Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gettin’ Ghetto

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  1. I just texted “Ur pussy smell like oatmeal” to my friend for funsies.

  2. … not cool

  3. I smell like Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal.

  4. i’ve decided i’m going to be sasha for halloween next year. who

    wants to be tyrone?

  5. I must adopt “get off my nuts ho” in to my vernacular.

  6. hahaha. Max has quite the way with words

  7. =/

  8. This just ruined oatmeal for me.

  9. Anybody know the emergency number for Victoria’s Secret?

  10. Black people and blondes – keeping the stereotypes alive on Lamebook.

  11. Sasha’s album name is very fitting, considering the first word of it is “faily.”

  12. Oh lawdeh lawdeh… u no tyrone gon’ be gettin’ his nutz ON sasha whe he get bail…

    Max, I think Oatmeal smells nice… preferable to fish, or Azul Waffles.

    @tikitommy Don’t forget the female version…”get off my eggs, male ho.”

  13. sasha’s ”faily nd frens” album is just beautiful

  14. Azul waffles? I muxt have missed a post :)

  15. What’s a ‘G4′ and is the ‘brown eye’ a reference to her anus or does she only have 1 eye?


  16. xD Blue Waffle, Saffer….you do NOT want to know. >_<;; It's retch-worthy.

  17. I believe it’s “You think you’re a ‘G’ for poppin’ shit on facebook.” Not a G4. As for the eye reference…I dunno.

  18. @mass the G4, even though it sounds like some weapon, stands for “gangster for” – “why do you think you’re a gangster for popping shi* on facebook…”

    but the brown eye has me baffled as well. i’m still trying to figure out if it was meant metaphorically or if he’s talking about her one brown eye. :/

  19. And I agree, “faily nd frens” is a (probably) accidental photo album name win.

  20. @mass Ripley is right. It’s “you think you’re a G[angster] for popping shit on facebook”. and a brown eye is another name for the butthole. hahaha. google that shit.

  21. I wish I saw your warning before I googled it Keona *projectile vomit*

  22. >_< I'm sorry. I made the same mistake the first time I read about it. "o.o;; Blue Waffle? Is it a molded waff- oh God!"

  23. Thanks whatthe…

  24. @mass no worries.

    if anyone finds an explanation for “yo brown eye” please share it.

  25. Ah ha ha I got stung by that one before Saffer. Bloody disgusting.

    Christ it takes so long to read shit like Max’s comment, never mind then having to try and turn it into something I might understand!

  26. I’m gonna go fly a G6 into a mountain now. Or maybe wherever Chelsea and Max are at the same time.

  27. Oatmeal?

  28. “yo brown eye” = anus/butthole/chocolate starfish? That’s my guess. So her coochie was hot before, but now her ass looks better than her cooch, which apparently smells like oatmeal.

    Speaking of G4, it’s no longer available on DirecTv and I’m PISSED. They took away my Ninja Warrior!!!

  29. Yes in fact brown eye is a butthole you silly bitches! Don’t y’all watch as much internet porn as I do????

  30. @28 regardless of how much porn you watch, you are officially lamebooks very own browneye. With that being said, every time lb puts up a crappy post, you’re going to get shafted, in a bad way.

    @27 I hear ya, G4TV was one of my favourite channels.

  31. I miss G4 toooo.

  32. @ browneye … I watch about 2 1/2 minutes of Internet porn a day.

    Hope this helps. Thanks.

  33. Where are you from Leira? I think it has a different name around the world, we call it “oats”

    No worries K, now I’ll just wait for some other poor unsuspecting soul to come along and tell them about azul waffles :)

  34. @10 Yeah, Blacks and blondes keeping it either ghetto or moronic…or both. I feel like times will get better when they start putting up black blondes. I feel like that would be the ultimate in awesome. Maybe that’s just me though…but really, it’d be awesome.
    But not as awesome as that album name. Fuck yes, I’d be honored as hell to be counted among her Faily or her Frens.
    Though it does look like her baby is a faily so to speak. Wooooo awkward pun from a word that’s not even a word.

