, and trolololololol…

  95. at #69: it’s pronounced: miss-ann-throw-pee. you’re welcome! :)

  96. Once again, I agree with MsAnne, the point of posting here is self-amusement.
    Also, if you don’t like various comments, then don’t read them, like I skipped 90% of this waste.

  97. Wow @edgeof17 and @deesigned. And here I was, thinking that MsAnne was the biggest cunt/whore/scatophile in the Internet universe. You both come along and take her down from her pedestal. Bra fucking vo, bitches. You just redefined boredom.

  98. ^but not my stuff, rite? that shit’s gold.

  99. I’m assuming msanne directed that and me; msanne’s comments occupied roughly 33% of ‘skipped waste.’ edge and company took care of much of the rest.

  100. so how did you skip it and still read it and reply?
    help me out, I’m confused here.

  101. Moving right along… I thought that post was mildly amusing. Better than bieber and twilight jokes. As for the banter that followed? 

  102. ^ no one ever accused you of not being beige, bradles.

  103. That makes no sense, msanne.

  104. not to you, maybe. but what you are lacking in imagination, you make usually makeup with knee-jerk reaction. If I’m not mistaken, the title of this post is ‘Happy Troll Day’.
    I’d say just go fucking crazy.

  105. (p.s. spot the typo for extra trollface tokens.)

  106. Spam Wars.

  107. Lol MsAnne’s a British loser wow. You still use “soz” over there? Now it’s no mystery to me why would someone pretend to be a girl over the internet to make his “jokes” work. And it still didn’t helped.

  108. ^me getting to snarf at that incoherent drivel actually made it worth 3 trollface tokens.
    Post your email addy and I’ll email them to you.
    congrats, btw.

  109. I read a few random lines, and particularly looked for keywords and in locations that might indicate a reply to me. Very efficient.

  110. The problem, bradles, is that Bieber and Twilight jokes are nice and succinct (and funny, albeit used frequently).
    This, however, was about 40 people douchily spamming some poor guy with ‘happy birthday har har!’
    Thus, the Bieber and Twilight jokes are objectively superior to this crap.

  111. ^seconded mad2. But nothing can beat Rajnikanth jokes.

  112. @Mad2 and MsAnne. You pairs comments have made this site worthwhile for me. Kudos to you both! Fucking awsome.

  113. *Awesome

  114. @Lazybitch: Please do not encourage that mongoloid. Pretty please,with sugar on top.

  115. Just giving credit where I feel it is due, yodawg. I assure you, if I find anything you say witty or amusing in future, I will mention your name. Would that help you feel better? Unless you’d rather I didn’t?

  116. Yes i feel better…. for now. Do you mind sending me a titty pic of you?

  117. I found that funny dawg.

    Bieber and twilight jokes are funny if you’re between 12-16 years old.

  118. For FUCKS sake, is there extra points around here for saying “cunt” I assure you that it does not make your comment any more badass, actually it makes you sound like a toddler that’s just learned a new word.

  119. I’ll seriously cunt you in the fuck. For reals.

  120. Okay, so msannethrope has no life, whatsoever seeing as how EVERY single fuckin comment thread has a post from her, and I’m assuming is 13 & emo or something to that effect based off how she talks(cunt being a fave word!). And nothing she says makes a lick of sense, is riddled with misspellings and inane ramblings. Lame.

  121. 4 trollface tokens, my dear.

  122. MsAnne.. Do you blow your daddy with that mouth?

  123. ^ Yes, after his daddy ass fuck the shit outta him.

  124. Suuuuuuuuuup you cunts!! Some new names around…123 fucking comments…MsAnne obviously you’re are not jumping on these little bastardised whoring sons of mother fucking bitches quickly, or violently enough. Get on it fella.

  125. are you guys fighting?

  126. Difference between MsAnneThrope and edgeof17? One can complain using intellect and humour, whilst the other complains at this person because they themselves deliver neither of these attributes. edgeof17 – your posts are the most depressing on this thread. But thanks for contributing in what was a very entertaining read.

  127. Wow, this continued on for a while after I left.

    I’m impressed at the sheer dedication of internet fighting. Congratulations everybody – you sure are troopers!

  128. Whoever’s just said to me about being boring or depressive – I didn’t come into this thread to be entertaining, it was purely to tell MsAnneThrope to shut the fuck up. I really don’t get why you STILL don’t understand that.
    Call me boring or a cunt or whatever you want because I truly don’t care. None of you actually know me therefore your opinions are invalid.

  129. haha.. you guys are soo awesome.. I could never survive this long is a argument! KUDOS! 

  130. Oh, oh! That was really funny Curiex! “intellect and humour”, if MsAnneThrope delivered both of those attributes then there would be absolutely NOTHING to complain about. I find her posts mundane and entirely the opposite of intellectual.

  131. Edge baby, you are a cunt. A whore. A boring one at that. I don’t care how many times you repeat the same old shit about wanting to get back only at MsAnne. The fact remains that you are a midget-raped self-soiling piece of worthless flesh who will, undoubtedly, run to your whore mommy in tears after we’re done with you.

  132. I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone said cunt.. I hate that word.. hahah

  133. The word “cunt” is overused in this thread. It’s gotten boring now :/ Don’t call me a whore because you have no idea who I am. I love how you’ve gotten so defensive over a pathetic little post, I mean COME ON it’s fucking Lamebook. My comments were only aimed at MsAnneThrope until people started getting on at me.
    You, freddy2, have been the worst so far. Telling me I’m going to cry to my “whore mommy”, calling me a “midget-raped self-soiling piece of worthless flesh”.

