Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Photos! (part 1)

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  1. Ben.

    Lol @ pic 1 and 3.

  2. I’d like to see the look on the child’s face in 16 years when he/she brings a girlfriend/boyfriend home and you wack those pictures out.

    Some people don’t deserve sexual organs.

  3. ‘She looked so cute’???? What is wrong with these people? Dressing a minor child in a KKK robe for Hallowe’en… not only is it fantastically stupid, but to have friends that LOL or claim she’s cute is just asking for mass sterilization. Now that there is a whole bunch of retart!

  4. Eric Eric Eric *facepalm*

  5. Would it be ok if she were dressed up like a Black Panther member?

  6. Atomic bomb pizza… it’s a blast to eat…

  7. The second one kind of baffles me. She looks so serious in the picture. I think if they were both looking at each other or their bellies, laughing, this picture would be so much more appropriate/funny and much less lame.

  8. Ahahah. Pizza.

  9. Anyone notice the KKK outfit hanging up behind her? Maybe that’s her dad’s outfit.

    so she’s not dressing up as KKK as a joke and a “haha, look how over the line this is”. She’s just dressing up like daddy.

  10. Guaranteed the parents are part of the KKK.

  11. @Absurdrelief

    Mass sterilization for a group of people who don’t live up to your requirement for humanity. Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

  12. Yeah, that last picture is not of a costume. FREAKY.

  13. sorry, second to the last….

  14. RingingInMyHead

    The second one leaves me feeling gut-smacked.

  15. the second one is actually pretty cute and hilarious, and i love the mushroom-cloud pizza in the oven.

  16. The second one isn’t lame, it’s adorable. When I took portraits at a studio in my town, I did a LOT of pregnancy pictures like that. I love it. The pizza is just hilarious.

    And the KKK one…. fuck them.

  17. @Derp: Of course a Black Panther costume would be unacceptable. Those guys just wore black turtlenecks and black berets…if she tried to go trick or treating in that, she would get run over by a car in about 10 seconds flat. Sure, you could put reflective strips on the shirt, but that would totally ruin the costume. Think, man!

  18. Love the mushroom cloud!
    Oh, and so LB aren´t blurring out swearwords now? Or they are in some? Is it like last names which sometimes get selective blurring?

  19. If I was jewish, I would dress up like a nazi for halloween.

    I wonder if black people dress up like KKK members sometimes.

    Or if mentally retarded people dress up like Texas Policemen.

    Or if people with epilepsy dress up like washing machines.

  20. mcowles, how did you make something so WRONG so funny. That’s skillz.

  21. victorfrankenstein

    Waa! KKK? I’m from Alabama and never in my life! That’s absurd. I love pic 2 though.

  22. victorfrankenstein

    @mcowles if a black person dressed up as one that’d be pretty funny I have to admit.

  23. mcowles: i love you :)

  24. My only consolation on that fucked up pic in Sissy’s album is that they only have about 3 generations of retarts left before alllll that inbreeding finally takes it’s toll, and they are left with nothing but 6 armed, 9 eyed, infertile mules.

    It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

  25. mcowles, just for you next Halloween i’m gonna be a Nazi washing machine.

  26. retarts? LOL

  27. @ Sensible Madness: Made me LOL.

    @ Miss Shegas: Miss’ed it by a mile. Retarts? lol

  28. These actually made me giggle, in the silent sort of way. I couldn’t be too loud because of class, but anyway – way to step up your game Lamebook!

  29. @USA1977

    Haha, that made me laugh. Send me pictures! I wonder what that would even look like, hmmm. I’m guessing it would definitely make your whites whiter… but that’s about it.


    The feeling is mutual. What’s your address so that I can mail you a lock of hair?

  30. Imagine my surprise at the end of a hard day at work to log onto the internet to find a pizza fucking an oven. Delightful!

  31. mcowles, you are amazing.

  32. At least #3 isn’t holding a noose, it could have been a lot worse.

    I would cry if that happened to my pizza, they should have used a pizza pan. That picture made me chuckle though.

  33. So I’ve never actually posted a comment in here, just enjoyed reading them…but I knew I needed to share this:

    Halloween 2005, I used to be in band with this guy. ;)

  34. @mcowles, I hope your talents are somehow shared with the rest of the world, and not just Lamebookers! We must find the smart arse/humor equivalent of poet laureate status that could be awarded to you.

    @Derp, browse the annals of Lamebook, and you shall see the “retarts”. BTW, “Miss’ed it by a mile”?. Love’s it!

  35. mcowles made me forget about how angry I was about that pic, thanks!

