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  1. Oh I see. A public display of mourning over Corey Haim but nothing for Kristian Digby?

  2. Who the hell is Kristian Digby? You might as well typed, “Oh I see. A public display of mourning over Corey Haim but nothing for my old fat neighbor who died choking on a bacon sandwich?”

    Just playin’ Indie ;-)

  3. Excuse my ignorance, but who the hell is Corey Haim?

  4. @polishsausage – Haha! I was about to point you in the direction of but you were “playin’”.

    I was, of course, poking fun at the inevitable “Who the hell is…” (hi there, wordpervert).

    Different people are well known in different countries. The end.

  5. Also, what kind of polish sausage are you, polishsausage? My favourite, if you’re asking, is wiejska.

  6. Oh, if only there was some place to look that up, wordpervert. Can you imagine a system of networked computers where you could research answers to questions yourself? Maybe someday such technology will exist…

  7. Corey Haim was in some of my favorite movies. The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet and License to Drive. He was an actor.

  8. 2nd to last one is funny

  9. And I am sad :(

  10. Good mood over, fuck you birdie.

  11. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Hmm, he was one of the Goonies right?
    I always mix the 2 Coreys up. The same way my memory tries to be more efficient by using the same brain cell to remember Joey Lauren Adams and Renee Zellweger, who might as well be the same person. One of the Coreys was reportedly touched up by Michael Jackson. This is the limits of my knowledge on Mr. Haim. Regardless I want to watch the Goonies again now.

  12. lol

  13. Lol @polishsausage

  14. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    K, wrong Corey. Fuck it, I’m still going to watch The Goonies…

  15. Thanks ee, that’s all I needed to know x

  16. No problem word.

  17. Birdie, I back Word up on this. Who the hell is Corey Haim, and no I will not use the resources available to me to look him up; If he was that important I would have already heard of him BEFORE he died.

  18. ohhhh, man. “Who the hell is Corey Haim?”?? A sad day, indeed.

  19. Tante, go somewhere else and be 12 years old.

  20. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Honestly, I recommend anyone suffering inordinate amounts of grief over this most untimely of monumental losses to humanity to just get up and do the truffle shuffle. Do it!

    malteaser, you remind me of sloth. You’re so versatile and unpredictable, do you copy and paste lol? Or are you getting really good at typing it?

  21. haha i still have no idea who this dude is.

  22. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Check it out, it’s factually more meaningful if you have NO idea who it is. Weird.

  23. I always thought it was “Goonies never SAY die”?

  24. That was Corey Feldman! Wrong Corey.

  25. The tasteless joke one was pretty funny, not gonna lie.

  26. there was more than one corey? whats goonies? I liked lost boys but dont remember this guy in it… was he the young brother that vampire hunted?

  27. ^kill yourself

  28. And Corey whatever is recognized for? I never had heard of him before

  29. kill myself because i grew up poor and didnt have tv so i played outside… yeah… go fuck yourself douche… people waste too much of their lives watching movies and then act like i’m crazy because i’d rather play basketball, go backpacking or fuck your mom while your dad watches… loser

  30. RIP Corey, The Lost Boys used to be my favorite movie when I was younger.

  31. The tasteless joke one is absolutely hilarious.

  32. SomeRandomChick

    lol @sj

  33. Brennan is right. I hate when people mourn washed-up celebrities. He was a bit popular in the eighties (although I haven’t heard of him which isn’t surprising because I wasn’t even born yet) and he hasn’t done anything of significance since. In fact, after taking a look at his wikipedia page, I’m forced to conclude that he never did anything of significance ever. It was the same with Brittany Murphy. Can you name a single good project Murphy was involved in which she actually improved? I can’t. Do you think anyone would do more than shrug their shoulders at the mention of either of these people before their deaths? No and rightfully so because there was no reason to give a shit. Norman Bourlag died last year and hardly anyone noticed. Everyone boo-hoos over some washed-up douchebag from the 80s and no one noticed the death of the man that has saved over a billion lives. Bourlag actually made contributions to society. He is actually important. This asshole is not.

  34. right on wog… i am in total agreement with you… noble price winner, noone cares… oscar, like ZOMG, so and so won an oscar!

