Monday, March 29, 2010

Glorious Guts

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  1. #1 – Wow..

  2. thanks for making my Monday exponentially worse

  3. What’s so wrong with #3? Besides the hands being a little low…

    And #2, that guy HAS to be loaded. Right? Right????

  4. I see lamebook has found some of my handy work. I pulled out (of the relationship) with that girl in the flag just a few months ago.

  5. bollywood_rocks83

    You can’t burn the flag but it is perfectly ok to do that with it? Nice! He’s fighting for our freedom so his trashy wife can wrap a flag around her good good?

    As for one, someone somewhere is turned on by that so…

  6. bollywood_rocks83

    dtronol, one thing I see wrong with three is the fact that if I was photographed burning or tearing the flag to shreds, my ass will be hauled off to jail. Yet trashy girl can use it in that way and get away with it. Isn’t it still desecrating the flag? Plus, as a soldier, idiot boy in the picture should have a bit more respect for the flag, y’know?

  7. Hope there’s not an argument now about the sanctity of flags. Forget about that and have a look in the mirror at what’s feeding that chick in pic 2.
    OH. MY. GOD.

  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    O wow to the first. I will never be the same again :(

    @dtronol: He HAS to be loaded or she’s missing 2 legs. just saying…

  9. I’ll leave the freaky fat fuck in pic 1 alone. You lot can tear him apart.

  10. If she wasn’t pregnant, I dont think youd have a problem with that photo. Hot girls wearing American colors? Why complain?

  11. I have to agree with #6 that a soldier should know better, which leads me to believe that the dude in the pic is not a real soldier.

  12. @bollywood_rocks83, what are you talking about? It is not illegal to burn or desecrate the American flag. It is protected under the 1st Amendment.

  13. @bollywood_rocks83, What makes her trashy? There’s thousands of pictures of nude pregnant women, and those pictures are beautiful and artistic; this is the same to me. The flag is not being desecrated, it’s used decoratively. When you burn a flag, are you decorating the fire? I don’t think so. There is no disrespect here.

  14. And I suppose women in flag bikinis are offenders too?

  15. Mike dude WTF??????? I wanna take my eyesballs and throw them at you :S WHY????

  16. Can’t say I find the picture offensive so much as straight up tacky! :/

  17. People, there’s a lot to fun with here. Please, forget the flag shit.

  18. @wordpervert: Aw, you went and jinxed it :P Here we go…

    @Lamebook: WHY? WHY DO THIS TO US? :|

  19. bollywood_rocks83

    BlackCloud, sadly I’ll still have an issue. vaultcomplex, I think the key is proving you’re exercising your freedom of speech.

    dtronol, again read my issueS with it. Dude is a soldier; he should know better which is why I called her trashy. If experience serves me right seeing as I live in GA, she’s probably one of those redneck patriots who are usually up in arms about freedom and patriotism. As for decorating the fire, I may not be but I can still burn the flag if I so choose: freedom of speech and all that,right?

  20. Actually, there is nothing legally wrong with burning or tearing up a flag. Morally is another question.

    He’s the one actually doing the fighting for freedom, who the hell cares if he should “know better” or not. The same as the rest of us, he can do whatever he wants.

    IMO, trying to be offended by that is just looking for something to be offended about. It looks like a pretty photo to me.

  21. What… what is going to happen to those poor tools in #1? Please, won’t somebody think of the poor innocent tools?

  22. Hobo, just concentrate on getting all hot and hard by looking at monstrous Mike.

  23. BringYourOwnSun

    So much fun here and the dullest photo is going to generate the interest. *shakinghead*

  24. @dtronol, I fail to see the issue with #2 – I’m a big guy, I weigh 250lb and I have an extremely hot girlfriend who is a part time model, and I am by no means wealthy.

  25. @Miss Shegas: I think everyone’s trying their damndest NOT to think of the tools xD

    wordpervert: This is gonna be a fun Lamebook sex session, I can tell ;)

  26. Miss Shegas I know, but if he gives them to me, I’ll sterilise them at work and give them back to him for his next party.

  27. #3 : Violation of Flag Code.

