Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Photos!

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  1. lostintranslation

    I really, really wish I’d never seen Cynthia’s photo…. especially not so soon after lunch….

  2. She doesn’t look preganant… theres so much skin, i’m so confused!!

  3. Maybe she’s both pregnant AND fat? :O

    I really do fancy her pants.

  4. she so fat that just looks like an alien trying to fight its way out… or maybe it was that whole live chicken she ate…

    Eric FTW!

  5. DragonflyOfDoom

    Jared really got me wondering whether he took that picture or if he’s in it…

    Cynthias state of appearance is probably because she still wants to fit in her old jeans :/

  6. Clearly not just 24 weeks of pregnant. Perhaps also a bit of 24 years of eating?

  7. ‘God’s Book is better than Facebook’?
    LIES! All lies!
    Tee hee. Looks like it was all a bit much for floor chick in the second photo.

  8. Har Har lets all make fat jokes. C’mon people are we not better then this? But really Cynthia dear cover that up. Im not being rude cause you’re big. Its being decent. Just bc other people post pics of thier naked pregnant bellies doesnt mean you should.

  9. God’s Book™ would be better if it had a place for smarmy comments and sexy pop-up ads.

  10. 1. It shouldn’t be “OK” to be obese.

    2. It looks like half of her is fat and the other half is pregnant…soooo weird.

  11. @3….brings on a pricless thought……..

    “Gr8 party…………..$0
    Beers etc………….$20
    Passing out snogging 2 guys and pissing your pants……Priceless!

  12. RingingInMyHead

    What is that thing in-between the two guys’ heads in Photo 3?

  13. First picture: BOT = Big Ol’ Tinklestick.

    “Oh…another kid came out”
    ^ I’ve used this line far to many times when my own Tinklestick wasn’t quick enough on the pull out…lightens the mood

  14. She’s pregnant you EPIC fuck-ups. You think she’s gonna look bikini hot?

  15. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    So on the one hand we are super sensitive today about paedophilia and child porn, to the point where everyone within a hundred meter radius of a child swimming that happens to be holding a camera is labeled a reprobate. But on the other hand there are total fucktard parents who encourage their children to enter child beauty pageants which make sexual objects of 6 year olds.

    Or go tell them to play on and in giant bent dicks!
    Was the jumping castle in the shape of a scrote?

  16. That’s it!! I’m getting a surrogate mother – no bloody way I’ll ever let that happen to me. And yup, just lost my lunch.

  17. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Jared’s pick looks far more like the scene of a sexual assault then it does a raging party.

    Where’s Cynthia’s navel? Do I even wanna know?

    Tinklestick, I’m totally poaching that word.

  18. Loliconkittygirl

    Yeah…just because Cynthia’s fat doesn’t make her pregnant. I’m not trying to be mean…I guess even is she is pregnant, you could tell she had been fat before hand.

  19. fucketybye, how can you tell she’s pregnant with all that fat? Sounds like someone else is fat.

  20. You splooge. Maybe because it says “me at 24 weeks”? I’m going to guess she didn’t mean “me at 24 weeks FAT”.

    Besides if it was just fat she’d have taken a pic of her face, from above, angling out her chin.


  21. There are no belly pics of my 4rth pregnancy. That’s why. They are only cute if you don’t start out fat and flabby, lol. I’m down some in weight now, but my belly will never be the same. It doesn’t snap back into place after a baby is born. Not for all of us.

    I sympathize with the state of her gut, but no way in heck would I post mine like that on facebook. Maybe I’m vain, but I like to keep my fat to myself.

  22. I lol’d when I realized the girl passed out in Jared’s picture had peed on herself!

  23. Cynthia was definitely um big before she got pregnant. I’m guessing she didn’t look all that different before.

  24. Why does Jason seem so disappointed?

    And they’re kidding, right? Everyone remembers the bit in the Bible where Mary Magdelane pissed off all her friends by posting disgracefully cheesy messages about her convict baby daddy, plus pictures of them fucking titled ‘me n mi baby daddy mkin lil baby [insert shit name here]‘ before breaking up with him for cheating on her, having several poorly spelt arguments with his sisters and posting some absurdly unsubtle messages about ‘bitches that shuld leve her alone’, before meeting a new guy and posting how madly in love she was with him after a day, in amongst photos of her baby popping out, right?