    As for the second post…well Max and Chelsea are two of the least ghetto names I’ve heard yet…

  35. “You better call on Tyrone…(call him)”.

    Ghetto people are funny…

  36. When did Malcolm Jamal Warner get a boob job?

  37. @opinionbreath Bahahahahahhahahahahaha. hahahaha. Seriously, I cracked up. Thanks for that slice of win.

  38. Oh God, I’ve gotta blame Saffer for this one, don’t say you were shocked – then I have to check. I wish I never. Share the pain people, search -blue waffle-. Yeah. Uh.

  39. Noooooooo

    I’ve been trying to unsee blue waffle for months. Even seeing other people post about it makes me want to wash my brain with Clorox.

  40. I like quaker’s cinnamon & brown sugar oatmeal.

  41. Maaan, I wish my coochi smelled like oatmeal. Fo’ real hoe. Like, maybe with some honey in it.
    I’m not sure that’s strictly hygienic though.

  42. is a blue waffle something gross that is eaten or something gross that is pornographic? I ain’t goggling that shit until I know what category it is in. :D

    PS. I can’t believe some of you guys didn’t know what a browneye was? :O

  43. i hate guys named max probably cause a gothic bitch named max got my girlfriend preggo

  44. Is Sasha’s brown showing? Brown as in her areola? And are tyrone’s fingers as well as sasha’s weave missing?


    This is possibly the most disgusting thing you will ever see.

  46. @Bunnyball
    Oh my god, ooooohhhh my god. Goddamn it. I know better than to click links and I fucking did it anyways. My EEEEYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS.AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH. I am a moron and need to remember my own damned rule about checking Urban Dictionary first. Godfreakingdamnit self. Balls.

  47. Mmmm… waffles.

  48. okay im a nurse so i have seen some nasty stuff, and it takes a lot to get to me and that blue waffle pic made me nauseous… thanks for that. it was worse than the pictures of chancroid i have seen.

  49. @mungus I have never heard of chancroid, and it takes a lot to get me nauseous as well…I’m afraid to look it up. Though, if it’s not as bad as Blue Waffle, I suppose I can stomach it.

    …yeah, not nearly as bad. But hey, at least the Waffle had a pretty blue color.

  50. not nearly but sometimes the sores look like teeth which is creepy enough

  51. I no longer Google anything that is dubious, I look it up on urban dictionary first.

  52. I love the smell of oatmeal.

  53. Especially in the morning.

  54. Sasha’s nip-nip is showwing.. oh god. traumatized. and, someone told me to google search a blue waffle. -shivers-

  55. That ain’t a nip, werty, unless Sasha has really deformed, inward-facing boobs. I think it’s just a discoloration of some sort.

    And never, ever search a blue waffle. That shit traumatised me.

  56. it’s not a nipple but that’s definitely a case of an oversized areola

  57. I’ve just googled ‘blue waffle’ OH MY GOD!

    That’s fucking awful, took me a good 5 more minutes than normal to spurt my load with that photo on my screen

  58. Having just read Chelsea’s post I’m a little disturbed to hear that pigs are now taking crack. Is this what society has come to!?

    I mean I’d heard about them snorting…but this!!?!

  59. bollywood_rocks83

    Sometimes I hate coming here. You sick fucks! I am fascinated by that picture though. How much sex do you have to go through to get battered like that?

    As for Sasha, I understand standing by your man,but seriously?!

  60. damn you bunnyball!

  61. 1) Whatever, I see this all the time.

    2) Brown eye is DUHH the bunghole. How do people not know that? And oatmeal-smelling choochie don’t sound that bad cum to think of it. Now fish or rotting meat…that’s a diff story….

  62. oh and wtf is blue waffle or azul waffle? googled it and can’t find shit.

  63. Shelley, be glad you can’t find it!

  64. “Your pussy smell like oatmeal” made me actually bahaha – made my day and even magically decreased the size of my hangover!

  65. OK curly I’ll take your word for it! xP

  66. Is that a black triceratops?

  67. I’m guessing her brown eye looks better now bc he’s spent time in the hole.

  68. Sasha is beautiful. Good breasts. I would .. you know.

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