Sunday, June 17, 2012

Go Johnny Go!

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  1. Johnny is teh ghey.

  2. The one dislike is from Taelor.

  3. Jeez…Johnny is a gay ass wanker.

  4. Johnny is a gay wanker because he has morals? I feel sorry for whomever gets stuck with you.

  5. poor Taelor White

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    Whatever. From my experience I would say 90% or more of our soldiers are pieces of shit that deserve to be cheated on because they’d do the same thing given half the chance.

  7. Taelor is obviously a total whore, no doubt, look at the stupid way she spells her name and her husband is in the army, army wives are always whores, so Johnny won’t get diseases at least, but his attitude makes him look like a prissy little prick.

  8. Fake! Her husband was terminated four weeks ago.

  9. Um… Taelor Vega, not White. And Johnny Heward now has 5,700+ subscribers.

  10. T1000, that was pretty funny lol

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Who the fuck hits on someone by saying “My husband is in the army”?

  12. Also Taelor is like some sort of Game of Thrones name.

  13. I fucked Taelor. You’re welcome, America.

  14. so how, exactly, is taelor’s husband ‘risking his life’ for, not only his ho wife, but ‘everyone in his country’?
    he’s in the fucking military, ffs. he’s actually risking the lives of everyone in his country, by continuing the cycle of western violence and oppression.
    so glad johnny can use ‘today’s technology’ (choke) to out the cheating whore.

  15. MerryMakerMisery

    the facebook account name is “Taelor Vega” and this is what she wrote

    “To everyone who thinks I cheated on my husband — please I would never do that. The picture was taken out of context. Johanney was flirting with me and joking around. Calling me “pretty” and “sexy”. I showed all of this to my husband. We were both joking around. I just called him handsome after that, and asked if we should hang out. JUST HANG OUT, noting sexual. My husband has my facebook password and looks through it often. Why would I cheat on my husband who’ve I’ve been loyal to for over 7 years. This horrible. Our anniversary is in 1 MORE WEEK! And everyone is messaging him and me. Listen also I’AM NOT A FAKE ACCOUNT. I’M REAL!!”

    so……. who knows…

  16. Fuck you MsAnneThrope.

    Suck a dick and die

  17. ^You beat her to the first part of your message, so…

  18. Wow….first time I’ve ever had to say that I agree with MsAnneThrope. Incredible.

  19. Fake and hetero

  20. johny u dumbass, if u didn’t wanna bang her someone else would of. shame on you for screenshotting this. gay prick.

  21. Call me a creep or whatever, but her name was taelor white or whatever earlier.. then it got changed to taelor vega… what ever the fuck anyways.. I agree with turtlehead.. shes a slut and this dude is a faggot. Dump it in her and think about the consequences after

  22. renketsuwarrior

    MsAnneThrope consistently shows herself to be the most perspecacius person on here.

  23. He does risk his life.
    Friendly fire etc.

  24. Fake. That is all.

  25. right…the whole world is going to see this because it is on lamebook?

  26. right…because lamebook is the only website on the internet?

  27. Is Johnny the only non-Mormon in Utah? Cos I checked his page and there’s no mention of golden plates and Joseph Smith and Jesus in Missouri or any o that shit.

    I think it’s all fake. All of it. The whole fucking World is fake.

  28. I find it exceptionally ironic that she looks like Natasha Giggs! Ha!

  29. Correct, Gonzo.

  30. meh.

  31. Seriously, Gonzo? In Salt Lake City, less than 45% of the population IS Mormon. There are millions of non-Mormons in Utah.

  32. m dot 9gag dot com slash gag slash 4520514

  33. Beatus, I saw a similar claim made last week by the Governor of Utah. That was fake also.

  34. I lived in Northern Utah as a kid in the ’80s, and learned many useless facts about that state. I met many Mormons, and many non-Mormons. I also learned to dislike Utah Mormons, because most of them that I dealt with were either extremely hypocritical asses, fake Mormons, or self-righteous assholes. The non-Mormons I dealt with were a bit more personality and were easier to get along with. There were Mormon parents that told their children not to associate with me because I was evil, which wasn’t true at that time, but is true now. I was very happy to leave when I did.

    Still, though, there are many non-Mormons there. Just go to downtown Salt Lake City at Christmas time and see all the Mormon haters holding signs in protest. It’s quite funny. Or, go to the University of Utah.

  35. That’s funny, I lived in Utah for 3 years and never had any problems with them Mormons, and I still visit when I can. They give you food, the towns are organized, and whoever designed that temple was a genius. There are some stupid ones but there are stupid people everywhere. I also find it strange that those protesters are always ignored, and they stumble over their words a lot. I guess they aren’t getting paid enough. Oh well, next on my list of religious communities to visit is the Amish.