  134. The word cunt is truly disgusting..

  135. I’m gonna have to agree on that one…
    and I’m not taking anyone’s side here and I have nothing to do with it ,but why do you guys keep saying good-bye an then coming back? or taunting the other person to say something back when you say that your done?

    just curious? seems confusing to me

  136. Can I just say, if anybody’s intention is to make someone else cry then you are a horrible human being.

  137. First of all edge, it is my duty to remind you that you are a cunt. Cunt. C U N T. Second, I said I don’t care about your reasons. That reinforces my decision to make it known to the world that you have experience in forced midget coitus. And that you have a tendency to shit your pants. Third, I love how you get so worked up about my comment, typing in caps and all. It gets me off to think I piss you off that way. Fourth, fuck you, you alcoholic, daddy-fucked tranny cunt. CUNT. Cunt isn’t being over used at all, in your case.

  138. Hint for edgeof17, getting defensive with CAPITOLS might give away that you’re getting upset. Lamebook’s no place for tears. Or is it?

  139. None of these comments have upset me, I’m just getting pissed off at the non-sensical ramblings of certain people, in this case freddy2 who sounds like a 14 year old ned who’s just learnt how to string together a nasty sentence.

  140. dude… watch what you say… some kid might have really had a dad rape o.o

  141. what’s the definition of a cunt anyway?

  142. Google

  143. I know what a cunt is.. I’m saying like when talking about a person what does it mean? there wet and saggy?

  144. It can mean a lot of different things. It’s overused so the meaning just changes to fit the situation.

  145. oh… your smart. haha

  146. I’m not, it’s a common word in my town and it never has the same meaning.

  147. it makes me cringe

  148. Me too

  149. edgeof17, you’re a fucking chick aren’t ya? Only lasses find the word CUNT so offensive, well, lasses and gays, I am 100% certain you fit into one of those categories. But not a lesbian, ‘cos lesbians love cunts. You obviously don’t. I for one think cunts are God’s finest creation and should NEVER be used in a degrading manner. I once got called a “funny cunt” by an Australian. Amazing, amazing word.

    EY Freddy2, what’s that word…starts in C and ends in UNT?

  150. crustylovelips, I don’t find it offensive, I just find it disgusting. In my town, everyone says it in every sentence they say so I’m used to it. Stop being such a prick and leave it, ok?

  151. I hope I’m the cunty mongoloid!

  152. Is gash any better?

  153. TL;DR

  154. I also find the word “offensive” redundant, but people still bandy it around like a fucking butter knife So until then, consider me a fellow townsman, or at least consider CUNT a word you’re going to hear a lot among the lamebook community. If you can’t embrace it at least learn to fucking tolerate it and keep you dirty sordid condescending slut-mouth comments to yourself. Cunt. Luv u. Cunt.

  155. Let’s use the words “pink taco” in place of “cunt”. Sound good? All y’all are a bunch of pink tacos.

  156. Maybe the cunt who called me a prick could stop gettin’ cunt in a bunch. If it’s too much of a problem she can compromise and read “cunt” as “pink tacos”? Beatus…i appreciate you as a mediator.

  157. gettin’ her**…. typos get more common as you drink more

  158. For fuck sake, can you read? I have accepted the word “cunt”, all I said was it’s cringy and I don’t like it. I have accepted it. I think you’ve come into this thread far too late and are just going on about it way too much. MsAnneThrope isn’t even here anymore, so just give it a break.

  159. I don’t like your replies but they still keep happening. You’re like HIV. You’re there but given the appropriate precautions, I can choose to ignore you. CUUUUUUUUUUUNT

  160. obviously you have nothing better to do o.o

  161. ^ lolololol you do? fuck off.

  162. Right I’m off baby. Enjoy your lonely night waiting for somebody to give you something to reply to. I’m away off to a party. Mwah! xoxo

  163. no, I don’t have anything better to do. I admit it ,but your just obnoxious… your teasing her like we’re back in 5th grade again. seriously dude? get over yourself.

  164. OH IM GUNNA

  165. Am I the only one that thinks miss and freddy are the same persom? possibly gruffy too?

  166. lol dude.. I can assure you that I’m not part of them.. but I kinda agree with you on the other to.

  167. they talk like almost alike… I know that’s not much of a reason but.. I was thinking that to and didn’t wanna say it xD

  168. @Everyone:
    Anyone that took part in this conversation/argument is a worthless moron.
    Anyone that uses the word ‘cunt’ will be beaten like a red-headed step-child.

    @MissAnneThrope: I hear you have saggy balls and rotten man-tits. I also hear that you love Twilight, and that your favourite song is Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. All of which make you an utter cunt.

  169. lol ^

  170. @justjizzy, please use the term “pink taco” instead of “**nt”. Your cooperation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  171. My pink taco needs a beat. Help a bitch out?

  172. Oh jolly, I just love these long threads (no sarcasm) ms Anne I am a big fan of your work, that sort of cynicism is my favourite <3. And if there is still any vacant spots in that Vietnamese rape-camp, please sign me up.

