Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gone CARazy!


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  1. It’s always a good thing to post evidence of these kind of actions on the internets.

  2. HAHAHA I wonder if this the psycho bitch from Bill’s belittlement post! If not it could be a relative :P

  3. If that was my spot, with my name tagged or sprayed on said spot then I personally would have been a little less abrupt and wiped shit underneath the door handles.

  4. I didn’t read the caption and so my first thought was, damn, that car likes junkfood!!!

  5. I’d rather this then being keyed, but damn what a crazy bitch…

  6. @Insane, that would be quite…insane.

  7. I didn’t realize a teenager with an anger managment problem could get an assigned parking spot at the mall now. Is it a package deal, 50% off a Cinnabon, Twilight fangirl t-shirt, personal parking spot at the mall….

  8. @Makster: Well you wouldn’t have people dobbing you in for trashing someone’s car. By people I mean eye witnesses. Also you get the opportunity to wear gloves while having shit in your hands where the person that upset you doesn’t. And there is also the possibility that the person will throw up when they discover there is shit on their hands, and while cleaning up. The cleaning would take a little longer too. I don’t know, maybe I’m an asshole. Or maybe I like getting even ;)

  9. I’m in the mood for some Chinese food now.

  10. how does she know it’s *her* parking spot? People like that suck.

  11. And where did she get a bag of trash?

  12. could be an exfoliating wash for the car

  13. Maybe she was about to pull in the spot and someone just took it.

  14. 13 th !

  15. looks like some trash was throwin some trash

  16. Another crazy bitch. Sometimes I wish I were a man.

    Wait, is that crazy?? Damnit…

  17. Why is this on here? And why does this prick think he has his own parking space at a mall?

  18. nice fail, jane.

  19. Anger Management = Necessary.

  20. I hope the crazy bitch got major indigestion from all the junk food she would have had to eat to generate this much trash.

  21. Why that must be Kris Kringle!

  22. i was 13 th while typing who gives a fuck anyway hail kal

  23. So where’s/when can we expect the “this is what happens when my uppity, arrogant, cunty ass posts pictures of me fucking up some stranger’s car and getting arrested for it” followup?

  24. somehow i don’t think anyone’s gonna get arrested.

  25. I would totally back her up, if this was an arrogant Hummer driver parking in two spots, crooked, and right near the door – and also, around Christmas when the stores are crazy.

    Otherwise, she’s just a bitch.

  26. Now that’s a smart thing to put on the internet. I think it’s safe to say she’ll be paying for someone elses Christmas pretty soon.

  27. She spent a lot of time on her knees to get that “head custodian” parking spot, and she isn’t giving it up that easily!

  28. You mean I can get an assigned spot at the mall? Holy shit!

  29. Does it disturb anyone else that she had this much trash in her car…….maybe she found a trash can! Holy Humanity!

  30. I’m assuming she had a mexican standoff with the trash car for a spot and she lost. My concern isn’t her anger.. she either had that much shit in her car or went dumpster diving. Both are equally gross.

  31. good for you.. you proved how immature you are. lol

  32. This is what happens when you f**k a stranger in the ass!
    Also, whoever submitted this needs to also call their local police.

  33. hehe, i love stupid ppl like denise who just can’t help incriminating themselves.
    and i’d just love it if one of her fb friends has had this done to them (or have it done soon), coz they now know exactly where to find the culprit.
    silly cow, haha. i’m so glad ppl like this exist..

  34. I think it would be funnier if the person that had the trash dumped on their car was Denise’s friend. LMFAO at the idea of the epic fail!

  35. She was probably sitting there with her blinker on, waiting for someone to back out of the spot, when some jackass zooms over and steals it. Someone did that to me at a casino. I keyed up the driver’s side and down the passenger’s side.

    Either that, or she’s just a psycho who thinks that’s really HER spot.

  36. Uh, yeah, Jara. And what you did isn’t psycho.

  37. That looks like food court garbage to me.

  38. it is kinda funny even if it is bonkers thing to do

  39. that’s not very neighbourly jara…

  40. Wrong, yes. Psycho, no. They saw us sitting there, waiting for the people to back out, and decided they were just too ‘important’ to spend one minute looking for another spot. They got what they deserved.

  41. Yeah. No. Still psycho. It’s a parking spot. You were mildly inconvenienced. Get a little perspective.

  42. Really people?? There are such things as trashcans outside of the mall that hold trash in them…. pretty sure that’s where it came from.

  43. pretty freakin lame

  44. Jara sounds like a class act. Let’s just hope karma bit her in the ass hard at the casino.

  45. The Scarlet Pimple

    Yikes…crazy much?
    Also. Did she just have a bag of trash in her car? Or, perhaps even more bizarrely, did she go rooting through a no doubt extremely gross trashcan outside the mall?