    Pregnancy one is funny, kinda like saying, ‘you’re beautiful when your pregnant.. well compared to me anyhow’ =D

    And yeah, as a full time pizzeria boy I’d love to chuck that one the menu. It’d sell, trust me!

  36. nice one mcowles!!!

  37. JesusOnADinosaur

    I couldn’t stop laughing at that pizza. Looks like it’s barfing.

  38. I’m Rick James BITCH

  39. worst_episode_ever

    oh no you didnt, kwan!

    the pregnant photo warmed my heart.

    the racist little girl NOT COOL that’s just a little too twisted annd very much too tasteless even for halloween…

    and the pizza one really made me LOL! HA HA!

  40. The 2nd picture’s great.
    I lol’d at the pizza.

  41. @Miss Shegas

    Unfortunately my talents (what there is of them) are only shared with fellow lamebookers and my coworkers. Someone did mention starting a Twitter account to post my nonsensical ramblings on, but as far as I know, nothing has happened with that.

  42. photo 2. what is up with the creepy materity pics people have taken? That one is the very definition of Lame

    photo 3. really disturbing…and in this case, I think sterilization might be in order.

    photo 4 Yikes, I’m having flashbacks of Hiroshima!

  43. Mmmmm pizza…

    And there’s no way that girl’s wearing a real costume when there’s another one hanging behind her. Idiots.

  44. @ Sensible Madness: Win!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Yes I did notice the extra costume hanging in the background! Probably her father’s costume! Or maybe when she is assaulted trick-or-treating they are prepared for her replacement!

  45. Has a photo been removed? People seem to be calling that ridiculous maternity photo ‘photo two’, the the picture of the wee KKK girl ‘picture three’. Or am I just missing one? As far as I can see, the weird double pregnancy thing is the first photo on this page.

  46. @Soup – it looks like the majority of posters here agree with me… but thanks for comparing my idea of child abuse to Hitler.

  47. @jmdp

    YES. The first photo WAS a black girl and her sickly looking grandmother. Someone on her friends list replied with something like “like crack much?”

    No one really commented on it as it wasn’t really funny and the person that replied with the crack comment was a douche for doing so.

    BTW……… what’s with adding a new photo at the end LAMEBOOK????

    Everyone’s already done looking at this and you add a photo? Just because you took one away? That’s very odd to do. Tomato penis… hmmm.

  48. @Absurdrelief

    You know who else was able to get the populace to go along with his idea of who should procreate and who shouldn’t?

  49. Haha, I’m gonna side with Soup on this one.

    Mainly because I hate the whole “they should be sterilized” comments. But especially when talking about the KKK and nazis and all that, sterilization isn’t really the comment you want to make.

  50. do you suppose the redneck breeders in the first pic spawned the little klangirl in the second?

  51. wtf is sissy thinking doing that to her child?! i’m from the south but i went to school with both black and white kids, and we all grew up together and were all really good friends. we NEVER would’ve thought this would be funny! and even if the parents thought it was “clever” to dress like the kkk for whatever f’ed up reason, they should’ve never involved their child in something like that!

  52. I'm Canadian Also

    Wow I was very confused reading the comments. Thanks jmdp/mcowles for clearing that up. I should start at the end and work my way up the comments next time.

  53. I'm Canadian Also

    Also I believe that’s Sissy’s sister.

  54. Thank you mcowles. Your discernment is only surpassed by your wit.

  55. And thank you Soup. Unless that was a putdown… hmmm. Either way, I like your pants.

  56. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    where’s malteaser?

  57. Ok – let’s change the phrasing – they should be shot and pissed on for being such redneck, racist pieces of shit.
    BTW I was referring to the family and friends of the kid – not all white supremacists. Hey – have your beliefs – just don’t mess up kids with your ideologies. Let them grow up and hate on people on their own :P

  58. @Absurdrelief

    Bullets and urine will get expensive, if you’re trying to kill all the redneck racist pieces of shit. Maybe it would be easier to round them all up and have them take a “shower” together?

    Ok, sorry… now I’m just trying to start something, haha.

    btw, why do people ask about malteaser? Is he famous here? I’ve been here for awhile and I honestly don’t really remember him much. Can someone explain? I remember a few comments on a few threads where he just typed “lol” and that was it. Is that his claim to fame? haha

  59. @mccowles people with epilepsy should dress up like strobe lights

  60. @mcowles

    I was thinking along the same lines, but together with the showers, they’re going to need time to reflect. We should put them in a camp where they can concentrate on the error of their ways.


    I don’t really care. I was just pointing out the irony in your original comment. Kill them, fuck them, knit them little KKK booties, it’s all the same to me. Since they’ve outed themselves as the morons they are, that’s all I need to know.