  173. Beatus, I propose we substitute ‘blue waffles’ for ‘pink taco,’ especially when referring to the cunts who think it is funny to spam someone with false birthday wishes.

  174. I’m a female who finds the word cunt hilarious when used as an insult. That may be because I take things literally and am incredibly childish and have to have a giggle when someone calls someone a vagina.
    Well that’s my pointless post for the day done.

  175. I disagree, Mad. While all blue waffles were once pink tacos, not all pink tacos will become blue waffles. However, for special instances, blue waffle may be the perfect word to use. Perhaps delicate judgement should be considered when choosing between blue waffles and pink tacos.

  176. My phallus is the size of a tic tac. K

  177. ^And you’re Batman. Good luck with that…

  178. You cunts. Sorry beatus, I mean you pink tacos. You’re all going to end up as blue waffles if you compare me to that concave-breasted, skunk-fucked, anal retentive excuse for a slut MsAnne. For all i know, she’s a middle aged Asian chick with lack of bladder control. Oh and, no offense MsAnne.

  179. MsAnneThrope is a funny cunt and I agree that Lamebook post wasnt even lame just stupid.
    Oh and fuck.
    Now off to get some cunt sponge.

  180. Bring_back_fingering

    Cool story bro

  181. Y’know, I wish I was in the middle of a contest to find the most hate-filled corner of the internet. Cuz I think I would at least be in the running for a top spot if I used this as my example.

  182. Laila, honey, you’re a cunt too. And even though I would like nothing better than to butt fuck your brains out, rip your tits off and use them as padding for my car, I’m not sure I’m being hateful enough. So, suffice to say that you are a cunt. Redundant? Well, fuck you very much.

  183. Ok.

  184. Cunt

  185. Finally, someone says what i have wanted too forever, i just thought it was a fucking waste of time to register.. THANK YOU edgeof17…THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.. for saying what i have wanted too for so fucking long…MissAnneThrope is on every thread..wasting her/his life away…never leaves this site..or others for that matter…SHUT THE FUCK UP..i bet you are completely different in life…I bet your whole fucking room is pink, covered in glitter and you still live at home. But you take oput all your aggresion on the web…you see that thing in your house with the glass in’s called a window..No, don’t jump out of it..just look out of it…that’s an outside’s free..well, i dunno about your country. or cave…but there is a whole friggin world of “wankas and cunts” that you can o0gle up till you’re blue in the fucking face…better yet…Get a job you lazy bitch.

  186. But Beatus, usually people want to say ‘cunt’ in a derogatory sense, and ‘blue waffle’ sounds far more derogatory than ‘pink taco’ when you want to insult some cunt.

  187. Also, Durt, we’re so glad you changed your mind on whether it was worth registering when you saw someone else already wrote what you wanted to write, thus rendering it unnecessary for you to write it, although you chose to do it anyway, which would have enlightened us all if someone else had not already written it…

  188. Mad2phyicist, you’re trying too hard to be clever. It’s not working. Please just stop.

  189. @Laila, respect your elders. Cunt.

  190. I’ll give respect where I feel it’s deserved.* It’s just one of those things that really annoy me when people write those really long sentences that have no real point.
    *add as much whiny teenage attitude in there as you feel is neccessary.

  191. ^^ tl;dr… Your failure to acknowledge the irony of your statement is embarrassing.

  192. I see what you’re saying, Mad. I’m just trying to turn a seemingly innocent phrase into a very offensive one. Maybe I should replace it with “giraffe”, instead.

    There used to be a Tex-Mex restaurant here in Las Vegas called the Pink Taco.

  193. I should’ve been a blowjob.

  194. RR, There’s only irony in my post because you seem to feel that a 20 word sentence is “too long” too read. Obviously I don’t have problems with all sentences that have no real point, or else I would complain about your posts. As it is, I only have a problem with long ones such as mad2physicist’s most recent.

  195. Paranoid Android72

    Fuck me sideways, I have spent ten minutes reading through this and have drawn the following conclusions:-

    1. edgeof17 is a cunt of the sandy type
    2. MsAnneThrope is a cunt of the gaping, soggy kind.
    3. We’re all cunts for making such a spectacularly unfunny post run into near 200 comments.

    So, in short, cunt.

  196. The “20 word sentence” you wrote was only a few words shy of the one Mad wrote, you insufferable twat. You’re so self-righteous it’s actually painful to read. You should be hung by your eye lids and beaten until you blink. On a completely unrelated note, I think it might be vodka time…

  197. Codename Dutchess

    200 comments for an entry dedicated to trolling. You really can’t make this shit up.

  198. Paranoid Android72

    I’m just commenting so we can get this shit up to 200 comments. Yes, I am that shallow, have no life and it helps with my OCD.

  199. Codename Dutchess


    /plays “we are the champions”

  200. Actually, I’m quite sure mine was much shorter. Don’t you remember how to count? Also, I’m a chick, I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to be self-righteous.
    And Codename Dutchess, I was thinking the same thing… Fitting title, too. Happy Troll Day, guys.

  201. Paranoid Android72

    Fuck yeah, now I can sleep happy and by sleep I mean masturbate vigorously whilst chanting Oprah Winfrey’s name over and over.

  202. Vinnie Di Salvo is hot, but not as much as his brother Sal.

  203. Then please insert the words ‘pink taco’ in place of the C word in my above post.

  204. Pink tacos for all!

  205. butterscotchcandy

    I enjoy this simply because Anthony chose a guy who appears to have a twin.