  28. Hobo, I’d love to have sex right now, but gotta get go to work soon, and I don’t partake in the lame there.
    I’ve always wanted to have sex at work tough.

  29. @Gamerstud: Exactly. Thank you.

    @RichyRich: No one wants to see your gut hanging out either.

  30. oh fucking hell. i can’t unsee what i just saw in #1. why would anyone post that on facebook? WHY?

  31. I have to agree with Gamerstud…Bollywood needs a hobby.
    If you can’t handel GA. Move. Not everyone in the south are the types of people you describe.

  32. I’m offended by 3… not because of the desecration of the flag… I’m not sure why really… but I’m pretty sure that baby will be raised in a trailor and probably with one or more siblings that have a different father.

  33. Did anyone else notice that the flag in the BACKGROUND is backwards?

  34. richy, I had a crack at pic 2 as well. I’m sure you’re a nice bloke, but I once did fat…
    I never went back.

  35. rockyourworld1967

    Did no one notice the second pic is from the album “1st Anniversary”?….OF WHAT? EW LMAO

  36. When the flag is displayed vertically, that’s actually the proper way to display it.

  37. ahh, you americans

    I just dont understand…

    what is so wrong with the third one, its pretty picture.

    whats so holy about the flag, if it has something to do with your independence, it still wouldnt make any sense :D

    if pregnant Finnish woman would take similiar picture but with finnis flag, i would be completely fine with that :|


  38. @gamerstud

    Oh really? That is so odd to me.

  39. Jeez everyone’s getting on their pedestal about the American flag. I don’t see anything wrong with the pic except that it’s cheesey but now everyone’s griping on about the flag being wrapped around a pregnant woman. Get over yourselves

  40. ohhhhhhhhh, look at all of you perfect men and women out there.

    #2 is overweight, so he must be rich to have her!

    pfft, maybe he’s just in a band or maybe he has a handsome face or maybe he’s just funny or smart or super strong like Bill Cosby used to be.

    And if you look in the mirror, she’s not exactly skinny. She just looks that way from the angle at first.

    I don’t even feel like commenting on the wet spot that that girl probably left on the flag OR the guy that’s horribly creepy in picture #1. You’ve all ruined my mood.

  41. Oh my god, that soldier loves America so much he actually fucked her and got her pregnant. STEP UP, EVERYONE ELSE!!!

  42. ElasticFireCracker

    lmao @ num2. It’s a hell of a lot less sexy when you see the big fatty in the background feeding her.

  43. #1 shouldn’t be on facebook. If some woman wants that picture of her husband, keep it in your underwear drawer (next to your faded picture of David Hasselhoff from Season 1 of Baywatch)

    #2 crop and then it’s mostly fine. First anniversary, sharing old wedding cake, congrats

    #3 meh… I don’t think it’s appropriate for facebook, but as a cute “this is us, our baby, yay” picture, then I see nothing wrong with it. Just keep it to yourselves.

  44. Im so glad all of you are so perfect and feel like you can make “Judgement” on a soldier, that is showing love for the mother of his child, and at the same time fighting for our country… Maybe some of you need to get off your lazy asses and do the same, instead of putting down others. Just saying!!

  45. What’s this “our country”, paleface?

  46. I think that guy in #2 is her brother. dere is no wai, he can has her. She is so bomb. pffft…. yea right.

  47. They should have had #1 NSFW, first of all, oh, and *vomit*
    But as for all this flag talk, we cartoon and decorate much tackier things with our flag. I’m not really all that patriotic even though im married to a soldier- i see it as his job. But the third pic is actually sort of nice, i think.

  48. Please forgive my typos and omitted words on this post. I got all quivery, and not in the good way.

    mc, sorry mate if I’m being too harsh, but it’s lamebook after all hey?

    I KNOW I could improve your mood if you gave me the chance.

  49. Until women sign up for the draft at the age of 18, they are not allowed to talk badly (or make decisions in general) about soldiers or war or anything like that.

  50. word, I’ll always give you the chance, you know that.

  51. @mcowles – because women aren’t in the military, nor do they have husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles or children in the military, right?

    Really now, how fucking stupid ARE you? Sorry, sorry, that’s closed-minded ignorance. Specifics are important.

