Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanky Lameky




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  1. Im prety sure googling vagina and seeing the images up close will scar a child. Vagina up close.. meh, not for me.

  2. A quick phase? XD Not even in twenty years will they learn not to do so. In twenty year’s time, there are definitely going to be far better ways for them to get that sort of information.

  3. …….wooooooowwwww. I don’t get how people can post this personal of stuff.

  4. forty-eighth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lulllllzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. I’m evidently deterring people from searching vagina online *¬*

  6. hahahha xD Is straight sex considered to be a sin? XD

  7. hahha that Car’Mine was quite mean! And that Lani was quite a beeyotch lol

  8. What the fuck kind of name is “Car’Mine”?

  9. Euuuuh I didn’t get the second one :/

  10. The Big Ragu!

  11. I like that he actually linked to the girl’s FB in the first one

  12. #1…Lani gets branded as a bad lay, but doesn’t defend herself? I call BS. It’s Fake.

    #2…Craig has never had sex of any kind in his life.

    #3…Jennifer’s son is probably one of her FB friends and is now googling “Embarrassing mothers who air their children’s dirty laundry on FB, and how to seek revenge”

  13. “st8 sex” sounds like something Mr Obama gets up to with Mrs Obama.

  14. “st8 sex” -seems Craig might be going from gay to R.I.-curious.

    also, did he just give his friends permission to decide whether he “goes” bi?

    lol…y’all decide

  15. loved Steven’s comment…finally a decent lamebook entry!

  16. at least he wasnt googling “penis”

  17. So who’d have thought that this whole debate about whether people are born homosexual or choose the lifestyle was complete bullshit. Thanks to Craig’s FB status, we now know your friends chose your sexual identity.

    Glad we can finally close the book on that one.

  18. Sigh… I can’t tell which is the guy and which is the girl between the names Car’Mine and Lani. Carmine is a girl’s name, right?

  19. I think Car’Mine is a boy.

  20. Carmine’s isn’t lame it is awesome.

  21. I wonder which st8 Craig had sex in?

  22. I wonder which “st8″ Craig had sex in?

  23. I think Jessica just wanted to say the word Vagina.

  24. googling the word “vagina” isnt nearly as interesting as googling “pussy”, Far more relevant search results.

  25. Tight ,per se.

  26. Lani “still in a relationship” – but for how long? and who’d have her when she’s so “ehhh” ?

    Craig is just an attention-seeking freak and Jennifer needs to teach her son how to search for real porn not gynaecological medical journals.

    the creepiest thing you’ll ever see. but totally believable

  28. the ads on lamebook are getting more lame than anything else posted on this page you know. i mean pam’s extreme video? big ass hot dog? wtf? oh, and tony did well with ‘monogomy’ – i thought that might become ‘mngmlolz’ or something. and lani should be pleased with ‘i’ve had better’ – not as scathing as ‘were you asleep?’ (true story).

  29. Not that I agree with it, but I’m used to seeing people brand gay sex as a sin. Anyone else a little confused that Craig is now a sinner for having “normal” sex??

  30. Being straight isn’t the “normal” sexual orientation,it is the most commun.
    However , I agree with Molly about the ads :laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame !


  32. By “monogomy” is Tony implying that you should either be gay or straight? I’m confused.

    Car’Mine = loser. However, Lani = loser also.

  33. Hmmm, just to clear up any potential misunderstanding from my comment; “normal” is in punctuation marks to show that it’s not my personal opinion.

  34. ha ha, i got a kick out of “wow hot mess”. tho i’m not sure why?!

  35. I guarantee Ms.Terri is a fat bolding man… a woman would NEVER say something like that!

  36. CRAIG SHOULD BE SHOT… All gays should be culled, they are the biggest threat to society

  37. Foz, suck a dick.

  38. No Dee, Because that would make me gay, and then i’d have to do the world a favor and hang myself. Just sounds like too much effort…

  39. You sure about that FOZ? It’d be really easy. Just ask me, big boy. ;)

    I’ll even help with the rope afterwards. I don’t care if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s cool. Tee hee!

  40. Who the heck names their kids Car’mine at all?!

  41. Instead of hiding searches for “vagina” (really, vagina? Have fun with those medical photos, kid) maybe it’s time to actually talk to your sun. Parents these days. Lazy assholes. No one is prepared for kids. You can’t hide everything from your kid forever. The kid’s hittin’ puberty!

  42. @ monica – “sun” =/= “SON”

    hurr durrrr

  43. I like turtles.

  44. Geonardo DiMetrio

    A kid who’d google “vagina” is probably trying to find information, not porn. His useless mom should get the hint and TEACH HIM about the birds and the bees. That post makes me sad. :(

  45. Geonardo DiMetrio

    A kid who’d google “vagina” is probably trying to find information, not porn. His useless mom should get the hint and TEACH HIM about the birds and the bees so the poor kid isn’t left wallowing in a sea of possibly inaccurate internet information all by himself. That post makes me sad. :(

  46. Maybe she should think back to when she was 13 and giggling about looking up words in the dictionary. I can’t see that it’s that bad to be honest. Natural pubescent curiosity. I’m sure he could be looking up worse things (and probably is).
    Steven’s response is hilarious

  47. @Tammy

    Oh shit I made a typing error! I MUST BE MENTALLY HANDICAPPED.

  48. Good for him, I know some grown men who should be taking the time to learn about the vagina!

  49. Ha! Laura, you’re AWESOME.

  50. no, geonardo, im awesome

  51. Does she really think it STARTS at 13? Lulz. She’s about two and a half years too late. Hope she puts a stop to this healthy outlet for pent up budding sexual energy soon. Better to have him join the football team and get his sexual frustrations out the good old fashion way, with homoerotic violence.

  52. 13?? Late bloomer!

  53. lol was “vagina” the worst of it?

    I truly feel sorry for my parents and the shit they probably saw in their search history when I was 13.

  54. @Laura

    @Noam GR
    I was 13 before the advent of google. Seriously, when I was 13 they installed a room full of PCs in our school which no one knew how to turn on, let alone use.
    At 16, we heard rumours of this thing called “the internet”. At 18, I was the first year at my University that had to hand in typed rather than hand-written essays. My first laptop had a 14GB HDD and that was considered enormous. I would like to point out that I am only 29!

    Now I would find it difficult to function without the internet, I never thought about it before, but I think I may have missed out on something…

    [Don't even get me started on mobile phones]

  55. My brother started googling naked Japanese chicks at 10. Is he normal or just, mature?

  56. OMG! I don’t know Lani, but we have a mutual friend! HAHAHA!

  57. No one cares about your sex life!

  58. OMG EMMZ! We don’t give a fuck!!

  59. Oh, and I’m an asshole, too!

  60. what the heck is state sex.. long distance sex? oh, str8. never mind.

  61. State sex is like Kentucky putting it’s Iowa in Virginia’s Ohio

  62. at least hes not googling “penis” or “giant horse cocks” or . . ew . . “homosexual cumshots”

  63. Hands down the comments are now the star of Lamebook, not the cadged Facebook updates/comments.

  64. I thought he meant state sex.

  65. Car’mine has herpes!!!

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