Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Money, Get Caged




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  1. Damn some of those babies got mad paper :P . That second one really is quit cruel lol

  2. these poor kids don’t even have a chance…

  3. Anyone else notice that the money shots were of the black babies and the one poor baby in a cage was white? Just an observation that concerns me.

  4. I dont think money shots are what you think they are… just sayin

  5. Aww, it’s the Maury babies family album.

  6. Yeah… the first kid is really ballin’, yo. Got drop those $20 dollar bills somewhere… now just to decide if it’s gonna be Dolce & Gabbana… or Wal-Mart.

    Kid #3 at least has $200 to spend… now we’ve got some options.

    Kid #2… hell, I want to do that with mine sometimes.

  7. baby’s first money shot. how precious.

  8. Whoa, are you all the same people that called that guy gross for saying “I wonder what it would be like to have sex with a baby. I bet it would be tight.”

    and now you are talking about money shots on babies?

    You hypocritical bastards!

    BTW, why do parents pierce the ears of infant girls? It seems ridiculous… it’s like you’re using your baby as an accessory for your own wardrobe.

  9. The parents had to wait 4-5 business days for the welfare cheque to clear before they could withdraw the cash for the photo-op.

    @sarayve- that was marvelous.

  10. White people don’t do this sh*t

  11. Ok…I’ve always thought that the shots of babies with beer/liquor bottles were trashy..and well, retarted, but I at least “got” them. Er, what the poster was going for anyway (besides looking like a moronic douche). These I just don’t get.

    Wow…and I just noticed the last pic. Money is stuffed in her pants. I bet she’s makin’ mama so proud following in her footsteps.

  12. *cough* racism *cough*

  13. i think its parents who dont want other people saying “oh look at the cute little boy, whats his name?” Probably also less hassle than having to dress them in pink daily. I dont know just a thought lol

  14. @dood, that’s probably right, but it makes it worse.

    “I didn’t want people thinking my baby was a boy, so I jabbed holes in her ears and put little shiny studs in them. Now I don’t have to say ‘yes SHE is.’ to anyone that calls ‘him’ cute.”

    Is it really that big of a deal if your 6 month old might be considered a boy? It’s not like I’m going to pierce the ears of my female dog just because people say “ohhh, he’s sooo cute.”

  15. In about 18 years, those photos will be reversed.

  16. They should take pictures of Mexican babies on a corner waiting for work wearing sombreros.

  17. Hollaaaaa earned income credit babies!!! it’s tax season in the hood

  18. Is the 1st and 3rd the same baby???

  19. @mcowles people already doing that. ribbons on poodles, paris hilton… etc

    reading these comments makes me shudder

  20. The second picture is just awful.

  21. so these people have babies to increase the amount of their welfare cheques? and then they brag about it by posting pictures of their “money-making babies” on facebook?


  22. @cheebee, are you saying all black babies look alike? because that’s just racist.

  23. @Still Just Me I know what you mean about the beer bottles pics versus the money pics here: why?

    As for the cage pic, can’t criticise* that since I took pictures when my daughter as a toddler decided to play in the dog cage. It would help if we could see if the bairn is laughing (as mine was I assure you) or crying of course:-)

    *(..ize for the Yanks before any of the spelling and grammar police dive in who don’t have global knowledge of English US, UK et al)

  24. @Kendra, haha you read my mind!

    These pics are just farked. Just more evidence you should have a license to have a kid.

  25. Yeah… I dont have an issue with pic 2… Kids play in funny places sometimes and as long as there is no danger then pics are cool… But the money thing is just another example of the cultural waste that is in the african american community right now… Its a culture of thugs, drugs and baby mommas… It makes a baby sporting cash cool… Good thing they got their man Al Sharpton looking out for them

  26. Yeah there is something so corrupt about posing babies with money.

  27. yo yo sonnnn whatchu takin’ bout babies wit cash! dats gangsta homey!!! >> sarcasm <<

  28. I’d rather see this on FB/LB than some shit-filled diaper, unnecessary placenta photos, updates about dilation, and other smug pregnant women crap that shows up on here or facebook sometimes.