    Don’t try and check that up, it’s definitely fact.

  25. lol

  26. Don’t you swoop in here with your lols and go taking all the glory again.

  27. BritishHobo

    My brother and i have been following this site for quite some time , and the both of us enjoy the regular posters on here. Even if some of them are sexual deviants that go a bit far in exposing that on here , but that’s all good. So i apologize for the hostility that is about to follow.

    One thing we both feel very strongly about on is that you are by far the most annoying poster on here (allthough your last one wasn’t too shabby), you are always very condescending and yesterday your lame interventions on the whole female/male jokes did it for us. I created a logon just to say :

    Stop being a no nut excuse for a man, i also wish that we could go back to the days without internet because that would mean guys like you were not given an outlet to diffuse their crackpot,glass house,desperatly seeking female acceptance, belitteling views on life. And your entries are seldom creative nor funny, most of them are just downright negative. And that’s very easy (i understand the irony in attacking you on this while doing exactly the same).

    Rant over.

  28. @djtoneb – It shouldn’t be “ok” to be anorexic, but for some reason it is!

    I totally get being proud of being pregnant and wanting to show it off, but that’s exactly why I have ZERO belly shots of myself, covered or uncovered, and I’m 33 weeks.

  29. The girl in jared’s picture is obviously enjoying the attention!

  30. #24 British Hobo FtW! So funny!

  31. Maybe the girl didn’t pee herself but was just really excited?

  32. Cynthia – what a fucking disgusting mess!! I foresee the placenta being about 10-15 pounds itself. I don’t envy her labour, if it was possible for me to have kids that is…

    Is it coincidence that the enormous cock is pointing at a bot?

  33. yeah Desert_amazon, cause BritishHobo is the one being negative… It’s a website and people can post what they want and how they want it. They don’t need your critique

  34. howdy … haha they can post what they want but they don’t need my critque. So that means i can not post what i want ?

    Loving the irony there …

  35. You can post what you want, Desert person. But you come off kind of cranky and oddly bitter about a random internet poster on of all places. It’s just sort of odd. But you’re welcome to dislike whoever you want and rant about it til the cows come home. Maybe it helps you feel better if you’ve had a bad week or something.

  36. Yeah what GeezMom said. I wasn’t saying you can’t post critiques. Obviously you did so that in itself proves my point, but what I’m saying is that there’s no point. You just sound whiny and it’s not going to change anything anyone says. If you want to keep critiquing go ahead and knock yourself out, but you’re not gonna get nice responses haha

  37. Does BritishHobo owe you money or something, Desert_amazon? I don’t see how such an unprovoked personal attack is justified by anything he’s posted. Maybe you’re just an ass who likes to troll Internet forums, who knows.

    For the record, I’ve gotten a laugh out of a lot of BritishHobo’s posts…he’s certainly a more valuable contributor to the site than you have been so far.

  38. that first picture is totally hilarious! the rest, not so funny.

  39. @lawlz
    When did I say it’s ok to be anorexic? Who in this series of photos is anorexic? How is that relevant? I find anorexic people quite disgusting as well. And honestly, I very recently crossed the border into overweight; but i’m not going to make excuses for myself. It’s fat and that’s all there is to it, and I exercise more and eat as healthy as i can to get rid of it.

    It’s not something to proud of, or to respect, or any of that bullshit. By being “fat” you are preventing several starving people from being “alive”.

  40. Or a bad life…

  41. @Desert_amazon: Well, shit. You know, I’ve been on the Internet a long time now, and I’ve had my fair share of criticisms, but not a single one has hit as hard as the fact that you and your brother (whoever you are) don’t think I’m funny.

    I… I… fuck it, this will be my last post on here. My sole reason for creating this account was to make you and your brother laugh, and I’ve clearly failed.

    I’m sorry that I’ve annoyed you by complaining that ‘women in the kitchen’ jokes are soooo fucking old (this leads me to think that jokes about women in kitchens are funny, which then leads me to automatically dismiss anything you think as bullshit). I’m sorry for my crackpot, glass house (what the fuck is that?), desperatly seeking female acceptance (my fiancee says hey, btw), belitteling views on life. I’m sorry for being negativ. Lamebook clearly isn’t the place for negativity.
    I’m sorry for being a ‘no nut excuse for a man’ by criticizing people online, something I’m sure you charming siblings would never stoop to.
    I’m… I’m sorry, Desert_amazon.

