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  1. Jessica can see the Atlantis Ocean from her house.

  2. Stay in school, kids!

  3. thanks for making me lol, iron.

  4. Jessica can’t help it she is so confused, she went to public school.

  5. yes, univeral makes more sense. i was wondering what she was talking about.

  6. I’m betting the number of times Jessica looked at a map when she was a kid is equal to her I.Q.

  7. Jessica is the dumbest person in the world.

  8. I know nothing about geography. So this post doesn’t suprise me all that much.

  9. Facepalm, facepalm, facepalm… I gotta stop teachin’…

  10. Although, re-reading this; I definetly know that Alaska is NOT an island :)

  11. Africa is a CONTINENT full of different COUNTRIES. It is not a country like America is.

  12. I laughed at Nigrafalls for about 10 minutes straight.

  13. Beckyboo, this is a RESULT of kids staying in school. This is why I am homeschooling my daughter.

  14. I think Beckyboo was being sarcastic.
    This is too hilarious, although I guess Russia can be considered Eurasian.

  15. Atleast Russia will get universal healthcare because it’s not part of the United States or Africa though. Har har.

  16. @13 Were you in the documentary, “Jesus Camp”?

  17. i have some oceanf ront property in Arizona, and if you’ll buy that ill throw the Golden Gate in free!!! LMAO

  18. Jessica is surely Sarah Palin in disguise?

  19. now now dayswithdave…some places, like south carolina, home schooling has nothing to do with religious education. the public schools are really just horrible. and it’s a trend that will continue until we decide books are more important than bombs. but a follow up on jesus camp…the woman who ran the camp is from my home town, and i googled that stuff after i saw her drive past an intersection a couple blocks from my bro’s place. turns out the camp was shut down shortly after the release of the film due to threats of vandalism and destruction. good or bad…it is what it is. that levi kid was a scary mofo, though. rat tail terror!

  20. Christ people are so stupid, I really can’t believe it. Obviously China is it’s own continent. This girl is retarded :P . Oh and btw Keyanomom, America is a continent(well two continents, North & South), U.S.A. is a country in North America.

  21. Is Jessica the former Miss Teen South Carolina?

  22. I thought everybody knew that the only island state was Rhode Island.

  23. Jessica reminded me of Miss South Carolina talking about how 20% of Americans couldn’t identify the US on a map.

  24. @ 16 “So, when you think about it science doesn’t prove anything now does it!”

  25. @ beatles4sancho

    I know some people do homeschool because the public schools suck. However, most seem to be jesus idiots; maybe not as bad as the ones in Jesus Camp but still.

    I know a brilliant one from Alabama that’s now at NYU (She wait-listed Harvard). I have no idea if she had a jesus bent but given her leftist bent and the fact that she never discussed religion I lean on no.

    Jesus Camp is one of my favorite movies ever.
    “This means war!”
    “Sometimes I dance for the flesh and I need to work on that” “Catholics go to a dead church. They’re like, “praise jesus” well we’re like, “PRAISE JESUS!”"
    “I think he was a muslim”

  26. @ 24 – THIS MEANS WAR!

  27. Jesus says war is bad except when it was fought against muslims, jews, and the dinosaurs.

  28. @11

    I believed America was also a CONTINENT, but maybe the map changed since I was a kid…

  29. You can see how Jessica is feeling all smug in her new found knowlege, and probably

  30. Aw crap, I hit send early, before correcting ‘knowledge’. Figures. I feel as smart as Jessica.

  31. agree w/ 28 the Americas are continents. We don’t live in america, we live in North America and are citizens of the United States of America. Although, after reading the majority of the posts on lamebook I’m seriously considering becoming an ex-pat.

  32. In your defense, “unitedstatean” or “northsouthamerican” sound like crap…maybe you should try speaking mexicanish…

  33. #16…not even close. I’m a liberal atheist with only ONE child. It’s 2010, homeschooling is much more mainstream and much more respected now. I’m a very progressive homeschooler.