  29. People who post shit like this should not be allowed to reproduce.

    Parenting FAIL!

  30. What I find most amusing is that the “money shot” sums are always so paltry.

    Oh, wow, you have $200? You are a MADE MAN!

    That’s not even the electric bill, so shut up.

  31. ok guys… calm down. The babies with the money are clearly Indian, rather than African American. The 3rd one is even covered in Indian money and the first one’s got an Indian name, if the looks of the babies are not evidence enough.
    Now, in India it is nothing but a harmless superstition that you put a bunch of money somewhere or a shower of money for good luck. There. Nothing wrong with these at all. They only want their kids to prosper and have a good life.

  32. oh ok it’s not Indian money… don’t know why I thought that for a second. Still, the point is there.

  33. These photographs are on the money.

    I’ll get my coat….

  34. STFU!!!!!!! India has the whitehouse on the back a 20 bill too??? wow if that’s not a coincidence!

  35. I find it disturbing that someone would jam filthy money down the pants of a baby. Sounds inappropriate to me.

  36. I don’t know if I like the pics or the comments better….

  37. must be the 1st or the 15th. or thats profit from rippin white kids off on 5 dollar bags of weed

  38. I can’t wait to have a kid so that I can take all sorts of pictures like this. I am going to make a fucking calendar out of them and sell it online.

  39. slickjamesjik FTW! & sarayve calm your righteous little self, all babies that are the same colour look alike. No need to play the racism card

  40. I signed up just because I can’t stand the idiocy of some people.

    Specifically, mccowles

    Did you ever wonder why babies get all their shots within the first year? Most, like tetanus shots arent necessary at birth (unless the parents are hillbillies who can’t think to take rusty nails away from the area where their babies are)
    Further more, have you ever heard a 6 year old getting their ears pierced? They scream bloody murder. i’d say 8/10 times the kids want their ears pierced, then remember it for years as the most painful experience of the year.
    Most people don’t remember anything before the age of 3-5 and there has not been a recorded incident of a person vividly remembering anything before a year.
    As well, most breast-fed children are at their healthiest in the first year, helping them heal.
    Last, how often does a 6 or 7 year old brush their teeth daily? or comb their hair every morning? Who says they’re gonna remember to put peroxide on and rotate their earrings? since infants usually aren’t going anywhere too fast, seeing as they can’t walk and some arent even old enough to crawl yet, you know that the incision can be cleaned as necessary and easily checked for infection, etc.

    Parents don’t [usually] do this so their babies match their outfit for the day (you usually can’t change the studs anyways). Not everyone is that vain. they do it to save their child pain and bad memories later in life, and so its as healthy as possible.

  41. I agree with mccowles. Piercing baby’s ear isn’t cute to me, it’s nothing. Babies don’t need that. Aren’t they adorable enough as it is without putting something artificial in them?

  42. i thought you could get in hella trouble for having pics like the second one on your fb?

  43. @Farnswiggle

    Good point.

    1-5.. pain not memorable
    5-12.. pain ruins future personality
    13-22.. pain is rebellious
    22-34.. pain is sexual
    34- .. ewgross

  44. @Farnswiggle

    Thanks for the made-up statistic about 8 out of 10 children remembering having their ear piercing as “the most painful experience of the year.” Ear piercing is not particularly painful, and I did not find it painful as a child, either. For that matter, neither did any of my friends.

    And piercing ears is unquestionably for vanity. It’s not necessary to pierce ears — so you wouldn’t be “saving” your chid from “pain and bad memories,” you would be inflicting them.

  45. @Farnswiggle

    i also signed up cos i cant stand the idiocy of some people.

    piercings are usually a cultural thing when they’re done that young, it’s not usually a fashion thing. i myself had my ears pierced when i was six, and did not feel any pain at all, like i didn’t even realise it had been done until they showed me in the mirror, i would never have said that it was the most painful experience ever, and neither did any of my friends who had theirs done when they were young.

    and a 6 or 7 year old is still looked after by their parents, who tell them to brush their teeth or whatever, just because their a bit older, doesn’t mean their piercings would just be left alone for them to look after, that’s the stupidest point you could have made.