    Long story short: I’m not quite sure what you thought that comment would acheive, tbh. If you don’t think I’m funny, stop reading my comments, cos I ain’t going anywhere.

  42. Yes that’s right djtoneb. If middle-america cut back on the fried foods they’d all magic their way to Africa to feed the starving millions instead.

    That’s definitely how the world works.

    You’re so dense I bet light bends round you.

  43. What if you’re naturally fat? You know like big boned? Not too fair to throw the burden of starving children on them haha

  44. Also:
    1. If you’re considering calling me pathetic/no-life for my SHOCKINGLY long reply… we’re on the internet, so that’d be redundant.
    2. Thanks Ivygurl7/howdy/GeezMom/Sensible Madness :)

  45. you make me laugh BritishHobo…!

  46. Man british, looks like you got a fan :-)

    You can be a miserable twat at times but hey thats was a blowout you did not deserve.
    Hehe just kidding mate about the twat (well sometimes your are a bit soft but arent we all hardasses in disguise ?) :-)

    I guess living in the desert has given someone a hot tempered personality.

    Waiting for a comeback from the amazon tbh.

  47. Loliconkittygirl

    Howdy, have you ever seen “big bones” no such thing. Fat is fat. I never seen a fate skeleton.

  48. Loliconkittygirl

    **Fat not fate. xD

  49. Look, at the risk of being branded Captain Obvious, I just need to say this.

    Cynthia is fat.

    And Eric is spot on at pointing out that the picture is gross. Or that she is gross. Both.

    I don’t give a rats ass that she’s 24 weeks pregnant, that isn’t the belly of a girl with a normal body. Just look at her arms for god sake. And what pregnant woman gets a big fold of fat across her pregnant belly? I’ll tell you: Hambeast.

  50. lostintranslation

    @Desert_amazon: I’d like to thank you for your attack on BritishHobo. Watching him annihilate you with his exceedingly sarcastic response honestly made my day.

    Oh also, I think you’re a complete tool.

  51. I’m pretty sure most people noticed that Cynthia is fat. That is a fat belly. No bones about it. :-P

    Now in my younger days I had a really curvy body that came naturlly. Large in the hips, rear and thighs (certainly more than just bones there), but small in the waist with a flat belly. I thought that was fat, before I actually got fat, lol. These days having a body like means rationing my diet carefully and working out hours every week. I was never meant to be a size 2.

  52. *naturally

  53. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    OK, so my last comment is awaiting moderation because I used a word that’s is used to describe “inconsiderate douche bags” (same word from the recent south park biker episode) but the gist of my comment is what @lostintranslation said in #50 above

    and Hobo, Malteaser rules with his lols he always gets the glory

    oh yeah lest I forget, that chick is FAT pregnant or not so everyone saying otherwise should pay attention to @Loliconkittygirl

  54. desert amazon is the biggest failure lamebook has ever seen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: British Hobo is my hero.

  55. Considering Lamebook & Facebook, what do you call “the funniest and lamest of God’s book”?

  56. Guys I think you’re missing the point! The last pic is funny/lame, not because she’s fat, but because Eric is rude enough to leave the comment “Gross.”

  57. hm… I like British Hobo’s comments. Some are better than others but who am I to judge since they were certainly far better than anything I’ve ever posted.

    I also liked Desert’s rant. I mean it’s not everyday you see someone go off on another b/c their comments were not liked. It was also pretty well written for what it’s worth :)

    Did anyone else get hungry after seen that last pic? Pizza anyone?

  58. @55: Going to offend someone with this, but there is so much that is funny & lame about “God’s book” I wouldn’t know where to start.

    And British Hobo, I’d knock back a couple of pints with you anytime. Ignore the nasssty little trollses.

  59. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Kudos to desert for being more inane than malteaser. I didn’t think it was possible.
    You log on to complain about someone being negative, get this, on a day when you say their entry isn’t even that bad. Maybe you’re impotent and it’s a cry for help, did I guess right?
    People that log on just to bag people out are a waste of bandwidth.

