Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Photos! (part 2)

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  1. I bet she is actually gutted she dosn’t have a baby daddy in jail.

  2. I love the cat picture,
    but as for the sister one…
    what the fuck
    i would NEVER do that with anyone Im related to…
    but they could just be rednecks

  3. On another note, I don’t see what is that bad about Megs smile…

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Woo hoo! I’m the 100,000th visitor! I win!

  5. i want some of that sister action

  6. They forgot to blur out that kitty’s face.

  7. @Mental Hospital – True dat, son. (or however gangsters talk these days)…and it’s supposed to be like The Joker. I know, she doesn’t necessarily look like him, but somewhere in Ian’s small mental capacity, he saw it right away.

  8. Yeah i figured that much, but I sat here and thought ‘Now, I understand the movie ref. but I just don’t see it’ X_x

  9. I do believe they mean that they love each other like they were sisters, as in, they’re very close.

    The cat one just blew me away.

  10. Dan — Ha ha!
    Brit Hob — I have large mental capacity yet I agree with Ian (as mean as he is). That’s quite a mouth on Meg.

  11. The sisters are only like sisters. So they can kiss, and hug, and touch, and break out the double sided dildo to their heart’s content. God would only smile, then grab some lotion and a box of tissues.

  12. I agree with Ian too. I saw it right away, and not only the smile ,it’s the whole make up thingie.

  13. @Derp I’m not sure if that ‘Blew you away’ was an intentional pun or not, but it did make me laugh.

  14. Hillbillies piss me off.

  15. @BringYourOwnSun: couldn’t agree more. bad hillbilly! SIT.

  16. I love that cat.

  17. Can anyone else picture a Boondock Saints situation playing out with the cat?

  18. The first one is kind of stupid, but I’m pretty sure that Ian was making a reference to the crapload of green, clown-like eye shadow the girl is wearing.

  19. Lamebook: Maybe if you blurred out less of Meg’s makeup, more people would see the resemblance.

  20. yeah. because sisters toooootally make out with each other… all the time.

    And the first one, i really don’t see the joker resemblance.

  21. Why DON’T sisters make out all the time? There’s no chance of mutated children. Assuming they’re lesbians (which most women are, at least a little bit), I see nothing wrong with a kiss/rub/touch every now and then.

    If sisters weren’t supposed to have sex with each other, then God wouldn’t have made bedroom walls so thick, and fingers so thin. :)

  22. @buffalobill – That bit made me SO sad. Poor kitten.

  23. @mcowles – that made me a bit queasy. Nice job!

  24. @person Yep. Basically the guy was making fun of Meg’s ill-advised eye shadow.

    @Derp Nice, Dad.

  25. I love me some mcowles. That is all.

  26. JesusOnADinosaur

    Bahahah Ian’s awesome. It’s not only about the eye shadow, he’s comparing her smile to the Joker’s as well.

    And mcowles, you’re absolutely right, but it still gives me the creeps to think about me touching my sister.

  27. mcowles, you kinda make me wish I had a sister.

    Soup, God wanking it… you never cease to amaze me.

  28. worst_episode_ever

    girls who pile the make up on like that look disgusting and retarded. thank you ian, for pointing that out to your hobag friend.

  29. JesusOnADinosaur

    I think in Austria girls greet each other with a peck on the mouth… Maybe these chicks are Austrians?

  30. Professor Yaffle

    To be fair, the commentary is “I love you;; like a sister” (sic). So they’re actually lesbian lovers with a variation of the Oedipal complex. Glad that’s cleared up.

  31. If I had a sister, she’d either be VERY openminded or else she’d triple lock her bathroom door, whenever I come over to visit… and maybe cry sometimes, when I mention that night back in 2003.

  32. ok, sisters don’t do that with each other, and I’ve never done that with my friends (even my oldest and closest friends)and if I had I can safely say that I would have to disolve the friendship after that because it would just be awkward.

    Girls who kiss each other like that aren’t really close friends at all….they’re just little attention whores.

    maybe I’m wrong…but I don’t think so.

  33. oh and I agree with #19…if a little more of the Joker face had been visible I wouldn’t have had to read through all these comments for someone (who is obviously smarter than I am) to explain the joke.

  34. it just occured to me that I may have just crushed some guys fantasies about girls making out….I’m sorry about that. I really am

  35. The color disparity between Meg The Joker’s neck and face bothers me a great deal…

  36. Or I guess it’s more between the face and the body.

  37. @els9874

    The plural of anecdote is not data. Just because you’re unwilling to explore the forbidden fruit of sapphic love, does not mean the girls who do partake are anything less than heroes who deserve the Nobel Prize in Scissoring.

  38. Pic 2 gives a whole new meaning to blowing a load in that pussy

  39. you mean it’s not anecdata?

  40. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @randomuser BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your comment made ma laugh so hard, I nearly peed on myself.


    Soup, you must be a riot at work… :D

    I have nothing witty to add so, The End.