  36. I hear the Amish are good drinking buddies.

  37. There’s an Australian comedian called John Safran who did a delightful stint of door-knocking in Salt Lake City, trying to convert some of the Mormon residents to atheism, whilst wielding his trusty copy of On the Origin of Species.
    Those Mormons sure know how to ark up!

  38. hah. i love best how it was proven to be bullshit. doesn’t excuse the fact that her hubby is off making ORPHANS FOR OIL, though, does it?

  39. What kind of bike do you ride, MsAnne?

  40. MsAnne, don’t blame the soldiers for the shitty politicians’ policies. We obviously need an Army (as do you, in Merry England, or you’d be overtaken by Muslims… oh. wait.), and since it’s all volunteer, that small percentage who are actually born with the sense of service will always be willing to put their lives on the line.

    When you’re a soldier (as I am), you don’t do it for the oil, or policies, you simply do it for the man next to you. What is the deepest driving factor in every man and woman (I’m opening myself up for a smart-ass comment here, but I’m okay with that)? It’s survival. You take care of him because you know he’ll do the same for you. Fuck some politics. No matter how strongly I feel about them either way, it never translates to interfering with my duty.

    It’s too bad we can’t pick and choose which war/conflict/etc. we will fight for.

  41. For proof this is fake, check out Sam insanity’s blog. This Johnny dude is just some douche trying to get famous!

  42. Nails? really? you’d shoot someone, who did you no harm, just because you are following orders? your ‘sense of duty’ intrigues me.
    why are people so fucking obedient?

  43. Nails, respectfully, I disagree. Some people sign up, not out of civic duty or a sense of service, but so they can be paid to kill people. Others sign up because they are incapable of making their own decisions and need to be told what to do, day in, day out.

    It’s cool that you have altruistic motives, but maybe you shouldn’t apply those motives to the many undeserving.

  44. ^or the complete fucking psychopaths in charge?

  45. Them too.

  46. Anne stupid bitch Thorpe

    If youu have a fucking problem with all of the shit going on with the military how bout youu go and do something about it instead of judging and talking shit about soldiers who whether it be getting paid for it or for better reasons of doing it. When they go to bootcamp they come out with a different mentality the come out with it as kill or be killed. They come out with a better appreciation for life an everyone that they love that is in it..but youu wouldn’t know that because youu could care less and would rather talk shit about shit that youu don’t even know .. Did youu also know that they miss their families while they’re away .? Did youu know that they hardly sleep bc they’re always training or going to school.? Did youu know that they don’t get to come home when they want or if someone in their family dies.? I bet youu didn’t and you’re probably gonna say a whole bunch of other shit in response to this that has nothing to do with everything I just said

    So shut the fuck upp..because youu think youu know but youu really have NO IDEA

  47. Ist ur boifwend in da navy roxiee? Because if he is, I’ll have to track his fuck ass down and have him swab my deck like a good little n1gger. Now unless you have something nice to say take that narly ass yeast infected pussy of yours elsewhere. If we wanted to see your cunt we would have asked, now kindly, fuck off.

  48. tell me how you really feel, roxxeee. that’s it. get it alllll out, good girl. there there.

    … feel better?


    I don’t give a fucking shit whose side who is even on. I hate all military equally.
    What happened to the good old days of warfare that exists only in my mind, where all the blood-thirsty thugs with weapons fucked off to an empty paddock out of town, and beat each other to a bloody pulp and left the rest of us well the fuck alone??


    don’t participate in military culture and cry all night because you miss mommy and the food isn’t very nice.

  49. And what in Christly FUCK is going on with all the “youu”s up there?
    I can hear roxiee6211′s nasal whine clear across the Pacific.

  50. Capupyourass he’s in the Marines the baddest military branch And your whole statement to me had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I said good job youu know how to put stupidity all together in one comment CONGRATS .!

    Anne put a cock down my Thorpe as I expected NOTHING to do with what I said either they’re not baby killers youu probably are bc you’re a fucking whore..but military isn’t really the only problem with this godamn world and well you’re part of it for being so ignorant to it I also congratulate you world biggest hypocrite and DUMBASS.

    And for the last retard whose name isn’t even WORTH mentioning did you think of that all on your own.? You must be so proud that was Sooo should get a pay raise..but tot honk of something so clever like thy that your probably unemployed, maybe your mom will finally give you an allowance

    And remember everyone pay your taxes ;D

  51. Well fuck…excuuusee me roxie, baby…You’re right, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m sure your totes proud of him. He managed to make it all the way through bootcamp and into the biggest baddest most hardcore group of cocksuckers there is. If he really is in the “marines” support your troops by posting a picture of yourself, wearing only his hat…and don’t be gun shy either, we all know a trap is, now she me your cock, bitch!