    It’s people like you who spread ignorance and intolerance with a misogynistic attitude that end up breeding a society of disrespectful little assholes.

    But I’m sure one of these days someone will give you the swift boot to the face you need.

  52. lol. there goes your precious first amendment, American vagina-owners!

  53. Thanks mc, all better now.

  54. Now when I said I did fat, it was really fat, bigger than Mike.
    It’s another one of my dirty little secrets. I was in an experimental period.
    Now I’m not a very big girl, so there was not much missionary going on, mostly that reverse cowgirl thing that BlackCloud was talking about in the previous post. It got boring, I like to mix it up.

    Alright, done sharing.

  55. wow… haha, for 1, I was joking.

    I figured that everyone would know, by now, that I am not deserving of a swift boot to the face… at least not for my views on the roles of men and women in today’s society.

    However, it is an archaic practice to only have one sex sign up for the military draft. Equality in all things, except the military, where we want men to protect the women! Pfft, bunch of 1950′s bullshit, that is.

  56. I actually like the third one. It’s a nice theme. I don’t see where #11 gets off saying he’s not a real soldier. WOW. And #14, it’s just a flag design, if they actually cut up a flag and put make a bikini then yeah that’s probably wrong.

    @mcowles for post #43 I agree, for post #50, you do not have the right to say that… I agree with @nomnomnom.

  57. @mcowles I apologize as I just saw your latest post haha, and also someone said something about low hands on the third picture, I think it’s to keep the flag from falling… haha.

  58. Is it only me that can see the fat man in the mirror’s erect penis? I’m sure there’s a definite line between it and the sheets in the background. And it looks a darker shade.

    Can no one else see that thing?

  59. Et Tu Anna?

    After all of our Anal in the Annex… you doing me like this hurts far more than any other way you’ve done me to date, and we both know how badly that first thing hurt.

  60. I think some of you are overreacting. Or jealous of the fact that she’s pregnant and still looking pretty snazzy. Either way, that’s a pretty good photo. That photo symbolizes pride in being American and does give a good light for motherhood and the whole theme for the soldier-family bit. There’s more depth, but hey, I’m lazy. Languorous, if you will. I’m not bothering. Stop bitching so much. =D That’s hardly trashy or insulting to the flag.

    @58 – several people called him loaded for a reason.

  61. I think that people have to remember that it is Lamebook.

    Post don’t always have to be offensive or stupid or wrong.
    They just have to be lame.
    I think all of those qualify.

  62. hailstorm: “Did anyone else notice that the flag in the BACKGROUND is backwards?”

    No it’s not.

    “When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.”

    I don’t get any big deal at all about the last picture or why it’s “inappropriate” for Facebook. And I don’t see a penis in the gut dude’s mirror, just the woman’s other arm.

  63. I agree, languorous. My gut reaction is to turn my nose up at the flag-wavy, patriotic nonsense, but accepting that it’s something they believe in and care about, it’s actually not a bad portrait. Pretty romantic, in fact.

  64. @#49
    I laughed at that one, just based off of mc’s style of humor. Keep up the funnies man! No boots to the face over here.

    On another note, the third pic looks artistic. The second one just makes me laugh. The first reminds me of Homer Simpson in that episode where he made the calendar or somesuch.

  65. Scratch that. I’m just a pervert. Loaded was financially. Whoopsidaisy.

  66. @HnyBdgr, dude, you’re searching way too hard for a penis.

  67. @ 62

    If you look close you can see where her hand is by her elbow. And next to that her arm would have to be coming out of bigboys thigh. Zoom-in, something is there.

  68. @Nuff, it DOES look exactly like that calendar Homer made. now i don’t feel so bad about my Monday.

  69. #1 haha!!!! Funny!

    #2 I see nothing wrong with it. OMG someone married an overweight guy! As if we don’t see it all the time

    #3 Americans and their flag issues, I won’t even try to understand it

  70. @ dtronol, just because you gave up the search long ago – that bright day in June under the floodlight…

  71. TotallyUnoriginal

    Wow all that for a fucking flag. I actually have never been so bored in my life reading the first 30 or so comments.