  35. hahaha slimjayz ftw

  36. on #27 btw

  37. Wow, way to be disrespectful to the dead! That was pretty cold.


    That’s fast become a catchphrase of mine.

  39. Sarcasm, btw. I know it doesn’t translate well, but I thought I’d pre-empt any crazily angry comment replies.

  40. WOG, to a certain extent, I feel you. Yes, the death of a Nobel prize winner certainly warrants more sympathy from me than that of a semi-obscure 80s poster-child for douchebaggery. Also, your point works wonders at dismantling the argument, “if I haven’t heard of him, he wasn’t important”. However, diff’rent strokes for different folks. If Corey Haim attracted a larger media following during his lifetime than Norman *Borlaug (sic), then so be it. Doesn’t make him more important, though. Haim was the kind of personality who would’ve actually given a shit about how many people mourn him over the Internet. Borlaug, on the other hand, just gave a shit about saving the world & garnering respect & sympathy for, you know, an actual achievement. Bottom line, the only entity which stands to win anything from (over-)publicizing celebrity deaths is the Internet. To wit, which article will get more visitors: the one which announces the possible OD of a young-ish has-been, or the obituary of a Nobel-winning agronomist?

    In short, death sells & if you buy what it has to sell, you’re less of an independent thinker than you have yourself pegged.

  41. Of course Corey Haim is going to get more coverage of his death than a person who wasn’t in the spotlight as much as he was. Don’t get butt hurt over it. Brittany Murphy was in her prime, not a washed-up celebrity. She also worked with the USO a lot in case you didn’t know.

  42. Ahem, excuse the misspelling. As I was typing that, I was thinking “hey, if I misspell Borlaug’s name, I’m going to look like an asshole.” I probably should have looked it up. Ah well. I appreciate you not making a big deal of it (because I don’t believe it is).

    Sure, I appreciate that’s the way things are. It doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean we have to shut up and respect it.

  43. However, it does annoy me when people get so upset over the death of a celebrity that they never knew. When I hear that somebody has died, I just think ‘that’s sad :/’ maybe spare a thought for their family, and then carry on with my life. I didn’t know them. Obviously fair enough if you were a really big fan of them. It’s just times when a celebrity dies and it doesn’t leave the papers or Facebook for months, as we get story on story on story about how they died and what any random celebrity thinks of it.

  44. @Jaz

    Brittany Murphy never did anything of significance. If playing Luanne on King of the Hill and a mediocre role in the mediocre “Girl, Interrupted,” was her prime, then my point stands. I don’t know why I’m supposed to give a shit about her USO contributions. Also, see my post above.

  45. ergh, excuse the superfluous comma. I wish this site had an edit option.

  46. No one cares about Nobel Prize winners anymore. You’re only remembered if you are considered ‘hot’ by today’s society or if you have a crotch shot on the cover of magazines. That’s just how it is nowadays. Get used to it.

  47. I’m not going to get used to it. That’s a shitty attitude to have. If you want to breeze through life complacently because “that’s just the way things are” then go ahead but some of us actually give a shit.

  48. Chewbacca shagger

    He was doomed from the start. Clearly his parents didn’t like him…they called him Corey.

  49. Just wondering:
    1. How many people here knew him personally?
    2. How many people here die a little inside every time a celebrity dies? (ie-Brittnay Murphy, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, etc.)
    3. How many people here know that all celebrities (and people in general) are going to die in the long-run? Whether it be now, or in 80 years.

    It’s nothing to cry over. Jebus.

  50. BritishHobette is an angrier, less cowardly me. I’d make some kind of backwards woman/kitchen joke, but I’m too lazy. BritishHobette’ll probably do it.

    Long story short: It’s nothing to cry over. Jebus.

  51. But not really angry.

  52. Am I the only one who pictured a “Highlander” style battle between Corey Feldman and Corey Haim? Too Bad it was just an overdose.
    “But one led to two, two led to four, four led to eight, until at the end it was about 85 a day – the doctors could not believe I was taking that much. And that was just the valium – I’m not talking about the other pills I went through.” – Corey Haim.

    RIP Corey, the vampires of the world may be laughing, but I’m not.