  52. Oh, and fuck you and your taxes…I take what I want.

  53. *what…but ignore my minor grammatical error slag, and pony up…I’m waiting.

  54. Lol it’s okay say what you’d like I could care less youu and the others spend your life on this shot commenting on other peoples comments ..congrats you’re LAMEBOOK famous haha you must be so proud pay the taxes to pay for me ..GOD BLESS AMERICA..and you for being a taxpayer Ohh and the picture ..I had your mother take care of that..hope she uploads it soon :)

  55. Shit*

  56. The only thing your god blessed me with dear is a huge wooden bedazzled penis…but again I’m sorry love, I told you, I don’t pay taxes…seriously…I’m a fucking pirate, I rape, pillage, and belittle women, what don’t you get about that? Whatever you and my mother have going on is you guys business, are you at least groping her? I hear she enjoys that sort of thing…Well, while I’m waiting for the link, I’m sure I’ll be doing something disgusting, perhaps fucking my sister in the ass…god that sounds fun right now. How do you feel about ass to mouth? :P

  57. roxxeeee911, I can’t wait until they bring your big, tough baby-killer home in a fucking casket.
    feel free to swing on by and share your deep, abiding motherfuckin’ affections for uncle sam then, ok?

  58. Roxie911.? Hilarious coming from someone who hates war lol

    And he won’t be coming home in one of those Atleast not before youu I wonder If anyone will even care when youu die .? Probably not. But Anne needs a cock down your Thorpe why don’t youu get with the pirate from what he says about his hillbilly mother and sister incest IS best so if your lucky maybe he’ll stick his cock down your throat ;)

    And since he kills and shit bc he believes himself to be a pirate like all the other idiots believe to be zombies..maybe just maybe he’ll kill YOU aftervte terrible sex

  59. Since when does rape and pillage = murder?

  60. I thought the screenshot was horrible, but the comments…so much worse. I’m not sure how some of you function in real life with either such incredibly loose morals, or just being completely consumed by hatred.

    Never thought I’d say that this, but this batch of comments could be improved with a Steeeever post.

  61. @42 (MsAnne): I respectfully disagree with you. Basically, why people join is probably a myriad of reasons. But once you’re past the initial training, you’re fighting for your own life, and your brother’s. Sounds idealistic, but it is what it is I suppose.
    I absolutely agree that the innocent get killed, and being a father myself, I couldn’t even fathom that happening to my own kids. But is’ ALWAYS happened. There was never a time you speak of in war – just men bludgeoning each other to death in some field. They’re more careful about innocents getting killed now than ever in history. War is ugly. And it sucks. But we’ll never see the end of it in our lifetimes.

    tl;dr? I got a little wordy. Maybe just read the below then… I just thought of it:
    Lemme ask you something: when the revolution you talk so fondly of happens, and hundreds (thousands) of innocents are dying – babies, children, etc. – is that then okay? Is it okay if you agree with the reason in the first place? Do you think it will be a peaceful, I’m-gonna-stand-here-and-chant-until-change-happens revolution?

    @43 (Bacchante):
    You are absolutely right. People join for different reasons, and though I strongly believe most of them are for good reasons, there are no doubt bad apples in the bunch. I wish the bad apples could all be weeded out, but we know that’ll never happen… kinda like society… and murderers, pedophiles, rapists, those who steal from the elderly, drive-bys in ghettos… Hmm, actually, when you think about it that way, I would be willing to bet there is a much larger percentage of fuckoffs in society than there are in the military.

    I DO wish we didn’t have to do war. But I’ll do my damndest to get my best friend home to see HIS little girls – because I know he’d do the same for me. :-)
    Cheers to both of ya!

  62. roxxeeee911..they’re gonna bring him home in a bodybag with his face blown off.

  63. and Nails. what can I say? That I’m balancing my hopes for a better world against my desire to fuck shit up?

    ‘Its always happened’ is an exceptionally shitty excuse to continue warfare. There is a famous moral tale of some monkeys in a cage, with bananas and water-torture – do you know the story? – basically, its a pack of fearful simians holding each back and down because ‘its always been this way’.

    what makes you think the revolution I dream of – the real one, not internet smack talk bullshit – has anything to do with the death of innocents? I’m after a rEvolution of the mind, my friend. The only thing under threat will be human ignorance.