    Anyway, anyone have Number 1′s card? I have some handiwork that needs doing and he seems just the guy for the job.

  72. the last one is so cute. the one with the cake is hilarious, it took me a minute to figure it out.

  73. I'm Canadian Also

    In pic #1: Does his tattoo possibly say “Jason”? Is Jason being sincere when he “likes this”?

  74. haha yeah there is def an erect penis in #2… I think that is a bigger fail than the being overweight thing…

  75. Holy shit! you can see that guys cock! hahahaha nice one lamebook!

  76. At first I thought #2 was just funny because the girl appeared to be gorging herself on cake. Then I saw that one of the arms didn’t look like it was hers and realized that something was amiss.

    Finally noticing the mirror, and beholding the horror within, was not unlike the shower scene from Psycho.


  78. These are stupid. Lamebook: remember what mom said. “If you don’t have anything nice to post, don’t post anything at all.”

  79. @78 – That would defeat Lamebook’s purpose in life.

  80. Actually #3 should know about the US Flag code. It is against the code to use the US Flag as an article of clothing in any way shape or form. This goes for Flag boxers, Bikinis, Shirts, pants or any kind of advertisement either. It does not have to be an actual flag to be against the code. And before you go saying how bout I step up and blah blah blah. I have been in the US Marine Corps for 8 years know. Ive been to both Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times and am being medically discharged for injuries overseas. Im sorry if I feel like the flag of the country I am defending shouldnt be used to cover up some womens body in a picture. for no real apparent reason. And yes the flag behind him is being dispayed properly.

  81. krasivaya_devushka

    ewww WTF @ number 1?

  82. @diesel

    I believe the flag would be prefectly displayed once it is on the floor… then i could use it for her head rest as I pound her and then use it to wipe up the juices… thats proper use of the flag

  83. krasivaya_devushka

    I don’t see what’s SO wrong with picture 3. It’s pretty nice & it’s just a flag people; quit being so damn sensitive to everything. :)

  84. the dude in #3 isn’t even a soldier – his nametape clearly says “US NAVY.” so since he’s a sailor, that can only mean one thing – the baby isn’t his.

  85. @mcowles, actually, I’m your Anal in the Annex with slim, I’m your girl. Anna #56 and 57 is another, more sane Anna who seems to get off work earlier than I do or can LB at work.

    Although I must admit that I, too, kind of like picture #3, and I truly don’t understand the labeling of that poor girl as trashy.

    AND, I would sign up for the selective service if I had to, but I’d never pass the psych if it came to a draft.

  86. I’m pretty sure that’s not his cock in #2, but if it is, it may explain why she’s with him…

  87. you should change your name to anal annex anna… avoid confusion that way… then we could go back to the annex and I could give you the minivan

  88. LOL, I’ll make that happen slim. Man, I sure could use a dose of the minivan…

  89. Anal-in-the-Annex Anna

    Um, minivan please…;)

  90. As soon as I saw #1, the tune of YMCA came to my head.. Isn’t he in the Village People? :p

    And as for #2, if he was wearing a shirt it would be no biggy (oops excuse the pun) however, if I was having my first year anniversary, I’d like to think that I’d be too busy to take photos.. And besides, who on Facebook would even want to see cake-feeding foreplay? Jeez.

    I thought #3 was pretty cute, but I agree with mccowles – they should keep it to themselves. I mean if I walked into someone’s house and saw it, I’d think, “aw, how creative! What a nice photo, I’m glad it’s not one of those mummy’s-pregnant-belly-and-daddy’s-hands-around-her-bellybutton-in-the-shape-of-a-loveheart photos.” but facebook is another story.. Invite people over to see the shots instead of clogging up their news feed with it!

  91. #3 is lame because it showcases ridiculous American patriotism and “FIGHTIN’ 4 FREEDOM!2!”.
    I can’t believe people like that actually exist.
    So lame.

  92. oh you got it A-A-Anna… Here comes the minivan, 2 in the front and 5 in the rear!

  93. Anal-in-the-Annex Anna

    Shit, I should have UD’d that first. So, um, twist one up and I’ll grab my lube.