  46. wow. Not a lot on the internet actually pisses me off, but farnswiggle, you’ve done that. You created an account specifically to rip into someone that disagreed with you. Unfuckingbelievable. Not to mention what you spouted of was indeed idiocy. Well done dillhole. I’m glad you wanted to justify piercing your baby’s ears, now let’s hope that you remember when she’s 7 that you might still have to remind her to brush her teeth, go to bed at a certain time, and *gasp!* even clean those pierced ears whether she wanted them done or not.

  47. 8 out of 10 kids!!! OMG!! Thats almost 36537 out of 45670!!!

  48. I was going to comment and tell Farnswiggle that he/she is an idiot, but I see that has already been taken care of quite nicely. Well done, folks :)

    I still have this overwhelming urge to say it, though. Farnswiggle, you are an idiot. Oh yeah, that felt good.

  49. I never realized that piercing a kid’s ear was so volatile. This is so awesome.

  50. Have to agree on the lack of piercing’s for little girls…and boys for that matter. I have a 4 year old daughter and we’ve decided that if she wants her ears pierced she can wait until she’s old enough to pay for it. Then again I have never had my ears pierced and never had the inclination to get them done, people think I’m strange. There’s a boy at my daughter’s pre-school, so no older than 5, who has a dirty long rats tail and a pierced ear, my husband and I have nicknamed him O’Doyle :)

    Also posing your kid with money is just down right tacky…my sister in law did that and it’s just so trashy, “Woohoo we had cash hanging around so thought we’d throw it all over our bub”

    And the middle one, yes kids get into some funny spots when they play but would you really watch your kid get into a cat box then think, hang on I’ll go and get my camera, leave the kid for however long while they’ve shut themselves inside?

    For mine Parenting FAIL on all three accounts

  51. I usually visit lamebook just for the comments. They are usually hilarious. This time, though, I was surprised by the ugliness and vitriol.

  52. I was scrolling down with a grin on my face, but when I saw the second picture I was just shocked.

  53. Wow… I read Farnswiggles response and saw so many points to disagree with, but still felt bad that someone was so angry with a comment I made to CREATE an account and call me an idiot. Then I saw everyone else comment on every point that I was going to make, so I’ll just leave that alone.

    You all took my side because you like me, right? You’re my friends, right? Best friends?? :)

  54. the second picture is likely a toddler who crawled into a dog carrier and dad closed the door and took a silly pic… i certainly hope, anyway. The other pictures were vile. Poor kids : (

  55. Farnswiggle, babies get so many shots in the first year because it’s a biologically excellent time to get them – their immune systems are primed for vaccines and they’re also very susceptible to serious illnesses. It has nothing to do with pain.

    I’ve never heard a 6 year old getting her ears pierced, but if my daughter were six, I wouldn’t let her get her ears pierced. Honestly, how about waiting until she’s old enough to be responsible for her ears? I didn’t have mine done until I was 10 and my sisters had to wait until they were 13. I remember nothing, by the way.

  56. @Ish, come on. The BIG difference between a kennel and a litter box is that most of the time an animal is not taught to piss and shit in their kennel. I bet you are a REALLY oversensative mom. But good for you for mocking a 5 year old.

  57. I got my ears pierced when I was 18 months old. No exaggeration. It was done at my pediatrician’s office. And yes, my parents did it because they figured I’d want it done in the future, so it might as well be done then. I’ve never known any differently, and I think it’s great that I’ve been able to wear earrings from the start (helloooo, playing dress-up with mommy’s earrings? Hell yes!). Sheesh, some of you are oversensitive.