  46. nope jara, your explanation just doesn’t cut it, big deal they took your space, absolutely no call for something that malicious, better be careful love, things always come back to bite…

  47. “Your $30,000 car isn’t worth taking up two spots”

  48. @ Jara…

    WTF? How can justify keying someones car because they stole your parking spot? Fixing damage like that costs money all because you were fucking inconvenienced for a few minutes! No, they didn’t get what they deserved. They got way more. I mean, shit…you could have just flipped them off. Keying their car was WAY WAY WAY WAY out of line. You are obviously an immature brat. You’ll get what you deserve someday.

  49. my parking spot at the mall? Fucken homo.

  50. ‘Tis the season…to be a fucking psychopath. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to get violent, even in passive-aggressive ways like Jara, for such minor things. Take a deep breath, count to 10, and think about just how meaningless a parking space is in the grand scheme of things. Try thinking about how incredibly fortunate you are to even be in a situation where you not only have the free time to go to a mall, but the luxury of a car to get you there and money to spend when you arrive.

    People would be a lot happier if they’d just get a sense of perspective and stop overreacting to every little thing that happens to them.

  51. “People would be a lot happier if they’d just get a sense of perspective and stop overreacting to every little thing that happens to them.”

    We’d also be a lot happier if idiots like you would stop pretending that small things don’t matter.

  52. Geeze, I think you guys are being too harsh. It’s just a bunch of trash on the car, it’s not like she physically harmed someone. I go by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you, or whatever the hell it is… which means if I’m a fucking douche and steal your parking spot then I expect you to be a fucking douche back and pour garbage on my car, it’s only fair really. I think this chick rocks, even if she is a lil angry inside. Also, the police have much more important things to deal with than some garbage spilled on a car, get a grip people, there are far worse things happening all around us.

  53. @51 someone takes a parking space and that equals you having the right to key up their car…no bloody way!!!

  54. @Spankford There are two sides to every story. We don’t know whether or not this person really stole her spot or if they both saw it at the same time and the other person just happened to get there first.

    I am not sure you can say taking a parking spot at the mall (get over it maybe?) is the same as dumping nasty, disgusting trash with who knows what kind of germs all over it onto your car which you WILL have to touch and handle in order to get it off to see to get home.

  55. @ 51 delcoro

    No sir/madam, Sensible Madness did not say small things don’t matter. He made a point about people overreacting to every little inconvenience that crosses their privileged lives. I’ll type that word again for you: overreacting.

    There, now you can stop overreacting when you miss the point being made.

  56. I just don’t understand who drive around with that much trash, honestly….and I love how the garbage only consists of fast food products…..

  57. I don’t understand the need to dump the contents of a trash-can over someone’s car ’cause they took “your” parking space. I say – it doesn’t have a name on it, so it’s mine. And she’s probably one of those morbidly obese people for who walking more than 2m is living chafing hell. Maybe if she walked more, the “far parking” won’t be such an issue.

    I don’t understand the logic. Really. Kudos for making my day, though! This, is Svetlana.

  58. *wouldn’t

  59. Ouch, either ghetto black or a cracker, real humans don’t get that angry, we’re more subtle.

  60. this is why you should always check which car it was that you stole the spot from. so you can get revenge.

  61. This type of thing would never happen in the UK, for a start we don’t have malls, secondly we all still drive horse drawn carriages and last but not least a ‘Gentlemans’ culture still exists here, which means this sort of dispute is normally resolved over a stiff game of Chess or Cribbage.

  62. Subtly is the answer! I’m with sensible madness! Walk (or drive) away and count to 10. Then if that is no good do not destroy someone else’s property. rather dirty it up a little. Mildly inconvenience them in the same way the mildly inconvenienced you.

    I should practice my belief. Not too long ago I was attempting to catch a regular bus from a bus stop. I saw the bus coming and put my hand out to let him know ‘I want the bus’. Anyway the bus keeps going. So in a cool and collected manner I flip him off while screaming profanities at the top of my lungs to him. I will admit this may have not been a mature way to handle the situation, but I can at least take solace in the fact that I did not damage anyone’s property.

  63. insane , public transport drivers are a seperate category much like traffic wardens and parking attendants

    You are legally excused to harm their physical integrity

    Over here we call it happy slapping

  64. What a bitch.

  65. So much for leaving a note. I guess that would just be too civilized for this fine example of a human being.

  66. @Father Sha: I know the bus driver and when I catch up with that fine public servant I will be sure to give him an additional slap in your honour!

  67. I’ve always wanted to do something like that when someone steals my spot.

  68. Humankind is fucked. We simply cannot survive as a race with people like Denise in our ranks.

  69. yea that’s probably a bit much but better than bottling it up until you follow the NEXT PERSON THAT CUTS ME OFF BACK TO HIS HOUSE AND DECAPITATE HIS ENTIRE FAMILY

    serenity now

  70. Yes. I would.

  71. Now well damn well know that parking spot is MINE. So that bitch Denise better be dumping that garbage on her car. Grr.

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