  61. I’m not gonna get into any Nazi, KKK, or let’s kill or sterilise them all debate.
    I expressed an opinion about cut dicks yesterday, and people went and got all nuts so to speak.
    So I’ll make this observation.
    The tomato picture, boys take note, and look out, cos that’s how it’s gonna get for you as you age.
    The ratio of balls to dick is right on… your balls will get bigger, and your dick will shrink.
    I’m serious.

  62. Mother Nature Has A Sick Since Of Humor

  63. @pitifulfilth: maybe you will be the person who finally explains to me the weird pull that capitalisig the first letter of every word holds for some people? To me it just looks clumsy and bulky… maybe I just don’t have a proper ‘since’ of aesthetics.

  64. @mcowles, Joke’s on you, bub. Soup isn’t wearing pants.

  65. @mcowles
    i’m black and i did dress up as a KKK member for halloween…it was funny a until one of my black female friends( not knowing it was me), came up behind me and smacked me…..HARD!!!
    Even after i took off the hood to reveal myself, she was still not sorry about whacking me…..To see how pissed she got was worth it though!!!

  66. Thank you for recognizing that, Miss Shegas. What am I, some sort of fancy guy? “Oh look at me with me crown and me scepter and me pants. Spot of tea? Spot of tea?”

  67. @58, Malteaser’s claim to fame IS that LOL is all he writes. haha. A man of few words.

  68. It’s funny how you found out how to bold and now you’re using it all the time.

  69. Can’t beat a Klan outfit, that looks taylored – surely you can’t buy then in stores¿

  70. oh and One2Three – fuck you

  71. @wannabe_grammarnazi

    That’s it? That’s the best you’ve got? The fact that I like to highlight the person I’m talking to if their name is in the body of my message?

    You’re just a Russian doll of stupid, huh?

  72. Okay number one, I’m not Russian. Only an idiot would confuse a Scandinavian with a Russian, of all things (no offense to Russian people, though, it’s just that we’re so different).
    Secondly, I just said I find it funny is all.
    And third, stupid is as stupid does.

  73. Forrest, that was awesome. Thank you.

  74. Soup- “Russian doll of stupid” bwahahahahaaa!

    And that wannabe_grammarnazi didn’t get the reference made it even funnier.

  75. Asshole is as asshole does, that’s all I’m gonna say.

  76. What Happened to that pizza needs to happen to the parents of that little girl. What the hell is wrong with that person to have their Little Girl dress up as a KKK member? You know it wasn’t the child’s idea. Could you imagine what people were thinking when that cchild knocked on their door? I imagine some of them would look past her thinking they were going to see a cross burning in their front yard. You should have to have a license to have children. We sure would have a lot less stupid breeding. That poor child’s mother probably gets smacked around by a fat lazy slob with no job.

  77. @Soup, No worries, you’re among friends here. Ain’t no need to paint yer toenails and lace up yer unders; this ain’t church.

    “Russian doll of stupid” has won you a golden interwebs star from me. Well done, sir. Well done.


  78. What worries me most about the girl in the KKK outfit is the safety of the child. No matter how funny you think it is to dress up in a KKK outfit for Halloween, if you send your little girl out in that, she could get hurt. People get kind of angry about these things, you know?

    I’m not a fan of the stupid people should be sterilised arguments or the arguments that rapists and pedofiles should be castrated, or arsonists should be burned to death, people who are cruel to animals should be tortured and beaten. It all seems very ignorant to me. Have we not heard of human rights?

  79. The only thing that would make the first picture even more complete would be a friend named Candee commenting “OMGGGG! Your having TWINES!!”

    (Yes, “even more complete” is a completely valid concept. Even more completely valid when used on LameBook commenting.)

  80. is that the kinda pizza used in porn movies?

  81. Adding to the hilarity is that a photo has been removed at some point, but commenters are making relative & not absolute references to the photos, which makes it seem like loads of people like the KKK one :-K

  82. oops i didnt mean to post that, i was trying to do a diff link…sorry!

  83. how do u delete?

  84. Right. To the fuckwits who commented on my blog, why don’t you stay here with your adoring followers who will believe whatever you say? I don’t give a shit about what *you* think of my blog, it’s not like I’m writing it for you or anyone else who seems to have a problem with it.

  85. Why did I spend 10 minutes of my life reading these comments? Next time I will spend it wiping an ass, same difference.

  86. pearls-before-swine

    I actually think the atomic pizza is kind of cute. I would totally take a picture of that also if it were me, despite the lameness of it!!

  87. @wannabe_grammarnazi – *capitalising (first post).

  88. @wannabe_grammarnazi, You could easily avoid that problem by unlinking your blog in your profile. Anonymous commenting isn’t really anonymous if you link to your personal page.