  206. Giraffe.

  207. [beams with pride]

    great thread!

  208. And for today’s share-a-fantasy I have laila suspended by her ankles and wrists, forced to blow a 90 year old fat Asian guy, after screaming, “I’m a dirty cunt” repeatedly while being anal raped at a Viet Cong rape camp.
    *moans softly whilst masturbating*

  209. The scary thing is, I probably know some people irl who share that same fantasy… Ugh.

  210. ^I rest my case

  211. What case?

  212. I miss Wordpervert.

  213. Holy shit, I always miss the best threads.

    Fuck-ups like edgeof17 and Deesigned give chicks a bad name. Dee shows a bit of promise in the insults arena, but needs to work on not crying when something has mortally offended her. Suck it up, princess. edgeof17 has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and might as well crawl into traffic with wine glass in hand.

    By the way, the word cunt gets me wet. But I’ll settle for pink taco.

  214. I liked Edge’s and Dee’s posts.

  215. Oh, and some of you fuckers confuse freddy and MsAnne? You’ve GOT to be kidding. They don’t sound remotely alike.

    It’s obvious that freddy mostly likes people, and attempts to insult the ones that irritate him, whereas MsAnne has an indelible fucking HATRED of mankind (insert bold and italics as required), with only a few exceptions.

  216. I know you did, Laila. I was gonna let that go.

  217. Get the old guy out of that fantasy, dammit! It was going so well until then.

  218. ^CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT. Wet enough for the day?
    Thank you for that explanation.

  219. I’m gonna agree with Bacchante on the point that Msanne and Freddy aren’t very much alike. Msanne doesn’t really bother me, but Freddy’s mildly irritating. No offense. Well, maybe a little, but not really.

  220. Not nearly, freddy, but thanks for your efforts.

  221. Sorry beatus, I’ll make it a young taut bikini supermodel wearing a strap on.

    Only for you, Bacchante honey.

  222. Well, after reading one of Laila’s sentences I realized the rest were too long to read since she obviously had nothing to say.
    Beatus, let’s take something _really_ innocent, then, like ‘pet the puppy,’ and make it dirty.
    I miss word too. I always enjoyed pointing out that my post wasn’t entertaining enough for her.

  223. I like laila. I think she’ll make a great dungeon sex slave, bound in leather.

  224. Laila, will you let me pet your puppy? I’ll leave the meaning of that phrase to your imagination right now…

  225. I CANNOT believe I just read all that! But then no artist expects grace from the vulgar mind, or style from the suburban intellect.

  226. ^or perseverance from a dreary whore?

  227. Beatus, you can only pet my puppy if you let me walk your dog.

  228. You know why she’ll make a great slave Freddy? ‘cos she’s black. And fat. Fat, bitchy and whoring slut slaves try harder. Plus with all the shit she’s spouting, I bet she has a wicked gag reflex.

  229. Haha why do you assume I’m black?

  230. ‘cos black people neeeever shut the fuuuck up they just go oooooon and ooooon about how right they are. Plus they’re all called Shaniqua or Laila. Actually, thinking about it, you sound more Latino, in which case, hi there. Don’t get me wrong, black people have a lot going for them…one, they’ve evolved nicely to live in Africa – as they can’t swim. Two, they’re very very strong which is good for carrying water long distances. Three, they’re very very fast, which is good when their village gets attacked and they need to run away. Four, can’t really think for themselves. All positive aspects for slavery.

  231. You’re an ignorant little shit, aren’t you.
    Your second guess was right, though, I’ll give you that. Latina.
    And, my name’s not really Laila, so… Whatever.

  232. Fat Latina or smokin’ Latina?
    I’m not little, I’m like over 6ft, so…whatever.

  233. It was mrant figuaratively. You’re little in spirit.

  234. Figuratively. Meant.

    Sometimes my spirits are a little low, but then I see someone fall over onto a rusty spike, it impales them right in the vagina and my good humour is restored.

  235. buuuurn.

  236. vaginalroundhouse

    Holy balls over 236posts! This is like the old days when we had Suroor Taker.

  237. I’m black. Not like anyone cares

  238. My mum was black, oh no sorry it was Kunta Kinti.. Kunta was black.

  239. So, I had to create a profile just to jump in and kick MrThorpe while he is down. I too come and read this site every few days, but unlike Edge et all, I actually look forward to seeing this Thorpe person comment. It is like a train wreck you can’t look away from. It’s like omfg how much more disgusting can a human be? My personal favorites are when Thorpie-poo randomly jumps on an innocent commenter like a retarded honey badger. For no reason at all but to show off your post authoring prowess. Let me give you an example of a comment shim might write. Please insert italics and upper-case letters as needed.

    Dear Cunt, you are a (random ten dollar word) who (random cuss word) and you should (ten dollar word) to (cuss) (cuss) (cuss) (cuss).

    Sorry to everyone who defends this angry self-righteous poster, but ten dollar words and cuss words do not a witty post make. Especially cheesewheel.

    Your burnt.

  240. ^ You’re.

    That’s embarrassing.

  241. i lai la, ua i la, no mala hini ohana

    lilo and stitch forever

    this thread sucks, make it better

  242. YouMaySitOnMyBigHardDick should be seated on my big hard dick, there’s nothing that says “Shut the fuck up” like rape.