  94. Godsmacked again! aaayeeeee

  95. I thought the military had that new fancy digital camo now. Did that not make it to the navy yet, or is he a fake? And yeah, #80 is right. It is a violation of the flag code to use the flag as an article of clothing, which is why I actually LOL at all the ‘patriotic’ nitwits who wear US Flag shits, bikinis and other junk; not even realizing they are desecrating the flag they allegedly love so dearly.

    BTW picture #2 is awesome, as it gives my fatass hope. Rock on, fatso.

  96. i can only assume the next photo in the set of #1 is of old freaky fellow with a hammer up his butt…

  97. RingingInMyHead

    @tanizaki: Ugh, people with patriotic shits are the worst. Who do they think they are, defecating our sacred flag?!

  98. Come on guys, let’s not get into all this patriotic shit. Let’s just keep it clean and mock the fatties.

  99. Sarcasm. Before anyone destroys me. Picture number one is probably mine. Don’t hurt me.

  100. Wow. They should post some of your stupid comments as topics on Lamebook. The picture of the pregnant woman is beautiful, not only that, the flag on her lower half is made of satin. Last time I checked, the official American Flags aren’t made of satin OR silk for that matter. Not only that, if she were really wearing an American Flag to cover her boobs it would be a lot more fabric then that.

    It’s a great photo and in my opinion shouldn’t even be on here. For you to say an American Soldier should know better then to put his pregnant wife/girlfriend in patriotic colors is pretty dumb.

  101. @ #97…. defacating? really?
    are they then by doing this, taking a dump on the flag?
    I think not

  102. @RingingInMyHead

    I think you meant desecrating not defecating. She is disrespecting our flag not pooping it out.

  103. CommentsAtLarge

    fershuree, #2 is the one that makes you reach for the eye bleach? Did you skip the first one all together? I mean fat guy and shirtless-cake-foreplay is no walk in the park, but it sure doesn’t beat whatever-the-hell-is-going-on-in-#1.

  104. Clarification since some of ya’ll seem confused:

    It is perfectly legal to burn a flag. In fact, an old flag is disposed of properly via fire.

  105. @tanizaki – yea, the navy has digital cammies as well, but they’re blue, grey & black. we still use the woodland pattern he’s wearing for certain jobs.

  106. 1 and 2 = glorious.

    3 – is so lame. Yes, your friends know that you have spawned a child. No, they dont need to see you naked in a piece of curling ribbon. Your stomach is huge, I would know that whether you are naked or not.

  107. I’ve gotta say I do like the third photo. It’s tastefully done…
    Compared to the usual toss we get here.

  108. If that’s an erect pennis in number 2, who is that guy? mandingo? That looks like an snake, or some kind of those egyptian figures. I really think it’s an optical ilussion. no erect pennis there.

    Hilarous stuff, and that fat guy must have his “secret something”. respect to him.

  109. @mcowles haha yeah you definitely got the wrong Anna there. @Anna I’m still in school sooo, yeah.

  110. And I do believe it’s the shadow of a pillow in the background.

  111. Anal-in-the-Annex Anna

    @Anna, please tell me you mean college.

  112. The tools in # 1 make me think of twisted sado-masochistic porn. Which is ok until you throw in the nasty fat old guy. ew.

  113. @Anal-in-the-Annex Anna, yeah I’m a junior.

  114. I think #3 is just a freaking picture. Get over it. I don’t think she is “vanadlizing” the flag. It’s just a picture. Goddammit you Americans gettin all worked up over nothing, as per usual. They probally did it cause its “atristic” and all that jazz. You guys just want something to bitch about. Jebus

  115. artistic**

  116. I’m a goddamn American, and you’re goddamn right I’m going to get worked up over the American flag getting used in this way! You don’t use the flag to cover up titties, you use it to frame the titties.

    50 states, 13 colonies, and 2 boobs. This is what America is all about. Sure, toss in some genocide and and a couple hundred years of slavery, but that does not detract from the sexiness of knobs surrounded by Old Glory.

    When I was banging Thomas Jefferson’s wife, using Kunte Kinte as a fuck table, Tom had the gall to take umbrage with my trespass. I said “Hey Tom, how about some privacy? I’m taking a constitutional here. This is the US of A, and this is my right! Put it on my bill if you’re feeling disenfranchised.”

