Friday, March 12, 2010

Golly Gee, It’s Love!

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  1. Feh.

  2. Awww…Puppy love, Mormon style.

  3. Seriously? ffs.

  4. Me and BritishHobo have the same kind of relationship <3

    You know. Never.not.talking.

  5. wow, that was beyond annoying

  6. Someone needs to tranquilize these two.

  7. My favorite part “boy o boy”! The whole thing is utterly ridiculous, but that one line made my day!

  8. I love you! By gosh! You’re so sweet, boy o boy! We’re so special sweetie bubble muffins! Three hours is a long time, golly gee! Wait… did you just say ‘Catie is cute’? I’m gonna chop off your wee wee and shove a curling iron up your poo poo hole, by golly you betcha! Tee hee hee!

  9. “Special”. You said it, Tyson.

  10. This needed a “Shut the fuck up.” post by a third party more than any other post i’ve seen.

  11. Joe – maybe they don’t have any other friends, which would certainly be understandable if they talk like that all the time.

  12. My original comment was going to just be ‘Fuck you’, but I felt I had to comment on the hilarious fact that they think they’re so awesome for talking for three hours. That must be like, the longest time that any couple has ever like, spent together.

    Alright, BritishHobette? :P

  13. I hope there’s a part 2, so I can be kept up to date on the outcome of the finals he took and to see if maybe if there is more some of it might make some sense and have a point.

  14. Golly Gee, Hobo. You know it’s true.

  15. @fingerman: I wanna see her flip the fuck out over his comment about Catie.

  16. throwingtofu…the funniest thing I have read today hahahahaha

  17. Agreed, Fingerman. I would like to see a central outcome as well.

    This conversation started out so normal until Tyson said “if you wanna i will!” because it already appeared that their movie date was on. The rest is just creepy. Like two robots making cheesy automated responses.

  18. @ Hobette: Boy oh boy :P

  19. @Hobo – *bats eyes* I’ve been really wanting to see a movie for the 67th time.

  20. rutro15 – glad you were entertained.
    I’m thinking The Onion needs to write a story about Laura and Tyson. They could call it “Area Teenage Couple Really Excited About Very Special Relationship”

  21. They’re something alright, but I’m not so sure “special” is the first word that comes to mind.

  22. This just seems to scream 1950s sex ed. video.

    Tyson: “Gee whiz, you sure are a special gal! What do you say after we root for our local football team, we split a malt at the malt shoppe?”
    Laura: “Okay, but no kissing. That’s how the communists spread germs!”

  23. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  24. awww… so cute… the lengths guys will go to in order to score some sweet young tender tang… mmmm sweet young tender tang boy oh boy


  26. I’m gonna be super duper sick

  27. *black bile slowly oozing out of gaping mouth*

  28. Their eventual breakup will be devastating to both of them!!

  29. *BAM*

    cleanup in aisle 20… brains on floor… cleanup in aisle 20

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    24 slimjayz FTW

    I dont get how girls believe this kind of stuff or why guys stoop to it.

  31. Golly gee, so this is how a sexy thread of comments is supposed to play out.

    I’ll take note for future reference.

  32. I was waiting for someone to just put these two in their place…but they never came. Damn it!

  33. You two sure are “special”, aren’t you. Yes, you are. Who’s the special people? Who’s the special people…that’s right, you are. I talk to my cat that way, all the time. Then she bites me. My cat isn’t really special, just intelligent.

  34. not.ben ftw

  35. @not.ben Your Cat bites you and she’s intelligent? Maybe you shouldn’t talk to your pussy that way! LOL

  36. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    gag me… someone shoot those two

  37. JacksSmirkingRevenge


  38. I was waiting for the punch line. It never came. This was such a waste of time.

  39. why did I read this?! Now I want to see what happens after “Catie is a cutie”. dear god…

    @Dorothy Zbornak- Here root means sex, and I actually lol’d reading that.

  40. tl;dr Tyson and Laura

  41. lol

  42. yeah, you’re “special”….special ed.

    wow, that was lame.

  43. I think this post may have been misnamed. The whole dialogue between Tyson and Laura makes FAR more sense if Tyson is her GBF.

    The conversation is still in desperate need of a third party STFU, however.

  44. All I could think of after I read “boy o boy” was Butters. Everything Tyson said was in Butters’ voice. Awww hamburgers.

  45. Hamburgers? More like Asperger’s.

  46. @Stu:

    Where are you? Criminy, I really gotta put more thought into my slang. Or maybe not. Maybe it worked better that way? :)

  47. NO EFFING WAY that that is a real conversation. i refuse to believe there are two people out there like that.

  48. Seriously, there’s no way this is a “real” conversation. Don’t people that are this involved just text this shit to each other? I mean, dumb. Seriously.

  49. #48, there definitely (unfortunately) are. This is a lot like my sister and her boyfriend. They are the most irritating couple… I’m pretty sure they’re obnoxious like this for show.

  50. I guess I should have said “are *real conversations like this*”

    I was thinking there is no way there are couples like this, haha.

  51. pretty sure my IQ just went down a few notches by reading that.
    they were on the phone together and fb msging too? i suppose they were probably in the same room at the time and quite possibly on skype and MSN too. boy o boy they cant get enough of each other!

    excuse me while i go vomit…

  52. pancaketentaclerapist


  53. I’m more retarded for reading that entire thread……

  54. i can’t believe i just read that entire thing.

  55. what..the…eff.

  56. one word: BARF

  57. I just want to say that I am very upset that I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading this. It was not funny, it was stupid and the most pointless thing ever.

  58. This is what I like to call: people in love need to STFU.


  60. spammers suck

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