    Let me give you an example of a comment this cunt might write.

    “Dear Daddy, i’m craving attention so ba…what’s that Daddy? Why is it pulsating like that? No Daddy nooooooooooooo”.

  243. Not embarrassed. Still loling. Whether it be an auto-correct mistake or syntax error, it is a classic stance of someone with nothing substantial to say to attack grammar instead of the body of the statement.

  244. I, like YMBS, had to create an account just to comment on the sad, pathetic, trolling life of MsFuckFace…

    I’m amazed that it sat at it’s computer for 3 days straight just to reply to comments.

    Sadface really needs a job and a life. Could someone also volunteer their sexual health and fuck it please?! I’m pretty it’s past due for a good ride…

  245. I’m not too sure about letting you walk my dog, Leila. I kind of like to be the one that takes control, and if I let you walk my dog, I’m not in control of the whole situation.

    Ah, what the hell. As long as an enjoyable time of puppy petting and dog walking as had by all, I’m good. So go ahead.

  246. tldr.

  247. To all those people who registered just so that you could tell people that you don’t like what they write on Lamebook, or how they say “cunt” so much: there’s this really great site you’ll love, called twopeasinabucket dot com. It has some amazing forums about scrapbooking and everything.

    You’re welcome.

  248. ^LMAO! I wonder how many of those complainers actually came from there, Bacchante.

  249. Pink tacos for all!

  250. Well, see, I usually like walking dogs myself. Gotta show them who’s the dominant one, some people don’t understand that and just let their dog run around like crazy and stuff. But, since it IS your dog and all, I guess I’m open to letting you show me how you do it.

  251. people still bitching about me? fucking aces!!
    I hope you all take your twisted tear-drenched knickers and fucking choke on them you horrible, boring fucking CUNTS. YOU are the shit that is choking our world.

  252. Fuck, beatus, you’re so right! Chicken or the egg?

  253. Leila, me fascinas. If you have some experience walking dogs, I don’t think I’ll have to show you. Plus, hopefully, I’ll be busy petting your puppy while you’re walking my dog.

  254. I hate everyone and damn them all to hell yet love everyone and send them all to heaven and I hate all words and like all words and post forever and shut the hell up. who has the link to the most commented lamebook post?

  255. msanne, you must have missed my question as to whether you suck your daddy off with that mouth.

  256. because you feel that sparkling witticism was really worth posting twice?

  257. (*hint* it wasn’t, and you’re a cunt*)

  258. You cunts are still going on about this? Talk about fucking a dead horse. I feel like we should put the mod who has to sort through this drivel on suicide watch. We choose to comment on this taint-of-the-internet thread so we lose at life.

    I really don’t mind any of you. Except for Ms.ManThrope. You’re like an annoying hangnail. His fuckbuddy freddy can be meh sometimes, but whatevs.

  259. Lolz about scrapbooking. Mrthrope doesn’t bug me because omigaw (s)he is so edgy and I’m soooo vanilla. (S)he bugs because as someone else put it: (s)he uses it because (s)he thinks it is so powerful, the last taboo word, but really, uses it like a twelve year old who just learned it. Shim reminds me of Beavis. Beavis in the basement of his mommy’s house. Rolling shis 17 sided dice to decide which curse word to use.
    MrThoaty, if you are going to act like a girl at least act like a BIG girl.

  260. ^ Excellent! You’re back! Now I can ask you, what is a ten dollar word?

  261. ^ask the bizarre thing what the fuck it wants, will you? I don’t think it understands me.

  262. Ok, ok I’m feeling a little bad for singling out thrope. But seriously. If you stop being ap negative, you’ll notice that people are less negative back. Think about it.

  263. YouMayBeSeated- I’m pretty sure Mr.Thrope gives exactly zero fucks about people being nice to it. It gets waves of pleasure by people disliking it.

    And Mr.Thrope baby: I’m here to please.

    Bacchante: regarding your remark about me earlier (saying I give cunts a bad name)- could you call me princess again? Except this time, give my ass a good slap.

  264. Parsing comment 260 took me FAR longer than it was cunting worth.
    On another topic, I enjoy verbing.

  265. Also, I apologize to MsAnne if the fact that I am amused by her takes away from her enjoyment of being hated.

  266. No, no, you misunderstood me, Deesigned. I said you give CHICKS a bad name. But yes, I would love to give your ass a good slap. Thanks for understanding where my angst stems from xox *slap*

  267. I wouldn’t waste my breath on that one, Bacchante, it’s a fucking liar.
    First it said it would only make one rant. It lied. Then it said it was “here to please”. Another fucking lie. If you really wanted to please me, Sandra-Dee you’d set yourself on fire and die screaming my name.

  268. I’m certain I only had one rant ManThorn. For someone who complains about people being boring/vanilla, you sure come up with lame points in a sad attempt to pick on me.

    I’ll be screaming a name tonight, but it won’t be yours, sorry bro.

    Here’s looking at you Bacchante…

  269. you mad bro?

  270. so you’re really not here to please?
    awww..c’mon, it’ll be fun. Fire is pretty.

  271. ^ that was for ms.

    Anyway…..Deesigned wins

    Shows over people, nothing to see here.

  272. Damn. I just got the camera ready…

  273. laugh.out.loud you’re not the boss of me.

