Monday, November 2, 2009

God Squad


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  1. Thank you Daddy God!!

  2. Mediocre lameness. Again.

  3. Not lame.

  4. Maybe the techie didn’t know what she was talking about. She is a woman after all :P

  5. I disagree with the consensus so far. I think this is very lame. “Tiger” actually believes prayer made his/her computer work. Yes indeed-y, god is known for being a genie and granting three wishes.

  6. What a waste of a prayer, some people are so selfish it’s unbelievable

  7. Intensely lame and hysterical. Win.

  8. I like how “Tiger” was told what would fix his/her computer, then did that, and it miraculously works, but it’s not God’s doing, thank Best Buy, asshole, they’re the real heroes here.

  9. I don’t know about anyone else but personally I think it’s awesome that Tiger The Douche wasted God’d time fixing his pos computer rather than curing cancer or some terminal decease. GOOD JOB DICK!

  10. @Jonas
    Uh, read it again dude.

  11. Tech support gave Tiger the answer, and his/her computer worked and not the workings of God.

    What, Lee, what? Was it the best buy joke reference?

  12. I knew God worked in mysterious ways, seems he also works for computer techincal support to. Well I suppose he has the mother of his child and said child to support

  13. @Jonas

    You make the assumption that the HD was replaced. The techie just advised him it needs to be replaced. Simply advising someone to replace and HD doesn’t automatically make the HD replace itself. Doh!

  14. I assumed if he was advised to do it, then he’d do it, wouldn’t you? It just says he prayed after the tech person left, not that he didn’t do anything.

    God, big deal.

  15. Jonas, I think it’s implied that he didn’t want to pay for it and therefore prayed to get it fixed instead of going to the store.

  16. @Jonas

    In that case, I advise you to swallow a bullet

  17. I don’t think he replaced the hard drive. He was told he needed too, he said a prayer and the hard drive worked. Replcaing the hard drive would require a lot of work as well as installing new drivers and all the software and files he originally had. I think even a deluded person as this would assume it was more a new hard drive fixing the problem than God if he’d done it that way.

    Problem is, 2 weeks down the line his hard drive will fail again. I’d like to see his status then

  18. Oh Justin, you stupid fuck.

    Prayer is stupid, is what I’m getting at.

  19. @ Neal: Exactly. My last laptop died and came back repeatedly before the hard drive crapped out for good. Just because it suddenly comes back on and works doesn’t mean it’s fixed.

    I’d guess that the ten minutes of prayer were ten minutes the hard drive got to cool down, and that as soon as it gets hot again it’ll stop working again.

  20. lol. Jonas is bitter because he’s wrong. what a babby.

  21. I’m not wrong, I just assumed something that Tiger will have to take care of.

    But at least I’m not making an alt to back myself, that would be pathetic, right oochie?

  22. i find it hard to believe that people entertain the idea of a god, nevermind him somehow fixing your computer when you have a one-sided conversation in your head

  23. well…. if god did exist, it stands to reason he could do whatever he wants, fixing a computer is not exactly a stretch.

    that’s the theory anyway.


  25. I wonder if god was outsourced and is now working from India.

  26. So he assumes that if God does exist, he would help people with computer problems instead of, say for instance, help the poor or cure the sick?!

  27. Well I’m sure Shiva would be better telesales than God, lol

  28. at*

  29. If Jesus started hanging out RAM, he would definitely win the nerd following. Jesus Christ, know your demographic.

  30. *handing — jokes are always funnier with typos. Just ask Neal.

  31. Honest to Pete,I KNOW people like this (Tiger.)
    What’s his/her email server,Yaweh?

  32. if he had replaced the hard drive, there wouldn’t be any “miracle” to post about, would there.

    When his hard drive fails again, let’s see that status.

