Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hairy Situations

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  1. First

  2. Way to go Ben.

  3. Ben you are back from Mt. Doom :) How was your trip?

    BTW I would probably take a bong rip from Megan Fox’s pubic hair too she is pretty hot :p

  4. Good job Ben. I knew we could count on you :)

    Seriously Charlotte, I’ve seen pretty stupid stuff posted on lamebook, but yours is just in another league! Not even discreet with the wording.

    Good luck getting people to help you with that…

  5. HA! Poop hair.

  6. All I can say about Kale’s photo is just because one can do something does not mean one should.

  7. @pugged – Why not? Seriously you would not hire this guy? You know he can come mow my lawn any day!

  8. YoOZ not A ben! I’s BEN! IPMOstor! 1st=FAAAAGGGZ! YOure posTs r uselEES like yoUre Dads cock! You like IT like MEEEEEeeeeeEEe!!!
    I rulz THE INTERWEB with ma BRains and NAZIS!!!

  9. WTF is up with these? Nice hair. There’s been the hair in the ass thing before and “bong rip?”

    BTW @eenerbl, I think that is “fake” Ben up there as #1. “Real” Ben is off pouting because Frodo doesn’t have a pool.

  10. I think Kale’s picture is funny. He had a mate help him shave his head, and had him make a funny shape of word or something with the hair. Mission accomplished I think.

    After taking the picture, he got it shaved, I hope.

    The lame thing about this picture is that his neck, and presumably his face, are quite a bit darker than his now bald head. He’s going to look like a right prat. He would probably be better off leaving the pooping man there…

  11. @Ben v3.0
    Yep. That’s the real Ben alright.

  12. I actually like the new Ben. More honest.
    Megan Fox is hot but WTF is a bong rip?

  13. I had to look at the picture of his hair again to see what was going on there. Someone’s not looking for a job.

  14. @Thanatos: Seriously?

  15. Isn’t fake Ben the one that did the “Finally, I’m first” junk, and then real Ben got upset and stormed off to suck his dad’s cock? I am very very confused… Then there’s Ben v3.0? Is that Ben’s food baby? Is there more than 1 fake Ben?

    I hope when Ben #1 returns, or stops crying (not sure why) oh right, the pool thing, I hope he does ‘Find on this page’ for his name… for all the different pages. I’ll have to stay tuned to watch this play out.

  16. @eenerbl
    Seriously what? I have never heard of a bong rip.

  17. On the subject though, why is Kale’s cupboard so empty? I have to fight for space. Then again, I live in an apartment, where my cupboards are made from planks of shitty wood, not even sanded, and knobs screwed on.

  18. Replace Megan Fox’s pubes with Olivia Wilde’s and I’d give it a shot.

  19. @Thanatos: You do know what a bong is right?

  20. @Thanatos: Read up.

  21. Never heard of ‘bong rip’ either but apparently it’s the same as ‘bong hit’

  22. @Thanatos –

  23. @Thanatos

    A bong rip is just a “drag” or a smoke from a bong. Light up her pubic hair and breathe in those fumes through a tube/hose of some sort. Yeah, baby!

    I thought Kale’s hair was some guy running or riding a bike… with his back leg broken up a bit, to show 3-D. I kinda liked it.

    Now…….. ummm, is it some guy taking a dump?

  24. bong rip? that sounds nasty

  25. @eenerbl
    Well of course I know what a bong is. I’m just unfamiliar with the term “bong rip” is all. Been a little while since High School/College shenanigans. Enlighten me.

  26. @eenerbl
    Sorry, missed the link.

  27. Whoa, ignore my explanation… I should refresh the page before posting more often, to avoid “re-answering” questions.

  28. @eenerbl
    Got it. Thanks a bunch.

  29. that’s so bizarre. but hilarious.

  30. Sorry Charlotte dear, but it’s off to the hospital for you

  31. @Thanatos: It’s been a while for me too, but I still remember 2001 like it was yesterday!

  32. @mcowles
    Thanks for the help anyways. Not as drug literate as I once was. Oh grade school.

  33. @eenerbl
    Lucky….. :)

  34. I’m just wondering how one gets an ingrown hair in their asshole.

  35. @jennifferrrrr
    Buttsex comes to mind. Poledancing with steet lamp/parking meter perhaps? I have heard it through the grapevine that “ingrown asshole hair” is also commonly referred to as a Ben.

  36. Example:
    Does anyone know how to remove a Ben from my Benhole without putting myself in the hospital?

  37. Good God, that’s why I dislike Ben so much! Thanks Thanatos, it’s like a light switch went off!

  38. @Thanatos
    Much appreciated. Now, what would you call it if Ben himself got an ingrown asshole hair? Frodo taking out some aggression?

  39. I’m pretty sure real Ben’s head has exploded by now.

  40. You guys have way too much fun digging on this Ben kid…

  41. he looks proper funny doe

  42. @eenerbl
    Not a problem. You helped with bong rip. Just doing my civic duty….hehe…duty.

    Well when Ben himself gets a Ben it’s called “justice.”

  43. @SomeRandomChick
    Of course we do. Read some of his recent posts. It’s almost like a sport. VIVA LA BEN FALSO!!!

  44. Damn it I leave for five minutes and I miss the buttsex comments can we revisit that later and find out from Ben how it feels to be a receiver of buttsex.

  45. @Thanatos
    YOU likEZ youR DADdEez WEEEEEEEEEEEENERRZ!!! SUCk On THE BallZ rite! I kin SHowe yooo HOW!!!

