Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goodnight, Sleep White


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  1. I hate turtles


  3. 3rd?

  4. Why would you ever write that knowing you have your mum added on Facebook? What a dick

  5. Boz's slutty sister

    Why would you ever have your mum on Facebook?

  6. I had your mum on facebook.

  7. I faced your Mum on hadbook

  8. Possibly straight after, maybe. Right before, probably not. Also when I was little blowjobs hadn’t been invented yet!

  9. I LOVE parents on facebook. Easily the funniest things on here.

  10. fake

  11. I tolerate turtles.

    Also, when are we gonna get parents writing disgusting things to gross out their kids?!

  12. I booked your face on mumbook

    anyone else?

  13. I mummed your faced on bookhad

  14. face*

  15. Wait…Wasn’t this posted before. I’m certain I’ve seen it.

  16. @ohhai

    Yeah it’s been around for a while. Even with that bizarre punctuation, too. I think it’s a meme or something.

  17. mum had your face on I

    wait… that’s not right.

  18. I booked your face to Mum on had?

  19. At least my father stuck around.

  20. #15

    I think so. I’m sure I’ve seen it here too – although by a different person on FB.

  21. Mickey,
    I think my brain just imploded

  22. stupid likes turtles

  23. And he forgot the punchline of that little (tired) “joke:” “…now you are.”

  24. Kaoss,
    Mine left me long ago. If I can cope, I’m sure you can flan Han…….SOLO!

  25. Hey Kaoss, don’t you mean Chaos??

  26. I fucked your mom, then read a book.

  27. Nice jew calendar man

    Fake flexo – not funny.

  28. Hahaha, his Mums comment at the end makes this an epic fail :P

  29. flexo,
    no. I mean Kaoss.
    Nicknames and pseudonyms do not need to conform to normal language rules.
    so there :P

  30. Hotapps FTW

  31. Hey, what happened to the nice jewish guys ad? I miss that jew in the blue shirt.

  32. …Am I mistaken, or was this already posted some time ago?

  33. Uh, Peter, that was a totally farsical post.

    This is actually the line from the song “Did You Ever Wonder, Part 1″ by Pig Vomit (Amazon link:

  34. @ Chazz

    I miss the Jewish guy also. My days are not complete without him

  35. I like turtles.

  36. Eww, dickhead!

  37. actually, this is a line in a song by an obscure band called Pig Vommit… it’s not original at all.

  38. I’ve never been kissed goodnight by my mom after the blowjob (to my dad), but I have been kissed goodnight by her before and during.

  39. the mom responded very matter of factly

  40. Kaos is the 5th horseman of the apocalypse.

  41. Nice. I was going to say, “Mike FTW” for putting the visual in peoples’ heads. But this is clearly a win for Mike’s mom.

  42. lolz(/u)

  43. tryi

  44. poop

  45. Where is the obligatory “my mom died during childbirth”?

  46. My son is my fb friend. Although he prefers not to ponder the intricacies of my sex life, on facebook or anywhere.

  47. If you’re wondering about something like that, you should just ask your mother in a nice way, instead of on your facebook wall where everyone can see.

  48. I saw this on TFLN

  49. bahaha! Connie FTW!!

  50. Knifey McFivehead

    …Face I’d mum your book on had.

  51. This would be funnier if his mom was willing to post that she had given her husband a bj before kissing him good night.

  52. Agreed, ratcoon. Agreed.

  53. @47….Really? What’s this nice way of asking your mother if she sucks dick? Is it like, “Hey Mom, I don’t mean to pry, but you know how you make me brush my teeth before bed? Would you maybe do the same thing to set a good example for me, and also to dislodge any of Dad’s pubes before you kiss me goodnight? Thanks Mom.” That’s about as nice as it’s gonna get. Besides, if Mom doesn’t swallow, you can enjoy your casserole with a secret recipe for years to COME. Mmmmm, soooo cheesy.

  54. and did she swallow and eat a lot of folks you’ll never meet… jesus its just a friggin “Pig Vomit” song called “do you ever wonder” Google it…

  55. re: “and did she swallow and eat a lot of folks you’ll never meet… jesus its just a friggin “Pig Vomit” song called “do you ever wonder” Google it… ”

    Yea guys,Jesus, this is common knowledge that everyone should know… and you should be googling everything you read on lamebook… Gawwwwwd

  56. Who’s the moron who censored the mother’s profile picture when she hasn’t uploaded one? :p

  57. ^^ David is an idjut

    nuff said, bruh

  58. @8 – we know, for you are the sperm your mother should have swallowed.

  59. LMFAO!!! When she kissed you goodnight do you recall the kiss being ‘more sticky’ than usual?

  60. @#24, did you just invent the Bing commercial before it was ever aired?

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