  33. Tis true meezy, see Umm..Yeah…’s. No errors no laughs

  34. And lol @ 24 & 25 (Kate and Christi)

  35. Hahaha. Yes, Tiger, it was definitely god and not coincidence. Just because it boots up does not mean it is working. Not only are you an asshole that calls in tech support and doesn’t take their advice but you also believe an invisible man in the clouds intervened and fixed your computer. Asshat.

  36. All I can say is shitty things can happen to great people, and great things can happen to shitty people. Use logic.

  37. wow. just like jesus, who did important things like turn water into wine instead of telling humanity something useful like explaining the germ theory of disease.

  38. so…. saving the sick, and helping someone out with RAM would NOT be an either or situation for “GOD”. It’s not like he would have to make the choice, or that he is taking up precious time doing A instead of B.

    that’s not how “GOD” works kids. No siree.

  39. I’d love to ask Tiger why God would choose to answer one person’s prayer about a broken computer while managing to ignore millions of starving children.

    I’m sure many of THEM were praying, too. Were they just not praying hard enough? Do white people prayers come first or something??

  40. What’s even more lame is how many people “liked” this.

  41. Not lame! There is a God end of story.

  42. Don’t think it’s as easy as stating God exists to end the story. A bit of proof would be handy

  43. I’m glad we finally have some hard proof of the existence of God. I am now convinced. This logic is infallible.

  44. “Thank you Daddy God!!!!!”

    I didn’t know Jesus had a brother called Tiger. Well well. Shows you much I know. Better shape up no my religious studies then.

  45. *on

  46. @36, that’s not very logical

  47. @ 41 Misti: if there is a God, he’s an evil bastard for inflicting so meone like Tiger on the world of the internet. Not to mention getting busy fixing his hard drive whilst ignoring all the actual problems in the world.

    Of course, there isn’t a God, so we aren’t actually here, we’re not having this discussion, none of us exist and it’s all pointless. Maybe.

  48. Gregg, wtf? You saying that makes you just as lame as Tiger.

    And I don’t believe in God, so I don’t care about how you think he ‘works’. Just saying that if Tiger believes in God and think he would rather fix his computer than cure someone from cancer or whatever, that’s crazy.

  49. Gregg, wtf? You saying that makes you just as lame as Tiger.

    And I don’t believe in God, so I don’t care about how you think he ‘works’. Just saying that if Tiger believes in God and think he would rather fix his computer than cure someone from cancer or whatever, that’s crazy.

    (sorry used wrong nickname)

  50. Sean for the motherfucking win.

  51. I don’t know ’bout that being ‘the way god works’. God’s clearly been arsing about on the dole for a few millenia.

  52. Cut god some slack, he’s just waiting for Tiger Direct to have an awesome sale.

  53. skokeloor

    you dont understand. let me help.

    if you dont beleive in God, that is fine, and i totally get you. BUT you cant criticise god on grounds that dont make sense.

    If there is a god, then he/she/it is unlimited in ability to perform tasks. That means curing world hunger is just as much (and just as little) effort as making toast, or fixing RAM or whatever.

    November 2nd, 2009 at 11:20 am
    So he assumes that if God does exist, he would help people with computer problems instead of, say for instance, help the poor or cure the sick?!

    God doing either of these things is no more or less effort, and he would not be spending any “sick curing” time, fixing RAM. God doesnt do time. IT’s not like this guy is being selfish with gods magic.

    that’s all im trying to say. wether or not god exists… well, that’s nothing to do with my point at all.

  54. Im sure nothing was wrong with his computer. Women arent smart enough to be a techie, much less make a DX of what is wrong with a computer.

  55. How does this whole thread not have one comment from Boz?

  56. lol i love these posts, coz u never get this kinda ppl in britian

  57. @ Mysti

    Way to miss the point.

  58. @Gregg: “God doing either of these things is no more or less effort, and he would not be spending any “sick curing” time, fixing RAM. God doesnt do time. IT’s not like this guy is being selfish with gods magic.”

    So… why was it that God fixed the computer and didn’t save all the starving kids, again?