  58. Our child got ears pierced at 10 months. The same day the 8 year old sibling got pierced. The 8 year old went first and after seeing the reaction, I decided to do the baby’s then and there. Of course, there was no reaction. Go figure. If it is decided by the child that they are not desired later in life they can be taken out. I did it for many reasons including hygiene. I was better able to care for them and have you ever seen how dirty some kids get and then go messing with their ears?!?! I did NOT want that hassle. It was MUCH easier for the baby to heal than the older child.

  59. ugh. why would parents force ear piercing on a child?
    i remember when i got my ears pierced at age 5. i had begged my parents for months, when they finally let me do it, it hurt so bad i wouldn’t let the lady pierce my second ear.
    turns out i had a major allergy to the metal anyways.
    it just seems silly for small children to have sharp objects in their ears.
    now, as an adult, i have both ears pierced and my earings fall out all the time. who is to keep these kids from putting them in their mouths?

  60. Piercing your baby’s ears is trashy. That’s all I think of when I see infants and very small children with pierced ears, trashy.

    I was at least 10 before I was allowed to get my ears pierced. It was something I had to earn. I was told it would hurt some, and it was up to me to make the decision anyway. Also, people that claim it’s the “worst pain a child will feel in a year” are out of their minds. It doesn’t hurt any worse than a stubbed toe.

  61. It horrifies me that people will get their babies’ ears pierced. A piercing gun his highly unsanitary and the people who are “trained” to pierce ears at Claire’s have no real training whatsoever.

    1. The jewelry is blunt, and causes much more trauma than a needle piercing.

    2. A piercing gun cannot be sterilized and it is reused. Somebody splatters blood on the gun, their blood enters your child’s fresh wound. Hello, Hepatitis!

    3. The butterfly backs crush the tissue, leave no room for swelling, and collect bacteria.

    4. Babies will have their hands all over their ears, introducing bacteria and possible infections.

    I could go on, but I’ll just forward you to . Do people heal piercings that are done with guns? Certainly. Is the risk worth it? Nope.

  62. @ melissamac

    Maybe its just because your post was the visible one at the bottom of the Lamebook post… but its seriously messed up that what horrifies you in the “get money, get caged” post, is infant ear piercing.

    A child has been locked in a dog cage.

    … but yes, Im sure the ear piercing guns at Clairs are very unsanitary.

  63. I’m glad Ian isn’t my dad. If this is his idea of a fun pic, he should be reported.

  64. @nitrogirl

    I didn’t say that the child in the dog cage doesn’t horrify me as well. ;)

  65. Oh and @ Farnswiggle: the reason people don’t “remember” incidents before a certain age, is largely to to with their language development. We all make try to make sense of our experiences at any given age. Like if our parents allow for us to be exposed to strong pains, ignoring our cries. This will indicate to us that our subjective feelings don’t actually matter all that much to those around us. If this happens repeatedly, it will have a profound effect on how we view ourselves.
    All research on babies’ development concludes that our first 4-6 years is the most formative period in a human’s life. The fact that toddlers can’t say “remember that day last year when you decided to get my ears pierced, that hurt and made me scared”, doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it.

  66. Considering I know of 2 cases where dog carriers were used as babysitters, the photo lacks taste, and raises questions.

  67. that little niglet had better get used to getting handed money, it will happen all his life

  68. I have a bunch of pictures of my 3 kids “locked” in a dog crate, and the dog standing outside the door. It’s pretty hilarious. They thought so too. They were playing and having fun, the crate is clean. No harm done.

    The “money shots” on the other hand. TRASHY.

  69. OMG! Earthling122 is actually Pat Robertson!

  70. @melissamac if you go to Claire’s to get your ears pierced, you’re an idiot, regardless of age.

    @kate_mcguire I mentioned above that mine were done at 18 months by my doctor… I turned out just fine, and my parents are FAR from trashy. I don’t think it’s the earrings that are trashy in the photos here ;)

  71. @ Farnswiggle – did you seriously just compare ear piercing to vaccinations? I also do not get your point re: a 6 year old would scream blue murder. So would a baby, except at least the 6 year old would know where and why the pain was coming from whereas the baby is just sat there with stabbing pains in their ears and they’re not really sure why. You’re a knob. Your argument fails on all accounts.

