Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GRANDMApped is NSFW! We warned you. If you haven’t been tricked into visiting this site before reading this post, we do not recommend it.

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  2. Haha! Poor Mark is just looking out for his grandma.

  3. liketotallycool

    Either Mark is in big trouble now or his grandma is deep into internet porn. One of them, obviously.

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Maybe if grandma talks to them they’ll become straight.

  5. thats messed up

  6. BWHAHAHA That’s awesome!


    I can hear him in my head, “GRANDMA NOOOO!!!”

    Aw… poor grandma.

  8. Lol, that is so good. Little innocent granny.


  9. o.m.g. i clicked it.
    dont! aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  10. maybe grandma’s into porn…….

  11. I can’t believe it!! I went to it and THEN I read the Lamebook warning. At least I now know a site that will come in handy;) maybe use it on my mom:)

  12. Haha. I almost clicked it on a school computer – then I noticed the warning. There is something really wrong about messing with an old lady’s head about technology/computers though. As if they don’t have it hard enough. That’s right up there with taking a cripples crutches!

  13. From the sounds of that I don’t wanna click it…
    Anyone care to explain what it is before curiousity takes over?

  14. it’s like 3 old dudes all naked and one is sucking another’s paynus.

  15. Fakery. They all posted within minutes of each other, and the ‘Mark your friends are so helpful’ really lays it on thick. LAME.

  16. lulz- thank you so much for saving me from seeing that. it would’ve been burned into my brain and given me nightmares for life. luckily i’m at work and couldn’t go to the site right away.

  17. no prob guys. don’t search “tub girl” either.

  18. Many years ago I worked at a petting zoo, so I often get requests from friends and family for details on where they should take their kids. I always tell them to search for Goatse, as it has the widest directory for asses and such.

    I also did a lot of remodeling work back in the day, so whenever people ask about redoing a bathroom, I tell them that Tubgirl is a fountain of knowledge.

  19. LOL @Soup. Well played. Well played.

  20. hahahaha soup <3

  21. @Lulz: I’m not sure what tubgirl is, but I’m thinking maybe it was like Lamebook’s tubguy? For a few hours, there was some NSFW Lamebook post called tubguy, with a picture of some guy laying in a bath, looking either horribly horribly beaten, dead, or both… it was pretty awful. They came to their senses and deleted it though.

    True story.

  22. Christ on a cracker

    Gahhhh my eyes!! MY FUCKING EYES!!!!

  23. shoutatchickens

    Mark’s real concern is in the fact that he’s going to have to clean out Grandma’s computer after she starts clicking the pop-ups.

    Also, Hi.

  24. wow… thats a mean trick to play on a granny… then again that is her age group…

  25. ugh… why… did… i… click… it

  26. I didn’t go to the site cuz actually googled it up instead. On the other hand, Todd is a disgusting man! DISGUSTING FREAK!!!!

  27. BritishHobo, I will save your eyes and explain tubgirl.

    Azn girl, laying on her back in a tub, with her legs up in the “airplane” style… you know, like when you lay on your back and a little kid puts their chest on your feet and you lift them up?

    Azn girl, laying on her back in a tub with her ass in the air, with shit and god knows what else spraying out and directly into her mouth/ on her face.

    Ta Daaaa!

  28. Thats a picture you never want to see, especially when you’re eating but then again it wasnt as bad as 2 girls 1 cup….I’m still not over that.

  29. @Lulz: Holy fuck.

  30. Nobody cares that I was first?!?! :(

  31. @British Hobo:
    I believe they used enemas and butt plugs to create the fountain effect.That image has been burned in my brain for years. *Shudder*

  32. @loverfli
    Couldnt they just use their thumb like on a garden hose?

  33. OK I’m a bit late posting so who was first? Disastajoe eh? Oh well, who cares?

  34. @BritishHobo: Apparently, tubgirl is this lady laying in a tub with her legs around her head, shooting out the diarrhea into her mouth. I just learned that when searching what LemonParty was. And Goatse.

    Dear God.

  35. Chewbacca shagger

    I might be a bit dumb here but what is “NSFW”?

  36. I’m disappointed in some of the commenters here on lamebook. Don’t know what lemonparty is? Never heard of tubgirl? Did you just now recently come to the internets? Does that mean none of you have seen 4 girls finger painting?

  37. @Chewbacca shagger
    NSFW: not safe for work

    my friend played a prank on me once, but it wasn’t lemonparty, it was

    oh dear lord… some things cannot be unseen!