  117. And after your epic comment Soup, all I’ve got to say is I miss having sex with you as well.
    We shall cross paths another day, my dear man.

  118. @Soup

    Knobs are boobs now? I thought a knob was a penis.

  119. @Word
    One of these days I’ll figure out how to send my cock over the internet and then you can revel in its dongtasticness.

    Knobs for juggs is somewhat old school, but I thought it was still recognized as standard. I’ve personally never heard it for a dick, but not that you mention it, it might work. I will have to think on this.

  120. @everybody that says desecreting…

    I proudly serve in the USAF and have been for 6 years now. I do not find anything wrog with #3 at all. She is not doing anything harmful with the flag at all. I think it is an artfully, and beautifully done photo. If half of ya’ll knew what it was like to fight for that flag then you would understand. Leave them alone. God bless America!

  121. @hazydream999

    I too have once had to fight for the flag. I ran out of toilet paper, and I knew that only Betsy Ross’s masterpiece would clean up my mess. But how to retrieve it? I had to run the gauntlet from my bathroom to the flagpole in the front yard. I was hobbled by the pants around my ankles, and the stalactites that are my asshair were dropping winnet bombs the whole way.

    It was gruesome. I was secreting weapons of ass destruction all over the neighborhood. But I made it back. I was gallantly streaming. My red rocket was glaring. My banner was waving.

    I added 13 more stripes that night, and they still fly freely to this day.

  122. omg Soup, you fuckin kill me.

    that said, i share nikki’s sentiments about #1, and feel that facebook is not the appropriate forum for any of this. obviously.

  123. @120 – “to fight for that flag”.

    What exactly does that entail? Bombing some Afghan kids because someone who once maybe planned a terrorist attack might be hiding in a cave somewhere within five thousand miles of them?

  124. lol *scarred*

  125. @johno, What do you mean someone? as far as Im concerned that whole part of the world planned several terrorist attacks, with the most recent one happening just a few days ago in some russian subways. Not that I care about Russia or anyone in it, but we are doing the world a favor by ridding it of Allah and its followers. You probably live in Aus or Canada and by that I mean one of those countries that doesnt even have an army and will submit to whoever can send a few dozen troops their way.

  126. @125 – BlacklCloud, you’re sadly mistaken. Australia has an army, and the best special forces unit in the world (ask anyone about how well-renowned the SAS is).

    Nice post, though. You almost had me seriously believing that you think the entire Middle Eastern portion of the world planned terrorist attacks, including all the children, women, and civilians.

  127. Just the children. I probably shouldve clarified that.

  128. TheCaffe, I’m hearing all you say, and I’m with you.
    But there’s something about the way Black writes that is strangely erotic to me. I think I should go to bed now.

  129. I just realised you had an l in the middle of your Black and your Cloud. Well aren’t I dumb? That doesn’t sound nearly as imposing.
    You’re probably a pussy cat underneath, and if you are, I’ll find it.
    Good night.

  130. @125 – I don’t live in either of those but I think you’ll find the 100,000+ people in their forces might take exception with you saying they have no armies.

    Anyway, at least you cleared up that your views are based on solid intelligence and fact rather than Islamophobia or anything irrational like that ;)

  131. Oh yeah, and good luck with ridding the world with 1.5 Billion of “Allah’s Followers”

  132. @johno, Thanks for wishing me good luck. And I guess I should welcome you to the internet since you’re obviously new here. Just a heads up, NOONE has views based on solid intelligence or facts.

  133. @Wordpervert, You made me remove the l from my name. Thats as far as youll get.

  134. Who is this ‘Noone’ you speak of?

  135. 3 would be better without the flags.
    1 would be better without the harness.
    2 was obviously well thought out, planned and framed perfectly.

  136. I think #1 must of been a dare, I don’t think anyone would put that up voluntarily. Though he looks like he’s enjoying the thought of the torture that will be inflicted on his friends with this pic.

  137. WOAH.. Australia has the best Spec-Ops? I call bullshit, the only reason the SAS is an understood acronymn in America is because of Modern Warfare. As an American military member I feel compelled to argue that we have the best Spec-Ops in the world EVER. Combat Controllers, first there motha fucka!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

  138. my eyes… my eyes!

