Friday, January 7, 2011

Gingerly Updates

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The coordinated diss was a good one. :)

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    At second glance I noticed it’s an anagram too (unless they sent it chronologically).

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And yes I am ignoring the missing ‘S’. Or maybe it was a command.

  4. I know a few gingers I wouldn’t mind giving that command.

  5. Dukey, I’m pretty sure they sent them in that order on purpose so it would spell that out in the end. They did screw up with the missing S. And how exactly is that an anagram?

  6. And don’t judge me but I KINDA think some gingers are cute. I always refer to my boyfriend and “part ginger” because of all his freckles and the fact that his facial hair is reddish/orange but his hair and eyebrows are brown.

  7. For the record, I went ahead and married one.

  8. Good for you curly!

  9. I never understood the anti-ginger movement. Then again I don’t have any ginger friends, so maybe I am part of it without even knowing….

  10. I’m a semi-ginger myself, I understand it as a metaphor for bias in general and a holdout from our former colonial overlords…The Brits do some weird shit, and this came from them. If you are a ginger…don’t watch the video below.

  11. j1000k, that video made me cry. That was terribly insane. :-(

  12. Just watched that video. It was like flipping between hilarious and horrible, the funny part being how ridiculous it was. Just idk,..over the top?
    At the beginning I thought they were rounding up fat people though. lol..not funny..but it is… I’m a good person I swear!

  13. LOL, I thought there were rounding up obese people as well at first. I’m still not sure how that all related…they were the ginger boy’s parents? I could see how someone would find it amusing because it is so over the top but to think that people have that much hate, and seeing the poor gingers get treated that way, really made me sad.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    FHsGirl the names are not in any order, so unless they all got together and sent the texts slowly AND chronologically then it would be like an anagram to the recipient.

  15. I was under the assumption that they got together and sent them to her like that in that order. I don’t think they made her figure out that it was an anagram.

  16. Hence it being COORDINATED…

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns


    Yes YOU made that assumption, I made a different assumption. Of course it was coordinated but if they didn’t coordinate it carefully then it would go wrong in ways like someone’s phone network being slow with texts or someone forgetting to send an extra S. The former would also make it an anagram BTW.

  18. @Curlybap 7; So did I. (:

  19. I think you need to look up anagram, Dukey.
    I’m pretty sure your assumption was wrong because that would make her post not too funny. Maybe she rearranged the order of the texts for her post to make sense. Who knows.

  20. Unless you’ve made another word with the letters GINGERSUCK that I’m not seeing as related and also funny…

  21. I don’t understand the hate for gingers (I probably wouldn’t date one, though). My 2 brothers have red hair, and they’re awesome. On the other hand, hate for fat people – that, I get. I watched the clip. It would’ve been much better if it were the tubs of lard they rounded up, took away, blew away, and blew up, not the bloodnuts. Stupid. But I did like the track playing through it. I might download it.

  22. @ 21 haha rounded up:)

  23. Eww but imagine how much worse it would have been when they were blowing up those “tubs of lard!” And picturing them running is a bit unpleasant too!

  24. Yes, there’d be a mess of epic proportions (like when the shark in the first Jaws movie got blown up), but at least it would be funny.

  25. By the way, FHsGirl, I’m trying to follow what you and Buns are on about. You guys have lost me completely.

  26. @wordpervert, Buns confused me too and that’s how it all started. From the way it was posted, it looks to me like 3 of the Coll’s friends sent her texts one at a time (in order) to spell GINGERSUCK, but Buns seems to think that the texts were sent in random order and the girl had to figure out for herself what they were saying. Buns also keeps referring to it as an anagram, which I’m not seeing, since an anagram is when you switch the letters of one word to make another, like ARMY -> MARY.

  27. not “the Coll”, just “Coll”, LOL!

  28. Ginger is an anagram of another word. Surely you can figure it out.

  29. Yes, I can, I don’t think that’s what Buns was referring to, but I could be wrong though. Either way, I don’t think a red-headed ginger girl would be referred to as a n*****.

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Comment #2 “At second glance I noticed it’s an anagram too (unless they sent it chronologically).”

    I’m not nearly drunk enough for this.

  31. For god’s sake, it’s not meant to be an anagram. At all. In any way.

    Also Johhny Test is a horribly stupid show. Shame on you, sir or madam.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah, give me a couple of seconds to check my pocket for 2 flying fucks.

  33. pepelongstocking

    @ditquoi really, Johnny Test. What then, is not a horribly stupid show.

  34. that ginger video was horrible. wtf?
    and yes…its cute to tease gingers when its all fun and games but I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. It was way too violent and graphic. How cute was that?

  35. Fuck me that pretty disturbing for a Friday night.

  36. i love the weasleys:(

  37. @Pepe- are we talking cartoons or shows in general? Because cartoons are in a sad state these days, have you seen that Total Drama Island thing? My cousins watch it and I think it be melting their brains. The only thing it’s missing is a Snooki-based character.

