Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grim Situations

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  1. Sind, it was that Burger King food that killed her.

    You’re an accessory before the fact.

  2. Brooke, can’t see why not.

    I’ve driven men home after a hot night of sex, and they pretty much looked like corpses after I had finished with them.

    I’ve never got a ticket, so give it a whirl girl.

  3. Good lord.

  4. lol

  5. Awesome name for a funeral home.

  6. @word: Please be my lover… I’ve never had a lady before, but you, I’d make an exception. You are magic and make me lol.

  7. I agree, Hobo….I don’t even know what to say. Except…I’d like to know what Word is doing to make her men look like corpses. Succubus? ;)

  8. What a rotten way to be remembered.

  9. sinds status made my head hurt… the wrong person died

    and word is messing with the wrong guys

  10. Wow….

  11. I think Ricky really dug a hole for himself there.

  12. katypants, call me.

    Frankie, I literally suck the life out of them.

    slim, I’m yet to meet my match, they just can’t keep up with my sexual appetite, but I’m still looking.

  13. @wordpervert

    Must’ve been an evening of rigor-ous activity.

  14. Anyone know the answer to Brooke’s question?

    *coughs* Purely out of interest.

  15. drcool,

    Yes, the more stiff they are, the better.

  16. Hobo, I answered it, did I not?

  17. Sind’s remarks are pretty ash-inine.

  18. I drive past that funeral home every day.

  19. @wordpervert

    I bereave that makes sense.

  20. am I reading the name of that funeral parlor correctly?

    Am I Gone? Seriously?

    It’s like they’re trying to confuse the corpses and, in so doing, cause mass hauntings.

  21. hobo- i’m going to say yes they can. the carpool lane signs don’t say anywhere that both people have to be alive. if you get pulled over, you can get out of a ticket based on that technicality. :-)

  22. drcool,

    You’re a punner and I pardon you.

    Bye for now.

  23. I’m gonna say yes, Carpooling is fine if you have a dead body in the back

  24. The third one is fake.

    And I think you have to have the body propped up in the front seat to ride carpool.

  25. But getting pulled over with a corpse in the front seat?

    Mort-ifying if you ask me…

  26. oh you have met your match word… we just havent actually met, but you get what im saying… by the end of day 5 i may be strapping sticks around my dick to keep it up, but id still be going

  27. @tonic How do you know its fake?
    In my experience the dead body carpool trick has worked just fine. Just get some sunglasses for the corpse and pretend he’s napping or passed out..

  28. Aye you did word. I should pay more attention…

  29. Amigo gone?

  30. #1 FTW, the rest were just kinda a bit too lame for even lamebook, and as has been said before by many poeple, the comments are usually funnier than the post. I’m out!

  31. LoL, @howdy, you should dress them up as a hip teenager, you can say that they’re sleeping after too much alcohol consumption and/or too much pot, the shades would fit the bill as well

  32. No, a corpse does not count as a passenger. Legally speaking, you can’t argue your case and they will give you a ticket.

  33. Having worked in a funeral home and having to transport bodies in a hearse.. I drove in the HOV lanes maybe twice with a body in a casket during rush hour with no problems, some other co-workers would do it more often then that.

  34. amigone is actually a front for the mafia.

  35. Chinchillazilla

    Matthew is a dick. People, don’t let people find out about deaths on Facebook.

  36. @howdy, Jennifer’s comment has dots under the r and e in “appreciate”, the u in “your” and the i in “political”.

    The sunglasses are a good tip. Is there anything Weekend at Bernie’s can’t teach us?

  37. LMAO! Amigone Funeral Home.

  38. I was going to accuse the first one of being Photoshopped, but then decided to check. Sure enough, it’s real!


  39. The Amigone funeral home was on American’s Funniest Home Videos years ago… I still remember Bob Saget saying “Am I gone? I sure hope so”

  40. I don’t know how I managed to skip over this post the whole evening, but lord almighty, word… I freaking love you, but you already knew that!

  41. wait a minute… word you are a girl? that explains a lot!

  42. I am still in love with Word…after visiting this site everyday for the past several months I have fallen in love with the sweet essence that is Word..

  43. I’m an idiot – I read it as Amigo Gone, just squished together.

    It sounds like Sind is talking about a fox or something.

  44. hazydream,

    I’m touched, or more accurately, I would love to be touched, by your good self.

  45. punny, punny, punny….

  46. LOL good lughs, very clever Word. Very, clever.
    I miss Natalia, and Turtle Boy, and the good old days, and my Mom.

  47. @SeeBea

    and yaya

  48. the funeral home is real theyre pretty successful. its in buffalo ny this is actually right by my house

  49. I live right by that funeral home. The name has always been a joke around here.

  50. LOL My dad’s family lives near that funeral home. Ah, Buffalo.

  51. I live in Amherst (buffalo) where this funeral home is. I went to school with the Amigone kids and never even realized there was anything funny/ironic about the name until I saw it on America’s Funniest Home videos. It’s pronounced, “Am-ah-gone” so you don’t really think about it until someone from out of town points it out!

  52. Okay we get it, it’s real.

  53. nice! Buffalo gets a shout out. i’m from there, moved to Vegas 6 years ago. needless to say, passed it all the time and thought it was hilarious. not sure who thought that name was a good idea.

  54. -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  55. elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying.

  56. That funeral home is actually in my town. I crack up every time I drive by it.

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