Monday, March 8, 2010

Give Us a Break

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  1. wow, good job on forgetting to blur out nick’s last name.

  2. Danny, meet Chris Hanson. Chris, this is Danny. You two have alot to talk about…

  3. There’s not many occasions I have no words, but for Danny and Ashley, fuck me, I have none.
    I take that back, Ashley, you look like you could do some damage with those nasty teeth, so can you please take a bite out of that bastard, and hopefully, he’ll meet his demise with a dose of rabies or something.

  4. He is The Most Interesting Man In The World. “I don’t always bang teenagers, but when I do, I prefer gingers. Stay horny my friends.”

  5. word, all I see are those teeth! She needs a dentist, bad!

  6. man, jimi… that’s disgusting. and nick is a spineless prick. you don’t break up with someone over facebook.

  7. Yes ee, and a high powered shower to scrub off the filth from that scumbag.

  8. You’re right MyJob, I always do it by text.

  9. Lamebook needs to blur out those teeth or something, I’m trying to eat here.

  10. I wish I had an ass girlfriend.

  11. She’s going to have to scrub really hard word. A Brillo Pad will be needed! Nasty.

  12. um, see is probably in her 20s and can date old guys if she wants… I dont see where it is our place to judge

    And I have seen much much worse teeth… Not saying they are awesome, just not seeing them as any more horrendous then lots of people… not really worth all the folks here calling her out over

    Oh and mike is a dick… he probably lead her on to sleep with her and then publicly dismissed her… what a douche

  13. *she not see

  14. Third one = true…I don’t want a one night stand + a relationship

    Last = gross.

  15. ee, I took a second shower, and flossed my teeth after looking at those two.

  16. slim, I suggest you go get your eyes checked, but good on ya for having such an open and forgiving mind.

  17. You can easily find Nick. Way to go Lamebook.

  18. Poor Ashley’s teef. Yikes!

  19. I agree with Slim. Without more information we can’t tell their ages. As long as their both legal, who cares?

    And I’ve seen teeth that were in much worse shape, as well.

  20. Yup, Good thing I have Listerine at work!

  21. She looks like she smokes… I dont like chics with gross teeth and wouldnt kiss this gal… but like I have said, seen a lot worse… So yeah, she has gross smokers teeth… but nothing worth puking your lunch out over

  22. Looks can be deceiving, but that girl does not look remotely near her 20′s. Having been a teenage girl myself once upon a time, I know there are plenty of skeezy old men who’d not hesitate to openly go out with a very young girl. And a lot of really stupid or neglectful parents who’d not bat an eye until it became an inconvenience to them somehow.

    I don’t give a rat’s behind about her teeth. It looks like she has something on her teeth (corrective bands or something) which adds to her youthful look, I think.

    And I agree, Mike is a total douche.

  23. Found Nick as well as Anna-Marie. So easy. And I’m a creeper.

    God, I need a job.

  24. The first step is admitting you have a problem Andrizzle. (In reference to being a creeper.)

  25. If she’s in her 20′s, I’m a monkey’s uncle.
    We all have different opinions, and we all have things that turn us off, and for me, bad teeth are it.
    It’s just a thing I have. Good teeth are very important to me.

  26. Anna-Marie McCorkle is now single and in need of a rebound.

  27. @Andrizzle

    Way to go! How could you possibly find Nick on facebook, with only his first….. and last name to go by?

    Are you a wizard?

  28. @ Wordpervert YOU ARE MY FREAKING HERO!!

    @ everyone else… Yes, I was on a break from lamebook for a while (really just cause the whole site has sucked for a while) but I am back for now so watch out!!

  29. Is the Amanda one fake? Why would the status say, “an hour ago” but the comments have February date/time stamps?

  30. That picture made me *gag*….

  31. alright jimi! keepin it in the family. that’s a FAIL of such epic proportions it’s almost a WIN! i wonder how you would find out that you were related to someone that you just got done making out with. that would be an interesting conversation….

  32. @ mortinda, i thought the same thing.

  33. @ lex, it’s cause she kisses like his auntie jean.

  34. hahaha they blurred out nick’s last name now

  35. Amanda -is in a relationship
    Sean -Woo Hoo congrats!
    Mike -Just cause we had sex does not mean were dating.
    Amanda -No it does not. And, I am glad to see that me doing my Trig. homework during the deed clued you in on the fact that I was bored as shit and would not want to repeat it on a regular basis. Gold star for you!!! :D
    Amanda- is in a relationship with Todd. ;)

  36. the last one makes me want to vomit.
    actually, i just did a little.