  274. Woot! When my clit tingles later on, Dee, I’ll know you just screamed my name.

  275. ^that would be me with the daily dose of CUNT.

  276. Do you feel validated now Ms? Nice work edgeof17, have fun at your oh so cool party.

  277. hell, wouldn’t you feel validated?

  278. Deesigned…
    Will you scream MY name? I kinda want you to now LoL
    You, sir, are my hero

  279. you boring bunch ofcunts. used to be fun coming here

  280. Tell the truth, crusty. You’re commenting only in the hopes of getting this thread up to 300, right? Because I KNOW that you’ve never been any fun on here.

  281. Two hundred and eighty second!!!!!! STEEEEEVER!!!!!!!

  282. No Gill, you were not. And I am still waiting for my answer, because forget actually looking for myself.

  283. I was wondering the same Hawkbit. But yeah fuck that shit. The ‘tards running the site should find make links to most liked/dislike/commented.

    And BiteMe: You only “kinda” want it, so no I can’t scream your name. “Kinda” wanting it only makes me vaguely recall your name while I’m showering. Meh.

  284. by ‘showering’ you mean ‘rag on a stick’, right?

  285. You can Deesign it yourself!

  286. You sound fat, Mr.ManThrope.

  287. ^and you sound like a broken fucking record.

  288. ‘broken cd’ doesn’t have the same tone to it.
    ‘broken mp3′ is just not even a thing. Shut up about it.

  289. But your new name is so cute! And it works, unlike your numerous failed attempts at messing with my username. By the by, I really don’t care about your favorite music medium. Shut up about it.

    Yawn. U so boring.

    Quick question before I go- I noticed that you’re perpetually PMSing. Do your clients get tired of fucking you while you’re on your period? Hey, you could call it a perk and demand extra if you don’t already!

    ‘Night, bitch!

  290. be a terrible thing if you died in your sleep.

  291. …but I bet you’re really going to a party. Hey?

  292. I can’t believe you guys have nothing else to do than keep this going.

    I know I don’t.

  293. Why is this even still going?? Let’s just everybody go to bed, or go outside, whatever suits you. Oh, and I never said my party was cool, I just said I was going to one, showing that I have a life, ta.

  294. No.You don’t have a life.
    You’ll never have a life.
    You are, and will remain, a sad fucking idiot of a person with nothing of any interest to offer,

  295. Says someone who, by the looks of things, has never left the side of his/her computer.

  296. pretty sure you’ve already said that. or one of your drone clones has. I tend to mix you sad freaks up quite easily as you have no distinctive features.

  297. I doubt I’d remember considering the last I spoke was a few days ago. You bore me, please just stop creeping on the internet and go to bed.

  298. I just don’t understand how you can call any of these people sad when you are the person who posts on every single one of these threads and doesn’t miss a comment. It really doesn’t make sense. Think about what you say.

  299. question;
    how would you know what I read, or comment on, if you didn’t read every single thing yourself?

    you’re a pointless fucking idiot.

  300. I see your name at the bottom of the pictures or whatever. I don’t go into the comments section and read them.

    You’re running out of insults.

  301. bragging about being as thick as pigshit isn’t quite as empowering as you think it is. But you’re as thick as pigshit, so what would you know, right?

  302. I’ve never claimed to have any fucking brainpower but from reading what you’ve said I KNOW that I have more than you. Also, what you said just there had absolutely no relevance to my previous comment.

  303. You claimed to have some sort of moral superiority over me, otherwise you wouldn’t have crawled up my ass and starting with the bitching.
    And considering that the internet doesn’t have morals, I’m left wondering why you don’t just fucking hang yourself in a closet?

  304. I have people to live for.

  305. relevant enough, cunt?

  306. Once again, I have people to live for.

  307. You just seem to have the internet, is that why you’re so angry all the time?

  308. You just seem to have a small brain, is that why you’re so stupid all the time?

    Don’t try and attribute your limited, retarded emotions to me.
    You have no idea what ‘angry’ is.

    hint *it isn’t swear words on a computer screen*

  309. Ok, you may think I’m stupid but don’t call me retarded, that’s just nasty and rude. You obviously have no people skills, whereas, although I might be an idiot to your superior intellect, I am fantastic with people. I can meet people (yes, in real life) and get along with them from the word ‘go’. You, on the other hand, piss people off so much that they want to slice your face off and wear your skin as a mask at halloween.

  310. edge, perhaps you should Google “misanthrope”. It will help you understand and come to terms with why MsAnneThrope is so mean. Also, you are pretty retarded. But people like retards, so you’re set.

  311. I have never understood how people can be so horrible. He/she’s not even doing it in a funny way, it’s just boring and annoying.

  312. Things were dying down, and you dragged your sorry arse back into the fray. You deserve everything that’s coming to you.

  313. What can I say? I got bored.

  314. But you said you had such a rewarding life… You LIED on the internet?

  315. No, I have a good life, but right now I am home and it is 25 to 3 in the morning. I can’t sleep.

  316. Oh man. Shit just got real up in here.

  317. Needs more red wine.

  318. Not in the mood for wine right now.

  319. at ten thirty in the morning? that would be a bit much.

    not ’til the vodka runs out.

  320. Fuck, I’m bored with edge’s life, and I’ve only had a slice of it. I’m going to go stab something.

  321. So if I don’t feel like drinking on my own right now, at 3am, then I bore you?? What sad little lives you lead. Dreaming of alcoholism…

  322. …alcoholism numbs the pain.
    …as does swaying gently from a closet rail.