  59. I have to point out that, while I am a happy atheist, a lot of people don’t understand what God is supposed to be for people.

    All powerful! Outside of time! There are so many things this God is supposed to have that is hard for us to comprehend. So even though it doesn’t make sense, because we could never do it, I’m pretty sure God can do a million things at once. He’s eternal. The bounds of human limitations don’t even come close to applying to God. God is also not a man in the clouds. Tiger definitely has a flawed view, but so do most of you. The difference is he believes it, which makes him lame, I suppose.

    But the point is: you can’t criticize people for believing God is taking care of them, because God isn’t in a human box. Also, why would God help “suffering”? He created it, right? I’m not even criticizing God here, I’m just saying, everything that happens is more or less under God’s control–we just don’t know WHY. But why would God set out to fix the evil? Everything is here because of him. There’s a reason for it all.

    Eh. Just get irritated when people that don’t believe in God (or do?) start acting like all Christians are idiots based on the grounds that the atheist understands God better. I agree, tons of Christians are idiots, and I in no way believe prayer helped this person’s computer. But believing it could doesn’t mean he misunderstands God, necessarily. Rather, it means most of you do by thinking God has a hierarchy of tasks on his To-Do list and sets out one at a time. God is not a man who merely wanted a really big game of The Sims, as many people seem to think.

  60. @Chinchilla:

    God doesn’t have to save the starving children; he put them in the situation that made it so they were starving. People have earthly suffering no matter what, but if they give their heart to Christ, they will go to heaven and live forever and never ever starve again.

    Nowhere in the Bible does it say it’s God’s duty to help starving children. Neither does it say to fix Tiger’s computer. But holding the same flawed perception as someone you’re criticizing doesn’t make sense.

    God is not a man in the clouds. We should only anthropomorphize God as much as we need to to communicate. People take it way too far. You couldn’t understand what God is supposed to be, so trying is fruitless.

    You can criticize that all you want, but arguing that god should help starving children doesn’t refute the existence or make him a failure, or anything.

    Study up on religion! It’s so very interesting.

  61. skokeloor, let me simplify. To someone who believes in God, God is omnimpotent. He can do anything and everything, so he’s not choosing to fix the computer OR cure disease. If He wants to, he can do it all at the same time. So arguing that he’s choosing one over the other is moot.

    And if you don’t believe in God, the whole thing is moot.

    So this lameness is totally moot.

  62. BTW: Still atheist. I just hold great respect for a very specific view of God that the majority of the people don’t have, because they project too many of their own ideas on God. But I was told on Saturday that while it’s true many people put God in “too small of a box”, I have put him in “too big of a box” so that I cannot have a relationship with him.

    Huh, guess that’s where the atheism comes in.

  63. Quitit, you make EXCELLENT points.

  64. And Quitit, I’ve met a couple of Atheists, and the ones that I’ve met have mocked Christianity. I applaud you for respecting beliefs other than your own. You rock.

  65. These are the people we should be afraid of. Sincere, yes, but that sort of childlike conviction can make you delusional, and this guy qualifies. When his man-made computing device finally dies for good – after he prays and prays to 1-800-GODTECH for days on end with no answer – he’s gonna snap like a twig, grab the ammo and make the evening news. Sort of gives “blue screen of death” a new twist, though.

  66. I have studied up on religion. A lot. It is fascinating.

    I just think people who would follow a supposedly omnipotent and benevolent god who nonetheless allows innocents to suffer some of the worst pain imaginable haven’t really thought it all the way through.

    If God wanted everyone to be happy, he has the power. But people go around thinking that God wants THEM to be happy while he’s allowing someone else to suffer, which is insanely narcissistic.

  67. @Quitit That is one of the best responses I’ve read by anyone in a while. As someone who is friends with a lot of Christians (mainly because i am a Christian myself) your understanding of God is better than that of about some of them.