    @what – you mentioned above that you had your ears pierced at 18 months and you ‘turned out fine’, well, my parents didn’t use car seats in their day so they just used to lay me in the back and look, i turned out just fine. So, with that logic, next time i’m driving i’m just going to prop my kid in the backseat somehow. That’s cool right?

  72. Ian, you are a fucking sadist!

  73. I think people are overly sensitive…kids like crawling into small and odd places, while playing in the yard this summer my son crawled into the dog house and then peeked out at was funny and cute and yes we took a picture. if the picture ‘horrifies’ you, you are likely reading into it too much and imagining things that are not true (like someone has forced the child into the cage and took a picture and posted it on facebook?? come on..I seriously doubt it…)

    I also have pictures of my son rolling in money…my husband sold his truck and had all of these hundred dollar bills, so we spread them around the floor and put our son in the middle. And if you knew us, we are far from trashy…just laid back down to earth middle class folk with a SENSE OF HUMOUR!! :)

  74. Lamebook used to be a site with awesome posts and shitty comments but now it has evolved into a site with shitty posts and awesome comments!

  75. @ Sabrinna28

    Wait a sec, I’ll check the picture again…
    Nope, absolutely not amusing in any way

  76. Why the hell are you guys more butthurt over the black babies with money than the white baby in the EFFING CAGE?! I mean, piercing a baby is one of the most ridiculous things a parent can do but not when those white trash parents in #2 put their child in a CAGE!

  77. melissamac January 14th, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    “1. The jewelry is blunt, and causes much more trauma than a needle piercing.

    2. A piercing gun cannot be sterilized and it is reused. Somebody splatters blood on the gun, their blood enters your child’s fresh wound. Hello, Hepatitis!

    3. The butterfly backs crush the tissue, leave no room for swelling, and collect bacteria.

    4. Babies will have their hands all over their ears, introducing bacteria and possible infections.

    I could go on, but I’ll just forward you to . Do people heal piercings that are done with guns? Certainly. Is the risk worth it? Nope.”

    You my dear should probably do more research before pointing out “facts”.

    1. When ears are first pierced, they use what are called starter posts. The ends in fact are quite sharp and pointed.
    2. While I cannot speak for ALL places, most places use disposable guns. I had two children pierced at the same time and watched them take the guns out of sealed plastic wrapped boxes and then drop them in a disposal after use.
    3. When ears are first pierced, they do not use butterfly backings. They use closed ended backings that can only go over the tip of the earring. Thus, protecting from the sharp, pointy ends. Also, starter posts are longer than normal posts and since the backings only go over the tip of them, there is plenty of room left for swelling and even proper cleaning.
    4. You are instructed to clean the new piercing at least 3 times a day. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for infections to start. Plus, if you are a good parent in the first place, your infant isn’t going to have filthy bacteria infested hands.

    They sell ear piercing kits to the general public in places like Wal*Mart and Claire’s. I don’t think there is a whole lot of “training” involved in piercing ears beyond, “make sure they are even, disinfect area to be pierced, and dispose of gun after use.”

  78. OMG black babies come with money???!!!?? I want a black baby! Can I order one? Pls send link kthx.

  79. When I was a few months old, my parents had parts of me penis cut off. I don’t remember that and I touched it every day since then and have been fine. I’m just sayin..

  80. @Farnswiggle…i did the same thing, for the same reason. But you took the words right out of my mouth. I see nothing wrong with piercing your infant’s ears. I’ve NEVER met any girl who wished their parents hadn’t done it.

  81. I had my ears pierced as an infant, my sister didn’t. I don’t remember the pain of it, my sister does. I don’t wish I was older when I got my ears pierced, she wishes she was younger.
    Piercing babies’ ears = fine.

  82. I am a mother of 3 little girls I will not be piercing their ears because I believe that is a very personal decision. Yes the holes can close but then you have scars. Ive had my ears pierced twice but cannot wear earrings because I am allergic. So my ears were pierced for nothing. I was 12. I wish I had not done it but at least it was MY choice!!