  323. This isn’t a chat room, you skeezy little ho. Do / say something interesting, or GTFO. For the last 10 minutes, I’ve been cleaning dog shit from the tread in one of my shoes, because that was more preferable than continuing this boring fucking conversation with you.

    And I don’t dream of alcoholism; I already have it.

  324. You really are numb. You know nothing about me, nothing about what I’ve been through, nothing. One day someone will hit you hard and you will realise what kind of person you are and how you have wasted your life.

  325. do ya need to talk, sweetie? do ya?

  326. poor delicate snowflake =(

  327. you really want me to fucking go mental you little fuck. get a fucking grip and stop trying to piss people off online because in real life they will butcher you. as i have repeatedly said, you know NOTHING about me. you have no idea what i have done or what i will do. you fucking want to mess with my head, it’s fucking working and now i want to fucking slice you with a blunt knife so that you’re insides fall out in front of your eyes. if i ever meet you in real life, which i doubt because you clearly never go outside, i will cut you.


  328. Hey look! I’m better now! Everybody! She made me better.
    I’m full to the shitty brim with love and compassion and shit like that. Hallelujah.

    not really.

  329. MsAnne: she’s lonely and can’t sleep.

    edge: numb, yes. Someone hit me hard, I doubt it. Wasted life, no.

    And I know the type of person I am – it’s you that will get a shock later in life, honey. You’re the one that was trying to convince us that your life has meaning because *squee* you have a boyfriend. That does not validate you, and the sooner you learn that, the better your life will become. Most of the Western world is in a relationship; you are not special or unique.

  330. what the fuck happened to you to make you such a horrible person?

  331. bacchante, fuck off you ignorant fucking prick.

  332. Who do you think she’s addressing?

  333. Oh wait, first comment was yours. So yeah, what happened, Ms?

  334. #332 ;what the fuck happened to you to make you such a horrible person?

  335. i was fucking addressing msanne and then after that you, hense why i said your name. and dont address me as fucking she. i have a fucking name. fuck.

  336. IQof17 is just being mean.


  338. she has no life and is just a horrible troll.

  339. more like fucking iq of 130.

  340. I bet the ‘boyfriend’ is a lie, too.
    what a slag.
    even jesus wouldn’t love her.

  341. msanne stop referring to yourself in third person.

  342. if you want honesty, you are driving me insane once again. i have done nothing but be nice my entire life and keep in every single little angry thought until i was 17 when someone ruined my life and made me go mad for 3 fucking years. thanks for bringing it all back after i only just got happy again.

  343. bossy and mean?

    wow. hardcore.

  344. fuck you! you just dont fucking stop do you! just fucking leave it you horrible cruel little fucking prick!

  345. do you need a glass of water, dear?

  346. you seem agitated.

  347. I tried to give her a glass of wine earlier.

  348. …and a wee bit post-repression-batshit.

  349. fuck right off.

  350. wine never fucking helps

  351. no. I don’t think the psychotropic meds should be taken with alcohol. the wine was a bad idea, Bacchante.

  352. i doubt either of you people would even care if i hurt myself. im not even going to but yous would be so fucking happy that what you say can affect someone, but its not affecting just anyone. its affecting this fucking pyschopath of a person who you dont even know or care about. you wouldnt even know if i died in real life. neither of you would give a shit.

  353. You made it have a collapse. Look at the mess it’s made of my lovely thread =(
    There’s tears and snot everywhere now.

  354. It’s a good thing she’s got people to live for, otherwise she might be cutting right now.

  355. i hate you both so much you heartless fucking people

  356. i dont cry

  357. aaaaw…no! not on the carpet..! bad girl IQof17, BAD GIRL.

  358. what does that even mean

  359. It means you made a fucking mess of yourself.

  360. i dont fucking care. you both helped.

  361. Yeah, and it was better than sex. How was it for you, edge?

  362. the fucking worst ive ever had.

  363. Come back tomorrow. I’ll see if I can top it.

  364. you’re so full of it

  365. Wow, edge. You are really easy to manipulate. You are not ready, young grasshopper.

  366. people shouldn’t be manipulative in the first place.

  367. Hey, this reminds me of something I said earlier:

    “Things were dying down, and you dragged your sorry arse back into the fray. You deserve everything that’s coming to you.”

    You just don’t fucking listen, do you?

  368. Oh, please shut up. Just because you can be mean, doesn’t mean you have to.

  369. hah! #313! I was just gonna post that.

    i hate you

  371. @laila.
    yes it does.

  372. Only once you apologise to MsAnne for ruining the carpet. And the thread.

  373. tell me that you honestly believe this screaming attention whore isn’t loving every second of this?

    (hint* she freely chooses to remain)

  374. Look away, Laila. Protect the innocence of your eyes.

  375. its the internet, i ruined fucking nothing. and stop being so fucking cruel. im the one being pissed on and even i can see that you’re being fucking cruel.

  376. i choose to remain so that i can see if there is any fucking hope in the world for any of us. if people like you exist then i dont see any hope. also what makes me attention seeking?

  377. Ah, but you’re going to let it ruin your day, aren’t you?

  378. it’s almost 4am. i had a perfect day until now, so yes. you have personally ruined my day.