    Dexter’s Lab wasn’t horribly awful, back in the day… it’s like Johhny Test except not a ripoff of Dexer’s Lab!

  38. pepelongstocking, I changed my mind. You had better change your name right now or I’ll spoonfuck your bumhole through the internet.

    One day, I will log on here and someone will associate me with liking your stupid cartoon. I watched two minutes of a random episode on youtube just to see what it was and knew immediately that every voice actor in it deserved to die.

    You will stop this indirect defamation or there will be blood. And I mean like the elevator from ‘The Shining’ blood.

  39. Oh, yeah, this is also a funny post. Good on whoever submitted this.

  40. It is not an anagram. It is an acrostic.

  41. Ben’s post truly is lame, since red hair does contain pigment… Yawn.

  42. froggerella’s post “truly is lame,” since he was referring to the fact that gingers usually have a lack of pigment in their SKIN, not their hair…Yawn.

  43. I LOVE the ginger broads. They bruise so easily and prominently. If you do it right, you can bang a real-life Smurf. Redheads make domestic abuse Smurftastic.

  44. Ginger here, and my bruises come up yellow and green generally, Soup. Top o’the beatdown to ye!

  45. Ok dina, you’re apparently not black.You are however, potentially a Snork. Not as cool as a Smurf, but if I can nail a cartoon without resorting to cosplay, it still works for me.

    I do have to ask, who’s the lucky guy that is bruising you currently?

  46. @FHsGirl

    I’m sorry to join the party so late, sweetheart, but the next time you get butthurt over ‘anagrams’ and poor lamebook posts you should remember that the word you are actually looking for is palindrome.

  47. @46

    You don’t know what a palindrome is, but you want to correct her anyway? Smack your face with your palm. You deserve it.

  48. Yeah, and you don’t know what a decent saturday morning cartoon show is. In fact I’m sure you have a limited sense of humor since you couldn’t see the humor (albeit the little there is) to pepelongstocking (like maybe Pipi’s mexican ginger cousin). As I stated before I’m very non-savvy when it comes to figuring how to navigate this sight so as soon as I figure it out I’ll change my name to something else so that the baby can have its bottle. Everybody else remember that any variation of the letters PEP (as in – whats that energy called) are not allowed as your stupid comments will reflect bad on his frail ego.

  49. @48

    You realize I’m messing with you, right? I saw you comment in great depth and indignation with wordy and speculated that you were a very risible person.

    Your comment tells me I am right, no? ;)

    I like your flames. They warm my heart.

  50. pepelongstocking

    Wow, sorry, I didn’t think you were screwing with me. I’ve read some of your comments and while I see you have a sense of humor I didn’t see that in your comments to me.

    Now if you had been soup or imamofo (or britshobo, though his comments seem more heartfelt, it doesn’t change their entertainment value)I would have seen the funny, and had rolled with it.

    So my bad. Sorry again. I’ll try in the future to not get upset about things as small as a fake name or cartoon show and stick to the important stuff like which musical group is better than another.

  51. No problem. I do get carried away sometimes and probably overdo it.

  52. @anonymouse – a palindrome is a word (or phrase) that’s spelled the same backwards as it is forwards, e.g “level”. So please explain your patronising comment towards FHsGirl. If there’s a palindrome somewhere in this LB post, I’d love for you to point it out to me.

  53. I don’t know what the all the fuss is about, I’m really not bothered about what colour cunt i’m ploughing to be honest, blonde, brunette ginger or black…they all snap and bleed the same in the end don’t they?

  54. My boyfriend is ginger. And fit.

  55. Good to hear he’s healthy…shame about him being an ugly ginger though eh?

  56. @46, anonymouse I wasn’t “looking for” any word. Maybe you should re-read the conversation. I was just stating that it wasn’t meant to be an anagram, and I’m not racist and I never use the “N” word so that didn’t even stand out to me. 3 friends got together and sent numerous texts one at a time to spell out a word. They may not have been organized with the order of each person sending the texts, but they didn’t have to be. The point was for the receiver to get the LETTERS in order. If there’s a word for that, I will admit to not knowing it!

  57. I’m not ginger, but my Dad, my sister and my fiance are, so there is a chance I will have ginger children. To the shock of many, this doesn’t concern me in the slightest – in fact, I think I’d quite like to have a ginger one in the mix. My sister is by far the most beautiful of us girls, and my fiance is never short of female attention (which is annoying). There are unattractive people out there with ginger hair, but there are also a hell of a lot of unattractive blond and brunette people out there. It’s just that for the ginger ones, their hair draws attention to it. Well, that’s what I think.

  58. I’m a redhead. I don’t understand this anti-ginger shit.

  59. Pfft, whatever. I love gingers.

  60. That MIA music video is the most ridiculously over-the-top thing I have ever seen. Dumbest premise and execution for a music video EVER.

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