  34. Somebody should put that lone braincell in Jessica’s head out of its misery.

  35. I think Jessica is joking, but then again, I know nothing.

  36. I think we have a shoe-less hippie on the loose. @ penny lane
    My favorite part is #6

  37. jessica, you got told.

  38. @33 Sorry if I offended. Like I said, most people who homeschool are jesus idiots.

    Personally, I can’t see how any family can afford to homeschool. If you can afford to have one parent not work, you can afford to send to private school. Then again, I live in the Boston area so cost of living is astronomical compared to many areas of the country. Up here, unless one parent makes 6 figures+ both parents have to work and sometimes take second jobs.

    Now that I’ve said that I guess it could be similar to my parents. My mother was a stay at home mom during the day but then worked nights full time.

  39. I guess the continents have shifted since Jessica has been alive.

  40. I once spent quite a few of my days with a Dave, and he was an ill informed individual as well

  41. @38

    So you didn’t mean to offend athiest homeschoolers, just Christian homeschoolers. Is that right?

    Homeschooling costs some money, but not nearly what it would take to send the kids to private schools. My wife stays at home, I make a reasonable living, but that doesn’t mean we can afford private schooling. It means we have made a lifestyle choice.

    BUT, since I am a Jesus freak/idiot, I wouldn’t expect to get much farther logically with you. Gotta love people who talk about things they know nothing about.

    For the record, there are many athiest homeschoolers in our social group. They homeschool for the same reasons we do. To provide the best educational experience possible for our children, as well as to sharpen their social skills. We share resources and fellowship. Our faith is respected amonst one another.


  42. I once spent a few days with a pervert, and he’s in jail now.

  43. What about “The Great Bridge to Alaska”, shit… I need to go look at a map.

  44. @ keyanomom

    I think you will find that the UNited STaes of America is a country but NOrth & South America are continents.

    So to say Affrica is a country is not much differnet to saying America is, as neither are. Although America is used to refer to the UNited States it is not the countrys name.

  45. @41

    Fine, you’re not a jesus retard. I’m happy your kid(s) get social skills in your group.

  46. @ eenerbl – You are thinking about the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’. They were planning to spend an incredible amount of money on a bridge between a small Alaskan town with it’s airport on another island.

    @ NormanEinstein – Rhode Island is not an island state. But the State of Hawaii consists only of islands.

  47. Canada is part of North American.

  48. Ohhh no! My faith in humanity is shrinking by the minute…

  49. @Swiper: dammit, you’re right. Brain overload, can’t take it. My dreams are shattered.

  50. Actually something like Jessica’s post doesn’t surprise me.

    A lot of Americans I have met have been taught that there is nothing above America. They assume Canada to be a dreary wasteland.

    When teaching an American about the 50 states, Alaska would appear to simply exist above the US, someone could mistake that for an island I guess.

    As for Bianca, wow…

  51. I constantly want to comment after the actual comments and ‘like’ sarcastically to most of these…but the dern button just doesn’t work! LOL

  52. I totally have the gloves that match that girls hat!

  53. I just got told that Africa is not a country above Europe, but is in fact a HUGE thing attached to the Mid-East, and also sometimes attached to Tasmania – which is part of Australia not Planet Earth and is on top of the Moon – which is not it’s own Solar System. What the heck people – I think galaxies have shifted since I was a kid, for real!

  54. CanIHasFrenchToast

    @Antartican..I just laughed A LOT.

  55. DayswithDave – Homeschooling doesn’t cost me anything. Everything I do I’d end up paying for anyway because of how disgustingly subpar public schooling is. I am a stay-at-home-mom and we could never afford private school. We live very simply and don’t use credit. Though I do live in Utah and it’s not nearly as costly to live her as the Boston area. (My husband is from the Boston area btw, I love it there! So beautiful in autumn.) Anyway…no offense and sorry to take it off topic some. I just cannot stomach public school because of the idiocy that it creates, not just intellectually speaking but socially speaking.

  56. bayoubuzzard – That’s really cool that you have atheists in your homeschooling group. The religious ones around here won’t allow us to join unless we sign some pledge to God…LOL!

