Thursday, October 22, 2009

Garrett’s Barin’ It


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  1. That’s


  2. I don’t get it… :\

  3. LOL!

  4. hahaha..he had her on fb friends all along???? that was funny

  5. Kevin didn’t forget that he was facebook friends with Nicole. He was jealous.

  6. Poor Nicole lmao

  7. i m really curious if she is really that hot.
    wanna see her pic.

  8. actually, Nicole acts very cool here.

  9. Props to Nicole. She O.W.N.E.D. Owwwwwnedddddd!!! Haha!

  10. Why is she annoyed that guys find her attractive? Isn’t that something most girls would be happy about?

  11. So did Nicole suck Garret’s cock? Did they Fuck? What do you all think happened?

  12. Unfortunately, I call fake. Would Garrett really come back with ‘…’.

  13. he was embarrassed

  14. oh cmon kevin, you don’t ‘forget’ that you’re friends with someone on facebook. blates just trying to shame garrett, cause you want some of that to yourself

  15. @ The Major – why not? he probably didn’t know her last name and was waiting for the other two to clear it up.

    and yeah. nicole is my hero. super super cool right there.

  16. @ The Major

    I agree with you. I think Garrett would be more likely to pretend he didn’t see the trainwreck that was about to happen. Sure hope it’s real, though!

  17. what did Garrett do to earn ‘props’?

  18. They hooked up, OBV

  19. I’m guessing they screwed. I can’t imagine a girl being mad cause someone calls her “hot”.

  20. yes, I think the ‘booooyaaah’ is meant to refer to some kind of sexual exploit

  21. dammit, I want to bang nicole, too.

  22. fake for sure….y would she care that he called her hot??

  23. “boooyaaahh!!!!” is slang for, “we had a lovely discussion about the merits of an aristocratic form of government, quaffed a few hearty beverages, and went our separate ways.”

    Obviously, the woman in questions was upset that Garrett had the nerve to reveal her political leanings in such a public forum. What other explanation could there possibly be?

  24. @Raych

    Good point. I wish I’d thought of it.

  25. Are people here really confused? Haha, I’d say this is quite straightforward.

  26. Garrett’s comment implies that she was/is easy, all he had to do was introduce himself and then “boyah!” (implying that they slept together).

    Not only that but Kevin’s status implies that Garrett was out of her league and she slept with him anyway.

    I would be upset too if someone decided to broadcast my sexual behaviour all over the internet, implying that I am easy and will sleep with anyone. Particularly people who say “boyah!”

  27. @Raych, I dont think it’s fake. I think what she’s upset about is having her sexual exploits posted over the internet, not cos she was called hot. Would you want that kind of info about you made public? And so quickly?

  28. To be honest, it felt like Nicole’s was a hollow threat. I think she is ready for SpunkMeUp round 2.

  29. @12 yeah, for some reason, posting “…” smacks of fakery. It’s like it was written by a scriptwriter, where “…” would be awkward-but-comedic uncomfortable looks to camera. Suffice it to say, “…” features in a lot of Ricky Gervaise scripts.

    Aw hell, who am I kidding? It features in ALL Ricky Gervaise scrips. At least four times per page.

  30. Props to Kevin for managing to use the word “Yikes” and not get ripped to shreds.

  31. @26, Bif; I think you’re absolutely right!!

  32. Just because people forget they added someone on facebook doesn’t make it fake. There are tons of people on my facebook that i didnt even know i was friends with.

    Lots of people say “…” because it means they’re speechless or don’t know how to respond durrr. Just cause you dont say it doesn’t mean nobody does.

    She was mad because he practically publically announced they fucked. Duh.

  33. Do not fret yourself, Nicole…I am easy too.

  34. Who uses the word durr?

  35. He popped it in her pooper *winks*

  36. Anyone who thinks that Nicole is cool and wins here is a fucking eejit.

  37. If this isn’t fake – big if – Nicole is a moron. Nobody would’ve known she was the Nicole in question if she hadn’t posted.

  38. @ S. Freud: It’s not about not knowing which Nicole she is, it may have been the simple fact that they put her business on Facebook like that.

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  40. 2 words for these guys… PRIVATE MESSAGES !!! idiots….

  41. WIN!

  42. i love her.

  43. Faked.

  44. LMFAO Are you kidding me?


  46. S. Freud you are so right! I’m surprised no one else said that before you.

  47. @#23 LOL

  48. Oh yea he is a dumb ass.

  49. Hahahahahaha


  50. Nicole shoots from half court………and it’s in!!!

  51. This looks very fake :-/

  52. I don’t see why Nicole is mad at Kevin, he didn’t even say her name. She should be mad at Garrett for talking about her like that, and Garrett should be kinda mad at Kevin for forgetting he was friends with her and causing the whole mess.

  53. John Players Standard

    Nicole was joking guys. Obviously you guys don’t have real friends outside the computer.

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