  83. @18 BWAHAHAHAHAHA at the putting “…ribbons on poodles, paris hilton…” associating that bitch with a dog, accidentally I assume. It was only a little, spurious thing but it made me laugh out loud.

  84. @50, mate this is nothing, sweetness and light compared to some of the stuff that goes on, I would go back to bed if I were you and hide under the doona, the big wide world is out there somewhere.

  85. Oh yes, I had an ear pierced when I was nineteen (God help me) and I fainted 5 minutes later while standing in a queue at a cafe… true story. No moral discussion, just wanted to let you guys know.

  86. Right, I think that’s me done, someone else can have a go now.

  87. Poor kids. They’ve got less chance in life with parents like that than a hamburger does in a fat mans’ fridge.

  88. fishyfish – you’re a moron and probably partially sighted, shut up. The photo’s are lame, except the cage one – I just think “Ferrel child captured by local housewife after sparking town wide fears when sheep were been plucked off local farms with only bloody entrails left behind…Mrs Smith lured the child into the pet transport cage by placing a fresh baked pie inside then pulling a string which slammed the door, sealing him inside…”

  89. I can’t believe people are saying how traumatizing ear piercing is, or how they passed out. I hope none of you ever have to deal with something more serious…like a paper cut or god forbid a broken bone.

    Pierced baby ears are still trashy. TRASHY.

  90. @awful – i was wondering when that would get a reaction lol
    @kate – i agree, earings on babies (emphasis on babies) is trashy. Nuff said. had a good laugh at Farnswiggle though.

  91. my parents have a picture of baby me rolling in our welfare money then we took that money and had my ears pierced and they liked it so much they had my belly button pierced too…. uhhh just kidding

  92. Has anyone noticed that the amount of cash in these pictures tops out at about $300? Yep, straight ballin’.

  93. @AZFreckles – I’ve done research. To refute your points:

    1. Starter posts are not that sharp and pointed. You can press your finger on the end of them and it does not pierce the skin. Can you say the same about a piercing needle.

    2. Some piercing guns may be disposable. Do you know where they came from and what touched them before they went in the plastic bag? They cannot be autoclaved, so they cannot be sterilized. Do the employees using them know about spore tests and blood-borne diseases? Do they know about safe procedures to ensure that no bacteria are passed from surface to surface? Not likely.

    3. Cleaning a piercing three times a day is unnecessary. Many places still recommend using Bactine, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, which are not good for healing piercings. Sure, many people have healed gun piercings without cleaning them and without getting infected, but why take the risk?

    A couple new points – ears change shape as we grow, and piercings that look centred at a young age might not be symmetrical when the person is an adult, at which point the person might choose to take them out. Also, what if the child does not want her ears pierced when she gets older? She can take them out, but the hole often remains and she was subjected to the piercing for no reason than to make mommy and daddy happy. It’s stupid.

  94. This must have been the end of the month when they got their welfare checks…b/c this is trashy! I hope these kids put their parents in homes when their older :)

  95. @ Melissamac

    1. I cut my own finger on my child’s starter posts while changing them out, so yeah, they are pretty damn sharp.
    2. Those disposable guns were in sealed boxes shipped from the manufacturer. Yeah, they were pretty damn sterile as they had NEVER been used before.
    Do you disinfect your food before you eat it, even if it comes sealed, because somebody MAY have touched it before it was packaged?
    3. Yes, cleaning a piercing three times a day may be unnecessary, but it is still recommended to avoid the infection that you are so set on… Remember the bacteria infected hands you talked about? I’ve been dealing with piercings for over 11 years and NEVER have Bactine, HP, or RA been recommended. In fact, they have this nifty little bottle of disinfectant specifically for ear piercings that they even give to you!
    4. Yes, bodies grow and can become ever so slightly asymmetrical. I’ve also seen people with asymmetrical eyes too, but it was never recommended that they have them removed. No piercing, that was symmetrical at the time of placement, is ever going to morph so much from normal human growth that it will be noticeable unless people are staring at your two lobes with your head perfectly straight while LOOKING for flaws. If my child does not want it’s ears pierced it can do like I did and take them out when it’s older. I’ve never seen a whole “remain” except when the person wore earrings that were too heavy and stretched the piercing. If small studs are left in, the whole will close itself up and the scars are too small to notice, unless again, somebody is staring at your lobes looking for flaws.
    Just at what point do you think a child is old enough to decided for themselves?