  57. Hmm. Vanessa is from Kitchener, Ontario. That makes it even worse that she can’t spell Niagara, seeing as it’s roughly a 90 minute drive away.

  58. This reminds me of a Whose Line Is It Anyway, where Drew Carey made THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE as Bianca – he too let slip that Africa was a country!

  59. @50… I’m Finnish, and your comment just made me appreciate even more greatly that we’re shown maps of the WHOLE WORLD at school.

    Wonder if Jessica has ever heard of Finland, btw. Or at least she probably thinks we’re part of Russia or Germany or whatever countries there are close by.

  60. I’m pretty sure Jessica is joking.

  61. @60: Someone who has an IQ in at least double figures, at last!

  62. Why can’t most people spell ATHEIST… Blood… Boiling… Urge to kill… Rising…

  63. Reminds me of

  64. So…Alaska is *sometimes* attached to Russia? Hmm. Joint custody?

    This website makes me more confident in my decision to homeschool every time I visit.

  65. @pacman123 i wouldn’t be too sure of that. I’m from Greece and I have met many people around the world who give me a blank look when i say Greece. I actually have to explain. It’s shocking! And I dont know when it became all about a knowledge of Geography, because back in my day it was called general knowledge.

  66. @europe_rocks sorry i reposted the exact same link without checking yours :D

  67. no worries, dood. :)

  68. You know, born/raised Alaskan, I find that a larger number of people than you would think know hardly anything about their own country, let alone the world. It’s really, really sad.

    The questions about Alaska I get from folks I would, under normal circumstances, consider average, educated adults just show how much ignorance is prevalent among the majority of citizens.

    Do you need a passport to travel to Alaska? Only if you’re stopping in Canada first. What type of currency do we use? The American dollar, just like the other 49 states in the union. No, we do not ride polar bears to work, they will eat you. Yes, we have cable and high-speed internet and plenty of Starbucks, Wal-Marts and even a few Targets.

    Cool things about Alaska: Yes, you can technically see Russia, but only from Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait. It is incredibly remote. If you were to cut Alaska in half, then Texas would be the THIRD largest state in the nation.

  69. tldr

  70. This reminds of The Chaser…

    Direct quote, “I’m a little bit mixed up over the Palestinians and the Israelis, ok, which one is throwing the rocks?”

  71. @awful
    i love that video!

  72. Sheesh! She must be kidding!!

  73. Thanks dood, The Chaser are legends over here in Australia.

  74. @Village Idiot

    Based on your comment, I want to marry you!

  75. @20: Was that part abt China meant to be sarcastic?

  76. @ awful I am an American and a Texan and I am ashamed that people from my country are so damn stupid!!

  77. Bianca has become infected with Palin’s Disease. There is, unfortunately no cure.

  78. insert clever name here

    @11 Nothing gets past you does it? I doubt anyone else noticed Bianca’s mistake.
    You should see that post about the pac man pancakes.

  79. Haha, you can tell that she has a Mac by the text rendering. People with Macs tend to be stupider as they are, most of the time, visually oriented and can’t figure out an interface for their life.

  80. So, Kwanz4, you are saying that clever people choose to use interfaces that are complicated, less user-friendly and ugly? I see…

  81. @Kwanz4 The person who took this photo is a mac-user, not Jessica. So, your theory has blatantly failed, my friend.

  82. Jessica is a retard

  83. rofl@pac man pancakes, loved that post. Oblivious.

  84. Isn’t Alaska sometimes connected to Russia by ice?

  85. @nanshntth, I’m fairly positive that only applies to ice ages. And, even then, it was a land bridge.

    @AlaskanGirl, pretty impressive stuff. Until you consider the fact there are only about 700,000 people that live in Alaska. It doesn’t matter how huge your state is – if most of it is not easily inhabited, it doesn’t count.

  86. OHAI.

    Some really interesting facts about Africa, while we’re at it…

    AFRICA is a continent, believe it or not. We have (at the last count) 52 COUNTRIES in Mother Africa, some of which are shining examples of democracy with carbon-neutral airports, others with exceedingly violent and f**ked up regimes. To lump us all in together with each other is like saying Venezuela has exactly the same economic structure, education system, and health care ideology as Texas. Incorrect, no?