  38. I went to that website – 3 older gentlemen having fun, ok. Then I clicked a link that directed me to another one – blue waffle. I almost puked. But the most disturbing and disgusting of them all was jarsquatter. You really need to have nerves of steel to watch that.
    God, I wish I hadn’t

  39. @35Watercress
    srsly. I was just about to say I can’t believe this many people have never seen these classic internets images.

  40. haha, this post is awesome. i remember my friend got me with lemon party like six years ago. also surprised alot of you guys haven’t heard of that site and others. i’m a fan of the bme pain olympics video myself. just kidding! it makes me numb from the waist down.

  41. I can’t believe so many people haven’t gotten on the up and up of the interwebz…

    The picture/videos all mentioned are AT LEAST 6-7+ years old and internet gore legends.


  42. I wonder how Mark explained to his grandma that he knew about the site.

  43. @DanR, #14: I’m with you on that. Thought the same thing.

  44. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    To all those people that are surprised so many people are unaware of things that are “legends” on the web:
    Perhaps they were never exposed to it? I didn’t know 90% of things people here talked about when I first started reading the comments on Lamebook! I learn something new (usually nothing that can be repeated to one’s parents) every day! Thanks guys! You’ve broadened my horizon and burst the bubble that was my home for so long :D !

  45. Yeah, Lamebook teaches me so much about the internet. There’s so much that I never knew I didn’t want to know about the world.

  46. GAHHHHH!!!! My eyes!!!! Where the hell is the bleach?!?!?

  47. Oh people, come on. I’m curious here, please describe me those things, specially the ones Watercress and poustis mention.


  48. Oddille, No.

  49. I have to say, Lamebook’s warning is pretty classy. I wasn’t going to go to the site, but knowing my own grandparents and how I might go, “GRANDMA NOOOOOO!” for something that would be safe for work or completely appropriate to show a friend, the warning is well placed.

    Kudos for that, Lamebook.

  50. Leave the geriatrics alone you meanies!

    Old gay men can have 3 ways too, you know.

  51. lol

  52. @Word, they should keep it to themselves though. I’m sure this post as blinded half the lamebook community.

  53. Black, with what I’ve seen on porn over the years, looking at 3 old bastards sucking cock is an easy do.

  54. oh god. Next time I will look to see if there is a NSFW warning BEFORE I look at the website.

  55. @naaice
    There is.

  56. LOL.

  57. haha Todd is a dick.

  58. dietpillpyramidscheme

    My mental defense mechinism is to assume everything is fake.

    Two girls one cup, I like to think was chocolate or something. I mean, hey, the scene in Trainspotting, ‘The dirtiest toilet in Glasgow’ was actually chocolate, and reportedly smelled quite pleasant.

  59. I didn’t mind lemonparty or tubgirl or two girls one cup.

    Yeah, they were gross… but not so much that I had to turn them off. Or even stop masturbating.

    The one that got me, was that f*cked up video out there with those 3 kids in some European country (Germany maybe?) that are beating a man to death with a hammer. Not only did I put down the lube for that, I even closed the video after about 90 seconds… if that.

  60. Ah malteaser, eloquent as usual. Ahem, anyway, I’d love to see granny’s comment after seeing the porn. Probably something like “that’s not how they did it in my day, sonny!”


    I’m now going to say that whenever I’m in distress.

  62. So after reading the NSFW warning, I just *had* to check out lemonparty and I may have vommed a bit in my mouth. Was not expecting that. Also, after having successfully avoided seeing Tubgirl after hearing it was rancid, I also checked that out too. Well, now I think I’m almost up to speed with the interweb. Damn.

    I’m a high school teacher, and one of my students in Grade 11 almost got me with He said I must check out the website ‘pen island dot com’. I thought it sounded harmless and he said it was really funny. I typed it in the browser (which was being projected on the board behind me) and when I pushed enter I saw the penis land and realized I was being set up! Luckily I stopped it before any offensive pictures came up. The boy could not stop laughing. Good times. :p

  63. Niknak…I laughed throughout reading your entire post.
    hahah that’s terrible…but so funny.

  64. Great, now I have to poke my eyes out.

  65. anyone?

  66. Oh the hilarity!

  67. Hahahahahah! She’s in for a surprise.

  68. @Slimjays,

    Hmmm. Maybe if they shook her up first.

  69. I gotta say I’m also a bit surprised about the people who can’t understand how some of us have avoided all the “legends” out there. It’s actually quite simple. If you don’t seek it out, you don’t get to see it.
    But like MonkeyC I thank you all for the education :)

    @65 seledoux
    who doesn’t love zombie sex?


    ^^ this is actually really funny!!!!

  71. This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Flashbacks to Fresh Prince.

  72. I fucked grandma Diane.

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