  68. Quitit and MS terri.

    thanks for being far more eloquent than i was able.

    good darts.

  69. @66 Yes, many people pray for their team to win a game/competition. Many people pray for a good day, or that they get a new job. God, if he exists doesnt care about these things. If there was a God, he designed everything the way it is, supposedly for a reason, and your wispering isnt going to change that.

  70. “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”
    -Richard Dawkins

  71. Gregg and Ms. Terri

    I still happen to disagree, but then again, I don’t believe in God, so it’s only normal that I have other opinions or views than people who do or even people who don’t believe in God.

    I do respect the fact that you think otherwise, but I still don’t agree ;) .

  72. skokeloor

    it’s not about disagreeing or disagreeing, it’s about logic, and the definition of God, beleiving in him has nothing to do with it.

    but your smiley has disarmed me, so i will withdraw any counter-argument henceforth.


  73. Yeah I have a different definition of God I think ;) .

    But yeah, let’s leave it at that haha :D .

  74. I also think that Quitit rocks.

  75. I like sucking the Jesus Juice out of men. It makes feel so holy and useful!

  76. This amuses me. I wonder if their parents were dying and they prayed over them if anything would happen. Probably not.

  77. I see all the laughs have disappeared from this page now that we know who God is or isn’t.

  78. What’s even more interesting than religion is that I have never seen my inverted penis.

  79. I was praying to God to help me with life’s problems and he was too busy fixing some asshole’s computer.

  80. If god is so powerful, can he make a computer so advanced that even he can’t fix it?

  81. If I believed in God and believed he could cure disease, poverty, starvation, strife as easily as fixing a hard drive, isn’t the next logical step for me to believe that God is a colossal asshole?

  82. *eyeroll* at my imposter.

  83. But god has a plan! What he chooses is his plan. And he chooses to not make the world a better place, but instead test mankind’s faith with pain. And then he fixes computers sometimes when he decides to make that part of his plan.

  84. I once deepthroated Jesus and received his love all over my face. Turned out it was Jesus Ramirez. Wrong guy.

  85. Oh wow this is fantastic, someone actually believes that the fate of their hard disk lies in a 2000 year old imaginary friend… I hope all the porn that was stored on that disk dies a terrible death like the disk will inevitably will. Please, I want to see more of these moronic eejits, do these kind of people really think that their hard disk has some kind of prevalence over the poor starving people of the world?!?!

  86. So big guy above is a hindu?

  87. quitit:

    if god is omniscient (which he by definition should be), then he knows every possible permutation of events that could possibly transpire in any realm of existence. as such god would have no use for actually creating any world/s since it could serve no possible benefit to any being. from the only two qualities that you can attribute to god (omnipotence and omniscience) you can not possibly find any reason why he would create a imperfect world or any world at all for that matter. therefore the concept of a god creating imperfect world for a reason is flawed and the reason you gave for tolerating christians is invalid.

  88. SOOOOO GLAD this turned in to a religious debate. WAY TO GO LAMEBOOK U KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Lame.

  89. No you guys got it all wrong. If God didn’t do this, then some other super being must have done it, because the guy said a tech woman came to fix it… oh wait a woman. I don’t believe in God anymore.

  90. Quitit, I get what you’re saying but I’m not sure I agree. I mean, you say you don’t believe in any god, so then what you’re giving is a description of a God that (in your opinion) other people have created. I’m with you to that point. The thing is, you say (“I just hold great respect for a very specific view of God that the majority of the people don’t have”), and I agree, that the majority of Christians do not see their god the way you’ve described him. I agree that studying religion is fascinating, but if you don’t believe god exists and are talking about god as a human creation, it would make more sense (to me) to talk about god the way the majority of christians have created him – which isn’t the way you’ve described him.

    If you’re an agnostic (open to the idea of a god existing but not convinced of any one particular god), then god as you’ve described is a possibility – but so is the idea of god as the bearded old guy in the clouds playing a really really long game of the sims. And if you’re an agnostic, you don’t really know which version is the “real” god, or if the Hindu version is real, etc.