    More interesting facts:
    National Health Care doesn’t always work! Here in South Africa a nationalised ANYTHING doesn’t work because there are such discrepancies in the socio-economic force.

    Africa is lumped together and called a COUNTRY more times than you’d like to imagine and not only by Americans (North or South). The Brits do it too, as to Germans, Chinese (although not to such an extent as they actually have dealings with separate countries as a political regime), the French and some Australians. Personal experience through content analysis of various news networks. Then again, news is not reality so what do I know! Yes, personal bugbear! Could you tell?

  87. hmmmm, waiting for the interesting facts…

  88. Well gee I thought they were really interesting… Sorry, I’ll get me coat.

  89. @bananarama “To lump us all in together with each other is like saying Venezuela has exactly the same economic structure, education system, and health care ideology as Texas.”

    It would be if Venezuela and Texas were in the same continent, yes.

  90. Okay the homeschooling vs. not is kind of annoying now. I’m an American. I went to public school (granted it was in Virginia which has better education than some other states), but I know the difference between a country and a continent. I’ve also known for years that Alaska is connected to Canada and that it’s the most northern and most western state in the US. Also, @59 I know where Finland is, but maybe because my grandmother is Swedish. It’s sad that there are still Americans that think you would need a passport to go to Alaska. If you’re driving, of course, if you’re flying, no. There are also people who think Hawaii is not part of the United States. Maybe it was my family, my schooling, my interest in the world, and my friends but I try to be more aware than some of the people who make ridiculous posts like these.

    Just to share, I was walking out of work one day and a group of about 5 women in their mid to late thirties were walking behind me. I heard one woman say, “I never wanted to go to Africa. I thought it was all safari, but I heard them talking about some place call Johannesburg and it sounded nice.” Then one of the other women said, “Yeah, but I heard that Cape Town is kind of dangerous.” Then, another woman said, “Oh yeah, and that Darfur place. Wouldn’t want to go there.”

    Come on people.

  91. @#90 Fail, Hawaii is the most western state.

  92. Stedfunk, I feel obligated to inform you of this wonderful thing called the Aleutian islands, which are part of Alaska and extend further west than Hawaii.

    Alaska is the northern most, western most, and eastern most state, since it extends into the ‘eastern hemisphere.

  93. Jessica would probably also be one of those people of many who think Vermont is a town in a state or a country.

    oh and FTR, Alaska and Russia are 53 miles apart. that’s not exactly “touching” even though I’m sure if I squint hard enough, I can see russia from my front porch ;)

  94. @7: I wish this was true. The scary thing is that there ARE in fact people out there who are even MORE brain-dead than Jessica… I shudder at the thought, but just turn on the tv and you see it ;) or take a squiz through lamebook. scary stuff… very scary… i did shudder at that one though. Geography is definitely not my strong point and STILL that made me cringe…

  95. 11: Right you are! :)

  96. according to the UN Russia is considered Europe because both Russia’s main Capital (Moscow) and its other major city (St. Petersburg) are in Europe which geographically speaking is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains, The Caucasus Mountains and The Caspian Sea

  97. Does anyone find it funny that Vanessa is from Kitchener?

    Typical woman.

  98. USA, no decent public health system and still not metric. Suckers!

  99. apples_to_oranges

    I attended many public schools, as well as several that were Department of Defense schools: schools for kids who have parents in the military, essentially. The public schools I attended, even the ones that received awards, were not that great. The DoDDs schools, however, were amazing. I had friends who were homeschooled, though, as well as friends who went to Montessori schools, and it seemed like they had great educational experiences, regardless if they were religion-based or not.
    The idiots at the school I attended in TX thought I was Japanese, simply because I lived in Japan. When I told them I was, in fact, Czech, a kid replied, “That makes sense. I knew you weren’t white.”
    I definitely am. Le sigh….

  100. Maybe Jessica was trying to tell us that she was INCONTINENT.

  101. Africa is one of canadian provinces and its capital is alaska.. LOL

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