  46. Hair.

    I… really have absolutely nothing else to say on this post.

  47. are we still on megan fox?

  48. @Username_Login
    Of course we can. This is a place of only the highest intellectual calibur. Anal sex and inappropriate uses for public metropolitan property should always be revisited in a fully functioning high society of the greatest minds our world has to offer.

  49. @Carlo
    If I was on Megan Fox I sure as shit wouldn’t be posting on this site. Cheers.

  50. here here

  51. Megan Fox is a babe…

    @Ben v3.0
    Seriously.. People that type like you should be executed in public. By getting owned by something universal like potatoes.. Death by Potatoes!!!!!!

  52. @ Drew – I am all about public “potatoing” I think we need to start with Ben

  53. @Drew
    This is Ben v3.0, and this is simply a ploy on my part to truly drive the original Ben insane. He is a twat mongering dipshit who whines over nearly anything thereby ruining the entire thread and post process for everyone. Read some of his posts. If there was ever a definition for douchewad it would be simply Ben. Enjoy your stay here at and YOoo iz a FROdo FFFFFAAAGGGET with DadDy nut BAllz!!!

  54. @Drew
    I also am a firm believer in public potato related deaths. COck Monkey FUNky Bitch TIt!

  55. @ Ben V3.0 What exactly is a “COck Monkey FUNky Bitch TIt” I think I might be interested in becoming one could you please give me the urban dictionary definition of this. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  56. I’m hoping Kale asked his buddy to help him shave his head. His ‘friend’ completed the artwork, took a pic, then showed Kale his handy work. Kale, having a brilliant sense of humour, posted this to his profile. Or Kale’s an idiot for wanting this done. Either way…

  57. HAHA! Charlotte ftw!

  58. @Ben v3.0 did you just call yourself a douchewad? haha “YoOZ not A ben! I’s BEN! IPMOstor”

  59. I like Username_Login!

  60. “Cock Monkey Funky Bitch Tit” Catchy, I like it.

  61. @eenerbl – if you are going to use it you have to use it in it’s correct context “COck Monkey FUNky Bitch TIt”

  62. @Drew
    YOooo LikEz MEEEEEEEEEeeeEEeeeeeen!!!


    COck Monkey FUnky Bitch TIt; a very, very bad naughty thing to say; comedic insult; see also “John Kerry”


  63. @ Ben v3.0 – I think you had a typo don’t you mean John Edwards?

  64. I don’t think I can random shift, it’s recessing on purpose.

  65. @Username_Login
    NOEz!!! I meanz Jon KerrY!!! I Never HAz TypOOOOEs! mY speelling ISz PURFEKCT!!!

  66. Ben v3.0 for President 2016!!!

  67. Okay I am done with this lamebook post. More please.

  68. lostintranslation

    I don’t care much for the post itself, but the comments have had me in stitches! Public potatoing, ben=ingrown ass hair, anal sex and COck Monkey FUnky Bitch TIt (god, it’s hard to type like that)… this comments section has something for everyone :-)

    Also, I’d love to be the on-call doctor when Charlotte shows up at the hospital… “What seems to be the problem here?” “Oh… uh… well… I was attempting the extraction of an epidermal protein filament in the anal region and… well… let’s just say my technique was flawed… >:[“

  69. @Username_Login

  70. Dammit man, Chuck Norris is first, ALWAYS! Shithead. Tweezers. Not in your lifetime. Next.

  71. Okay, I’m changing my opinion about Ben. I read back some, and he’s definitely a whiny little shit, isn’t he? Carry on.

  72. @SomeRandomChick
    It’s ok. I’m kinda missin real Ben right now. It’d be hysterical to read his reactions to the serious amount of bashing he has received on just this single thread.

  73. @Thanatos, He probably is, back on, what, Still Haitain, or something like that he was going off all over the place, about people stealing his name, his dads cock , and changing his user name. Who knows what it will be now…..we won’t have to wonder long, I’m sure he’ll tell us.

  74. Hey everyone, I’m here to claim my five minutes of fame.
    I am the ingrown hair girl. Except there was no ingrown hair, my dear (soon to be ex) friend took over my account when I was working on an essay and this is what she produced.
    I’m assuming it was her who sent this to lamebook.

    This is hilarious and I love Lamebook! :)

  75. Aw, awesome to see someone take being on Lamebook so well :) Makes me feel better at staring at random people’s statuses and hten judging them all day, that’s for sure.

    Like to see Kale to be as pleased as Charlotte, though xD

  76. Who’s Megan Fox?

  77. megan fox is frodo

  78. Kale needs a good punch in the face.

    Charlotte, TMI!

    Kurt is frodo.

  79. Ben is Frodo and a ring piece.

  80. can we start talking about guzzling cum again? that was fun : P

  81. i love choking on cum

  82. I don’t get the Frodo/LOTR jokes..

  83. Can I be Frodo?
    I have a pool

  84. Frodo doesn’t have a pool, so “No”, you cannot be Frodo.

  85. I don’t get why you are all against Frodo

  86. The lame thing about Kale’s picture…is this was my profile picture about 3 years ago. I’m not Kale. That’s not Kale in the picture. Kale fail.

  87. degnor is Frodo

  88. lostintranslation


  89. I’d certainly take a bong rip of Megan Fox’s pubes. Damn straight, she’s amazing.

  90. just for all you megan fox lovers out there

  91. That dude has to be unemployed.

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