  96. * I’ve never seen a HOLE “remain” except when…” FTFM

  97. damn “…the HOLE will close itself up…” FTFM too. Geez, I guess I shouldn’t try to type and talk to the hubby at the same time.

  98. @dood, so that paris hilton reference was put there on purpose? Nice one.

    @ AZFreckles, my aforementioned piercing that was done when I was nineteen (and then proceeded to faint) would have had either a stud or a little silver hoop in for a couple of years until it was taken out, but I was very surprised to find that the hole was still there after more than ten years when I put one of my wife’s earrings in recently… for a joke…

    The references numbers to previous posts in my previous post where correct at time of going to press. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  99. well obviously. i thought poodles and paris go hand in hand?

    i also have to say my HOLES never closed either. lets see if anyone has hole closing statistics.

  100. Or paw in paw?

  101. worst_episode_ever

    EEEEW Money is so dirty!!! this just makes me sick

  102. Not only do 90% of those bills already have drugs on them, that stack is probably drug money too, because please, who else poses their infant child with dirty money to make a statement.

  103. I hate therefore I am

    OK first off I am willing to bet it was the kid who crawled in the cage. I don’t find that horrifying at all. My little cousins play in the dog cage all the time. It “jail” or a “dungeon” or whatever fits into what they are playing.
    Now, the baby money shots? That ish is MESSED up! Way to set your kids up for success. Ladies and gentleman, the strippers of tomorrow. Trained from a young age to love the feel of money in their pants. MAKE IT RAIN!!!!

    Oh and infant ear piercings? TRASHY!!! But oddly fitting in these pics, don’t you think?

  104. @I hate therefore I am

    BABY MONEY SHOTS? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  105. What a well-rounded society we are: putting our children in dog travel cages, placing money in babies’ pants (like they really understand what in the world that means, and the parents think it’s hilarious and/or “cool” to do). Why not take some of that money and do what normal REAL PARENTS do, and place that money in a SAVINGS ACCOUNT for your childs education, since you, yourself apparently, had NONE.

  106. I guess thats the only what to get rid of a black baby, How sad lmao

  107. Caramel_Princess

    Only black people show off money… wtf are they tring to prove? I mean, I don’t do it. The second one is terrible.

  108. Nothing like cashing a welfare check.

  109. They overpaid for those babies.

  110. Unless it’s during my son’s birthday party where he’s opening presents & finds money, I see no point in photographing him with said money. Maybe that’s just me.

    As for the pet carrier, that doesn’t seem to odd to me. Small children use their imagination a lot and may find something around the house that becomes something new in their mind. How many of us made forts out of the couch cushions or blankets & pillows when we were a child? How many kids love to play in large boxes? I have a pictures somewhere of my son in a cooler when he was two. He thought it was hilarious.

    And I have to agree on the whole piercing children’s ears thing – let them choose to do it. There are still people out there who never wanted to get their ears pierced. I got mine pierced when I was 12 & again when I was 21. It didn’t hurt either time. I sincerely hope that “to differentiate her from being called a boy” wasn’t the deciding factor to some parents, but I’d probably be disappointed if I knew that answer. And I do know people who have gotten their *son’s* ears pierced when he was a baby. That makes even less sense to me. (My son gets comments like “Oh, she’s really cute!” all the time because he has long hair, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to cut it just so everyone knows he’s a boy.)

  111. What is it with black people and money? Ghetto!

  112. Why do people do that??? It’s like, who the fuck thinks that’s cute/classy? Lord knows whoever is taking the picture is going to blow that money on crack

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