  139. Yeah man, they’re so elite they can’t even shoot the right people

  140. Oh they were the right people.

  141. hehe, EchoWhiskey = EW


    ButterScotch Pudding FoxtrotTangoWhiskey

  142. Pff

  143. Oh god look at the last photo…

  144. dietpillpyramidscheme

    The entire population of Australia is 22 million, so of course we’re not going to have an army the size of the US, China, Russia or North Korea.

    I also liked Black Cloud’s comment regarding “Not that I care about Russia or anyone in it”, I’m guessing the “U S of A is the only true country for you, sailor?

    I’m not sure if you’re constantly sarcastic, or a degenerate hick..

  145. dosnt anyone realise that number one is Kenny? like the movie dude Kenny?

  146. Am I the only person getting sick and tired of preggo “glamour” shots?

  147. @tylerdurden . . . no sir, you are not alone.

  148. @Johno this noone I speak of obviously includes you. You’re first post was definitely full of bullshit.

    @dietpillpyramidscheme Come on man…. I’m just a degenerate hick. Actually I think I might prefer the term wanker. That is a term you guys use down there is it not? So degenerate wanker it is.

  149. Your* before i get called out.

  150. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Well, normally, I’d go with “bogan” but your punctuation is too good. So I’m not sure how to half-assed categorize you. You take criticism well, without going off on a drunken rant, and your opinions are too far-fetched to be serious. I’ll stick with sarcastic.

  151. ben

  152. Louder Than Bombs

    Christ almighty, it’s an overweight person with a skinnier girlfriend, surely you’ve all seen it before? Fair enough, it’s a more personal photo and shouldn’t be on facebook but it’s their life, are they hurting you? Is the fact that he isn’t skinny bothering you? Because it sure isn’t bothering me, I don’t know him. He could be lovely for all we know.

    The first one, yeah even I’m not delusional enough to try and defend THAT. That has corrupted my young mind.

    The third one? She’s not exactly defacing the flag is she. It’s not like she is screaming WE HATE AMERICA whilst burning it is she?
    Although I suppose I don’t know much about the value of the American flag to citizens of the USA, being an English woman and all that jazz.

  153. Ha ha #1 is wicked hilarious!!! You have to give the guy credit he posted it on his facebook it’s not like he’s trying to hide anything…lol
    You have to give the guy in #2 credit for having a girlfriend at all never mind the fact that she’s some what attractive. Although it’s a little much to be putting this pic for people to see your intimate details of your 1st anniversary.
    There is nothing wrong with #3, I think it’s tasteful. This person serves his country and his wife and him are celebrating a new life and their patriotism.

  154. you stupid americans. your flag is backwards didnt you notice?

  155. Actually, DBag!, the flagg is correct. when hung vertically, the union should be in the top left corner.

  156. Soup all I have to say is WOW! That was fucking Hilarious! Keep up the good work my friend.

  157. yeah wearing the flag as clothing is illegal under the constitution. no shit check it out

  158. Jeez Americans, get over that flag shit. It’s not like she’s pulling it out of her vag.

    And I’ll take the two fat dudes anyday over this lady

  159. OH MY GOD @Mhn77. That cannot be unseen.

  160. -God’s investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  161. .

  162. Number 3 is a beautiful picture! You people are morons for saying otherwise! It’s patriotic, she is showing off her PREGNANT stomach, with her soldier husband who fought for our country! WTF is wrong with you people?!

  163. What’s wrong with it? It’s illegal to burn the flag; anyone know if it’s illegal to make it smell like 3 day old fish?
    BTW, if I ever get pregnant, I solemnly swear that I will not take a picture of myself naked and post it on Facebook, since the only people who really want to see it are people who jerk off to pregnancy porn.

  164. Although I am Canadian, and I might not be the best judge of what is acceptable and what isn’t with an American flag, I have no issue with picture 3. It’s a woman and her husband, celebrating the upcoming birth of their child. What’s the problem if they want to acknowledge their country and the fact that the baby’s father is in the military? I see nothing wrong here. The photography is artfully done, and in no way obscene..

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