    You further fuel the fire by referring to said blog in the comments here. Or perhaps that was your nefarious plan all along. In that case, well played. Good day.

  89. The little girl in the KKK outfit is actually the granddaughter of the person who makes the clan robes. This is a picture from an article from a few years back that is why there is another robe hanging in the background.

  90. I was Hitler for Halloween when I was 10. My Dad was one sick son of a bitch.

    On another note, Hiroshima pizza special: Half off the whole town. Not for the whole town, OF the whole town.

  91. @AestheticWaif: whoops, typo… I should have spotted that, though.

    @Miss Shegas: yeah, I planned all this because I get a kick out of random people hating me.
    Think again.

  92. @wannabe_grammarnazi

    If you don’t get a kick out of random people hating you, it seems like your best option is to stop commenting on lamebook. People here have done their best to tell you that you just don’t fit in here. Normally, I wouldn’t be one to say something like that, but if you’re here commenting on how much the people here hate you, it just seems obvious to me.

  93. sad thing is that little sis’s pic was taken before she put on her halloween costume

  94. @EmKitteh

    I don’t necessarily agree. Just because someone doesn’t fit in, they shouldn’t automatically be banished. Now, if wannabe_grammarnazi is truly bothered by the comments coming her way, then you are absolutely right, she should find somewhere else to go. But, if she enjoys, or even just tolerates what’s being said, then she has every right to continue frolicking amongst us assholes (that would be me).

    Maybe, just maybe, she got off on the wrong foot with this crowd and hasn’t had a chance to prove herself. Whether I’m right or wrong remains to be seen.

  95. and, ok…note to self, next time finish reading comments before posting. cause this is getting fucking interesting.

    also, is ben back?

    herpes ben, is that you?

  96. @Soup

    I didn’t say she should be banished. I said essentially the same as what you said. If she doesn’t enjoy it, it would be wise for her to choose to leave. However, if she actually does enjoy people calling her stupid and making jokes at her expense… I can’t say I really understand where she’s coming from.

    Basically, we’re all here having a laugh, and then people come and have a go at each other and get way too upset over little things. I don’t approve of the people commenting on her blog. I think that’s just immature, but so is coming on here and throwing around insults like “fuckwit” and “asshole”.

  97. Ok, we’re on the same page. However, some people do enjoy stirring things up, even if the resultant vitriol is aimed at themselves. I highly doubt that’s the case here, but I would be damn impressed if it was.

    I completely agree that the blog comments are weak, but the only problem I have with the insults here is that they’re not funny. They seem to come from anger instead of good humor.

    Ultimately, I think everything would be solved if she just showed her boobs. Titties are the salve that treat any wound.

  98. @Soup

    I’m going to have to agree with you on the boobs thing, and if she can take your suggestion with good humour, I welcome her with open arms.

  99. Hopefully we can get a good boob-mashing happening. Word can join in if she wants.

  100. Oooooo, that is a fantastic idea. I could be at the crime scene for my parents murder and my only focus would be on the titty-smoosh.

  101. wannabe_grammarnazi

    EmKitteh, I agree that I shouldn’t have started throwing insults left and right but it only slightly annoys me when people stick their noses where they don’t belong.

    And, Soup? In your dreams.

  102. I wouldn’t really call it “sticking their noses where they don’t belong” since you had your blog linked to your username (which I see you have since unlinked – smart move), which you wouldn’t have done unless you wanted people here to read it.

  103. wannabe_grammarnazi

    Christine: read, yes; hate, no. If you don’t have anything positive to say, you might as well keep your mouth shut. Tight.

  104. Dizzy_Ballerina

    Soup – I offer my boobs to your service, no wait, handling yes handling any day er um I mean for smooshing oh hmm *blush* :P

  105. I wonder what she does to her brown crayons.

    That tomato could get it.

    LMFAO if that happened to my pizza, I’d swear God hates me. Brings a new meaning to “Mellow Mushroom”

    Beer belly is NOT a reason to include yourself in the maternity photo. Leave it to the baby machine douchefag.

  106. Says the person who points out random people’s spelling/grammar mistakes on the internet…

  107. Dizzy, your offer has warmed the cockles of my heart. I am engorged with thanks for you gifting me with this opportunity. My tumescent appreciation is ready to explode all over you in an orgy of gratitude.

  108. @Soup

    After reading your last comment, I feel I must withdraw my offer of breasts, as I have been suddenly and violently taken ill.

  109. lmao

  110. Hmmm…I wonder if he ate the pizza?

  111. Grampa sure got some big ones…

  112. as for KKK junior….rather sickened…

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