  60. Although the pregnant photo is not terribly nice (to put it mildly), I think Cynthia might be going through what a friend of mine did in her pregnancies, since she is also very overweight, she was looking for every opportunity to show off her “baby bump”, even though it wasn’t even visible for the rest of us… maybe they find the pregnancy an excuse to have extra weight?
    I for one am very skinny naturally, in my pregnancy I gained like 20 kg (pure tummy and extremely large baby), but the photos I have are all with the tummy covered, I don’t like naked baby bumps!!!! But well…

  61. Desert amazon is frodo.

  62. Ok, can I just point out, that fat or not, you are NOT THAT BIG at 24 weeks pregnant. Therefore, though she probably is pregnant, those bulges? Not the baby.

    Unless of course, she’s the new octomom and plans on naming all 8 kids “Rorie”.

    So @fucketybye: Yes, we get she’s pregnant, darling, but that doesn’t make her NOT FAT. Usually pregnancy only equals one bump. She’s got a couple, sweets.

  63. If God’s book is better than facebook then who’s book is better than lamebook?

  64. Eric is right, that last pic is gross.

    @Circleone, I’ve been bigger than that at 24 weeks gestation.
    The more babies you have, the sooner you start to show. For my last pregnancy I was actually bigger at 20 weeks, with one baby, than my best friend was with her twins, who was 3 weeks later into her pregnancy than I was.

    So yeah, LOTS of women are that big or bigger at 24 weeks. Just as some are smaller.

  65. Thanks guys :) You’re all awesome :P

    Oh, and Dukey Smoothy Buns, aye, malteaser does rule :P

  66. The first pic is cool, and a medical miracle.
    The enormous member is spawning a complete child, rather than just its half of the normal requirement.
    It was only a matter of time before we would no longer need poor sods like Cynthia to carry our future in such an unattractive manner.

  67. Eww, Cynthia, that’s not a baby bump that’s just flab.

    I’ve had 2 babies and have never felt the need to post pictures of my belly on Facebook – I’m not a fan of it in general – but in this case it’s just so gross.

  68. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Lol @ word, nice.
    BOT Stands for Birthing Out Tube, now they come out as full clothed toddlers that don’t require breast feeding and all that other clingy shit at the start. That train’s a toddler factory.

    I’m not getting on the band wagon, but for the record I think malteaser is cool. A Postmodern minimalist honed in the art of simplicity, I was just malteasing them because I wanna get to know the brain behind the catchy catch phrase.

  69. Hambeasts aside, a kid called Rorie is enough to get the old lame-o-meter twitching.

    Thank Christ for deed poll.

  70. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    DivineMonkeyTrigger I just refreshed after an hour or so and even though you made me join this site, I was about to take up arms because of the “inane as malteaser” comment but then I saw
    your last one. lol yes, the beauty is in the simplicity of the lol, welcome to my band wagon.

  71. Face it people, not all of us can look like Demi Moore or Heidi Klum when pregnant.
    The greater population of pregnant women are unfortunately going to resemble Cynthia to a varying degree.
    So girls, eat well, do your yoga, rub on that belly oil, and pray it don’t go completely Cynthia on you.

  72. Or don’t get pregnant.

  73. The big penis castle seems to be meant to be a train of some sort.

    Does it have to go in and out of a tunnel for a few minutes before anyone comes out the tip?

  74. Every single pregnant belly I’ve seen was round, not lumpy…
    She was most likely fat before she was pregnant.

  75. OK, I’m massively late to this (I got distracted watching a tv programme about infected foreskins) but… It’s one thing making random, funny, dry, sarcastic-type comments about posts on lamebook, but it’s completely out of order to attack the posters on here for no apparent reason. People who do that are the biggest idiots in the world. I love Hobo. His fiancee is one lucky lady.

  76. SomeRandomChick

    I happen to love me some BritishHobo. DA- the rest of us, the ones that created a log-in to interact with each other, and who are here regularly? We think we’ll keep BH but thanks for your input anyway.

  77. Well, it looks like the votes are. The Hobo stays.

    Personally, I have an appreciation for a guy who realizes it’s ok to be nice to girls once you’re out of grammar school. It even has a few perks. ;)

  78. Eric is awesome.

  79. Women should never post pics of their pregnant stomachs. It’s always gross and made even worse when you are fat to begin with.

  80. I’d say Cythia has had lapband surgery and she is showing the loss after 24 weeks, she must have been massive

  81. Chewbacca shagger

    I know sexy and those stretch marks are sexy!