  64. ^^^^ somebody didn’t hug you enough as a child

  65. More like someone didn’t get into any fist fights as a child.

  66. Yeah yeah, I get it, roxiee. I’m a big bad meany for saying you had a nasal whine… and tot honk, something-something, I’m apparently unemployed… and your taxes pay my unemployment benefits. in. a. whole. other. country. Great inference skills there, you uneducated smear of smegma.

    But seriously, why would someone choose to spell “you” like that?
    Are you trying to claim disability benefits or something? We can all appear on your behalf to support your case for learning and social interaction difficulties.

    Just trying to help! ;D

  67. ^I just wanna go to her hubby’s funeral and piss all over his coffin.

  68. ^ I suppose in your case, ignorance is bliss.

  69. so is pissing on a dead soldier.

  70. Yes, that would be considered ignorant. ;)

  71. you’re clearly ignorant of the myriad paraphiliac fetishes that are available to the discerning monster.
    perhaps when you learn some more of the alphabet, you can get back to me?

  72. What a big girl! You know how to use the dictionary!! Your mum must be proud.

  73. Yes. Reading is quite an amazing fucking talent. Afterwards, I used the dictionary to prop your mum’s anus wide open as I fisted her. Elbow-deep.

  74. Your mouth must taste quite nasty with all the feet you keep inserting into it. Keep going with the insults as I’m enjoying the amusement!!

  75. A soldier that has died in Afghanistan has been named. He was described as “Everything an aspiring soldier should aim to be”.

    What, dead?

  76. I can understand being against war, and especially for the reasons this one in Iraq was started under. But honestly, I’m prepared to deploy with an army unit if I have to, because our way of life has to be protected. And don’t get me wrong, America has a lot of problems, but i would rather live here than some third world country were thousands of innocent people really do die every month. Msannethorpe, I really hope you’re just a troll because there are a lot of good people serving so that we can have some feeling of security. I would love to see a revolution too, but the fact is as long as there’s people out there willing to resort to violence and warfare then our country has to defend itself. And again, I am not justifying killing innocent people and pushing democracy on the world. Just my two cents

  77. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m not going to lie to you; ^this post totally ruined my erection.

  78. I lol’d at the hypocrisy of thorpe. Bitch sounds like an angry hippie lol. She tries to take the high road at first using long eloquent well proposed messages then eventually end up just flinging insults like a monkey flings poo. I’ve come across some zealots in my day, anti-war hippies and the like but never hadn’t I seen a person so blissfully ignorant to how the world really is. War is in human nature, man had been killing eachother since he figured out how to swing sticks and you propose everyone who wishes to engage in violent activities go off into a field and kill eachother. That’s funny someone thought the same thing once and we ended up with australia. You do know without a military to fight for hippies like you there’d be no society for you to resent because you’d live under a dictatorship where all the freedoms you take for granted don’t exist. Yes lets throw away all guns, do away with every military in the world, and hell while you’re at it law enforcement too I’ve always wanted to see what a society without laws to govern it, or a military to protect it would look like. Criminals run free, and dictators like sadaam hussein killing hundreds of innocents without anyone to stop him sounds awesome! I can’t help but to feel sorry should you ever being any children into this world. You madam make me shrewd a tear for future generations.

  79. Fucking auto-predict fail. I will fucking kill you phone!

  80. Ouuu ouuu I just had another thought what if the military NEVER EXISTED! then the united states would have never existed, native americans would still own north america, so that’s good I suppose right? We would have avoided ww1 at least but ouuuu shit adolf hitler would have gathered like-minded genocide happy nazi’s lets say 10,000 & even without the german army (remember there is no military to oppose him) and successfully wiped jews off the face of the planet, then subsequently taken over all of europe then we wouldn’t even have to worry about “babies for oil” or thorpe because hitler hated hippies trolololololol

  81. Honestly, people make me sick.(MsAnneThrope) You sit on your computer commenting on every post on here, and you want to bash on the military. The Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce and so on, is the reason that you still can sit on your computer and be an asshole.

    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, because that is how America was born. So go ahead, sit on your ass and comment your disrespect for the military. Just remember, they are risking their lives so you don’t have to.

    Didn’t your parents ever teach you to be grateful?

    Have you all forgotten an important date? 9/11 possibly??


  82. I agree. MsAnneThrope is a very disrespectful person. Whatta fuckin commie. Smh

  83. Last few posters demonstrate classic cornerstones of conservative America: intolerance, ignorance, delusion of grandeur, the sin of pride, zealousy, and good old-fashioned animalistic rage. Keep it classy, Romney 2012.

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