  41. @randomuser You win hands down

    @Professor …Yeah no I’m not buying the Oedipal Complex here. Now if it was a mom and daughter then maybe but “sisters” that’s a another issue

  42. @Monkey

    The men want to be me, the ladies want to do me. I am the life of the party. But considering I work at a morgue, I guess that’s not surprising.

  43. tnx cupidscurse

    bwaaaaahahahahahah @ Soup for being the life of the party!

  44. I make out with my sisters all the time. My photo collection is littered with pictures a lot more graphic than that tame one.
    Actually, they’re not even sisters anyway if I’ve read it right?
    Maybe I’m sick, don’t know, don’t care. I had a big party last night, and had a brief look at the pics on my camera… sisters, friends and the like, doing all sorts of things.
    Shame this is an anonymous site, you boys would really enjoy.

  45. I love you LIKE a sister.
    they are not actually sisters.
    the funny part is because sisters wouldn’t kiss.
    it’s much less funny when you have to explain it.

  46. Lemon, you didn’t read my comment.
    Sisters DO kiss.
    Judge me if you must.

  47. I assumed it was nonsense. Very wrong of me.
    You and your sis wanna hang out later?

  48. Even The Cat Thinks You Suck He’s Trying To End Its Life..

  49. I have 3 sisters.
    Group hang?

  50. I’ve kissed my sister. In a nicely drunken game of spin the bottle, and my sister is a lesbian, but I am not, not even a little bit mcowles :)

  51. CommentsAtLarge

    I’ve been reading these comments for a while now but had to register after “Nobel Prize for Scissoring” – and the ensuing looks of confusion as my co-workers try to figure out what I’m laughing so hard at.

    Personally, I’m sticking with the picture that mcowles/soup/word paint but that’s just me…

  52. Wordpervert, you’ll have to explain this to me. Because I was going to suggest that sisters don’t make out mostly because of sibling rivalry between sisters being way too strong. Women are crazy competitive with each other- can you imagine trying to one-up your sister while making out with her? Well, I guess, yes you can. And now all the men on the site are, as well. But I cannot wrap my mind around making out with my sis and not being very annoyed that her boobs were bigger than mine and her being stressed that I use my tongue better.

  53. @ wordpervert: I would like a friend request please. You can find me under Travis Mundy. I’m the one with two girls kissing on the pic. (I’m telling the truth about the ,and no they are not sisters).

  54. Moving away from all the sisters making out…

    Ian probably saw “Joker” in Meg’s pic because of the following:
    Green eyeshadow
    Purple shirt
    Mismatched face/body
    Giant smile

  55. Elizabeth Bathory

    The cat picture brought back all the great loony toons memories. I’m kind of seeing the gun go off, and the cats face turn black and confused.

  56. It’s just not nice to stuff your barrel with tuna.

  57. randomuser FTMFW.

    also, i have 8 sisters, and i would definitely make out with most of them. give me a few drinks, and who knows what kind of family bonding will ensue. that nobel prize has my fucking name on it.

  58. honestly, you wouldn’t have to get me drunk. i’m equally slutty drunk or sober.

  59. danetta, as the inventor, and holder of the sole discretionary vote, of Nobel Prize Sex awards, I would appreciate a better understanding of your activities. Could you describe what might take place in this hypothetical octuplsome you allude to?

  60. @Soup-kissing and hugging and touching and as many double-sided dildos as can be used amongst 8 females.

    @wordpervert-i hereby invite you and encourage you to bring your sisters as well.

  61. Is there such thing as an octodildo? If not, I will redesign the trophy to accommodate this requirement.

    The octopus has much to teach us sexually. I use their technique on a sadly regular basis. Whenever I end up with a fat and/or ugly girl, I finish by squirting them in the face and escaping in the resulting confusion.

  62. if there isn’t, there should be. although maximum orifice penetration would be achieved with a hexadecadildo,’octodildo’ is much catchier. i guess we could always just use two of them.

    math + dildos + octopus-like sexual reflexes = AWESOME

  63. Lilly,

    Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy getting trashed all weekend.
    Your mind CAN be wrapped around it, here, I’ll show you how.
    Using your examples of potential issues with sibling rivalry, this is how my situation is…
    1. I’m the best looking one.
    2. I have the best figure.
    3. I have the best breasts.
    4. I give the best tongue.
    5. I get the guys.
    Therefore, no issue for me.
    My sisters may have had times when they were threatened by me (even the les one), but cos they all love me, they get past that, so they can have opportunities to grab my tits, and kiss me whenever they get the chance.
    Hope that clears things up for you.

  64. HeSaid,

    Well I just might take a look.


    If there is such an animal as an octodildo (thanks for that Soup), I’m there.

  65. @wordperv

    consider it existent.

    also, if you could bring the potato salad? not for sexual reasons, but just because i’m sure we’ll work up quite an appetite, and we’ve decided to make it kind of a potluck barbecue.

  66. lol

  67. Ginger kids

  68. spammers suck

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