    If you are a christian and you think your version/idea of god (whatever it is) is the correct one, then that’s another matter, though you said you were an atheist. There is ultimately no physical proof that the christian god exists while muslim, hindu, buddhist, etc gods do not – that’s why it’s considered faith, believing it even though it’s not obvious and black-and-white, scientific fact. Though even with that, think how many people there are who truly believe that THEIR version of god is the correct one, and the only correct one. They can’t all be right, even though they all think they’re right.

    I guess my point is that, while your description is in many ways an ideal version of a god, I’m not sure you should be calling it “what God is supposed to be for people,” if it’s not how all or even most people who DO believe in God see him. If you’re an atheist, then it’s not the way most have created the idea of god; if you’re an agnostic, then it might be the way god is, or it might not be – it could be one of many, many options. Given those factors, it’s very valid to discuss the idea of god being that way in this context. The only way it really makes sense to say that God “is supposed to be” your way is if that is in fact what you believe – but you’ve said you’re an atheist.

  91. Dear ehhh:

    You just typed 500+ words on the subject of god and religion in the comment section on

    Congratulations. Your very existence is pointless other than to prove that the human gene pool needs a little chlorine.

    Your friend,


  92. Dear Diary,

    Why are so many people writing in my personal space today? I don’t get it. I don’t know if God is real or not, but if he is real he shouldn’t let these people get away with it. But then again, I also hate cynics, so Marc should be punished as well. Please punish these people for me so that my fans can give me full attention again.

    P.S. – I ended up going as a cat for halloween. I don’t understand why that has to be “gay.” I love my cat.

    - Boz

  93. Hasn’t Marc been punished enough by having to wallow through all the posts by simpletons waxing philosophic on the existence of god and religion on a fucking comedy website?

  94. I love Sean.

  95. @Kate “who’s your Daddy God” hahahaaaaaaaaa!! I think I nearly just pee’d myself!!!

    Geeez… this dude seriously needs to get a life! Of the millions of major issues in this dying world where people are suffering and dying of Aids/Hunger/War/Neglect/Abuse/Poverty/ etc. he thinks that God fixed his computer… Seriously, WTF!! Oh wait, he’ll probably bring fate into it… I guess it just wasn’t his computer’s ‘time’.

    Go feed a starving baby. then go play in traffic.

  96. The God Squad instead of The Geek Squad….. I get it.

  97. lol forever

  98. I was once trying to explain the role of the saints in Catholicism to someone who was Protestant, and when I told them they took jobs that God was too busy for, they told me “God is never too busy.” If people are seriously praying for a computer, then yeah, I’d say he’s too busy for that shit. The saints are too busy for that too. How warped is your idea of religion if you think God will grant a miracle to fix a computer?

  99. Hughe, I’m Catholic and I can definitely say that you are an idiot. Brush up on your theology before you start trying to share your faith with your non-Catholic friends.

  100. I’m was raised Catholic. Apparently I was taught different ideas. I know this is going to blow your mind, but not all Catholics share the same beliefs, nor do they all explain their beliefs in the same way. Also, when you are talking to someone who has no idea about the saints and doesn’t understand their role it is sometimes easier to simplify the explanation even if it is not totally correct.

    But what do I know? Obviously because I was taught differently I’m automatically an idiot.

  101. Sean is so amazing. I literally cheered for the guy while reading this.

  102. I’m sure if we prayed to Satan, or a milk bottle, we’d get a similar hit rate.

  103. Robert Johnson tried the milk bottle but he got no answer.

  104. @ ehhhh

    You’re right. I guess I interpret the Bible a specific way and feel like that’s how it’s meant to be interpreted, without believing it as true . . . but if God isn’t real, then human interpretation is all that exists which means my interpretation, if not widely accepted, really isn’t all that valid.