  82. OMG that pregnant chick was sooooooo freakin hot!!!! Excuse me while I step out to the bathroom….

    TOO BARF!!!!

  83. I think we should do a mass cull of all obese people like Cynthia. They are a fucken waste of space and have no right to have children, much the same as drunks, druggies and other substance abusers.



    Fuck yourself. Then fuck your brother. Kthxbye.

    /”downright negative” post

  85. I seriously love you guys :P

  86. I just joined based on the fact that Hobo made me laugh to the point of tears twice in the same post, and I felt the need to share.
    I don’t think this is the first time either, but I wanted to throw in my “I like you” vote.

  87. Aw BritishHobo, too bad you already have a fiancee. ;)

    And I flat out laughed my ass off for realsies at Eric’s comment to that belly. The fact that it’s not punctuated just makes it more hilarious for some reason.

  88. I was 250 pounds when I got pregnant with my daughter, and there is NO WAY I would have posted a picture of my nasty-ass belly on my Facebook page! I mean, come on! Cynthia was asking for that comment. Gross. *I* don’t want to look at my stomach, why would my friends??

    Also, Desert person: this is the internet- NO ONE cares what you think.

  89. Dizzy_Ballerina

    I feel are warm and fuzzy now with all this luv for hobo it’s truly a moment to be remembered…. lets all get naked and hug!!! singing out loud is optional.

  90. Dizzy_Ballerina

    ugh all not are *face plant*

  91. Lol @jools (61). BritishHobo FTW. Eric made me lol. Desert & her brother prob do everything together………I bet they finish each others sentences.

  92. BritishHobo: I lolled and I never usually lol.

    OMG! A fat person on the internet! Next thing you know there will be black people and women! Won’t someone think of the children?!!?!

  93. I like your comments British Hobo!

  94. Cynthia cover that shit up! My wife don’t even look like that at 3 days over due.

  95. I’m joining the British Hobo fan club! Do I get a badge for being a member?

  96. I am not so sure Cynthia is preggers. If she is she is trying to strangle the baby in utero. Most women’s (even fat ones) belly becomes (more) circular when preg. My husband looks more pregnant than her. Has she not heard of maternity clothes? Side note with my last baby I lost weight, no matter how much I ate or tried to gain. When I gave birth I had only gained four lbs and he weighed six. I still had a big round belly though. Unfortunately three years later it has found me.

    Hobo, acheive? Ever heard of i before except after c.., or spell check? :)

    Lastly, if the chick with Jared was really that drunk and passed out she be laying in a puddle and not just a little spot on her pants. Not that I have ever in been in that similar position but I have heard.

  97. Don’t pregnant bellies look hard?
    I’m shocked nobody’s commented on the obvious nipple action, but then I guess I’m the weird one for noticing =P

    Btw I’m jumping on the Hobo bandwagaon, his comments are just plain awesome.

  98. Well it seems dear mr Hobo has a lot of followers on here , as a firm believer in democracy i must bow down my head in shame and accept that you sir … you win and i fail miserably.

    That’s life innit.

  99. Its the fucking Beatles


    You’re a twat. Go eat shit, then fuck your brother good. Oh wait! What? You’ve done that already and you’re bored of his little dick? Awww and it was looking so beautiful for you two!

    British Hobo, I’m a lurker here, chuckling away at all the good stuff coming out, your comments are brilliant! I only lurk cos I’m just not funny enought to contribute. But when I see my fav contributors being attacked for no reason, well I’ve just gotta step in a ‘ave a word!

    Keep up the good work guys! Malteser, you rock with your sparse but very well timed input! Hobo, well you just kick arse! And
    everyone else you’re just great too!

    PS Fucketbye “You’re so dense, light probably bends around you”…what can I say. I bow down to your genius. I thank you and shall now take me leave and continue to bask in all yours glory while wishing I was as funny as you.

  100. *pats Desert_amazon*

    I’m so sorry for you… did your mother stop paying attention to you again?

    I’d offer you a cookie, but I don’t like you, so you can’t have one.

    *tosses cookie bag to Hobo* :D

  101. I laughed so hard at the last one. Gross, indeed.

  102. #1, Penis bot…
    #3, She either took some Niagra ( Viagra for girls ) or peed just a tad…

    #4 You can’t even tell shes pregnant she’s so damn fat! EWW!

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