  53. I'm Canadian Also

    I’m not a fan of grammar police, but did anyone else get irritated by Brennan using “whom”? I don’t mind when people use it the wrong way and fall back on “who”, it’s a common mistake, but when people try to sound smart by saying “whom” when it’s incorrect piss me off.

  54. @British Hobo – I’ve got a solution to your issues over the media heralding dead celebrities… Don’t watch the media. It’s a little known fact that the mass media is for idiots; Screw Ms. What’s-her-face-looks-like-a-cat on Fox news and Wolfie Blitzenstein on CNN, they are all douches. Celebrity deaths are irrelevant, hell my death is going to be irrelevant. 30-50 years from now no one is going to give two shits about Brittany Murphy or Corey Haim, the agronomist on the other hand will live on in historical relevance. So who’s the real winner here? Clearly it’s no one because we are all immaterial.

  55. I took note of Brittney’s & Corey’s deaths. Why? They’re in my age bracket. I grew up with the Corey x2 movies. I enjoyed Clueless as the piece of fluffy happiness it was, b/c when it came out, I needed something to let my brain relax during finals LOL

    Yes, the deaths were unnatural, still bugs me to an extent that someone “my age” died. Did I freak out on FB about it? Nope. Why? I’m not 12. My world doesn’t screech to a halt because a celebrity I never met dies. But I am also not a jealous prick that celebrates a death of a celeb and spits on their grave. They may not have meant something to you, but they did to their family.

  56. Back before internet porn was readily available, Corey Haim starred in a wonderful little film called Blown Away, along with a Charles in Charge era Nicole Eggert. I will always be grateful for the masturbatory opportunities this movie afforded my younger self.

  57. Corey Feldman was the one in the Goonies. Both Coreys were in the Lost Boys. Jesus.

  58. @Stam: I try, but since the media’s fucking everywhere these days, and the places it isn’t are filled with the sort of twat who laps that shit right up and won’t shut up about it, the only way I can possibly avoid it is by hiding under a mattress in the bath.
    And if I did that, how would I infuriate myself over nothing on Lamebook?

  59. <>

    I’m sure there’s an app for your iPhone for that…

  60. Corey Haim died? This rock that I live under, is big.

  61. @BritishHobo
    Good point about the mattress and bath, I’d avoid that too. I, on the other hand, don’t have a tv and life has been great without it. I can watch what I want online without the junk. On an unrelated note, I just visited my mother-in-law (she watches Fox a lot…) and Hannity has a moon face. It’s seriously in the shape of a crescent moon. Take note.

  62. I don’t see what is really lame about someone dying, famous or not. I’ve also never heard about him, but I find it ‘lamer’ discussing if it’s worth mourning someone or not depending if they’re famous or not…lame

  63. All of you are disgusting. My friend told me this website was funny as hell. Really? Ugh. Maybe God will come sooner than later and wipe the world clean of sh** like you sickos. GROOOSSSSSSS! This is such a crap website. So much hate…it’s nauseating. Peace out creepies.

  64. ^^^ THANKS XXXX

    P.S. If you see god, tell him he’s a c*nt

  65. So, ummmm….when did Corey Haim die? I guess it wasn’t big news here in the UK?

  66. First of all I found the depiction (not sure if it’s correct use of the word, but you get point) of the wrong Corey extremely confusing.

    And @61acagedcat25
    “All of you are disgusting. My friend told me this website was funny as hell. Really? Ugh. Maybe God will come sooner than later and wipe the world clean of sh** like you sickos. GROOOSSSSSSS! This is such a crap website. So much hate…” Ahahahaaa :D Thanks for contributing. You fit right in.

  67. I learnt something from lamebook today. There’s a first.

  68. It’s sort of surreal to be finding out that someone famous (well, semi-famous outside the US) died through a Lamebook post.

  69. I had a tasteless joke courtesy of Doug Stanhope:

    “Guess I can finally tell the difference between Corey Feldmann and Corey Haim. Haim’s the one that’s decomposing.”

  70. lol @19

  71. I’m sure the girl (I’m assuming it was a girl) who posted the picutre would have been incredibly embarrassed to find out she had the wrong guy, especially given the caption.

  72. Kahlan – that’s part of the joke… It’s been done so many times for many dead celebrities including Anna Nicole Smith (with a picture of Britney Spears and a caption saying GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCESS).

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