    Not sure what I was trying to say then. Thanks for your reply, though.

  105. The devout try to tell us non-believers that there is no limit to God’s power; that if we have doubts about His infinite, then it is simply because we can’t wrap our puny human minds around his omnipotence…

    But, now He’s busy?

    Make up your minds, Jesus fans.

  106. Got to jump in and make a quick comment.

    I have known Tiger for a long time and he is a great guy. Some of these comments have been a little too harsh…I posted this because it was funny, not because I wanted to start a religious debate. (I do love those debates, just not sure is the right place)

    We shouldn’t be tearing people down because they believe god fixed their hard drive, we should save those attacks for when they block stem-cell research, try to push Intelligent Design into schools or when they discriminate against people because of their sexual preference.

  107. I’m with Marc. I object to all of this God talk and the original post all in upper case.

  108. If an all-powerful god intervenes in the day to day running of the world, then he/she/it is personally responsible for all the bad shit that happens because he/she/it could have prevented it, but chose not to.

    A god that can save someone from cancer but doesn’t is a prick. For that matter, god created cancer, so he/she/it is already a prick.

  109. @Quitit
    “God doesn’t have to save the starving children; he put them in the situation that made it so they were starving. People have earthly suffering no matter what, but if they give their heart to Christ, they will go to heaven and live forever and never ever starve again.”

    Um, you realize that if this is true, god is a fucking psycho right? He chose to make children suffer, but if they beg him he will let them go somewhere where they won’t suffer?

    No thanks.

  110. Dont most catholics believe in molesting kids?

  111. I have a great Epicurus quote here for all you Christians:

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent.
    Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent.
    Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
    Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?


  112. Problem is, Jezebel, that you fail to understand the purpose for God placing us on this earth.

  113. Thank you daddy God!!! That is hilarious!!!! Who writes that?!

  114. 71828182845904523536

    @ Quitit – I took your advice (point 2 below) and discovered point 3, which to my feeble mind seems to directly contradict you (point 1). Maybe you should take your own advice?

    1. God is not a man in the clouds. We should only anthropomorphize God as much as we need to to communicate.

    2. Study up on religion! It’s so very interesting.

    3. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him. Genesis 1:27

  115. 71828182845904523536

    @ 112 Black

    1 Corinthians 2:16 “For who has known the mind of the Lord?”
    Romans 11:34 “For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?”

    So according to the bible, which is the word of god, we can’t know the mind of god. With this in mind, please explain how Jezebel has “failed”.

  116. 71828182845904523536

    @ 109 – “Um, you realize that if this is true, god is a fucking psycho right?”

    Grashnak, you are awesome.

  117. 71828182845904523536

    #100 Hughe

    I know Catholics have different views on a few things, but one thing you must believe, unless you are a hellbound heretic, is the miracle of transubstantiation. That is, that the bread and wine literally become the flesh and blood of christ when you consume them during holy communion. What I have never understood is why a cult of cannibalism and apocalypse is so damn popular.


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  119. I thought this post was funny. Any opinion beyond that might be a little irrelevant to this website. But whatever I guess we all have to bitch about God somewhere.

  120. 71828182845904523536

    ^ It’s better than bitching about bitching about god.

  121. ohhhhahahaa logic wins again

  122. my only prayer is that Tiger gets spite down, if it doesnt happen, then there is no god.

    ps: who in their right mind names they’re child Tiger…

  123. 122. south park ftw!

    It’s “their” dumbass motherfucker.

  124. his name is tiger…

  125. 71828182845904523536

    Wow pb, you can totally read!

  126. 71828182845904523536

    Wow, someone learnt to cut and paste.

  127. 71821828459452353

    Will my comments be held up for moderation if I sublty change the name I post under?

  128. 713821828359452353

    I guess not. Just the previous 4.