  37. But Sir, she’s a ranga!

  38. Can’t believe people are so hung up on her teeth, what about her acute case of ginga-vitis?

  39. The last one exceeds all levels of creepy! *shudders*

  40. The Danny and Ashley one doesn’t phase me. My mother was 16 when she married my 38 year old father. Their marriage lasted 44 years until death did them part. It was with parental consent also.

  41. NormanEinstein, your father was a child molester.

  42. Nick, Mike, and Jimi ftw.

  43. Yeah, gonna have to agree with Lulz on that one.

  44. My boyfriend is 18 years older than me, but he isn’t tactless enough to refer to me as his “baby girl”, and he doesn’t look anywhere near as old as the guy in the picture. I’m skeptical about his “baby girl”‘s age as well. So long as it’s legal, I’m fine with it (but I can still scoff at her teeth!)

  45. Well that last one is odd.

  46. Looks more like a 30 year difference.

  47. AnonymousBastard

    I feel for Jimi. Coming from a hick small town and a family who “never owned a television” (my aunts way of saying there’s too much baby making going on) it became customary for me to ask a potential date’s lineage. More than once I almost dated a first cousin I never met before.

  48. And why is Lamebook now blanking out parts of the word “fuck”??

  49. AnonymousBastard-I guess that’s one of the negative perks of coming from a large family!

  50. Zoned! It’s official. ‘Negative Perks’ is my new favorite phrase.

  51. Her teeth kind of freak me out – not as much as her creepy old boyfriend mind you. But I can’t complain about her gingerness, since I date a ginger myself :S

  52. danny has a “pedophile beard”

  53. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Hmm… someone please enlighten me… what does “ginger” me?

  54. A “ginger” person is someone who is red-headed, freckle-faced, and pale. It’s a derogatory term for such people. Ginger people are seen as weak losers.

  55. STFU, slimjayz. It’s funny and gross.
    And lamebook is BASED on judging.

  56. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ jukaswo Thanks!! I learn something new on lamebook everyday!

  57. Just putting something out there.. Maybe the last one, she really is his daughter, and is just saying that shit about being a girlfriend to freak people out.

  58. To me, it looks more like Ashley has braces than filthy teeth. If so, I would guess she’s probably a teenager. Just puttin’ that out there.

  59. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo –

  60. What I got from the last pic was:

    Danny: Here’s a picture of me and my daughter!!

    Donna: Good thing she looks nothing like you! Cause you’re ugly, haha

    Ashley: Yeah, people think I’m his girlfriend all the time because we don’t look much alike. I’m going to use sarcasm now so I end up on Lamebook where everyone will assume my dad is a child molester and I’m a victim!

  61. Go Nick! lol

    the last one isn’t anything horrible. she does look like she is in her early/mid-twenties and he seems to be 45-55. the only ones who have an isue with that are child obsessed freaks who like to fantasize about pedophiles and think that everyone is one

  62. That’s clever poopaloop #38, very clever.

    And thanks Username, I’m blushing like a young girl of 16, which is exactly what Ashley should be doing for associating with Mr Dubious up there.

  63. Lamebook you fail again with your mosaic’s. Get it together lads.

  64. screw you all judjmental ppl, i dont smoke or have bad teeth its just a bad photo. and for the record danny is 58 and im 36 so there is nothin jail bait about this you narow minded idiots. this site sux

  65. hey look everybody! BritishHobo had a sex change! good for you man, er, girl!

  66. Poopaloop #38 – I’m offended that you would bring me into this.

  67. God I sooooooooooooo hope that is the real Ashley that just posted. You wouldn’t think this site “sux” if you weren’t on it. And if you’re 36 then Justin Bieber is the greatest musical talent of all time.

  68. ashley – still gross, honey.


  69. So many spelling and grammar errors. Must not lash out at AshleyGurl.

    If you want to be taken seriously, see a dentist. Thank you and have a nice day! :)

  70. lol

  71. malteaser-sucks

    I’m going to post this again because it’s just so bloody relevant…
    Seriously malteaser? Can you make any better comment than “lol”

    Most. Useless. Post. EVER

  72. Jimi has to be Tasmanian. Fact.

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