  379. Nuh-uh. You ruined it. Have a super Thursday! See you tomorrow.

  380. fuck off you horrible, horrible excuse for a person

  381. I wanna marry this thread.

  382. i wanna marry your fuck off.

  383. you can be our anal internet love child.

  384. Or gimp. Whatever.

  385. I feel like you are both the type of people who avoid looking in mirrors. Not because you’re fuck ugly, not just that, no, but because you know how fucking hipster and cruel you are and you can’t face the fact that you once used to be a happy, care-free child.
    What happened to you to make you fucking disgusting, repellant creatures?

  386. *repellent

  387. Oh, thank god you corrected that minor spelling error, Bacchante. However else would we have understood?

  388. Congratulations on picking out my one spelling mistake on this entire thread. With it being 4.30am and I don’t care I feel that I am ok with it.
    Must make you feel good though. Pointing out others’ errors so you don’t have to face your own.

  389. Get on with it, edge. When does the cutting commence? And what’s with the recurring hipster theme? It makes no sense. You make no sense. I guess I just don’t believe you about the whole I.Q. of 130 claim.

    Oh, and hi Laila!

  390. Hi, I’d say it’s lovely to see you, but that would be a lie. Something about you inherently bothers me.

  391. Hipsters are all the same but pretty much deny their existence. I don’t self harm but its not something to joke about, you’re sick for wishing that upon someone. You wouldn’t care if I did.

  392. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 100+ comments since I last saw this shit.

    Edge: it’s the Internet. None of this shit matters. None of this shit should affect you. If you haven’t learned that by now then… fuck. Just walk away and live your life instead of talking about said life.

    MsChokesOnMan: Edge does have a point about you commenting on So sad. I bet you smell like a donkey’s asshole in real life.

    Laila and Bacchante: ‘Sup.

  393. Hey Dee, I missed you.

  394. Missed you too, Bacchante <3

    I see you and Beatus going on in other threads. I'm about ready to grab a strap on and join in, fo real doe.

  395. Aw, shucks.

    Yes, please join us! There’s plenty of room!

  396. So many orifices, so little time. Be there soon.

  397. yeah. that’d be real awesome, SandraDee. Don’t comment in every fucking thread, though. fuck no. Some half-functioning spazzwank will Have Something To Say About That.
    Also don’t do it because you’ve yet to actually say anything, yet you run off at the mouth like the Amazon fucking river.

  398. Love that you of all people, AnneTheMan, are trying to say that I’m the broken record that comments with no real point. You’re like my syphilitic, Alzheimer having, Klan loving, goat fucking great uncle. He definitely livens things up too.

    I just hope you’re this mouthy when you’re licking my asshole later.

  399. 400. How often has Steeeeeeeeveer had the opportunity to say that? He don’t have shit on me! BTW…Fight nice kids.

  400. That WAS nice, laugh.out.loud! Well, it gave me pleasure, anyway. Multiple times.

    And yes, you’re right. Suck on it, Steeeever.

  401. The only asshole licking will be with my bullwhip, cunt. While you squeal an apology.

  402. Apologize for what?

    Damn you know just how I like it, love ;)

  403. Yeah we can’t stop this now. Bookmarked.

  404. ^he. #404 not found.

  405. I guess this means that none of us FUCKed OFF SO BAD, as edge requested.
    Go figure, huh?

  406. not at all. i’d say we’re just really bad at fucking off. ergo – we fucked off in rather poor fashion.

    oh! that means edgie wins. she won an argument on the internet! yay!

  407. [insert; arguing_internet_retarded.jpeg]

  408. Hey, cool. You’ve got a photo of her…and she IS masturbating in it!
    So much for “glass of wine”!

  409. But, I have the last post.

  410. Come on, fucker. This isn’t ANZAC Day.

  411. I have last post

  412. Not anymore.

  413. Oh yes I do

  414. You wish.

  415. Oh but I do

  416. I still do.

  417. Fritos.

  418. No, Doritos.

  419. Is this some white cunt’s joke that black cunt’s don’t get?

  420. oh man. I meant ‘black cunts’ without the unnecessary apostrophe.
    But I was torn, as I didn’t want to correct myself in the customary way by simply typing ‘*black cunts’, as that would look racist and folk might get upset if they thought someone was displaying signs of racism.

  421. Nope, just the last word

  422. I keep messing it up.

  423. Yes, you do. But I am stubborn.

  424. Hellz yeahz

  425. you have NO IDEA what true internetautism is, pal.
    Ya just don’t.

  426. Don’t know, don’t care. I could keep this up forever.

  427. I’ll talk to myself every day just to hit 500

  428. Superb

  429. Oops.

  430. You did it again?

  431. I did.

  432. This post is getting far away from the first page. I guess I should bookmark it…

  433. ^Yes, you should.

  434. Rah

  435. cool beans

  436. Everything beyond this comment is irrelevant.

  437. Except today is OPPOSITE DAY!!! Your lamebook appearance changing skills do impress me.

  438. No, it makes my head hurt

  439. It could be worse.

  440. Prove it.

  441. Okay. It could be like this.

  442. I am not sure I would define this as worse…

  443. It actually is a little better…

  444. Only 445?

  445. Yup…

  446. I want 500

  447. Sigh…

  448. I am the most stubborn

  449. I will post on this until I die. Or get bored.

  450. Bored?

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