  129. If you are going to reject comments, admn, why did you accept the two above that are obscene and take my name?

  130. I there is a new moderation policy, why not publish it so we can make an effort to stay within the rules?

  131. also known as "e"

    And why allow the obscene imitators, if you are going to the trouble of reviewing the comments?

  132. Whatever the policy is, it need to be published and it needs a considerable amount of work to stop the idiots.

  133. Great. A moderation policy that allows abusive name thieves, but does not allow me to post under my chose name. Brilliant

  134. I don’t have anything else to say, but I thought I would give you another free shot to help highlight how poorly the new policy is working.

  135. ^ Thanks, I appreciate the help

  136. #138 What’s a dick sack?

  137. @25, @29, @37, @44, @52


    Great quote

    Then I got to the God debate and gave up reading.

  138. Sean is FTW. End of story.

  139. is nice to see this place is full of retarded god lovers that have nothing else to do.

    bottom line the entry is funny and you god fearing twats go somewhere else to debate religion

  140. I’ll debate religion wherever I feel like it. Fuck you.

  141. God is about as real as the tooth fairy, the end.

    I enjoy not being delusional.

  142. I find it strange that some people are more likely to believe that an invisible, omnipotent entity is a more feasable explanation for something going wrong or right than a shitty technician, doctor, etc…

  143. You guys are dumb, praying DOES work.

    When I was little my Mother grounded me for a bad reason. I sat in my bed and prayed and prayed that she would see the error of her ways. Just as I finished, I felt a beautiful calm surround me, like the weight of the world was just taken off my shoulders. Then God gave my Mom AIDS and I wasn’t grounded any more.

  144. Fibonacci -
    No wonder my vagina smelled like coleslaw.

  145. Ever notice that the religious crazies are always typing in all-caps, usually with horrible grammar and spelling, and constantly use repeated punctuation, often inappropriately?

  146. @Zarggg: Always huh? No I haven’t noticed that, actually. Ever notice how all atheists everywhere make overarching generalizations about religious types all the time?

  147. @Trent: All Atheists? You wouldn’t be making an overarching generalization about Atheists would you?

    Nah… no-one would call out someone like that, then do the exact same thing… would they? ;)

  148. the people arguing on lamebook are usually more funny than the actually facebook fails featured here. You guys are fucking laaaaameeeee

  149. He should be thanking God that Tech support actually arrived!

  150. I wonder why god chose to mess with her hard drive in the first place.

  151. God, Jesus, Baby Jesus, Daddy God – all very much overrated. Who says (or what says) God/Jesus – and the like – is male! How sexist. He could be a she and could be sick of fixing all the shit that happens. As a very PROUD ATHEIST I am so over the bullshit of religion and applaud the comments with ‘comic’ abundance. You cannot mention anything about religion without having an argument. Worse still, if you are an atheist – you are the worst in the world and Satan will eat you up like a nice hamburger. Awesome. If I can’t go to heaven because I use the ‘lords name in vain’ or some shit then fuck it, I am going to hell! It’s better there I hear. Oh, and my PC needs fixing.

  152. We are the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt-sex with a fish-squirrell.

  153. squirrel*.

  154. lolololol ‘thank you daddy god’ what does that even mean!

  155. What most people forget to think about is that the belief in God is something that happens for each individual person in different ways, just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean that they are the ones that are stupid. Also, God has given each of us an ability to make the world a better place in his name, if there are starving children then we aren’t doing our part; a relationship is give and take.

    In the end people are going to believe whatever they choose to believe, to have an argument about it is folly. When we die we will know what was the truth all along.

  156. No, what people forget to think about is that God is an imaginary being for whose existence there is not one single shred of tangible evidence. Not. One. Shred.

    And if, somehow, I’m wrong and He *is* real, He’s got some pretty weird priorities.

    Just sayin’

  157. [...] Screw the starving children, God’s got to fix computers Nov.07, 2010 in Christianity HE is NEVER too busy for ANYONE [...]

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